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on November 25, 2016
You know that a product is poor when the commercial just try to lure you in with singing and dancing and maybe pretty faces.
Kind of like the drug commercials that are so great, yet leave people with worse conditions (like the anti-depressant that may give you more thoughts of suicide)

The same can be said about this program. I have met so many people who literally GAVE UP LEARNING A LANGUAGE after using this.
It is simply so tedious and repetitive and really just childish games. Not only this, but it is nowhere near good enough to take you to fluency
you can finish all 5 levels and you are not even 1% fluent yet (seriously!)

- pretty pictures
- looks great and the commercials motivate you


- No grammar explanations

- no explanations at all. just games and flash cards. guess it till you get it

- using this discourages someone from wanting to continue

- the program has a speech feature that tells you if you said the phrase "correct". The issue here? The software judges your pronunciation by comparing it to THE EXACT way the speaker in the program did. Even if it sounds corny and rehearsed, saying exactly like them is "correct." Get a fluent person to try it out, it'll say that your fluent friend speaks improperly


Here are my thoughts on other products:
Pimsleur - starts with short conversations, builds up from there, and gives you lots of practice with different sentences. Fluenz can't even let you take the learning on the road.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy - Similar format as pimsleur. Only they focus a lot of on grammar and conjugation rules. In my opinion they focus too much time on grammar. What i do not like about this one is that they say incredibly useless statements like (my cat was playing in the garage when the lights went out) (did you lock the bears up in the cage?) (There were a lot of pigs in my farm while i was growing up). I think it is a good idea to use this too as any practice can help

Story Time Language Learning - And also similar to pimsleur just a bit more organized. Faster paced than "Learn like crazy" but it clearly says that its for people who did other language programs, which i agree since it is way too much for a beginner, but challenging for me. I am actually happy that they don't make any silly statements in the lessons, nor do they focus 1-2 minutes on trying to pronounce the name of a city like pimsleur. Also, the accents used in this program are very neutral. A BIG plus if you don't want develop a thick accent from a certain region. (since not all Hispanics understand each other fully due to the heavy regional accents some have)

in my opinion, i think that you should try pimsleur first (maybe just level 1)
then go and try "Learn like crazy" and "Story time" and see which you like better

Story time also has a "basic" program, but i think it is still kinda fast paced and i definitely don't recommend it if you haven't done at least 10 lessons of pimsleur. Otherwise, it will overwhelm you and you'll give up your journey to fluency

The story time language program used to be sold on amazon as audio. Now its out of stock. But it is cheaper on their website or through udemy. I recommend emailing them for coupons. looks like this is a small company cuz i've gotten discounts simply for emailing them.
Story Time Language Learning - Spanish Basic
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on July 22, 2014
I was expecting a collection of CDs that I could use in my car while driving to/from work to help me learn the language, like the Pimsler (sp?) package of audio tapes that I had used many years earlier.

This package requires one to "install" things in one's computer first, so that the vendor can prevent unauthorized copies. This may be fine for the vendor but it is not what the end user wants, which is to play audio CD's in the car and practice words, sentences, grammar, intonation, etc.

If and when Rosetta Stone comes up with a bunch of audio CD's I can play in my car to learn the language lime the Pimsler system did a few years ago, then I will buy the package. But not until then.
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on February 27, 2014

that is all the have going for it.
You see how pathetic rosetta stone is by the theme in their ads now.
I saw a new ad where THE WHOLE TWO MINUTE ad people were dancing and singing/rapping

wow, just wow

anyways there are two options you should try.

"Pimsleur", they teach you USEFUL phrases, but thats where its usefulness stops. Use this if you are a beginner ONLY.

"Story Time Language Learning", this picks up where pimsleur left off. If you try it you'll see what i mean. Even their BASIC program which is 10 lessons is more involved than 30-50 lessons of pimsleur.
They both have VERY similar set up, but ONLY use this program if you have tried another program or if you are a quick learner.

here are the differences between the two:
1) pimsleur starts with a conversation of what you WILL learn. Story time ends with a conversation to test you
2) pimsleur relies on LISTENING. storytime requires that you read along as changing accents in words changes meaning (esta vs ésta vs está) (si vs sí) (porque vs. por qué)
3) pimsleur just throws somewhat random vocab at you. meaning random verb conjugations, random cities, random scenerios. Story time presents the vocab in the beginning. There is always a theme per "Story" that they presente. Its more organized. They present a verb and conjugate it for the specific tense that they use.
4) pimsleur is very limited in that you could probably never be able to hold a short conversation other than, "hi how are you, very good thanks". You can't even freaking say "i'm hungry so i will eat an apple" at the end of pimsleur. (If you finished pimsleur, try it, see if you can do that) Storytime on the other hand extends every story little by little to the point where you can independently make a unique sentence.

