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Platform: PC/Mac Disc|Edition: French|Change
Price:$149.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on January 28, 2014
This is how a language program should be designed. It is structured in much the same way anyone learns a language natively; it shows you the visual of the action, then pairs that with the words and sounds, and over time, your brain connects it all together. What most impresses me are the pronunciation exercises, which record your voice and allow you to compare it by way of a sound graph with the native speaker. If you work the program, you are going to learn how to speak whichever language it is. It is intuitive, easy, and straightforward, and gives you immediate feedback.

There are a couple of minor annoyances.

One: I was not able to download the program from the website, and had to install it from the discs. No big deal. Just a little wasted time. My suggestion is to just use the discs to install the program and forget downloading it.

Two: Rosetta Stone seems to be encouraging you to sign up for an online subscription service called Totale. When you attempt to install the program, it sends you to their site where you are sort of railroaded into signing up for the trial program. There doesn't appear to be any opt out feature, that's why I say railroaded. However, if you wish to effectively disable all this Totale business, when you are registering, just put your birthdate as under 13, and it will just go to installing the program and disable the Totale mumbo jumbo.

But all that is a small deal in comparison to how great the program is. I think it is fantastic actually, but would keep my eye out for getting it on sale or during a Lightning Deal. If you can get it for under $250 or so, that's a more reasonable price I think.
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on December 7, 2015
I have two main complaints with this software. First, getting the microphone set up was difficult. When you launch it for the first time, it launches in the browser. I eventually figured out you have the option to run it locally, too. Some combination of the web application, the browser, and OS made the microphone unusable on the web. Help documents were unhelpful. No problems when run locally.

Second is that the software has an "immersion, learn as you did your first language" type of strategy. Meaning that, like others have said, it's a bunch of flash cards paired with French words, with 0 explanations in English. The problem with this is that it begins quizzing you on rules you didn't know existed until you don't understand why you're wrong. Ex., French is a romance language, so nouns are masculine or feminine. Unlike Spanish, there is no easy way to know one way or the other. You have to look for "un or une" when you learn vocabulary. But by the time you are being quizzed on which one they are, you didn't know you were supposed to look out for that in previous lessons. Likewise, Il/elle est vs. c'est. Both mean "it is", but there are rules for one or the other. Which it doesn't tell you; you just have to figure it out. I suspect that when kids are learning their first language, which this software claims to mimic, at some point, some adult says "oh by the way, there's this masculine/feminine thing." I had to resort to Google, which I shouldn't have to do with software whose sole purpose is to learn a language. So at least a little blurb at the beginning of each lesson like "we're about to introduce you to ABC, look for XYZ to help figure it out!" would make this software about 60% better.
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on May 24, 2017
OK, this is for the Italian version. I bought both. While it is very comprehensive, its a pain to use. You are asked to respond to photos which at times are too small to get the correct information. It continues to lose track of where you left off in a lesson and wish to resume, It is great for vocabulary and basic grammar. Pronunciation function does not work very well. You repeat the word several times and it does not recognize it. It is very good for learning to write. spelling is a highlight for the product. You will not go through the units very quickly. That is a plus, repetition and spacing is good for learning. Now that the price has dropped. it would be worth the investment. Consider Pimsleur courses available on CD from Amazon, and DuoLingo available for free. DuoLingo gets five stars for a good introductory language course featuring readin, writing, and speaking. I recommend it highly​
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on December 6, 2016
I had high hopes for Rosetta stone French, but have found it very disappointing. It is only through photos and the user has to guess exactly what they are looking for. It would be much better if there were supporting English to translate what they are going for, or at least a work book to accompany the program. Yes, French is difficult to learn, but I would not recommend Rosetta stone to anyone. I just got off the phone with a person that had tried Spanish via Rosetta stone and she gave up on it. It seems to me that there should be a lot of additional materials that would support the learning. I think the program is outdated and they are just milking it for all it is worth. Would I buy it again. NO!
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on April 1, 2014
I debated so long about whether or not to purchase Rosetta Stone French. Finally, I went ahead and purchased it. I am an American now living in a French-speaking country, so I really wanted to learn. Also, Rosetta Stone the name you hear associated the most with language learning.

But $300 and several months later, I'm not a fan. Though I've completed over 50 lessons (and did the first half twice to make sure I was getting it), I still haven't learned more than just a few basic vocabulary words.

