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on May 13, 2016
Stream is the worst experience I've ever had. Do not buy this game. I set up my account and down loaded the game. Now it will not allow me to access the game. Due to the fact the is says it's already running !!!! Went to the help support. Now that's saying the credintials is not trustable on my pc. Tried logging off can not due to "the app is already running" tried deleting the game same crap. -_-
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on June 15, 2016
Once downloaded, I had several error messages. After putting in several hours, and many different "help" videos, and websites I finally gave up. I don't know how many different things I had to download, just to get a new error after the last one was fixed. I tried it on an older computer, and a new entertainment style computer, and the same error codes occurred on both. Just buy the CD game.
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on February 1, 2017
I tried everything you can and I'm scared to download anything else cause I don't want my computer to crash or run any slower than the content made it I have a brand new computer Lenovo amd a10 and after everything I tried and listened to the internet and these post my computer tells me please login with administrator privledges and try again only it's the only profile on the computer that is the admin I'm gonna send it back if I don't get a reply in one hour it's been a headache to me and I hope I didnt break my computer trying to get it to work I tried using the other two disk but no luck either they both won't allow me to install the software
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on November 11, 2015
What can you say about a classic game that has repeatedly shown its staying power? There are so many ways to play Rome, & at the same time, its oversimplified but basically correct map of the ancient world reinforces geographical & historical knowledge of the same? I can't count the number of hours of pleasure that this game has given me. The Barbarian Conquest is also very enjoyable, dealing with Rome's decline on the world stage. These games can, with a little alteration, be played on Windows 10 if you use Steam.
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on April 28, 2013
2 Total War games were released prior to Rome: Total War, which set the stage for one of the best PC strategy games. Shogun, it's debut, introduced the "chess piece" movement system, cut scenes for actions, historical updates, and real-time combat; while Medieval placed those elements in a more familiar, Western location.

Rome: Total War introduced a new movement system, which determined battle locations by armies' locations on the campaign map; no more were the battle maps randomly generated according to elements in a province, such as mountains, forests, or plains. It also introduced much better graphics in both the campaign and battle maps, as well as a better interface. It also introduced religious bonuses, such as experience, population, law, and happiness received for building shrines to certain deities..

I have played Rome: Total War since 2004, and I have conquered the Romans, and Europe with most available, and some unlockable, factions. I took elephants over the Alps with Carthaginian generals; I conquered the British Isles with the Germans; and I took all the lands historically held by the Greeks. I've mastered Diplomacy in the game, though it took some adapting to v1.5's more difficult Diplomacy. And I learned how to spread the plague to enemy cities.

The Gold Edition I own is a 4 CD set, with a lengthy manual for the vanilla game, a smaller manual introducing the elements of Barabarian Invasion, and a map of the known world, showing the location of each settlement in the game. The new Gold Edition I recently purchased came with 1 DVD. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the lack of manuals and the map I use every time I play. After searching through the contents of the DVD, I found a .pdf of the manual, but no map. Though I bought my friend a brilliant game, I feel that he was cheated out of the best resources the Gold Edition had to offer.

The lack of enclosed manuals with games is a cheap stab at gamers by producers who already treat us as if we're theives, install secret software we can't uninstall (SecuROM) to ensure we're not thieves, and make shorter and less interesting games with better graphics. What good does a .pdf manual do if we can't read it while gaming? The same question applies to Online manuals and maps. We continue to pay full price for games, yet the content enclosed becomes little more than a DVD and a URL to the game manual. Because Activision is too cheap to enclose the necessary accessories to this game, which were enlosed in earlier releases, I am giving this product an average score. The game itself is a 5/5 and has yet to be bested, and I'm looking forward to Rome II: Total War.
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on February 19, 2012
I love this game, its very old but as others will tell you the strategy and game script is great, you just have to read the controls in the PDFs manual.

