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The Roots of Obama's Rage
Format: Hardcover|Change
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on January 17, 2011
I typically don't read political books, and especially contemporary political books. This hit me as an exception, based on the discussion created over an excerpt from this book published in the Wall Street Journal. So, while I'm aggressively disinterested in learning anything about BHO, this book seemed to be a worthy exception to the rule. The most notable finding while reading the book is the exception writing style of D'Souza. He is very easy to read, very organized in his thinking, and his writing flows easily. He is convincing, as he is also writing as a person of the "3rd world", having been born in India. D'Souza has a rather compelling argument for understanding how Obama thinks. The thesis of his book denies that he is primarily a socialist or Muslim or militant anti-racist. Rather, he is a determined anti-colonialist, a trait acquired from his father, of whom he had almost no contact. D'Souza builds an effective argument by walking through the life of Obama to show through his history and writings how Obama's thinking developed into radical anti-colonialism. In support, D'Souza shows how the many decisions that Obama has made in his presidency confirm his anti-colonial sentiments. Obama considers the USA having replaced Britain as the great world colonizer, motivating him to seek ways to destroy American strength and effectiveness through the world as a means of atonement for America's "sins" of pro-colonization. While not defending British colonialism, D'Souza shows how the most successful countries in the world today were most dominated by Western colonialism in the past, the prime example being India. Contrary, Africa, while complaining the most about colonialism, was the most briefly occupied by foreign powers, and remains the most backward in their ability to develop themselves out of poverty. This book is a contrast to a book that I recently reviewed, The Decline and Fall of the British Empire by Piers Brendon, where the sins of colonialism are brought out in their worst. Brendon seems to side with the Obama/Africa camp in his heavy emphasis on the problems of colonialism. D'Souza doesn't deny the evils of colonialism, yet shows how it could be used as a force for good, as is currently occurring in India, China, Indonesia, as well as many other "3rd world" nations that are demonstrating rapid economic gains. D'Souza's insightful analysis is a worthy read for both the Obama Choir (as D'Souza says, "those hypnotized followers who routinely suspend their rationality when it comes to this political rock star") as well as those who find Obama as a destructive embarrassment for our nation, to best understand what makes our president tick.
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on November 5, 2010
This book gives the reader great insight into the ideology of our President. Regardless of your political affiliation, this book is a fascinating read. The content is very well researched and Mr. D'Souza is able to establish a solid connection between President Obama's ideology and the influences that formed his ideology from the time he was a young child up through adulthood. This was one of the most informative and believeable books I've read on our current leader. It is certainly an eye opener.
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on April 3, 2012
Other reviewers have done the work of detailing the theme and main arguments. I won't repeat any of it here. However, in defining Obama the man and his seemingly inexplicable actions and positions, D'Souza's background, insight, logic and arguments are very compelling. He lifts the fog to reveal a very frightening figure, and an ominous potential future for our country, and our children. Every American should read this book, and very soon!!! I would urge you to read this before you read anything else - regardless of your politics. Other books are important, but this is urgent.
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on January 4, 2011
President Oboma is a tragic case in judgement by the American People which took a very intelligent man who never had experience in making "life or death judgements" with a company or movement of any size and making this unexperienced person leader of the most powerfull nation in the modern world with tragic and long term consequences. Compounding this tradigy is the unacknowledged paradigm of being victimized by a "colonialism" which he had never had to suffer under. D'souza reveals this in detail by documenting his illusion and noting that the tragedy is further compounded by President Oboma's eloquence which over comes his lack of experience in international leadership or national leadership as well. In essence D'Souza points out the reality documented in the old story of"The Emporor's New Clothes" where a leader destructively humiliates himself and all those also entwined by his eloquence and perceived power in his illusion.
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on July 11, 2013
I thought this book would give more history and information as to why Obama is who he is...and the first 100 pages showed me some insight...but the rest of the book was diatribe over the author's obvious dislike of Obama's liberal politics...I thought the book would be thought provoking and encourage me to think about anti-colonization, but instead it left me angry for spending the money on this book...Now I begin Dsouza's next one...I am so hoping it will be a better read...
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on October 31, 2010
I think D'Souza is right on the money. It was so hard to understand why Obama did the terrible things he has done. I think D'Souza has really pegged the explanation for why Obama did what he did and why he continues do what he does and to be so un-American in his viewpoint and actions. He is operating on the Dreams from My (His) Father, who was a Kenyan anti-colonialist and that is what Obama's ideology is too.
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on October 23, 2010
Dinesh D'Souza was on Glenn Beck's program and reviewed this book. I bought the book knowing a little of what it was about, but little did I know just how deep it would take me. If you want "facts" on Obama and exactly why he thinks the way he does, and exactly why he is leading our Country into HELL....read this book.
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on April 18, 2012
The entire words included in this review are just my personal opinion. I don't think in anyway that i am right and other people are wrong but that this is just my opinion and that everyone has its own one.
I don't want in anyway offend other people nor the author of the book, and i respect other poeple opinion even if different from mine
Thank you

