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on December 3, 2012
I admit I did not read ALL the details but I don't get why this is not companionable with my Kindle Fire but the HD version is and my Kindle Fire is not HD.

My husband has this version on his phone, free of course but ad free only .99 cents but to play it on my Kindle Fire I have to pay $2.99, seriously that just stinks!

I am glad I am only out .99 cents and on the apps I will check more carefully.

I saw the HD version after I had purchases and it said Kindle Tablet Version but I assumed that meant the Kindle Fire HD not the older Kindle Fire.

I looked to see if there was a way to cancel the order since I obviously NEVER got it on my Kindle Fire or to at least send it to my husband's phone so he could have the ad free version. If someone knows a way and I just missed it, please tell me and thanks!
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on June 17, 2014
I've played every Angry Birds varation made.
But AB Space is my absolute favorite, The difference in the psychics from all the others is what makes it so much fun to play, at least for me that is.
The newest version Epic is the only one that won't play on my Asus MeMOPad 10.1 FHD. Why I don't know Amazon told me it didn't work but Goggle allowed. Me to dwnld it, I got it to load but it locked up tighter then a drum.
But this review isn't about Epic's. It's about Space.
I said that to say this, I don't know why others have complained about the most recent update, As it hasn't effected my games saved progress at all.
The one thing I do know is if you decide to buy any games full version 'Do Not' go through the games intrface to do it.
As the Place Play Store or Amazon does not know that you paid for it, so if something gets fouled up and redownload it all they know is you had the Free Version.
If you decide to go Full Version do it through Amazon or the Play Store this way their servers know that you actually bought the full version.
Also to make sure you sign up and into Rovio's Servers to save your game process automattically.
That way if you ever have to redo your tablet, get you a new machine, or an update fouls you up, All you'll have to do is sign back into Rovio's Servers and your progress will be dwnld and updated to right where you left off. I hope this helps anyone else.
I can tell you this it's eaiser to takemaybe 5mins to sign back into the servers, Then it is to replay the whole way through the game again...
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on July 14, 2015
No. I will not update a PAID app just to get screwed for more $? That's prpeosterous! If a PAID ap is BOUGHT then there should NEVER be any IAP added on later. That's screwin your fanbase royally n they won't take it. I know I'M done with rovio. They've pulled this with at least 2 of their angry birds games that i know of. Seriously this is bs n they know it. I AM DONE WITH THEM!
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on August 15, 2013
Angry Birds Space is a great evolution in Angry Birds. The use of gravity (and the lack thereof) adds some wrinkles in the Angry Birds game mechanism without changing what the game is at its core. 1-star down for a couple of complaints that seem to be accelerated in Space vs. the original Angry Birds:

1) In the vast majority of circumstances you have to only use a single bird as remaining birds are required to get your score high enough to get 3 stars. This sucks because the powers the birds have are a lot of fun to use and being constrained to the only first bird ad infinitum until you hit the magic score mark feels more like a grind than a game. "So forgo the score and just play the levels for fun" you say. Ah, well there's the rub. You only unlock additional worlds and bonuses based on your score count. If you want to play the whole game, you _must_ get a fair amount of stars.

2) Most levels require a degree of luck rather than skill to get all 3 stars. The target score is high enough on most levels you have to do a certain amount of damage to the environment in order to pop the 3rd star. It's irritating to kill all the pigs with one bird and get 2 stars because a block that was supposed to break didn't fall and give you the 10 points you needed to cross the line. Personally, I think if you can kill all the pigs with one bird, it should be an automatic 3 star award regardless of score.

But those are somewhat minor niggles. Angry Birds Space is a good game that's a lot of fun.
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on March 25, 2012
Yet another great app in a long and growing line of games that have keep me busy for hours.

I enjoyed this one as much as the original and I swear that they just keep actually getting better.

If you are tired of angry birds you would want to skip this one but if you are as in love with this game as I am it will not disappoint you. As much as I enjoy this and all the angry birds line of games I wish they would freshen up the older versions as well. Anyway as long as they keep up the quality of this game I will continue to play and play.
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on May 11, 2012
Once you are used to the physics of this new space version of Angry Birds and get past the first few (boring and awkward) levels, you should enjoy playing it as much as I did. I don't like it as much as the original version, but you can't have everything.

I will say that I am extremely annoyed about one thing.

Every once in a while (as with the original), I came across a level that was so loaded with content that it would just CRAWL. I have a newer phone and know how to clear cache, turn on/off WiFi, and do anything else that may help with interference issues and would cause it to run more smoothly. I also have a 16gb external memory card installed in which A.B. is contained. And yet, there is this major irritation of slow moving and jerky levels every so often.

Considering that a lot of people who own phones may have to deal with this issue and won't have the wherewithal, inclination or ability based on the technology options limited to their phone models, WHY or WHY do this to people? Why not scale back on some of the content in these particular levels to a place where they are not so loaded down that you can't even aim correctly, but where you are still given the appropriate eye candy and thrill of killing pigs.
This was a major buzz-kill for me. I suppose this could just be an issue for my phone, (LG Opt.5 Slider), but I think people get paid enough to work this out before selling it to me. I still very much liked the game, however, and don't think this is a deal-killer.
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on March 22, 2012
If you've been a big fan of the Angry Birds series in the past and also found that they provided you with a suitable challenge, there's a good chance that you won't like Angry Birds Space.

The game did try something new and I was looking forward to playing because I thought the gravitational fields and unmovable objects would make for an interesting challenge. I was wrong. I don't know why, but for some reason they added a line when you pull back the slingshot to take your shot. The line shows you the exact trajectory of your bird and in most cases, the exact location that it'll make first impact. Unfortunately, this new "feature" doesn't seem to have an option that enables it to be turned off. Using this new "easy mode" I went through the first 10 boards in under 10 minutes, getting 3 stars on all of them before becoming bored and putting the game away.

That said, if you thought the first games were too difficult because you needed to be very precise with your aim, you may like this version better.

I would have given this 4-5 stars if there was an option to turn off the trajectory beam or whatever it is that they're calling the aiming line. The potential is there, but without a challenge, there's no point in playing and you'll get bored quickly.

I recommend buying the free version first and checking it out for yourself. The game is different and there's a chance that some others may feel the way I do about it.
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on June 28, 2016
I have been a fan of most of the angry birds games, and this one was no different.
I love that it is a little different than the rest as they are in space.
If you want a challenge, try this game out.
If you are a fan of the other angry birds games, you will like this one as well.
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on December 18, 2012
First I have to say, I LOVE ALL OF THE ANGRY BIRDS FRANCHISES! I am a total nut for the Birds. All of the games are challenging including this one. This particular title in the franchise deals with "space" as your atmosphere, which is different than the other game titles as they are mainly Earth based. When playing this game, remember to think of the differences between being in "space" and being on land on Earth as you approach your shots. Hint... Gravity is one BIG difference. Do yourself a favor and don't cheat the game by buying those "help" apps that show you all the tricks to get the best scores on each level. Try to figure it out on your own and you will bring a hours and hours of entertainment to your life!
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on April 23, 2017
Came on my Roku 3, do not delete it because you cannot get it back.
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