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on August 22, 2012
Five minutes into this film and I just knew I was going to buy it.

The lead characters are very likable. As are the supporting characters. It is beautifully made and it keeps a very 'light and bright' atmosphere throughout. The storyline is entertaining and different. Not your average 'meet and fall in love' movie.

We found ourselves laughing several times throughout the movie.

Since it is rated NR for now, I will let you know there is no nudity. There is one semi-sex scene in the movie when the lead character walks into her apartment and two visitors are using her apartment. No nudity, but a few seconds of sexual noise and action. Not enough that I didn't let my teen watch it. I say all that just in case there are parents who are wondering about the NR rating and allowing their children to see it.

I was sad when the movie ended because it was such a happy carefree movie to watch. Very enjoyable!
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on October 11, 2015
This movie starts very well. The premise is interesting and there are a couple big laughs early. (The first dinner scene is a Steve Martinesque screech, beautifully played by both leads.) But those big laughs led me to expect more and bigger laughs later, and the bigger laughs never came. Instead the movie becomes more sweet than funny.

The characters could have been made more complex, which I would have liked. The idea of two people with extreme shyness provides a lot of opportunity to show the characters growing and for the film to say something thoughtful about shyness or opening oneself up to people - the way much better films like "Amelie" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral" did. This movie didn't really try to say anything. Instead the characters end up together because of some happy accidents (and despite some unhappy accidents) and they don't really grow up that much.

Also, a couple interwoven subplots of the movie (the issue of whether the company goes bankrupt or succeeds, and the issue of whether the Angelique can continue to make the chocolates now that people know who she is) are not really tied up very tight. We're left to assume that everything will turn out all right. This movie is short (about 72 minutes) so I infer that some of these plot resolutions were left on the cutting room floor for some reason or other. Maybe they didn't work out in shooting. But the film feels incomplete without them.

Meanwhile, there is at least one scene in the movie that served no purpose whatsoever: the scene with Angelique's mother. It doesn't move the plot forward at all and it tells us nothing new about Angelique - and we never see the mother in the film again. So why is it in there?

Still, I liked this movie and rooted for the couple. This is a credit to the actors, who pull off the professionally-competent-but-socially-incompetent thing beautifully. Benoit Poelvoorde is really funny, and Isabelle Carre is both funny and heart-meltingly cute. The scenes where she gets worked up talking about chocolate (and forgets all her insecurities) were the best scenes in the movie. I wish the whole movie had been as strong as those scenes.

Some good moments and performances in this movie make it worth a rental. But it's probably not worth a purchase.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 29, 2012
Please remember what I say about clichés: Clichés work or they wouldn't have become clichés in the first place. "Les émotifs anonymes" is a goofy little 2010 French romantic comedy (English captions) about two painfully shy chocolate makers. It is sweet (, predictable and absolutely loaded with nuts... er ... I mean clichés. This means we have no doubt as to how it will end, but know we'll enjoy the journey.

Our two leads are both so shy he is in therapy and she attends sessions much like AA or NA, but hers is called "Romantics Anonymous."

We enjoy:
* Benoît Poelvoorde ("My Worst Nightmare") is Jean-René van Den Hugde (the "g" is silent), a pathologically shy owner of a chocolate factory. His company is going broke, his name is always mispronounced and he sees a psychologist regularly, but he hires her on the spot to be his company's new outside sales rep.
* Isabelle Carré (''He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not") is Angélique Delange, a brilliant and original candy maker who is "The Hermit," an anonymous maker of boutique chocolates. She hides behind anonymity because meeting people face-to-face makes her faint; the elderly distributor of her chocolates has died so she needs a new job. She is NOT a good choice for an outside sales rep.
* Lorella Cravotta ("Amélie") is Magda, a long-time employee in the chocolate factory who is sad to see her nice employer's business going under.
* Lise Lamétrie("What War May Bring") is Suzanne, another canny employee who can see that the newly hired outside sales rep looks very, very tasty to her boss.
* Stéphan Wojtowicz ("The Hedgehog") is a psychologist who assigns our hero exercises designed to help him learn how to interact more easily with others.

Between our two leads shuffling and stammering their way into mutual attraction, the therapist's haywire recommendations, and the group therapy sessions, it's a wonder anyone keeps his or her sanity; but we enjoy every step along the way.

