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on December 26, 2010
I love these hangers! I have 2 of the LED UFO Grow Lights in my grow tent and had suspended them using military grade zip ties. While that was more than enough to hold the lights it didn't offer me flexibility. I use these nifty hangers for my lights due to the fact that they are fully adjustable in SECONDS! If you are using them in tandem you can even hang your heavy carbon filters with these little guys. They come with 8 feet of rope, which is more than I would ever use. I doubled the rope up and used it incase the ratchet fails. The D ring clips work awesome and fit right to the D ring on my lights. I would give these handy little guys an A++! These are high quality tools that are useful for all sorts of things around the house, not just in the grow tent.
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on May 26, 2012
I ordered this item twice in the past week...once from an Amazon-fulfilled merchant, which I returned, and then from a 3rd party merchant, which I have yet to return...

Both times, the item received was a generic plastic ratchet. (A different generic one from each seller, even!) I ordered this item some months back, and did get the proper Hydrofarm product with a metal ratchet. (Any brand with a metal ratchet would be fine with me, really!)

Here's what this product should be: [...]
And the image of the ratchet itself: [...]
(Since Amazon censors things like links to manufacturers sites, you can find that by Googling "hydrofarm ratchet" if you want to know what the item should look like.)

Yup, that's metal inside, just like the pair I already have! If you're getting a plastic wheel and tab, you're getting a lesser-quality counterfeit item. (I don't really care about the brand, but if it's described as a metal ratchet, it should be sold as a metal ratchet.)

I ordered yet another one of these (after being assured by Amazon that I could just return it again, of course)...I'll see how that one works out.

The actual Hydrofarm ratchet with a metal mechanism gets 5 stars; it's easy to adjust them, and the mechanism is solid and durable. I'm not sure about the cheap plastic ratchets, since I didn't actually use them, but both sets looked fairly cheap. They're probably not that bad, but that's not what I paid the extra money for.
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on November 17, 2012
...after discovering that I was inattentive and they didn't actually send me the product as advertised, this one here: Hydrofarm 1/8" Compact Rope Ratchet (2-Pack).

The version I have is "Sun Grips", and at least the carabiner is crimped rather than tied off in several knots on the carabiner like some recent reviewers have found (appears they're getting something more like this HIDHUT Light Hanging Rope Ratchet Pair).

What I have will work for my purposes. I just have a single 24" grow light and these seem sturdy enough to hold it up--makes working with what's under the lights a lot more convenient. However, the REAL hydrofarm product (google 'hydrofarm ratchet') has metal ratchets. Seems safe to say this would be much trustier and sturdier, especially in the long term, than plastic ratchets.

Disappointing that yet again, Amazon has failed to deliver what they advertised (this is the case with the last couple orders I've made, in fact). I'm going to keep this in mind in the future, and consider purchasing direct next time if they can't keep their products straight and not get taken in by a distributor selling knock-offs. Regardless of how much cheaper Amazon claims to have the same item for.
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on November 14, 2012
No hydrofarm logo on it first off. It seems like its just a knock off brand and it cost me like 16 bucks. Second issue is that the rope is not connected to the caribiener with a metal crimping tool. Its actually just tied in like five knots around the caribiener and then burned off so it wont fray. Basiclly, the rope part has no clamping to the clips. It has knots...lots of ugly looking knots, knots that can come undone and cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your equipment, and even fires. Im surprised that Amazon still carries this product, i dont think hydrofarm would sell anything without a logo or of this poor quality. Sunlight supply makes nice ones that are the same price. The up side of this thing is that its working. It seems strong enough for now but i dont trust it. Ive had equipment come down and smash a lettuce plant in a hydro system because of cheaply made parts. No biggie, unless your house burns to the ground over lettuce. Id give it two and a half stars and encourage Amazon to see if its acually made by hydrofarm.
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on December 2, 2013
came as advertised and all work great except for 1 of them. the cord on one of them has a stiff spot..not sure from what, but it is a little hard to raise the one light without using 2 hands to hold the ratchet to get past the hard spot on the cord.
Besides that these are a great product for the price and work as advertised. when i get a chance i will just replace the cord and all should be good.
I would have given 5 stars, but with about a foot of the cord being stiff and hard to operate, i thought it odd that it went unnoticed by QC because it was folded for packaging and no one stopped and said.."huh we should replace this it wont go through the mechanism"
In all fairness i have to also say i bought 6 pairs of these and just the one has given me troubles.
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on April 1, 2012
These use rope which seems much more dependable than the thin cord that came on the pulleys I was using to hang my light. Also, the mechanism is more simple and doesn't rely on friction like the pulleys; I definitely feel like a ratchet is more reliable. These easy on-and-off clips at both ends which is much more convenient than tying a cord to your anchor. The ropes are way longer than I need so, like another reviewer, I doubled them up for added safety. They are little more hands-on to adjust than the pulleys but they still go up and down pretty easily, especially since raising them is just a matter of pulling on the unanchored end of the rope, and generally speaking raising them over time is the norm, right? They also hold my hood level which the pulleys never quite did.
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on March 1, 2013
I bought these to hang 30lb light fixtures on a set of wire shelves for my seedling cart. Between the wire hangers on the light reflector and the six inches this product adds to the distance it can be hung from the top of the plant cart, it takes away a lot of shelf space. Also, the carabiners that you attach to the cart are not already attached to the rope. It took me a little while how to figure out how to tie them on with a strong enough knot to support a 30lb reflector. Let's hope the anchor bend from knots.com is sufficient, or I will have lost all of my seedlings. Also, I have not worked with any other rope ratchets, so these concerns may be the case with all of them and not just specific to this product. Otherwise, they appear to be well constructed and sturdy, and they are super easy to move up and down.
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on March 20, 2013
I purchased this to hang my Hydrofarm fan. I customized a bracket so it would hang exactly how I wanted and went looking for the same rope ratchet set that came with my light. Unfortunately I did not pay enough attention because this product is close and works well but you have to tie one end to the supplied clip. That sounds simple enough but nylon rope is not easy to tie a tight knot that will not loosen with vibration. As this will be hanging over some important material I would rather not have to chance it and would have liked for the clip to be pre-attached with a metal clamp. I tied a few knots as tight as I could and soaked the knots in super glue. After letting it dry for a day (probably didn't need to wait nearly that long) these knots are solid as a rock.
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on February 24, 2013
They do exactly what they say for the best price I could find.

The rope is a bit sloppy on the ends, mildly frayed and looks like they wrapped a piece of tape around it and melted it on haphazardly because a couple ends arent completely "cauterized." Seems to be only cosmetic so I am not too concerned, just an imperfection.

EDIT: Also worth noting this is NOT Hydrofarm brand. I didn't even notice it said Hydrofarm until after I left my review, so that did not affect my decision to purchase. But I the hydrofarm brand has metal internal ratchets and these are plastic inside. Hopefully the listed weight limits are still accurate.
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on December 13, 2013
Really disappointed in these, there are 4 metal carabiner clips in each package, only two are attached to the rope and ratchet which forces one to tie knots to hold the weight up of whatever you are hanging. I tied some heavy duty knots came back later and the knots had come loose, fire hazard! search for the Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Rope Rachet Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears which has 4 metal carabiners already attached to the rope/ratchet with metal clips ! brilliant !
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