Customer Reviews: Ronco CH1001YLGEN Chip Tastic with Slicer, Yellow
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on March 22, 2013
This device makes 36 chips at a time, however the chips roll instead of staying flat. The recipe books says to cook the chips 4-5 minutes. I found 11-14 minutes were needed to lightly brown the chips (could be my microwave power). We tried several recipes from the enclosed book. The vinegar recipe says to soak the chips in vinegar for 5-10 minutes. We like vinegar and salt chips but this was too much vinegar. Just lightly spray the chips with vinegar and oil and the chips turn out better. The chips are easy to place in the holder and easy to remove. If you keep the holder level when removing from the microwave, the chips won't fall out. Tilting the holder, even a little bit, causes the chips to hit the floor. My dogs had a feast. If you have a small microwave, the holder may not fit. The inside dimensions of my microwave floor are 14X13 inches and the holder fills the whole space. We're eating healthy chips now and not feeling any guilt about enjoying them.
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on November 24, 2013
I got this product because I am on a highly restrictive diet (HMR, for those interested - Google it) which means I can only eat foods produced by the program as well as fruits or veggies with no caloric substances added, e.g. oils. There is very little on the diet that is crunchy and savory, a flavor I very much missed, so I thought I would try the Chip-Tastic and see how it went.

The first few times I tried to use it, I was highly underwhelmed. I was getting something along the lines of potato or yam chews, but definitely not chips, or I was ending up with charred remains of potato. Here are the lessons I learned that turned me into an enthusiastic believer!

(1) The first lesson is that the mandolin the tray comes with is rubbish. Get a better one if you plan to slice anything more robust than apples (e.g. potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams).

(2) The second lesson is that the approximate cook times for different foods are VERY, very approximate. They depend on so many different factors that it'd be laughable if it weren't so annoying. Did you use a potato with a large circumference? Gonna take more time. Did you not fill the whole tray? Gonna take less time. Is your microwave more powerful than they were expecting? Etc, etc.

Add some time to the microwave, hit start, and WATCH THOSE PRE-CHIPS LIKE A HAWK. Pay the most attention to the part where the instructions say that when they start turning golden-brown (this is best to practice on potatoes or sweet potatoes, not yams, because the first two are light in color so it's easy to see the browning) they are done. WRONG! They are done when MOST of the chips are MOSTLY golden-brown on the entire surface. Keep adding more time if they're not there yet, but KEEP WATCHING as you do, and if you see smoke, stop the microwave because you have probably gone too far!

Once they do appear to be mostly browned, stop the microwave. Test one or two to make sure they are nice and crunchy, though be careful not to burn yourself in the process. Make a note of how long you had to microwave them for; refer to this later as a GUIDELINE but NOT as a reliable or repeatable instruction!

If any don't look quite done, you can remove the done ones and carefully nuke the rest for a little bit longer - always watching.

Let cool a bit, season if necessary, and enjoy.

(3) The more uniform you can make your slices in both thickness and circumference, the more consistently your individual chips will come out. This means fewer chips that are slightly underdone and fewer chips that may burn if you try to make sure they're all cooked enough without removing any.

(4) The time it takes is going to vary pretty much every time you microwave some more chips. As you get a feel for how long the various types of foods take to cook, you can start to pay less attention for the first minute or two (or three, depending on the strength of your microwave), but it's really a good idea to start closely monitoring for the second half of the time.

(5) I did not find it necessary to pat the chips dry with a paper towel when using potatoes or sweet potatoes. Pre-seasoning is also not necessary if you are lazy and just want to shake some salt over them when they're done. Figure out what works for you.

I hope these tips are helpful! I was about ready to give up and return the thing, but I gave it one last try and finally got results that were promising enough to keep going. The rest is tasty, tasty history. :)
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on December 6, 2013
I bought this as an impulse purchase from a local brick-and-mortar, and then I got to wondering what the Amazon reviewers had to say about it. After reading the comments I was thinking this just might be a hit-and-miss item, as it worked for some and not so well for others.

I have to tell you, it worked very well for me. Albeit I didn't bother with the directions that came with it, so it's up to you to read them in case they disagree with my process. I also already have a really nice mandolin so I used that. So keep in mind your results could be different for that reason alone, as the thickness would definitely effect the results.

After I rinsed the slices made from a Yukon Gold potato that fit in the palm of my hand, and patted them dry a bit between paper towels, I dropped them into a small ziplock bag with a squirt of olive oil. Once very lightly coated, I evenly distributed them in the Chip-Tastic tray, filling it just over half (every other slot), because that's all the potato slices I had. I didn't bother with a careful placement, but I did put the tray on a dinner plate before microwaving. That turned out to be wise as some of the oil dripped down.

