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on January 3, 2014
Lost one star for "no water level indicator" and "no handle on top to help move it around" (you have to hold both the bottom and top at the same time when moving it around if you do) , also would have liked other color choices (like tan, brown or blue).

HOWEVER it is a GREAT QUIET unit... and I don't mean quiet like almost no noise except for a terrible high pitched whine (like the Vicks has) --- no, I mean nearly SILENT. The only noise is an almost imperceptable motor noise that your head has to be right up to the unit to even hear. So it noise is your concern this is the unit to buy.

The controls are simple. One button and one light for everything. See a sort of bright green light - it's on low. See a very bright green light - it's on high. See a white light - it's on automatic(will keep the room at 55% humidity or so which is ideal. See a red light? That means it's out of water.(but I'd still like a water level indicator)

I love this thing. It's quiet and can humidify to the point of comfort for an average sized bedroom or small office. This will NOT humidify your whole house or whole lower floor if you have an open floor plan...but my needs are small.

It's bigger than I thought - about the size of a large shoebox turned on end.

The mist that comes out is nearly invisible, but it does a great job.
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on November 17, 2015
*EDIT* I've purchased a second one, and figured out a very practical refilling technique.
1. Unplug the base and grab the whole unit.
2. Refill the reservoir and leave it upside down.
3. Attach the [clean] base to the inverted reservoir.
4. Carry unit back, flip over quickly, set down gently.
5. It will be ready to start when plugged back in.

I'd give this 5 stars if it were about $80, or if it lasted a full year. Maybe this one will. Figuring out the right way to refill it certainly helps.
I had this. It looked good, didn't smell, and was only a slight pain to refill and clean (using distilled water). Far less trouble than some others, if you were careful handling it. The design makes it a bit slippery, and the full cartridge can slam down when you set it on the base, causing spillage. Thus, I kept it on a black rubber bar mat. It held over half a gallon of water, and put out a good bit of mist (which I pushed with a little black USB fan).

However, it died rather suddenly. I ran it for several months, then stopped for a few weeks, and when I tried to use it again, nothing. Did I get my money's worth? If it had run for a full year, I would say sure. All things considered, I enjoyed our time together, but have not repurchased and turned to my less aesthetic backup. It's possible I could have pursued some warranty, etc. I just let it go.

If you stop using it, store the pieces completely dry and separated, in case moisture permeates and corrodes the mechanisms? Maybe that's what happened to mine...

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on August 30, 2015
As someone that works in acoustics, I'm quite sensitive to noise when I'm trying to sleep. This humidifier is fantastic in the fact that it is virtually silent. If you listen really closely, you will hear the motor pushing out the vapor, but in the broad strokes it is as silent as I've ever heard a humidifier.

The humidifier is extremely simple to operate. Just press a single button for the various modes (low, high, auto, and standby). I generally use the auto mode, which works well except at times seems to spurt out more vapor than it needs to (not sure if it's not calibrated properly).

It would be better if there was a water level indicator. The only way you know that there is water is if it works in one of the operating modes, and if it's out of water the indicator light will be red. There is no way to know if you're "low on water" to refill before the start of the night. Refilling it is a bit awkward, as you have to turn the unit upside down to fill it and then right side up to place it back. This can cause a bit of water to spill if you missed the filling spout, so it could be a bit messy if you're not careful. Also, there are no handles so you'd be holding the unit as it looks in the pictures.

The look of this humidifier is quite nice (very sleek and almost Apple-esque). It works well for a small-medium size room like a bedroom. I wouldn't recommend using it for a larger room, since the amount of water it holds is not enough for that.

Overall, great product with a sleek form factor. Shipped quick and packaged well. 4 stars.
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on May 17, 2014
We have gone around and around looking for a humidifier that was simple, reliable and didn't have filters (just had a baby). Took a leap on this one as we're not the kind of people to pick the more-expensive products on the market (if we don't have to) but, man, is this a case of that being the right strategy.

I agree with some of the other reviewers if you're looking for specific features like directional mist or more specific controls then this is not the unit for you. But, if your looking for a humidifier that's silent, that you can fill, set and forget about, refill when the light indicates and not stress about the exact humidity level (when 'auto' is on it has a range) then this little unit is going to really impress you.

We're waiting for the price to go down just a bit to get a second one for another room.