I got my DVD from
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on April 2, 2016
This is a cute little love story about two very nice but neurotic people who suffered their whole lives being afraid of "Living Life": Afraid to touch or shake hands with another person, afraid to be the center of attention (even in their professions as Professional Chocolate-Makers / Chocolatiers), afraid to date, afraid of intimate conversations, afraid---no, terrified---of commitment. She attends a Support Group; he sees a Private Therapist. What ties them together in perfection, is their mutual love---of chocolate! <3

After many humorous ups & frustrating, silly downs, they finally hit it off. But the ending definitely leaves you with an obvious "To Be Continued" conclusion. Although I wouldn't have created an ending like the one chosen here, I still feel this is a feel-good movie that does have its stressful moments, but is still a very sweet love story that's worthwhile to watch in your favorite pajamas with a big bowl of buttered popcorn & a nice herbal tea (hot or cold).😄
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on March 28, 2015
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can relate to being very shy and not wanting to focus any attention on myself. OK , so I was 12 not 35. If I had hiccups or sneezed, the LAST thing I would do is open my mouth as wide as possible to make for the grandest attention getting sound. Well, this is just one of many minor issues that culminated in a large deficit of a sensible plot.

I give major kudos to the script and scenes involving the appreciation of chocolate. I rarely eat chocolate, but while traveling in Belgium I ate 2kilos straight up, it was that incredible. Hence, I imagine we are not having access in the States to a delectable treat with many fine layers. C'est Dommage!

I was confused with the English translation captions. For example, how does 'Romantic' translate to 'Overly Emotional'? There were many idiomatic phrases eliminated that would have provided an appreciation of unique and refreshing french expressions.

The greatly anticipated Secret Chef reveal was about as interesting as watching paint dry. I can't conceive of a Skype call presented in this manner without any initial skepticism. What happened to the Teacher identifying a face he never forgets??

The portrayal of phobias, anxiety and severe shyness in adulthood is a serious concern and should be treated with respect. I only found this film to incite crass humor, even using a support group, to extend the joke. It should not have been the crux of every attempt at humor.

The two leads were initially endearing but I grew weary of their continual breakdowns and farcical interactions. The ending provided a beautiful setting but far from a satisfying conclusion.

Will recommend for appreciating the fine intricacies of the french language and deep love of chocolate confections. Yumm!!
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If you like surprising romances, this is one with a sweet twist. Two shy and enchanting individuals meet. Their shyness threatens to keep them apart. But with the prompting of some outside assistance, events are set into motion and even shyness can't keep these two charming but quirky individuals separated. Amusing, tender, and fetching film. If you liked the films CHOCOLAT and AMELIE, with their whimsy, this film offers a taste of the same flavor. Although we watched it to improve our French, the characters speak so quickly, it's not easy to understand. The subtitles helped!
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on June 14, 2013
I realize the vast majority of people would not enjoy this film. I gave it five stars because it is exactly the kind of movie I enjoy. There is no violence, no car crashes, not a single use of the F word or any references to bodily functions that other people seem to find hilarious. This is a simple little film that has lovable characters and a sweet story line about two people who fall in love and happen to share a horrible case of shyness. The ending was unexpected but I thought it was fun. The songs during the credits were wonderful...wish there were enough music in this film for an actual soundtrack for purchase.
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on October 28, 2015
I have always been a nervous/anxious person. I would get an upset stomach at certain situations especially when it comes to love and relationship. I admit that it's difficult to relax and take it easy in life and I did develop this symptoms to entire body. It called Nervous Breakdown symptoms. This movie descripts this type of person very well in a chaming way. I want to be in love but I can't, I'm fear, I'm afraid and I don't know how to take control my emotional then I believe I can be alone. I'm a smart, genious and wonderful person but the deep inside of my heart I'm alone and lonely. I wish everyone enjoys the movie and understands the character like I do. This is the first time I decided to buy the movie and I glad I did. Bravo!!!
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on March 14, 2015
Pleasantly surprised I truly enjoyed this movie because I am not a rom-com movie genre fan. This romantic comedy was so light, cute, funny and good to watch. I perceived this movie more as a "feel good" comedy side rather than romance. I cringe at overly-emotional drama, and I don't enjoy dark heavy drama painted as romantic comedy in movies. This movie did not succumb to heavy drama. It's not slap-stick comedy but it is funny and endearing. It's entertaining!
Romantics (Emotionals) Anonymous was fun to watch.
(Yes, if you do not understand French you will have to read subtitles, but don't lose focus on the characters' facial and body expressions.)
It's a great rainy day weekend movie.
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on January 22, 2016
LOVE THIS MOVIE. This is the second time I have watched this movie. I loved it the first time I watched it and now I think I love it more. Don't be afraid everyone to say you love a movie so simple and predictable. It is lovely, lovely, lovely. The movie is about two "emotional" shy people who share a common interest of the love of chocolate. I love french films. I am so tired of looking at "perfect people" in the American films, it is so refreshing to see the beauty of "real people." Also. the acting is superb.
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