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on September 8, 2017
YAY!!! We can finally enjoy our favorite home movies easily again without having to dust off the VCR and pray it still works - ha! This software was quick and easy to install and use - didn't curse once! ;) Excellent product - why pay for a service when this is so easy? Update: taking it down to 4 stars - still a good product but I found that about once every 5 tapes or so the sound will cut out partway though and you have to redo. VCR head cleaner helps. I have to run one after about every other tape or I really have trouble.
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on March 25, 2017
Easy setup and has versatile software. Video capture is very poor, multi colored vertical interference on right extending about 15% in to frame. Random horizontal static through out capture. Sound captured is also very low volume. Would require additional processing to restore sound levels. Source used was home movies on VHC-C. Quality was the same using 3 different devices and multiple cables ( 2 VCR players and original camera used to take videos).
I had originally tried a V-Top unit by Fly Kan and while their captured video and sound was excellent the device failed after only about 10 minutes. I thought that Roxio would be more dependable, and it was, But captured video is useless. I suspect all of these video capture devices use about the same chips so quality will just be random. I'll try another V-Top.
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on January 16, 2012
I chose this software/hardware combination because it was a little less expensive than the Elgato Video Capture Device (10020840) and I have less than a dozen hours to convert.

First, the software is functional (this review is for the Mac version) but does not have any "bells or whistles" -- like the Windows version. That being said the price is a little high, but less expensive than having some one reputable convert your tapes. I only have one copy of the tape, so I waned to keep track of it and do the conversion myself.

My only frustration was understanding how to get the video to be captured -- there are insufficient published instructions. I followed the instructions (what there are): (1) install the software (2) connect the VCR cables to the USB and plug it in th a chassis USB port. Audio but no video.

I spent three hours on Google and Roxio before I found a Roxio discussion item with a clue: "Wait until you've launched the application before inserting the USB device"

You would think this would have been more prominent in the instructions.

Once that was clear the capture worked fine. The software has some odd behavior -- when I stop a recording, or 'Fast Forward' a tape recording the video window sometimes freezes on the last image, and sometimes echoes what you would see on the connected TV screen.
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on May 4, 2012
I found a bunch of old tapes and wanted to get them into a digital format. I looked up this product, and although I saw a lot of bad reviews for it not working on OSX 10.6, I saw a few others said it worked fine. I have 10.7, which I just upgraded a little while ago from 10.5, and it works fine. I plugged in the software, plugged in the cables and updated anything that needed to be updated and boom it's there. I've already "ripped" 3 VHS tapes onto my Mac. You just have to let it play as it's recording. Which is good if you want to watch the video again right before you start editing it. You can also mute the audio so you can continue facebooking or whatever it is you kids do.
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on June 6, 2017
The Amazon description is for a version of this software that will run on OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 Macs. The problem is the software sent to me will only work on Intel Macs, and only those running OS X 10.6 up to OS X 10.9.
The information right on the package I received stated "Intel" only. I sent it back for refund. I need a version that will run on PPC G5 processors with OS X 10.5.
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on June 13, 2014
Just bought Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for MAC to convert all of those old family videos on VHS to digital format. I am using the composite RCA cables from my VCR to my MacBook. I have done hours of cassettes so far, and It all looks fine, but when I play the .MOV file back in Quicktime, the audio and video are out of synch, sometimes by several seconds, sometimes barely at all. Haven't figured out the problem yet, but if I can't work it out then this won't be worth doing.

Others have said that you must not have any other applications running at the same time, and to limit the length of any one file. I will try this.

I am using it on my MacBook (2007) running OS X 10.6.8 and Quicktime 10.0. This allows me to place the MacBook right on my entertainment center. The initial "flatenning" and saving takes a while (maybe 15-30 sec per minute of video?) after you play the VHS in real-time. Be aware, it only outputs .MOV files.
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on January 27, 2013
Product was given as Christmas Gift. The first attempt to capture a 2 hour video crashed and burned when I attempted to save the file (after 2 hours of recording .... of course) The user support community was very helpful and suggested that I lower the quality of the capturing process which worked. I have not successfully gotten this file all of the way to DVD because "VHS to DVD" is dependent on iDVD which is no longer bundled with iLife. From what learned from my research is that I need to purchase additional software (older iLife which has iDVD or Toast for about $50) unfortunately I would have to pay $20 to Roxio to actually speak to a knowledgable person. I can talk to all of the third party salespeople at any time who will gladly sell me more products, but I am reluctant to purchase additional Roxio products due to lack of support and being "burned" on this one. I think it is impossible to talk to a real live person at Roxio.

I gave it 2 stars because it did not preform as advertised, either change the name to "Roxio Easy DVD to MAC (or PC)" or bundle the light version of Toast to actually deliver "as advertised"
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on April 5, 2011
I bought this package to rip some old home movies from VHS to my Macbook Pro. The experience you have when using this product is rather mixed.

PROS: It does what it says it will, easy install, easy process

CONS: very few options, VERY unreliable connection

If you need to convert VHS to digital or DVD this prodect is decent. It's not great but it will get the job done. The setup is fast and it's a fairly straight forward process. When you install the disc it will install both "Easy VHS to DVD" and "Toast Basic." You can use Toast if you want or just import into iMovie. If they wanted to you to use Toast you'd think they would have included the premium version. The version they give you functions but it's also full of the upgrade reminders which drives me crazy.

Importing into iMovie is very easy. It's time consuming (even on a quad core processor with 8gb of RAM) but it does transition smoothly.

The size of the file on the best setting is very large. It's surprising because when you are done you'd think you created a HD file. It's really that big. If space is an issue avoid the high quality setting.

The biggest issue with this product is the connection. At first the video didn't show up so I unplugged and replugged everything. Next the sound didn't come accross so I unplugged and replugged everything. Then the sound came through but the video went out. After a few times everything magically worked. Not a fun experience.

Overall it's an ok product that will not amaze you but it will get the job done. The connectivity is a bummer and more options would be nice too.
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on December 11, 2011
I am a fairly experienced Mac user running 10.7. I wanted to migrate home VCRs to DVD. Bought the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD product, after reading several reviews and checking that they had solved the OS 10.6 to 10.7 problem. About 6 hours later, my conclusion is: SAVE YOUR MONEY, THIS PRODUCT IS FAR FROM READY FOR SALE.

On installation it updates to version 2.01. I made all connections correctly. All appears to start properly. However, I consistently get a "failure to save" message. Hard disk space disappears, and all appears well, so you only learn this after wasting the length of the movie. Repeating the process results in the same negative result. (The used HD space is also a mystery as no file results from the aborted transfer, you cannot easily delete something and recover the space.)

No support from Roxio - just many unanswered questions on their discussion boards. I understand that these companies can't afford to staff a call center, but is it too much to ask that they review and answer outstanding complaints? Nothing - no error (OSS -49) decoder, no tips or hints, just outdated product manuals.

Bottom line, save your money, or spend it on some other product.
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on March 31, 2014
When I received my Roxio "Easy" VHS to DVD for Mac, it started out great, all the files seemed like they were coming in fine. However, when I went back to check the files, they all played out of sync. That is, the video and the audio were not playing together, by a margin of anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes! This is a flawed software and there needs to be some kind of update or workaround known to paying customers. I spent 3 days transferring footage that seemed to be transferring fine, but when looked at closely, these flaws made the process TOTALLY useless. I do not recommend this product.
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