5) this is the most important point. Pimsleur is for BEGINNERS. Like i mentioned previously, you will get more out of the 10 BASIC lessons of storytime than 30 lessons of pimsleur. Pimsluer at the moment only offers 120 lessons in Levels 1-4. Storytime offers 100 lessons on just their Level 1. its ridiculous how much faster you can learn when you READ ALONG! Too bad pimsleur couldnt figure out that concept.
6) Level 1 of pimsleur is $350, times 4, $1400 for levels 1-4. Level 1 of storytime is $250 (i got it cheaper, for $200. I'm sure you can email them and ask for a cheaper rate. My friend did it)

amazon sells individual mp3 lessons of story time, but their website has the full version of the first two lessons for free
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on March 5, 2014
I purchased Rosetta stone on Amazon at a greatly reduced price. I purchased all five lessons, as we spent the summer in Spain and intend to go back. I thought it would be valuable to learn the language. It is a beautiful country and I would like to be able to speak the language, as English is not spoken in the rural areas.
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on January 8, 2011
I'm only on level one but I love it. I took Spanish in high school, so level one is a great refresher. I particularly like the stories you can listen to in order to practice listening comprehension. Then you can read and listen. Great program!
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on August 22, 2014
I bought all 5 levels and have gotten into the 3rd level---the problem is that it is ALL in Spanish ....so there is the problem of needing 2 computers on while working with it because a LOT of times the pictures are not intuitive as to what they are trying to say. Like the Pimsleur series much better. Plan on walking the Camino de Santiago de Compestela and for what I need---Pimsleur works better.
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on January 20, 2014
The more I use this program the more I love it. I must admit I have been studying Spanish for a few years ago this program is truly helping me become fluent. I highly recommend this program if you have a small background in Spanish or if you are utilizing other methods of study along side of this program. This program on it's own is not enough to help you become fluent, but in conjunction with books and school classes will take your language to the next level.
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on April 20, 2014
The program is generally well made but the lack of consistent voice recognition makes it very difficult to do the course unless you have endless patience. The same pronunciation is inconsistently graded. How does one mess up Hola inconsistently? Customer service was no help. They blamed me. My wife is from Germany and the German version said she was not pronouncing words properly. Again inconsistently.
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on September 5, 2015
I don't know who Rosetta Stone is aimed at, but as an adult learner who is interested in learning Spanish prior to a trip to Spain, I really have no need to know what ball is in Spanish and I don't have any plans to go swimming so I could live without knowing the verb to swim. Well into Level 2 and I still have no idea how to ask for the check at a restaurant. Granted, Level 2 does include travel, but more could be included in Level 1. And I still don't know how to ask for the check.
The course is definitely not age appropriate for children and I doubt is is for teens either. They probably have courses for those groups.
The way the software works is this: You are given a screen with several pictures. There may or may not be any audio. First you have to analyze the pictures, then you are supposed to respond. It's not always clear what is going on in the pictures. Of course, you are allowed to return to the page if you miss one or more responses. Occasionally, you are expected to write an entire sentence. Any misspelling and the whole sentence is wrong. Very frustrating.
Another gripe is that (at least as far a I have been able to determine) there is no explanation for how or why a certain form of a word is used and when it is appropriate. It isn't always clear from the illustrations what the meaning of a word is. I would like to have the option of being able to see translations of words as well as conjugations of verbs. There are times when such information speeds learning.
They advertise that you can set up to four users on one license and that you are entitled to 90 days of free online services. What they fail to mention is that you only get the online services for one learner. Misleading from my point of view.
Having said all that, I will say that if you use the software, you will learn a foreign language. I just think that a few changes could really improve the product.
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on June 13, 2013
I lived in Spain and was so excited to have a product that would help me brush up on Spain's spanish. The program has great photography and has a good pace. I look forward to the time I set aside for it daily!
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