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on February 8, 2012
Nice heavy duty canvas, heavy stitching, good hardware. Can hold 4 30 round .223 magazines in large pocket and loose shells in small pocket. Nice belt loop. Reminds me of my Vietnam Era gear. I am going to try and post pictures. Recommended.
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on April 25, 2017
I used this hiking as a belt pouch. When I received the pouch, the top felt felt loose. I like the overall size and each compartment. The canvas material is very heavy duty.

I carried my fire kit (Altoid tin) in the smaller pocket and use the larger pocket for any tinder I found during my hikes. During my last weekend excursion, the top latch broke off while going through some thorn bushes. Thankfully nothing overly important needed to be stored there. So I got 3 trips out of it. Really would be the top notch pouch if it wasn't for the cheap latches. If you're in a rough terrain area, I'd skip on this; otherwise it's nice for light duty uses.
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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2017
OK folks get ready for an awesome review. I bought one of these ammo bads mostly on a whim. About the same time, I also purchased a Sig MPX 9mm Carbine. As I was looking for an assortment of accessories for my new Sig that I have not yet received as of this review writing, I did, however, find magazines, a Red-Dot scope, and a few other extras. But I wanted a mag holder that would hold up to three loaded 30rd magazines for the 9mm MPX. Looking over different internet sites I found several, all in the $75 to $125 dollar range. Then, after loading up a few of the six mags I had just received this day to see how hard they are to load, I thought why not see if they fit in my $8 Ammo Bag I had just bought on Amazon days earlier.

To my surprise this little Rothco Canvas Ammo bag not only held three MPX Mags, it held Four (4) mags perfectly. All for about $8 and Free shipping using my Amazon Prime. And I received the bag within a few days. They fit so perfectly, I went ahead and bought another, but this time in Black and I have some photos to show you.

This bag has a belt loop on the back that pretty much any size belt will work. My mags happen to be Gen 1 mags I bought for my Gen 2, but my friend has one and the Gen 1's work great for a fraction of the price. The flap that you'll see on the Ammo Bag "WILL NOT" latch closed simply because these are 30rd Mags that are just over 8.5 inches long, however, as seen in the bag, they fit all the way down inside, so they WILL NOT fall out unless you begin doing cartwheels maybe.

The bag is made from heavy canvas and has a smaller compartment that is going to hold my Maglula Speed Loader I also just ordered today from Amazon that has a bunch of 5-Star Reviews, so I will be doing my review as soon as my new Sig arrives soon. Now check out these photos and start buying some of these Ammo Bags before they run out because they are going to sell very fast, especially in Black.
EDIT: My first ammo bag I ordered in Green, however, after writing this review I have since ordered two more of these great bags both in Black.
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on November 4, 2015
I have had this bag for a little over a year since my original review, and it has seen some pretty heavy use and abuse over that time. Its been on road trips, range/training outings, and hikes. Its been soaked, dragged, thrown, crammed full, and neglected. After all that, I am pleased to report that it is no worse for the wear. For the price, this bag is a no brainer. I've gotten my moneys worth several times over, and I get the feeling that it will continue to serve me for years to come.

***Original Review Below***

What can I say about about this product other than it hasn't disappointed me? If you read the description and the dimensions than you probably have a good idea of what you are going to get. It's no substitute for purpose built magazine pouches, but it would still be pretty difficult to NOT find a great use for it. The configuration (full size main compartment with one small outer pocket) is practical. I use mine as a modular compartment in my daypack, a belt pouch for woods walks, and a little organizer for range tools. I'm not exactly crawling through rubble with it, but the seams have been rock solid thus far. I already feel like I have gotten my money's worth out of it, but I suspect this bag will stay in use for years to come.
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I'm perfectly aware that this is an "Ammo" pouch, but I will be using it for holding Photography items when I'm on a photo shoot. It is a very nice canvas bag. It's big enough to be useful, and yet small enough to not be in the way all the time. It is single stitched, but for my purposes that's enough. If you were filling it up with something heavy where double stitching would be advised, it would then be too heavy to hang on your belt comfortably anyway, so it really doesn't matter. I'm actually ordering a second one to be able to have one on each side of me. Very useful. Yes, when I'm not using it for my photo equipment, I do empty it out and use it for my Slingshot ammo. Very useful there also.
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on January 18, 2016
I just have to start by saying that this pouch has quickly turned into one of my downright favorite bags for one of my favorite hobbies. Slingshooting. This pouch is amazingly roomy and allows for a large amount of ammo to be stored. The front pocket can be opened, and kept open by the top pockets fastener, and the both pockets are deep enough to be left unfastened without issue. The large pocket can hold both the Slingshot and practice ammo, while the smaller front pocket can hold Lead hunting shot. This setup allows me to have both ammo types with me at all times, which even my higher dollar leather pouches didn't offer. This pouch is also much easier to modify than the Leather ones. I have added a few things to mine.

