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on November 11, 2013
This is just about as close to being perfect for what I needed it for as I could find, and I am very pleased. I carry quite a bit of heavy hardware and electronics in it and so far I've found it to be very sturdy with closures that stay closed and a wide strap that isn't hard on my shoulders when I carry the bag around. Stitches are solid and strong, material is heavy and feels substantial, the lining is good quality and not flimsy. Love all the pockets! I needed lots of pockets, and this baby's got 'em! I might have given it a full five stars if the little snap and zipper pockets on the main flap had been on the body of the bag rather than the flap itself. Due to the weight of some of the things I have in those little pockets, it can be a bit awkward and unwieldy when I need to get into the main compartments and pockets. Still, that isn't a deal breaker and I have found this to be a great bag for my needs.
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on May 30, 2017
This guy is rather odd in shape when you really get to hold it and check it out. However it can hold a great deal, and many of the pockets are secured. I wouldn't have mind using this in the Army, and I am sure it will be fine now. My intended use is for daily tools and items I usually have on my person or in my pockets.
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on March 19, 2014
The bag is the perfect size for what I want it for, my Canon T3i. When I place the camera in the bag with the lens facing up (18-55mm lens) it is a nice snug fit on 3 sides, leaving about 5 inches to place an extra lens or two just to the side of the camera. Just to be safe, I did cut out some 1 inch foam rubber to line the bottom with, but other than that I left the bag just as it came. There are plenty of pockets to keep my accessories in e.g. SD cards, cables, batteries, remote, etc. The bag itself, even if not used for a camera, is still pretty great. The style is awesome, just what I wanted, and solid too. The bag feels like it is going to last a while, the canvas material it's made out of feels pretty rugged. The shoulder strap is really comfortable, bag sits nicely on my side or around my back depending on how I want to wear it. Compared to a "real" camera bag, this thing is way cheaper and significantly cooler looking (lots of character!). I'm definitely glad I bought it. (I went with the khaki color).
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on February 26, 2014
This bag looked like it could take my purse abuse, but it didn't have lasting power...on the inside. I've had cheaper purses for MUCH longer than this...YEARS longer than this. Yes, I used this purse every day. It's what I do. I'm not a big purse person and I generally use one or two in a year - three if something fun (or sad) happened that I needed a nicer looking purse for. Done. I've been that way since ever.
It's only been 7 months and my keys have transformed 3 pockets into one. The outside of the bag is super rugged, but the inside is very, very thin material. The back pocket starting tearing first (from a plastic ID holder with 2 keys on it). The back pocket material is connected to the inside back pocket. Then the bottom of the main section of the purse started to tear which ripped to the inside of the biggest front pocket. That's actually 4 sections into one! It's a mess.
I noticed others said it was very floppy, which it is. I felt like I had to have it in a certain position to close the thing properly. Using both the inside button closure AND the plastic clip things are essential, but make it a little awkward to get into the purse in a "hurry" (i.e. feeling like you're already taking too long in the self check out line at the grocery store). I loved that the outside pocket fit my phone, but the other little smaller pockets attached to the front didn't serve much purpose...except to carry flash drives in. For that, it was great! The tiniest zip up pocket in the world (on the front of the bag) did me good for keeping dollar coins separated, but it won't hold much! The side pocket was useless for me - it was too thin for my phone and my mp3 player (both non-apple)
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on November 14, 2012
This was a good looking retro style bag on the pictures before I bought it. I wanted something in a messenger bag style, but not too big for that everyday use. The bag arrives and it does look good. Right away though I notice that the separator lining between and inside and outside pocket is coming loose. Ok, this is completely invisible and inside the bag. It just means that now I have two ways to get to the same pocket.
I tried it for a couple weeks and then began to notice that the main compartment seam is starting to rip. A little over an inch long rip on the seam, but between that and the lining, I have to question the overall quality. Rothco was not much help and agreed to pass on my complaint of the quality, but then just returned me to the seller (Go Commando) for further action.

Go Commando (the vendor that sells through amazon) was happy to take it back and to refund my purchase price, but beware unless you replace the bag, you don't get shipping of either direction returned. The price is cheap so it almost costs as much to return it as to keep it. The bag is heavy material and durable, but you might have to have someone fix the seam issues periodically if you want to use it for any length of time.
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on November 4, 2012
I purchased the two-tone bag labelled "olive"...the one with brown colored flaps. the company sent me "o.d" which stands for olive drab and is all one muted green color. I emailed customer service and they told me that they were the same bag...which is obviously not true. When I told them about three bags being pictured on Amazon's website (black, olive, olive drab), they said that it was Amazon's mistake and that they no longer carried any "olive" bags (now admitting that they are in fact different bags). They also said they would let Amazon know so that they could fix the problem b/c they no longer have "olive" bags. That was 2 weeks ago and the same bags are still available for purchase...if I had spent more than 20 bucks, I would return the item but not worth my time.

