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on September 13, 2016
This is one of the worst irons I have ever had. I have had Rowenta Irons before and loved them but not this one. The range of temperatures is too small. You can increase the temp one notch and all of a sudden it is burning the fabric. Also, it has tons of tiny steam holes but hardly any steam comes out of it. There is also no indicator to tell that the iron has gone into auto shut off mode. There is no indicator to tell how close it is to the desired temperature when it is heating up. It is also small. I am throwing it out.
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on January 23, 2015
When I read other comments about this iron leaking, I thought it could not be that bad and decided to buy it anyway. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS IRON PASSED A QUALITY TESTING BY THE MANUFACTURER. I have had irons in the past that leaked drops or a small amount of water. This iron LEAKS SO MUCH WATER it makes it impossible to use the steam feature.
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on October 24, 2011
My old Rowenta got heavy duty usage and lasted just over 10 years. The only problem it had was with the cord and that is being repaired. To cover me and have a backup iron, I got this new one. To prevent spitting and leaking - Only use generic drinking water like you would get in any store. Not distilled, not and super duper brand, just plain old bottled drinking water. Next, make sure the heat setting and steam setting match. Don't select a low heat and high steam or it will spit. Other than that, this is by far, the best and most effective iron on the market.
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on February 23, 2015
I had a cheapo iron that I had purchased in a grocery store and it lasted for 15 years. I decided to upgrade to a Rowenta because I sew and my son needs to iron a military uniform every week. Purchased this iron. On the upside, it makes beautiful creases and produces an awesome jet of steam. But almost immediately the iron was dribbling water. I decided to just live with it. Then a few weeks ago the iron was leaking water from the bottom very badly. It's a safety hazard and worthless now! So disappointed.
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on November 27, 2015
Wow. This is NOT a well designed iron. After two months of using it very carefully, following their very poorly designed instruction book, the iron started leaking. Leaking from the cord when not in use. Leaking from the cord, faceplate, and bottom plastic panel when in use, even when the steam dial was set to no steam. No matter what I did, this iron left a large puddle underneath it. Frankly, this iron is a mess. When I called customer service, they told me that I should not be keeping water in the iron, and that this is a "design feature" of all Rowenta irons. That's right: according to the manufacturer: do not keep water in this iron for any longer than you have to. I guess they want you to walk a hot iron to your sink and drain it completely after every use? For an iron that is used daily, often several times a day, this is completely insane. Their customer service is not helpful. My only option now is to send the iron to their review facility, where they will keep it for 2-3 weeks (their estimate), decide if it's broken enough for them to fix or replace, and then send it/a new iron back to me. I can't be without an iron that long, so I am forced to buy a new one in the interim. Believe me, my replacement iron will NOT be a Rowenta. Never again.
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on October 20, 2016
I had purchased this to replace a Rowenta that was 15 years old.
The pros
Great weight and good distribution of weight
Heats rapidly
Good for detail ironing having a narrow tip
Steaming is very good and even
After 5 months of use ironing only 100% cotton the sole plate finish is wearing off!!
The heat controls are extreme rather than smaller increments
Small size sole plate
It is starting to leak and spit

I just hung up from the manufacturer. Let's see what they do. Thankfully I still have my Shark iron that is a work horse, but clumsy in size.

**Update March 2017
This made in China iron is now in the garbage. What a waste of money. Just like so many others reported, this iron began to leak water. OK, I could deal with this and kept using it. Then...again as others reported, it began to leak rusty water! The picture is of my iron board cover with the rust spots. Yikes! That was the final straw. I am a quilter that uses the iron daily. This is unacceptable for any iron use no matter the frequency of use. I went to my local quilt store and bought the Rowenta Professional that is made in Germany. Fingers crossed!
review image
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on March 4, 2017
Used for about a month now. Rowenta quality and build, works well. Only issue is that after 1-2 minutes of sitting upright it takes a bit long, maybe 20-30 seconds, to come back 'on' and put steam out when ironing cottons. It's annoying, I move it around to make sure it 'recognizes' it's in use again, but 1+ minutes and it's already shut off? That's just time to get another shirt and more hangers and take the others to the closet; why is it 'sleeping' in a bit more than a minute? Oh well, still a good iron despite that annoying trait. The sole plate stays spotlessly clean, unlike other leading irons I've had, even those touting 'ceramic' plates. It seems those burnt and got gummed up very quick, won't buy those again. This stainless sole plate is what I expected from Rowenta and it works very well when ironing. That's what it's for. Buy it. You could spend more, or less. Spend the $40 for this and you'll be happy. Try it fro 3 weeks and if it doesn't live up to your expectation, return it. Just don't jump to one of the ceramic sole plates, horrible/terrible/turibel.
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on May 10, 2017
I Scaled Down From Buying the Higher priced Rowenta and Tried this model for half the price. We love it! This is our Second Rowenta and the first one we had for many many years and dropped it several times and it still continued to work. We saw the newer styles with more steam vents and wanted to try it. We enjoyed the old Rowenta and passed it on to a friend's son who needed one. Love new one which has some nice added features: Even more steam! A wonderfully narrow tip for getting around buttons very easily, a swivel where the cord attaches for more ease of movement, and an angled water spout that makes filling from even a tiny bathroom sink faucet very easy. Irons beautifully. Very pleased with Rowenta Products!
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on October 15, 2015
I bought it for the vertical steam option, which wasn't hot enough to get wrinkles out. The instructions have no words, only pictures, and they are not easy to figure out. The iron turned itself off randomly, so I returned it to Amazon. The replacement iron didn't work, so I returned it to Rowenta. The second replacement iron didn't work. The third replacement iron didn't work. The fourth replacement iron didn't work. And yes, the fifth replacement iron didn't work. Six in all, none of them worked for more than a few minutes.
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on July 2, 2015
2 Months in it has developed a leak internally. Water drips out of the plastic outer housing making it a paper weight. Not good for a "premier" product!

UPDATE - Worse that I would have imagined! Just got off the phone with Rowenta "Customer Service". The agent was cold and disinterested, asking me 60 questions and then telling me that the unit is leaking because we did not empty it after every use ... TWO months of use!! She explained (in a monotone) that the seals will break down over time, so this is not considered a manufacturing defect. Again, I say - TWO MONTHS OF USE!!

It's official: My two month old Rowenta is in the trash!

If you like yours, be thankful you got a good one. If you have purchased yet, buy a different brand!
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