I had installed my friends disc before and had saved games already on my computer, when I was installing THIS download it ran it to some problems and I was unable to play the barbarian invasion.
YOU MUST make sure that you uninstall every bit of the game (except saves of course) before installing the amazon download. Also if you don't do this, in order to launch the game you need to open the files and find the silver square icon with a green play button called launch and click it multiple times

I've had this game for nearly a year now and it's still fun. Back when I bought it, it was only three dollars for the download though. Remember that if you buy the disc, you will need to put the disc in every time to play, with the download you can install it on ANY COMPUTER AND PLAY IT ANYWHERE. Which I love, so I can have it on my desktop and my laptop plus since its older an older game it will most likely work on anything

In summary
Get the download, but first make sure to uninstall or delete all reminents of the game before hand, it works great for the PC download. Total war makes splendid games you just have to read/understand the controls and how to play (; hope this helped you.
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on November 9, 2014
I remember back when i played this game on PC years ago and i played it until the disks gave out on me. I'm so glad i can get it online now. This game is a ton of fun and one of the best total war games ever made in my opinion. Even better, it comes with the expansion pack. The game is a ton of fun and if you're into RTS games or the total war games, this is a must-have.
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on January 29, 2013
I used to love AOE, and then on a whim I tried this after playing AOE III for a long while. This series requires a lot more strategy, and I personally find a role playing aspect with the generals, and the family tree. The graphics are no longer great as they used to be, but the level of detail is still impressive. I remember when i first played this game, and zoomed in on the action. I couldn't believe that I could watch every single death in the battle. This is, in my opinion, the best of the Total War series, and if you enjoy RTS games, this is a must have. Unlike most of the other RTS games that are wildly popular, StarCraft, AOE, WarCraft etc., this game doesn't rely on someone building an army up in 2 minutes, and attacking someone who is a little behind. Those games do not require the same level of strategy as this one does when it comes to the battles. The most memorable battle for me, and because of this i still play, was when i forgot about a tiny little army of 100 or so men on a tiny little island became under siege and since i was concentrating on taking over the european continent, i didn't have time to send any reinforcements and was forced to fight. At the time i had yet to lose a battle, but against a much larger force 800 or more men, i was able to win. I lured them to a bottle neck with my general, and closed them off. The only reason i won was because it was their general chasing mine, and when i closed the bottle neck i managed to kill their general, and after half their force was gone, they fled. It was the most heroic victory i have ever managed to win. This game is great, and will continue to be for many years.
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on January 11, 2014
Take command of the World's first superpower in Rome Total war and then either defend it or lay waste to it in its expansion pack Barbarian invasion.

Anyone who enjoys commanding armies who fight in the old style of Sword and bows, will enjoy Rome total war, but those who are fascinated with the Ancient world will enjoy it even more so.

And unlike Rome II these games are not butchered or cut out into itty bits to be sold off as DLC, nor have any of the core mechanics that make half of the Total war games great been gutted out either.

Truly Rome and its expansion, while not as pretty as the newer one, is still a much better buy than that flop that is called Total war Rome II.

For those who wish to relive the old days when Games were sold as finished products, and if you enjoy the good old days when the creative assembly and Sega gave a damn about these games then this game if for you.

P.S. From this game up to Shogun 2 is when the Total war series is respectable, Rome II is a farce.
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on March 28, 2011
My son, age 10, loves to play medieval battle simulation games. He enjoys all of the Stronghold series, Settlers series, Age of Empires and so forth. So when he came home from school one day commenting about Rome: Total War and how he could command thousands of troops - very different from the other games that only allow hundreds :) - I told him that he had to wait for his birthday or do chores around the house to earn the money to buy it. Well, he searched for it on Amazon and found it for download at $3.99! WOW, what a bargain. So, we bought it and he cleaned up his room and the livingroom.

I was a bit concerned about the PC configuration since he doesn't have a dedicated video card, but the game worked just fine. Also, we had no problems at all with the installation, unlike some reviews that I read on the internet. Within 10 minutes he was up and playing. Here's his computer's configuration:

- Windows XP Home SP3
- Pentium IV 2.8Ghz
- 1.5GB of RAM
- 160GB HD
- Onboard video: VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family
- Onboard audio
- Onboard LAN

Hope you enjoy!
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