As far as the bag itself...cheap feel to it, all fabric construciton. Small but might be good for a tablet or note pad, few pens, cell phone...not much else. Also, the Olive Drab version looks boring...pretty sure it'll just sit in my closet for a few months before I toss it.

In summary, cheap product, not the one pictured and company lied about product and then blamed Amazon for mistake but has yet to fix the fact that the version they no longer carry is still being sold on Amazon.

Don't buy.
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on October 1, 2012
I bought this bag from seller BigFlySports. I was looking for an olive drab purse that would securely hold my belongings and this looked the best for the price range. I was looking for something with cardholders but could not find one. The strap on the bag is as wide as a tow strap but is adjustable to be pretty long if you like to wear your bags low. In the main compartment (when you lift the large front flap) there is a black lining, and on the back of the purse is a large pocket with more black lining. These two largest pockets on the purse apparently share the same lining between the pockets, which was completely ripped out of the bottom of the bag upon arrival - it might be hard for you to get a visual of this but what it means is the items in the main compartment, supposedly secured by the flap, will now be open to falling out of the back pocket which is just open and not secured by anything. It's now essentially one giant pocket with two entry points. The front pockets are numerous but the small pockets do not fit any cards, and the small zippered front pocket is much too tiny and is on such an angle that if used as a change pocket, you'll probably lose most of your change whenever you open it. The larger front pocket (the long one under the small pockets) is secured by velcro, and just barely fits my 4.5 inch Android phone, but it didn't feel secure enough for such an expensive electronic so I wouldn't trust it there (the phone tilts "outward"). So in conclusion, if you're just looking for a bag to throw things in and carry around without much organization then I'm sure this bag will suit you fine. If you want your items secure and organized, however, this bag will drive you mad.
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on September 18, 2012
I purchased this shoulder bag with the intention of using it for carrying some light items (my kindle, cell phone, stuff like that). Unfortunately I did not read the reviews before buying it because I fell in love with it from the pictures.

While the style of it is adorable and I love it to death, I'm worried about using it due to how flimsy some of it feels. The inner pockets are quite literally paper thin, and I felt like they were going to rip just by touching them. On the bright side, the pockets on the outside are very sturdy feeling - although they are proving difficult to get back into shape because they were flattened to one side during packaging.

The other major complaint I have is with the buttons, which are very difficult to snap shut. I had to apply an excessive amount of pressure onto the buttons in order to get the pockets to snap. The front pocket with the two buttons luckily has velcro, so I will be using that to close it.

The strap feels sturdy enough, and the length of it is pretty long; I have always preferred my shoulder bags with long straps so this is a plus. The outer of the bag has a nice, thick canvassy feel to it.

All in all, it's a decent bag for carrying some light items, but the insides are just too thin and flimsy feeling for my liking. I wish the top outer pockets had velcro like the bottom one, because the buttons are just too difficult to snap shut. It's a very cute bag and if the insides felt as nice as the outsides as well as the buttons being easily snappable, this bag would be perfect.
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on February 22, 2015
It's inexpensive and seems to be good quality! I have had it over a year and used it as a daiper bag, I'm a guy and I don't want to carry around some purse! So I bought this for trips to the zoo, family stuff and going shopping, anyway I used the heck out of it and there really is no wear and tear on it, it even cleans up easy, as soon as my little girl is old enough I don't need to bring a change of cloths with me incase of spills from food and things I will be using it to carry around my shooting accessories (extra ammo, small pistols and earmuffs)... Anyway for the price this thing is great
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on March 25, 2013
I was looking for a smallish field bag large enough to carry my sketchbook, pencil case, watercolors, etc but small enough to carry everywhere as a purse. For my purposes, this bag is absolutely perfect. A full-width pocket in front holds my sketchbook, the pen loops hold my most frequently-used pens and pencils, and the large interior space has more than enough room for my pencil case, paints, wallet, spare keys, magnifying glass, etc, with lots of room to spare-- and that doesn't even count another flat full-width pocket on the back, an expanding side-pocket, or the several pouches on the front flap for miscellaneous items, tools, etc.

The construction is sturdy. It looks and feels very well made, and the closures feel very secure. However, the flap is not really designed to close when the large interior pocket is filled to capacity.. So far, this has not been a problem for me, but if I were to stuff this bag to the brim, the flap wouldn't even reach halfway down to the closures, which could be a problem.

The other problem is that it is definitely smaller than advertised. I measured it at the seams just now, and it is actually closer to 10x8x5 (WxHxD), certainly not the 11x10 claimed in the item's description. For me, this ended up being perfect; I had ordered it somewhat reluctantly because it seemed it would be almost too big, so the actual, smaller size is what I'd really wanted to begin with, and is just right for my 5.5x9 sketchbook and other necessities. However, as others have said, do not plan to put full-size notebooks, binders, sketchbooks, or laptops in this bag; they will not fit.

Still, as long as you are sure to bear the size in mind, I would strongly recommend this bag for anyone looking for a decently-sized, dependable, versatile shoulder bag for specialized or all-around use. For my own use, this is a five-star instant favorite.
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