Update: we just received our third Roolen humidifier for our new baby's room. The other two units continue to function perfectly 3 years later. Keep them clean and they perform like clockwork. A great purchase every time.
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on February 9, 2015
Have been using this for about six months now. There are three settings. Low, high and intermittent. On high, it will be out of water by the time you wake up in the morning. On low, you will still be refilling it before you go to sleep again the next night. On both the low and high settings, you will be wiping dampness off the table you have it on, so do NOT put it on nice wood without protection surrounding it. We use it on intermittent and keep it powered all the time. It goes on and off and we have to refill every three days. Also, we have it on a wooden TV table and it seems to be ok with the moisture level. Even on intermittent though, I would never put something like this on nice wood furniture. It is easy to use and easy to fill. It is very quiet, but occasionally you will hear a dripping sound. It's not nonstop, but it is there sometimes. Two hints: 1) don't over-tighten cap after filling or it will be difficult to get it undone the next time. 2) Don't be rough taking the top on and off to fill it. You will see that the sides at the bottom could snap if you knock it around. All in all, for the price, I am pleased with the purchase.
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on December 4, 2014
I decided to get it despite some negative comments because I was reading for a couple of days and all of them have mixed reviews. Big things for me were:

1. No obnoxious blue lights that turn the room into a nightclub
2. Low noise
3. Easy to fill

Here are my first impressions:
It looks great. It's relatively straightforward to use, the top clicks off you fill it and i pops back over very easily. It has only one button that you continuously press to switch between low, high, auto and standby modes. All of these have different lights and light intensities. Some people mentioned that it creates a puddle of water. That is actually true, but only when set on high. Since auto can set itself on high if your room is too dry, both high and auto are pretty much useless. I don't see how anyone would want that much water on their furniture.
The low setting works great though. It throws enough humidity to make sleeping much more comfortable. The hum that it produces is pretty low and easy to ignore, and the light is just a tiny dot.

The bottom line is that they dropped the ball on the High setting with water accumulating around the base . However, when set on low, it's great for our bedroom. I wouldn't recommend it for anything larger than a medium sized room.
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on March 16, 2014
I like that this humidifier because it is very quiet and doesn't leak.
The light is kind of bright but I face it away from my bed so the button on the back faces me so I can easily change settings. I add essential oils to the water, my favorite is eucalyptus which makes your room smell like a spa and helps your sinus health. I bought a cheaper Crane model which was not very quiet and leaked on the first and the replacement unit so I gave up and upgraded. I wish this one was not so boxy but otherwise no complaints. Also, I never experienced a swamp affect as another user mentioned while using the auto setting. I did notice on the high setting the top of my cherry wood side table was wet so I do not use this setting accept for a short time.
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on August 16, 2015
Hands down the best vaporizer/humidifier i've ever owned. I totally disagree with the person who called it junk. It is quiet, puts out a lot of vapor, and lasts all night and into the day. I use tap water and clean it weekly. I really don't think you could get much better....my morning sinus headaches are now gone.
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on March 18, 2015
Amazing. The Chicago winter was really really ruining my hands, they were cracking and dry and my skin, even with lotion and moisturizer, was really in need of some humidity. The Roolen saved me! My hands are back to their nice soft selves and I can breathe in my room now. My dog's allergies also aren't bothering him as much (I have a shih tzu and he sneezes a lot, and he hasn't been as often). Definitely worth it! It doesn't look gauky or awful, the settings are perfect, and easy to fit under a faucet, and the design is nice so it looks modern and sleek on my dresser. WORTH IT.
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on January 3, 2015
I have been very pleased with this unit. I had previously purchased one of the Crane models on here and the LCD front was too bright for the bedroom. This unit is the most sleek humidifier I have ever owned for the price. Most of the models in this range are bulky with no care for design. I have always been a fan of minimalist designs and this one follows that very well. The use is intuitive as there is only one button in the rear.
It is important to note that the tank volume will last for different times depending on where you live. If I run the unit in auto mode, I need to refill every other day in the middle of winter. I never really run it on the other modes. There is no water level indicator. The single LED on the front will turn red when it needs to be refilled. This is something I can live with, even though some find it an annoyance. I recommend that you only use distilled or filtered water to prevent calcification to the ultrasonic component.
I always get compliments from people for this thing and people never thought a humidifier would be so elegant. I only wish that the unit could hold more water. I would still purchase a larger model. I even plan on buying more of these for the other rooms in my home.
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