I'm going to try to keep using it, along with some resources that actually teach the language...only because I spent hundreds of dollars on it and don't want to feel like a complete sucker. If you're not a child, don't expect to learn like least not without a ton of frustration.
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I just purchased this Rosetta Stone French Level 1-5 Set and was very anxious to get started. It did not load properly on my MAC and I had to spend nearly an hour on the phone with one of their specialists. The problem got solved but it was a pain in the neck.

I went through the whole first lesson and found it good. However, I've had four years of high school French and minored in French in college. It's been decades since I've studied the language but if I hadn't had the background, I would have been lost. The graphics are great and the pronunciation is very French. The lessons consist of vocabulary, written, pronunciation, and one part I just couldn't figure out. For the heck of me, I couldn't guess what they wanted me to do. I failed that section and got over 95% in the others.

I think this program would work best for people with SOME background in French or those who can learn by pure immersion. I like the combination of writing, reading, speaking and repetition.

Because I had problems with the installation, I received a letter from Rosetta Stone's representative. Ironically, she has some problems with English writing. Instead of 'you're', she wrote 'your'. That always gets me. A representative of a language learning program should be able to write the language of the user. Oh well, I also ordered the Pimsleur French program and it will be interesting to compare the two.
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on February 4, 2014
I bought the Rosetta Stone French language system in late November to give to my wife for her birthday in January. At the latter time, I installed it onto her computer (with great difficulty because it is not user-friendly). My wife tried several times to use the product (which she did not find much different from previous language-learning systems she had used) and ran into technical problems with each and every turn. There is no usable user's guide, and calls to their "help" center resulted in confused and difficult sessions with agents with hard-to-understand accents. Rosetta Stone refused to accept a return since I had bought it from Amazon -- and Amazon refused because of the elapsed time since my order. I feel as if my pocket has been picked. I wouldn't buy anything ever from Rosetta Stone -- and, while I generally admire Amazon, I think their returns policy stinks, and I will never buy anything again from Amazon that might require a delay in returning if it is defective.
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on March 22, 2017
I love this program.After buying many French-learning programs,I find that Rosetta Stone is the best.I learn more each day with it that I have using all the rest. And those products are good,but the method R.S uses suits me the best. I learn best with jumping right into each lesson/level ,fearlessly.
I also use RS online ,and feel very comfortable using that method as well.
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on March 29, 2014
This is only my second product review in fifteen years as a happy Amazon user. It is my own fault that I did not check the Amazon reviews on this product before purchasing it to learn that one half of purchasers love the product and one half hate it. Add me to the hate group. I was deluded by the 'cache' of the Rosetta Stone name.It should have been an obvious caution when Amazon began offering 50% discounts that something was wrong with the product. I should state that my frustration is solely based on the lack of disclosure and the fact that it took over two hours to install the software. It became clear during this process that the company was depending on the acceptance of the License Agreement as a defense to this claim. Knowing that, I spent an inordinate amount of time in reviewing the License Agreement particularly the distinction between online, standalone and Totale users. No matter how many times I read this, I could not understand the risks and rewards of these different user relationships. As we all tend to do, I accepted the License Agreement so I could proceed to the next step. During the two hour installation, I called technical support (staffed in India) to be sure that I was not doing something wrong. They assured me that their software worked perfectly and I needed to buy a new computer if I was unhappy with the speed of installation.My computer is two years old and exceeds all of their system requirements. After reading the reviews, I now understand that the software is designed to ensure a future stream of fees to Rosetta Stone. I do not know how effective this program is in learning a language, but the vendor is clearly not interested in helping purchasers.
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on July 21, 2014
I've always wanted to speak a second language. I took Spanish for seven years between middle and high school. I can say I still understand a fair bit, but I can barely speak it at all. I've always kind of wanted to speak French (despite it having no real practical use in my daily life) so when I saw Rosetta Stone was on sale I decided to finally pull the trigger. As I write this I am just finishing up the first level and I can honestly say I probably speak more French right now then I do Spanish. The immersion learning system works really well for me. I associate the words with images instead of other words so there's no awkward translation going on in my head. I see a cat and I think un chat. That being said I think this system works better for vocab then it does for grammar. I think I am slowly picking up some grammar rules along the way, but that's much harder than just the vocab. You're never quite sure if the conjugation you just learned is universal so it's hard to know if you can apply to another phrase. To be fair, I think that's probably true of learning one's first language as well. Children are more likely to screw up grammar than they are to pick the wrong noun. I may pick up a book of some kind to supplement and help me learn the grammar rules faster. That being said, this is the best way I've found to learn another language. It's certainly working better for me than any traditional class I've ever taken.
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