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on April 4, 2014
I originally got this book because I missed the television series so much and while I was questionably interested in the beginning I know find it hard to stop reading. It is just as great as the tv series and even more detailed so you get a better understanding of how and why the characters on the show acted a certain way. While there are minors differences in how the characters are represented physically and personality wise, and a few typos here and there it is an all around great piece of literature that I would recommend to anyone who loved the series.
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on April 24, 2011
I just started reading this series.. i was a huge roswell fan when the show was on, i have all three seasons on dvd and i've always been in love with the stories of the characters.. I picked up the book to see a different point of view and also to see the differences.. I'm about 3/4 of the way thru. Very good book. Much of the same plot line is the same as the show.. the first chapter and first episode are pretty much the same. Most of the differences are with the characters. In the book Liz is hispanic (i'm assuming they went with a white character in the series based on the actress who played her.. shiri was a perfect fit for liz even tho she didn't share the same race) Max is physically different, while dark mysterious and brooding in the show he is described as blonde, hunky and blue eyed in the book. I' dont really care much for the discription, as his personality is what i came to love about the character. However, after watching the series.. max evans will forever be jason behr.. and even while reading the book i evision him as such. Micheal is more likable in the book, he seems more outgoing and more friendly despite being a troubled teen in a bad foster home.. personally i perfer this michael, but I understand why they made him more defensive in the show.. they broke him down that way. So far the only character I'm having trouble liking is Isabel. I'm sure it will change as the series goes on, and I can certainly understand her standoffish demeanor, but she is quite mean in the book. Extremely conceited and almost cruel. In the show she has that exterior but when she's home she's different. However in the book she's pretty much the same at home and at school. Her invasion of dreams is quite annoying as she plays with those she invades. Unlike the series (spoiler alert~!!!) when isabel invades ur mind she doesn't simply watch as she does on the show, she can actually make u do what she wants you to do, and she takes advantage of that skill. I hope that changes because I do love her character, the one i've come to know watching the series. I see bits of it so far but not fully coming into view. If your a fan of the show, or just interested in reading a fun book thats romantic and dangerous and a little out of this world (so to speak) i recommend giving this a try.
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on July 14, 2017
I didn't even know these books existed. So glad I found them. So good. Their are different parts about the characters, like Michael being a jokester. But I love that
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on April 15, 2017
I have bing watched the show several times and am ready to start over when I finish. I was born and raised in Carlsbad and it is like returning home. The book series is a little pricey and I wish it was offered at a series price . and the story extended beyond Roswell.
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on June 24, 2016
A good solid effort. Written more for a teen to preteen. Good to read if you want to know how it all started.
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on August 23, 2005
The pilot episode of Roswell was one of the better episodes of the series I've always thought, I got a copy of this book because it's the one the series is based on. While the writing style is probably aimed more at the teen market if you're older and liked the series this book won't be a bad item.
A few things are very different, Max is a blond and blue eyed senior, Liz is Liz Ortecho (whose dead older sister Rosa O'D on drugs)- instead of Parker, Michael Guerin is an A student (all three aliens are)and Isabel is the little sister- a junior in High School.
Liz's shooting is a little different than the series, Sheriff Valenti and son Kyle are meaner (and Valenti is a member of a secret government anti alien group). The incubation pods are mentioned, as is the cave, but in the book Michael came out of his pod days before the Evans (who shared a pod). A lot of things show similarity to the first season of Roswell, although not all were in the same episode- it seems obvious to me that the writers used this book as a sort of guide.
I don't know if I'll get the rest of the series but this one was a quick, fun little thing to read, and a lot more like what you saw on TV than most book to TV adaptations usually are.
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on March 19, 2012
I inittially fell in love with the Roswell series, when I finished the tv show I still felt the need for more.
I knew the show was based on books so I picked up the first four to start off.
The Outsider was a little hard to start, i kept reading a chapter then stopping for a day.
Eventually I hit a spot where I had to see how it turned out. Of course now I'm on the fourth book and am getting ready to purchase volumes 5-10.
It's a great series and its interesting to compare the plotlines and characters from the show and the books. If you liked Roswell give Roswell High a chance to fill the void that came with the early end of our beloved Roswell!
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on July 18, 2017
We enjoyed this show so much we had to watch it again
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on June 24, 2014
The story is good, fairly close to the TV series. But good Lord, I can't even handle the many, many, many, many editing errors. So. Many. Errors. I hope that this book didn't go to press like this and it was an error when it transferred to Kindle, otherwise the author should be ashamed of herself.
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on September 14, 2012
Loved the show so I thought I would buy the books. Started with this one and it was a quick read. Followed the show pretty closely but gave more detail as to the inner workings of the characters. Loved it.
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