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on August 8, 2012
Before I found these Rosewill fan powered enclosures, I was using the Vantec aluminum ones that did not have a fan. Boy, they were like ovens heating up the hard drives inside. I had to resort to methods such as using (expensive) thermal pads to create a conducting path from the AL enclosure to the hard drive, and blowing air at the enclosure with a Thermaltake mobile USB fan to keep temperatures down. It was a messy and unelegant solution. That was in 2010.

Enter Rosewill's enclosures.

I have 3 of these enclosures (from the early e-sata/ usb 2 model to the latest e-sata/ usb 3 model), and I am still very happy to have discovered them. I first found them on NewEgg in 2011, where they have a huge fan following.

1. Temperatures

The Rosewill RX-358 U3C enclosure has an 80 mm fan that keeps my drives cool at about 40 degrees celsius. I do not have to worry about my drives failing prematurely due to prolonged high temperatures. It even has a switch to turn the fan off should you wish to do so for whatever reason.

2. Durability/ design

The RX-358 U3C's aluminum exterior is also very sturdy and I dare say built like a tank. While its matte finish is simple and somewhat dull looking compared to the glossy plastic finish that is so ubiquitous today (sadly found in everything from LCDs bezels to cellphones and what-not), it still looks way better than that ex-sexy glossy finish when it - and it definitely will - gets scratched up over time.

3. Speed

The articles on the USB 3 interface that I've read, such as those by Tom's Hardware, conclude that getting a good speed over USB 3 depends not just on the host controller, but also on the device controller. The USB 3 chip used by the RX 358 U3C is the AsMedia 1051. It is the same used by the Thermaltake BlacX 5G which scored well in the USB 3 speed benchmarks. On my PC's old Renasas UPD720200A USB 3 host controller, the Western Digital 20EARS has an average read speed of 90 MBps when connected through the Rosewill enclosure.

4. Others

One thing that I am still unable to find is information on its warranty period, if any.

** Disabled the LED

If you dislike the bright blue LED as I do, it can be disabled easily. Just follow these steps:

Open the enclosure and turn it in the direction such that the circuit board is further away from you than the fan.

Pull out the 3rd white connector (the one next to the USB 3 jack) which is connected to with blue and black wires. You should see that it is labelled "LED Con" on the circuit board.
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on August 4, 2014
This is a good, but not great external enclosure for 1x 3.5" SATA drive.

Mounting drive screw zones responsible for securing your drive to the enclosure could do with better tolerances. For an external enclosure of this price, I expect tight tolerances and screws should line up near perfectly (which is not the case on this enclosure). Also, I recommend anyone who is looking to get this drive to purchase some additional rubber grommets when mounting the drive to reduce vibration. Vibration isn't audible, but all of the contact points are metal.

While the majority of the enclosure is aluminum, the side panels that hide the mounting screws are plastic. They could be of thicker material, and there is a perceivable slight bend when picking up the drive if you are holding it by the sides.

Installation is fairly straight forward. This product comes with all the necessary mounting screws, 1x eSATA cable, and 1x USB 3.0 cable. You drop the drive into the enclosure and slide it onto the adapter. Installation time should be no more than 5 minutes at most even for inexperienced, and the majority of that time will be spent on screws.

Fan noise is quiet, but there is a bit of a buffeting effect that is audible at close ranges. In a room with other computers with fans, it should not be noticeable at all. I purchased a WD 3TB Red with this enclosure and temperatures are running at around 21degC with light usage, which is very close to ambient. I suspect this fan is more than sufficient to keep temperatures low on most drives.

Overall I like the enclosure. It isn't mind-blowing but it will get the job done, and considering the distinct lack of great 3.5" drive enclosures that support USB 3.0, eSATA, and 4TB max storage (I'm not sure if this is a controller limitation), this is probably one of the better enclosures out there. Things that would make it better are: tool-less installation, anti-vibration features, quieter fan, and getting rid of the plastic portions of the chassis.
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on February 19, 2015
The only reason this review is 4 instead of 5 is because it doesn't fully shut off when the device it's connected to is off and the lights on the case are WAY too bright. I have taken some photos of the complete teardown that show how I solved that problem. If you are like me and like to keep everything stealth and dark at night so you sleep better or so you don't have distracting lights while you're watching shows/gaming then this fix might be for you.

Other info you might like. We had an old my book studio II 2TB drive that we took the HDDs out of for these 2 Roswell cases we bought. This case worked beautifully with the drives we pulled out of the my book studio. Photos of what kind of HDD those are also shown.
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on February 20, 2013
When I ordered this external enclosure (to mount an older 3.5" Hard Disk Drive), I had a bit of mixed thoughts - esp. after reading the comments written by others. When it showed up, my experience was just the opposite!!

This enclosure is well designed, just adequate for mounting a 3.5" HDD into this enclosure. No loose wires, the HDD sits inside perfect, after you tighten the side screws. I assembled it in just 5 minutes - quite an easy task.

I have purchased several external enclosures in the past (Vantec, CoolMax, Enermax etc.) and I can say that this is definitely one of the best. The value proposition for the money you pay is just incredible ($16.99 is what I paid). They could have extended the LED to the front and put their logo in front of that (so that whenever there is a HDD write activity, the LED will blink and so is their logo); however it is just a marketing suggestion (technically not a design flaw).

Thanks to Rosewill and Amazon for delivering this excellent product. I would strongly recommend this IDE to USB external enclosure.
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on February 27, 2012
The goods:
Solid construction, hefty. With the drives in, it has a nice weight to it and felt durable. Came in a nice looking box. The fan itself wasn't loud, but it was pushing a decent amount of air (more than I needed) which did raise the audible level up. If I had kept the enclosure I was going to install a potentiometer on the fan so I could bring the air levels down. It's not what you would call a beautiful case, but it definitely didn't look bad on my desk.