The first thing that I added was a sling, set to hang the pouch around hip height. This allows for much better mobility for me . The sling was very easy to attach by adding 1/4" inside diameter grommets to each side. The sling was found on an old US Military Medical Bag, and is made from a nearly identical material to the bag.

The second addition is a paracord gamehanger. With the use of a few small rubberbands, some plastic cord slides, a carabiner, and a few split rings I was able to recreate a popular slingshot hunting gamehanger I had seen. This feature allows for a small game animal, such as a squirrel or a rabbit, to be carried easily after you have dispatched it. The loops slide open and closed and allow you to hang the animal off the bottom of the pouch.

All in all, this pouch, which cost me less than $20 with attachments and all, has replaced all of my old, expensive Leather pouches. This pouch is an amazing build quality and should hopefully last me for many years.
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on October 5, 2016
I really like bags & pouches, and this one is pretty good. It's very spacious, capable of holding 4 magazines for a 223 carbine. In my case, I barely crammed 3 BX-25 magazines for a Ruger 10/22 in there (they don't fit as well because they're so curved). I'll probably use the outer pocket for paperwork, loose specialty ammo (like tracers or ratshot), a cleaning kit, or something like that. Personally, I like the retro look/feel of canvas, which is also why I chose the OD green color.

The belt loop on the back is just a belt loop, not MOLLE or anything like that, but that's not a problem for me. I do, however, wish it also had belt loops for vertical straps, like on a messenger bag or backpack. I'll probably sew something on myself.
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on October 9, 2017
I haven't used this pouch yet but intend to use it to complement the ammo shoulder bag for black powder hunting which is manufactured by the same company. The pouch appears to be well made but the closures seam a bit flimsy and have been mentioned in past reviews I have read. That is the reason for the 4 stars. Will get back once I have used the pouch this season.
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on August 25, 2015
5 star quality canvas great strong durable material it has a loop in back of it to wear it on your pants belt . I thought this would be hand held size of palm of an adults hand and I actually is much bigger than I thought however it is 8 inch deep big pocket but my sling shot/wrist rocket is 9 inches tall but put it in at a angle kitty corner and I can get it to close the pocket ,so my sling shot just fits in the big pouch wich is 3-4 inches wide ,then the smaller pouch is 2 inches wide 2 inches deep and my daisy brand 1/4 steel balls and my 3/8 inch steel balls ammo both left in its case they come in they both fit side by side length wise in the small pouch left in the case the steel ammo balls are packaged in they slide in real nice in the small pouch , I have this in black but it comes in camo as well as army green they claim military uses these but I suppose but why would military use a sling shot when they have ak 47 and m 16 and grenade but why not . anyway this pouch is from pelvic bone hangs down to your pants pocket bottom in height . I originally just wanted a 2 pocket pouch for my 3/8 steel balls in the big pocket then 1/4 steel balls in my small pouch pocketbut this came much bigger than thought however my sling shot fits good enough in big pouch pocket and ammo steel balls in the smaller pouch pocket.
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on April 11, 2017
There's some fraying going on at the belt loops, but otherwise it's pretty solid. I use it for a hip pack when I go to festivals and don't want to carry a purse, and it's about the perfect size for that.
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