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on April 10, 2016
There are two types of damage that ESD can cause, immediate and latent, with latent being the most common type of damage we see today.

A nice, good jolt of static electricity can really damage your PC components. As many Youtube videos prove that you would need a powerful jolt of static electricity to completely fry a computer component outright, other DIY videos on Youtube show that ‘real world’ testing by rubbing your feet on carpet and touching certain components like hard drives, ram, motherboards, etc. would not necessarily fry your component (they will still work), but what people do not realize is that these weaker jolts of static electricity still damage the components! You can search Youtube for the videos under, “Can Static Electricity Damage Computer Parts? Do You Really Need an Anti-Static Wrist Band?” for this demonstration.

When an ESD event occurs, the charge surges into the semiconductor IC (integrated circuit), while the total energy transferred is small and the energy discharged is less than a micro second, the voltage is high, commonly up to 10 kV, but up to 25 kV can be reached (max potential achieved on human body). Low relative humidity may also increase the charge buildup. We may not be able to feel it, but to ICs, it is practically like a lightning striking.

Note that static discharge below 3000 volts (3 kV) is not typically detectable by humans.

Latent damage may not have completely destroyed the circuit and while the circuit may still complete (like the picture shown), the performance will be degraded. There will be higher resistance due to less conductive material along it’s path which can affect timing and signals, which can be critical for high speed communication, especially with todays smaller circuits. The damaged component will continue to operate at a degraded and possibly unstable level until failures start to occur.

If you take an ESD course, you will be shown what static electricity does to components under 15,000x magnification. It is small, but the component layer gets punctured by the tiniest of zaps! IC pathways get annihilated! Over time, this damage will cause your component to cease operating. Just because you touch your computer component with static electricity and it still works, does not mean it has not been damaged. The damage is there!

Everyone that says, “ESD is not true”, “I’ve built hundreds of computers and never used a strap and everything was always ok”, “I never use a strap because I’m careful and it has always worked” are all full of it. Avoid these people as these people never took the time to do their due diligence. ESD damage is a proven fact and ESD prevention are cost efficient and that is why every single respectable company dealing with components use some type of ESD control measure. From anti static bags to flooring to mats, wrist straps, chairs, ion generators, etc.

People that do not use straps don’t kill components outright, but if the component did experience a ESD event, you can be certain that you have damaged it, degraded it and it will fail much sooner than it should. Latent ESD damage is not immediately noticeable because it is very subtle and microscopic, but the damage is there.

So you may ask; what makes a good setup for a hobbyist or a home user?
Get a proper anti-static wristband and an anti-static mat large enough for your computer equipment, tools and feet/chair. Avoid plastic / synthetic type clothing, make sure you are properly grounded through the wrist strap and make sure your computer and part you are going to install is on the anti-static mat. Another thing to remember is that you don’t need to necessarily touch the component to cause a ESD event, just being close to the component can cause damage.

So yes, protect yourselves when handing delicate components! Even if you do not purchase this one, get one! Always properly attach the the chassis of the case (not paint) and make sure it is properly grounded (plug the computer that your wrist strap is attached to into the power outlet). I liked Rosewill’s ESD Anti-static wrist wrap mainly due to it’s price. The velcro was not intrusive and ok, though an elastic band may have been better but this was still comfortable after an hour of use. The metal snap allowed me to disengage and use the restroom.

Google, "ESD ElectroStatic Discharge Tutorial", for complete information on ESD. Educate yourselves!

To be clear, I attached a picture of microscopic damage from ESD. Hardly noticeable to the naked eye, but damage like this could weaken a circuit path, or outright do irreversible damage, eventually causing it to fail as the cumulative effects of thermal enlargement and contraction. A strong enough ESD event can also cause your hardware to cease functioning immediately which would indicate an "immediate" type ESD event, but most likely it will be "latent" type event.
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on July 26, 2016
You'd better know how to use this because there weren't any in-depth instructions included. Do you connect to the device you are working on or to a ground point somewhere near the desk or wherever you are working? If you don't know maybe you should check first before using this. Aside from that this worked perfectly. And the alligator clip is surprisingly strong. I forgot this was connected and went to go get a tool from my tool box and the button came undone but the clip stayed attached to the ground I was using. Figured it would be the other way around. But nope. That is not to say the button is weak. It isn't. I used this wrist strap along with anti-static gloves and anti-static pad to swap and remove devices from multiple desktop computers and do an upgrade to a laptop. Everything went flawlessly in an otherwise highly static-laden environment.
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on July 8, 2017
In a nutshell I got this because radioshack doesn't exist anymore and the last one I had got lost.

Seriously though if you have carpet under your feet and you can't work elsewhere please do not hesitate and just buy this, I have had very close calls with ESD, and trust me even though your safe as long as you keep discharging any static onto the case itself, having one of these puts you at ease, nobody wants to loose their multi hundred or thousand dollar pc to ESD, the idea that you can fry everything by damaging a tiny component you can't see is scary.

Its a small investment that could end up saving you pain and regret, so far I like this wrist band much more because of the coiled cable it has, its also very slim and the clamp end is removable.
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on June 8, 2015
This is a great little anti-static wrist strap I got this because I keep buying components that come with big warnings saying to be careful of static electricity and they make me nervous but up to this point I had never done anything special but I figure its good to be safe and it really seems to work I have fried a few components like Mosfets or small IC chips but those have been uncommon but since I've been using this the fatality rate has been zero. It also has a long enough and stretchy enough cord that I can comfortable work more than 5 or 6 feet away from where I have the end clipped which is a big bonus.
The only down side I can see to it is the actual wrist strap can be a little small to get it on but once you have it cinched down to make a good contact it's a perfect size. (I do have somewhat large hands and wrists though so most people shouldn't even worry for a moment).
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on March 26, 2017
Rosewill ESD Anti-Static Wrist Strap fits perfectly due to the adjustable band that came with it. It fits like a glove and the price was right. I am going to do a HDD to an SSD swap so I needed this because I didn't want any static electric going from me to the laptop. I'm very happy to say that my end result was a working laptop. I would recommend this to anybody who is planning to do some upgrade on their PC or desktop.
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on March 14, 2017
The strap is a touch small for fat-wristed people like me, and it felt pretty itchy. It would've been nice to have a slightly stronger alligator clip on the end, too, and also maybe a little more metal-skin contact. DEFINITELY would've been nice to have a slightly longer cable as well.

But I didn't electrocute my motherboard, so it did it's job.
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on July 1, 2017
I recently rebuilt my PC and needed to make sure I didn't shock myself and/or fry my motherboard, so I ordered this beautiful bracelet to help protect me and my computer. ;) It fits comfortably, is adjustable, and works great. My PC is built, and no one was shocked. :)
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on August 15, 2017
There isn't too much you can say about an anti-static wrist strap, works fine. Handy feature is the pivoting attachment to the wrist strap, so it does not tangle so easily. These are essential for grounding yourself while working on sensitive electronics.
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on March 14, 2016
Used this for building my computer and seems to have done its job. Velcro strap and small needle nose clipper. Nice scrunch, expandable cable makes it easy to move throughout your work space. I'm assuming it worked, being that my computer booted up successfully without any issues. Adjustable wrist strap. Nice safety precaution. Highly recommended.
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on March 7, 2017
After upgrading the memory and replacing the optical drive with an SSD I found three of original screws came out a year after the upgrade. I can tell these Rosewill screws, with the blue locktite are going to stay put.
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