I find this book exaggerated.
Here is how i could summarize it in a couple of rows:

"Obama wants to knock down america to avenge the blood of colonialism, Obama wants to make USA another big communist Sovietic Union by centralizing all the power, Obama is the Che Guevara of the new millenium, because the father was a kenyan colonial rebel died without defeating the colonists. Now Obama wants to realize the dream of the father"

That's it..... i have found nothing more in this book....

Dinesh wants you to know that Obama is too much EXTREME for his role of president and too much INFLUENCED by his father PAST, because he hates so much colonialism like his father

But the colonialism, based on Dinesh idea, has helped so much poor countries, by allowing them to improve themselves and become richer, like for example, India which is growing growing and growing so much in technology, goodies and services thanks to british colonizer past support....

So what's wrong with colonialism?

What Dinesh for me doesn't say, is that Dinesh vision of colonialism is so good because it simply helped him to become a famous american writer, and so, due to this, he believes that colonialism is something good for EVERYONE, in the same extreme way Obama believes that it is something BAD for everyone...

So an extreme vision (that of Obama) versus another extreme vision (that of Dinesh)

So, who's the winner???

Instead of saying Obama, i prefer to say "i don't know but not DInesh"

What Dinesh for me doesn't tell, is that everyday, lot of West entrepreuners transfer their companies to the third world areas like India because they take advantage of poor people by hiring them at a very ridicolous salary cost, with the excuse that "before their companies, these poor people was living like a dog in a straw house. Now thanks to them they can have a slightly better life"....

Slightly better respect to what????

Personally, i found this excuse ridicolous! It's not a loyal way to go in India, open a new company, hire 20 indian men at the cost of 2 white men, and put all of them in a small room where they both work and sleep in very bad hygenic conditions just because before the western companies arrival they were living in a straw house!!!

And this is the usual and normal way to undertake a business in India by west rich men!!!

THIS...is the real situation of the colonialism and neocolonialism
And this is the reason why Obama, even though he will fail in his project due to lack of times and maybe concrete ideas, he is just trying to sensitize the public opinion about this argument so that we will stop taking advantage of poor people for entrepreuners infamous interests

Dinesh for my opinion doesn't understand this, because having become a famous writer, he thinks that colonialism is right and that Obama is just an insane guy, in the same extreme way Obama thinks that it's something very wrong

At the end of the book, and i terminate my review, Dinesh is even so grateful to USA for his career that he even says that USA is the "policeman" of the world, and that we need to support it in any case because we need it.....AH AH AH what a ridicolous though!! is like saying that even if a policeman is corrupted and uses drugs, we can't denounce him because afterall, to live a secure life, we still need the police in our streets!!!! what the hell!!!! I prefer to not having a policeman, instead of having one who is corrupted with just the excuse that afterall i need it!!!

In the end i have liked the Dinesh ability to enter such a deep analysis, but the "monodirectional" tone of the entire analysis, made this book a little exaggerated and frustrating.
I am sure that with a more diplomatic tone Dinesh would have convinced me more about his theory
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on November 2, 2010
Very well written book! Once I began reading I didn't want to stop. The author
is very respectful to the subject and gives a well thought out premise to Obama and
his ideology and agenda for America.
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on October 25, 2010
D'Souza connects the dots and fills in the blanks to BHO's anti American Agenda. D'Souza confirms his analysis by facts and footnotes.

D'Souza did the research that our MEDIA refused to do. D'Souza even investigated BHO's circle of friends. Another area where our MEDIA refuses to do their job!

Well done Dinesh! Well done!

Must READ before Nov.2, 2010 Election.


P.S. Also check out Agenda grinding America Down documentary by Curtis Bowers DVD on the net.
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