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on April 6, 2012
Overall, it's a game about aiming. You use your fingers to slide the slingshot, which has a bird in it (hence the name). When u let it go, it slings the angry bird across to try and touch or knock something onto one of the evil characters that did something to make the birds angry. Once something touches them or the bird you sling hits them, they disappear and you get points. The less birds you use to complete the stage you get more points. There are a lot of different options for scenarios, so it's not a game to beat so quickly. I got stuck playing at least 2 hours on that thing. One day out of boredom I started playing. It is addictive cause you get so frustrated when u can't hit the little funny looking green and whatever other characters there. If you don't kill them all, they give you this annoying grin even though they're bruised but they still grin showing you that you lost. Some stages seem almost impossible to beat. Ok I had NO clue what this was until some kids kept asking me if I had Angry Birds?? What? I happen to see it for free so I downloaded it. I let them play and it kept them busy for a couple of hours. (Thank goodness, a break for me). They decided they wanted Angry Bird Seasons, so they purchased it on my Kindle Fire. (without my knowledge, so I've now learned how to lock this thing). Download it, it's funny to me.
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on July 21, 2013
My 4 year old Grandson was having so much fun showing me how to play it on his mini IPad that I decided to see if I could get it on my Kindle Fire! I found this, and he spent the night w/ me and I showed it to him, and he liked it better than the one he was playing! He showed me a few tricks, and got me through a lot of levels I couldn't get through. Then he got to the harder levels and said, "Gramma, I don't know this one. You have to try to do it yourself!" Ha! So true! I'm having a ball trying! Enjoyed it with him, and he's gone back home today, and I'm enjoying playing it by myself! I'll try to make him proud, and who knows? Maybe I can show him a few tricks, too!!!!
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on January 4, 2013
I played this a few times on the new Kindle Fire with Amazon Prime, too, that my children gave me for this past Christmas (2012). BUT, since, even WITH Amazon Prime, I was told by Amazon customer service that I am only allowed one FREE download book and ONE PER MONTH on the book from the LENDING LIBRARY per MONTH. I read Moby Dick in one sitting.

Wish I could have read it. Sad that Amazon sold me and my children a bill of goods. So when I wanted to return the Kindle Fire, I found out that I would be charge a fee of 30 (thirty) PERCENT of the value of my Kindle Fire and forget about returning the leather cover. Not a chance of returning that leather cover.
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on May 6, 2017
This app was entertaining, a good way to waste time and I never ran in to any problems or glitches.
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on February 6, 2012
A game to show your anger to green limbless pigs with super powered limbless birds. Hmm, interesting. Well, I can honestly say that this game is amazing, but quite frankly it isn't. At this point I will assume that all of you reading this, however few there are, know what this game is about and how popular it is. This game does a lot of things right with large amounts of levels, different superpowered birds, different mutant pigs that somehow can grow facial hair, but the biggest disappointment is its repetivity. Many stages feel like you've played them before, but with one different block and a different background. Along with that, the levels are sure to aggravate you with having to hit a specific block that is always just out of range to actually beat the level. Also, an aggravation I suppose is the rating system. After you've hit that one specific block with one bird and destroyed the pig's entire fortress down to the last pane of glass, you still end up with one star. A bit of explanation of the amount of points to pass a level wouldn't hurt. But overall, a fun game that will render you with dozens of hours playing this while spending half the time yelling, glaring hatefully, or even shaking your mobile device just to knock down one block.
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I can't call myself 'addicted' to Angry Birds but I did enjoy playing the game and I did play it for a few hours once it became available on Chrome. It's a good game and, because it's so well designed around touch controls it's even better and more fun on a tablet or phone.

These being said, I threw Angry Birds off my XOOM after I noticed that, after at least 2 weeks of not playing the game and numerous tablet reboots Angry Birds was still active, using 3% of my battery resources - on Honeycomb go Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Battery Use. On XOOM's expected 10-hour life on a full charge, 3% adds up to 18 minutes per charge, used up by a game that I'm not playing. I understand that 'free' usually comes with a price and I have no problem with a little pushed advertising while I'm actually playing the game. I don't understand and I will not allow some third party app to take over my tablet resources without my knowledge while I'm not using it.

As for what Angry Birds is doing inside my tablet without my knowledge, I simply don't know. Is it collecting my passwords? Compiling stats on my activity and report them to the mothership? I simply don't know but it IS doing something or it would not drain my battery. By comparison, Android OS, Wi-Fi and Tablet Idle all use 2% and they're actually performing something that benefits me.

So, since I don't know how to stop you from lurking inside my tablet... it's got to be 'goodbye Angry Birds' because you're making me nervous.

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
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on March 18, 2013
This game has kept me entertained for WEEKS. I must admit, I was reluctant to jump on the 'Angry Birds' wagon, but I am ever so glad I did! This is a clever, if simple game (sometimes those are the best) and while they offer upgrades and unlocks if you purchase them, the game itself is free and those are just specialty add-ons. Fun if you can afford them, but not necessary for the overall game play. This is definitely a game I recommend - and if you are hardcore about your Angry Bird love and have the cash, I would definitely say purchasing the extras to expand upon your experience is well worth the money and effort. There are a few annoyances with advertisements, but they are easily closed out of as you continue your game-play. They are hardly worth considering, really. Good game. Fantastic for hand-eye coordination and 'thinking outside of the box' on certain levels.
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on May 5, 2012
I have to literally drag my Kindle out of my son's hands after I let him play this game. I didn't understand the pull until recently - aiming a bird and launching it to take down some pigs. Over and over again. Weird. But then I played, and I'm hooked too! There are so many levels and settings, each with its own particular challenges. The backgrounds are very nicely done, and the music is cute. Now we get to fight with each other over who gets to play!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 16, 2015
It is a decent game, though it gets old fairly quick. If you are a completionist, searching for the best score, this will be an appropriate time sink. If you just like to play things through once to the end, you might get bored.
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on March 17, 2012
I downloaded this game after hearing the hype about it and how addictive this casual game is, and while I will not deny the game is fairly fun for brief gaming sessions, I do not think it is so fun that it deserves all the attention that it has received. Part of my issue with the game is with the fact that I have a lower end phone(Samsung Galaxy Prevail), and that it is slow on this phone, and the game doesn't scale well on the fairly small screen. It also seems that the app sometimes seems buggy with it's response when dragging the bird around to aim, letting it go too early without limited lifting my finger, and not activating the birds powers at the first touch after shooting them some of the time.
On the other end, the premise for the game is neat and the gameplay is fun for 5 or 10 minutes at time. Considering both the issues and the pros of this game, I rate it 3 stars.
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