The bads:
After a certain amount of time (always just a matter of hours) the drives, either one at a time or both, would become non-writeable until I bounced the enclosure. Both drives were still readable, just not writeable. OS X would respond with an error -50 and that the drives were in use. They also could not be ejected. This happened over and over. I tried repositioning the drives, reformatting the drives, health checks on the drives, different USB ports (hub and directly connected) with no help. I have 3 other external (single drive) enclosures hooked up to the same system without issue.

I was really hoping this enclosure would work for me so I could cut down on the amount of connected boxes on my desk. Was planning on buying more had it worked out. I read that some people that encountered this issue with other devices disabled sleep mode for their drives and it went away. I do not consider that a good solution so I didn't go that far with it. I almost tried a replacement, but in the end just returned the enclosure and bought 2 single drive units in its place.

So, since I don't know if I just got a faulty enclosure or if another would have behaved the same, I'm going with 3 stars. Had it worked for me it would have been 4 stars for sure due to all of the things listed in the "goods" section of the review.
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on January 31, 2016
Rosewill RX304-APU3-35B USB 3.0 3.5" Aluminum Body SATA Enclosure with 80mm Temperature Controlled Variable Speed Fan, $39.77 (inc s/h):

Quiet, cool, reliable: I've shoved 12-TB through this (backup and restore) in 2-days with no issues. Setup's a pain and may be where people are thinking their unit is DOA.

So, why the 5-stars? Because it can handle a 6-TB drive, is all metal, has a fan, and right now that's pretty rare. Maybe next year or the year after there will be similar priced competitors and I'd only give 3-stars for the setup pain. However, right, now (Jan 2016), it's worth it (to me).

Hardware setup: There's a tiny track inside the case, and the guides on the working part can fit any of 3-ways. So, when you take it apart to mount the drive, note where the sliders are - you'll want to put it back the same (both pins on each side of the body go between the tracks on the shell) . As noted by others, you may only be able to get one screw in per side - that's fine, the case is very tight anyway, so the screws primarily prevent rattling and snug the rails in for better thermal conduction. Put the temperature probe (the long wire pair with the ball on the end) stretched out along the lower edge of one of the rails, where it will be pinched between rail and drive - taping it to the top of the drive won't fit with some of the bigger drives. Make sure the fan switch is on (it ships off for some reason)!
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on February 21, 2016
I'm using this with a WD Red WD60EFRX 6TB drive with my DirecTV. Installed it about a month ago and it has been on continuously in an entertainment cabinet with no problems so far. As others have stated it is a little difficult to disassemble and reassemble. Please note that to disassemble remove the rear panel then push the chassis out the front of the drive. I forgot to attach the temperature probe to the drive so it is probably sitting loose in the chassis (I never even noticed it was there or not). Regardless of my ineptitude the drive enclosure temperature today is 34.7C at 1740 RPM.
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on August 24, 2015
I paired this with a Hitachi 2TB hard drive on sale for $40 (refurbished) and ended up with a smoking hot deal for a storage drive.
This unit sits on the desktop, takes up little space, has a power supply and does exactly what it is intended to do: provide external storage.
Once or twice a month I put our pictures on the drive, so it gets very little use and should last for several years - until it is full.

Do yourself a favor and buy a hard drive and this case.
Assemble them yourself and you save at least $25.
Don't forget to format the hard drive and you should be good to go.
What's not to like?
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on August 27, 2016
I also have an earlier version of this product. It only had USB (no eSATA) and can handle up to 2TB. I have had it running for many, many years without issue. The 1.5TB drive I used in it died. I have more data to track than 2TB will contain, so I had to upgrade to a model that can take a larger drive. According to the box advertisement, this model will handle up to 6TB. Outside of the 2TB drive limitation, I would have reused the old model. I may recycle it with a smaller drive for other uses. It is built like a tank, and it will likely continue to run "forever".

The drive enclosures are essentially indistinguishable from each other except for the eSATA. When you have a winner design, there is no need to change it. Rosewill has likely designed and built the perfect enclosure.

When considering the value of data (business data that would be immensely costly to replace and family photos that we cannot replace), it does not make sense to take chances where you don't have to. The three things that kill electronics are: (1) dust, (2) liquids, (3) heat. Drive Enclosure companies cannot control the dust I don't clean, nor can they control me spilling drinks over, but they can design aluminum enclosures with fans.

It would never occur to me to put my data on a drive that was not aluminum or not fan cooled. Yes the fan does make a little bit of noise. This is a small price to pay for added data security. Besides, this model has a switch to turn the fan off if so desired.

Do yourself a favor: for an extra few dollars, buy an enclosure made out of aluminum and with a fan to reduce the risk of failure, and increase the lifespan of the drive.
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on March 10, 2017
Pretty sure this is the only external enclosure that fits these requirements (with the exception of NAS bays that cost easily double to triple) :
- has a fan
- fits 3.5"
- has USB 3.0

However I give it 4 stars because about 1-2 years ago I bought this same enclosure (I have 2 now, old one is faulty, new one works perfectly atm), except it was faulty from day 1 and I didn't know. At the time, 3-4TB HDD (which I used) were the max for consumers and I thought the enclosure/Windows had problems simply due to hardware limitations. Turns out others had the same problem (having to turn off and on multiple times to get it working).

Make sure if you buy this, you only have to turn it on once for it to work. Otherwise it's faulty
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