Taking the hint from another reviewer I set the microwave for 10-minutes. Eventually I began to smell cooked potatoes, but the chips weren't browning as was the goal of other reviewers. With about 2-3 minutes remaining I decided to check them for taste and crispness. They were the exact blonde color of a store bought potato chip and just as crisp! Who knew?! I sprinkled them with salt and sat down to enjoy a small bowl of chips.

I have to tell you the potato flavor was much stronger than standard store bought chips, and mine were a bit thicker. Have you ever eaten Kitchen Kettle Chips? They were firm like those. My last comment, fill the whole ring, because you're going to want them! :)

An update: I made a full batch. Repeated the same process just as before only with two potatoes. It filled all the slots this time, with two end slices leftover. I just put those in the center of the plate. This time the process took much longer. Thirteen minutes total and because of the longer cooking time there was an everso slight overall browning on all the chips. The chips were also much harder, still good but again not as lightly crisp as the half batch. The extra pieces I set on the plate in the center overcooked, so I took them out earlier. This batch was still good just different. Both had the deep, rich, potato flavor that I think most people will find a refreshing change from store bought chips.
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on July 6, 2013
I had another product that does the same thing with an entirely different design. This chip maker works great. The chips cook much more uniformly. It is amazing how many chips you can get from ONE medium sized potato. If you get this at the right price it is an excellent buy.
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on August 12, 2013
This does make potato chips nice and crispy. I did have to cook mine much longer than the recommended time. It works best if you salt the chips prior to baking, otherwise if you wait until they are baked, the salt doesn't stick very well. You can really taste the real flavor of the potato since they are not fried in oil. I probably would not do sweet potato chips very often because they shrink up to almost nothing, however, they were still good.
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on May 6, 2016
My goodness, I can not believe how good these taste. It is just like real potato chips but without the oil. I am following a low fat vegan diet (Dr. Mcdougall) and these chips are really amazing. The potato slicer sucks, but, once they are done, WOW!!! I am buying a new potato slicer better than this one. Highly recommend this product!!!
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on January 11, 2016
Like most reviewers wrote, you have to double the cooking time stated in the instruction booklet. And at mid-time, open the door to let the moisture out. It also has the benefit of starting the rotation plate in reverse which help to cook evenly. When done and to get a more crispy chips, I put them on a cooking sheet in a regular oven for a few minutes at 250* F.
review image
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on June 17, 2016
I happened across this when someone in a forum posted about making homemade potato chips. It got generally good reviews so I decided to try it out. For under $10 you can't go wrong.
I sliced up one good sized russet potato. The mandoline provided was just OK! Be careful of your fingers.

It recommended 3 1/2 minutes for a potato. Our microwave is brand new and pretty powerful. It took a little over 8 minutes to get them nice and crispy like I liked. I was super pleased. My mom and sister were hovering and the chips disappeared quickly. One potato yielded 2 1/2 trays of chips!

These do take a little while to slice, season, and place on the rack, but I think it is worth it. Since you don't use oil (I didn't) you're only looking at the calories in the potato. I may look into buying another tray as some people have suggested so I can load that one up while the other tray is in the microwave.

I'm super excited about this! I can't wait to make more chips. A great swap to slash calories and they are fantastic!
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on February 3, 2016
I used the Mainstay Adjust-A-Slice Mandolin, which has three settings, and used the thinnest setting. I used a 2" diameter Idaho potato with the peel on, and sliced on the diameter. I slice the potatoes into a bowl of cold water to rinse off some of the potato starch. I patted the rinsed chips and put them into the Chip-Tastic which fit perfectly on the turntable in my microwave. I microwaved on high for 4 minutes, the chips puffed up and were crispy!
I used a 2 inch diameter sweet potato and sliced on the diameter. I didn't have to pat these dry because I sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar which I needed to stick on one side of these chips. I placed the chips into the Chip-Tastic, and microwaved on high for 6 minutes.
These chips turned out almost crispy, but once I took them out of Chip-Tastic and let them rest for a moment they became very crispy.
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on February 23, 2016
I am loving the chipmaker. i cook 36 slices, slicing them using the thinnest setting of mandolin i already had. that's about one small potatoes worth. chips. cooked in 5 min in my 1000W microwave. chips cooked evenly and came out yum! i actually like that chips curl. the portion size looks bigger. since i already had a mandolin, so haven't used the one that came with chipmaker. i'm on a chipmaking spree now... chips, pear chips, potato chips with a touch of ranch, or a touch of buffalo sauce - just be prepared to optimize time for each new chip type. warning: my banana chips mushed and fell through slot.
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