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on February 2, 2010
I would really like to write a review on how this product works, but I cannot because it does not work with Mac OS 10.6 and it doesn't tell you anywhere that it doesn't. I contacted Roxio Support because I could not get audio to be captured and they responded with "Please note that Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is not compatible with OS X 10.6." I have asked if they plan to support Mac OS 10.6 but they have not replied yet.

So, if you are using Mac OS 10.6 DO NOT purchase this product at this time.
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on December 14, 2017
This worked great for me ! I digitized all my old VHS-C tapes with Roxio Video Capture. I was able to transfer the videos to a PhotoSpring Digital Picture Frame. The 30 year old videos came out great. There is a sizing option on the software so you can break up the video into smaller files. This was perfect for my purpose - recovering old VHS tapes before they rot. I was thrilled to see these old videos of family, friends, vacations. Now they are on a digital photo frame to see anytime. I was also able to see them on my TV with the Apple TV box (the PhotoSpring frame resolution looks better than on TV). I was going make a return to Roxio at first because it crashed. (They do accept returns.) But I persevered and found out it was my VHS player which was broken. I bought a used JVC HRS5912U VHS player for $65, s-video male to male cables $12 to hook it up, and a VHS cleaning kit $10 to clean the heads periodically while running these old tapes through it. I already had a VHS_C cassette adapter (had to replace corroded batteries & clean up, otherwise new is $20). You also need RCA male to male Stereo cable - I already had lots of them. This all worked fine. The VHS player doesn't have to be hooked up through the TV, I just cabled it to my computer with the player sitting under my MacBook - when you hit play on VHS Player, the display goes through the Roxio Video Capture program. The Roxio USB connector was a little loose so try not to jostle it. I tested recording quality difference between a Composite -vs- S-video hookup: Definitely use S-video if you have the option, composite is not bad though. It was all worth it - the cash and the effort. The results are priceless ! Can you imagine getting to recover video from so long ago ? Thanks Roxio !
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on August 10, 2017
I wanted to warn those who are looking to buy - it works, however, you need to be SURE the little itty bitty connector is straight, and firmly seated into the USB stick. I've used it four or five times now, and it's given me a couple of audio issues. One had crackling throughout the transfer, and another transfer dropped the right audio channel. Turning everything off, unplugging, and re-plugging-in the stick, and turning back on did the trick. Be sure your audio cables do not run parallel to any energized cables (i.e. power cables). The software is very simplistic, there are no audio controls, so you cannot control the input levels. Also, be aware, the USB stick will get HOT to the touch! -Even when there are no transfers happening, and even if the software is not running! I do not believe this is a "hot-swappable" type of product (due to the audio issues, and the heat generated). When I've used this, I've turned off the computer (imac), unplugged unnecessary USB cables, and plug the stick into an empty slot. I turn on the VHS player FIRST, and THEN the computer. When I'm done, I shut down the computer first, then the VHS player. I may be wrong, but I figure the computer is seeing the VHS player as a sort of external hard drive. So, as with most external hard-drives, you know that you have to "eject" them before unplugging.... -only, there is no "ejection" option (it doesn't show up on your screen or anything). So if you turn on your VHS player first, then your computer, you're essentially showing the computer you have a new piece of hardware connected (even though it doesn't show). Be sure that when you get it, that the box is sealed, and not, 're-sealed'. Look carefully for any residue of former clear round plastic seal tape (some companies try to get away with re-selling returned products) I did not need a software key to get started, but it comes with one. I'm only guessing, but if the USB stick gets hot, and left in for too long, it may eventually fail, so be warned, and be vigilant. Decent product for the money, but if it fails after a year, I'll be back to update.
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on April 25, 2012
I wanted to get this review up for those of you who are concerned it might not work with Lion. I have the latest OSX loaded as of this review. The version is 10.7.3. I am using an iMac with 16GB of RAM and a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. Set up was simple. I am moving VHS tapes to digital files on my hard drive (not to DVD). I opened the box, plugged the VCR into the adapter and put the USB adapter into my computer. I loaded the CD software. After I launched the software it looked for an updated version and found one. It was only a 3MB download.

The software interface is pretty simple. You have a viewing window that shows you what is playing (once you hit play on the VCR). You can choose to capture in HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW. Here is the breakdown according to the PDF manual.

' High (Apple Intermediate): This is the optimal quality option
and default selection for capturing video. This is also the ideal
setting for users who want to edit their video in iMovie after

' Medium (H.264 640x480): This option captures video in full
resolution using the H.264 format. It should only be used by
advanced users who will be processing video using other tools
after capture. Video captured at this quality will be interlaced,
which causes the appearance of horizontal lines during

' Low (H.264 320x240): This option captures video in a lower
resolution using the H.264 format. It should only be used by
advanced users who will be processing video using other tools
after capture. Video captured at this quality will be interlaced,
which causes the appearance of horizontal lines during

I captured in HIGH. A 60 minute video file was 8.23 GB.

It allows me to capture in COMPOSITE or S-VIDEO. You can auto-stop after a pre-determined amount of minutes. I didn't use this feature. I could also export to iMovie. I don't need to use this feature, so I can't tell you how well it works. Also, I don't see any other features. It seems to lack some of the things mentioned in the product description. I could be wrong, because I haven't looked into it. I don't need those features. The interface is simple, no frills, and that's what I needed.

I primarily wrote this review to assure folks that this product seems to work with the latest version of OSX.

cheers - Ot.
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on June 27, 2009
Despite what it says, VHS to DVD for Mac will not produce a file that can be imported into iMovie. It also skips frames when importing producing a fast jerky output. Checkout Roxio's support form and you'll see this is not an isolated occurrence. This is with the "updated" 1.01 version of the software. I would suggest Elgato's Video Capture instead.
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on January 30, 2012
I have a lot of old vhs tapes, I did not want to lose some family tapes. So I bought the software. It does work! I give it a very high rating.
Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac
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on August 18, 2009
It sounds like the largest issue people experience with this product is the dropped frames problem. It looks like Roxio has recently (July 2009) released an update (v1.0.3) to address this.


If Roxio fixed the dropped frame issue then it looks like their product (with it's native 768x480 video size) has the advantage over Elgato Video Capture (which scales the resulting video down to 640x480).

The only other difference I see is that Roxio converts to MPEG2 whereas Elgato converts to H.264. As long as you have the ability to manipulate MPEG2 then there is a clear winner.
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on July 3, 2009
I have struggled with various products that convert VHS to DVD/MAC computer. I returned them all because they didn't work.

I tried this one despite the reviews, because I use toast (another roxio product) and it works great.

The software is great! Easy and intuitive and catered to macs. It gives you the option after your video is uploaded to convert the file to quicktime, edit with imovie, or go direct to DVD.

Big easy obvious buttons.

The only reason I give it four stars is there aren't import options. IE you can't adjust the frame rate or quality of the video other than high or standard. But you can always do that with Final Cut after.

PS download the software update just in case.
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on July 12, 2017
Primitive software, frequently stalls and crashes. I have to be on hand to babysit the process and catch it before it "heads into the ditch." Missing many of the programming features you would expect for the price, to deal with situations you might commonly encounter (how does it handle being disconnected from source? Is there not enough space on the disk or hard drive, and if so does it warn you? etc. File Compression is minimal, resulting in huge files if you use it to simply produce an MP3. A headache.
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on April 26, 2013
Be for-warned!
I would not recommend to anyone that they purchase any product from ROXIO/Corel.
My experience with ROXIO/Corel has shown that supporting their product as advertised is not of importance.

So how can a customer trust that the product purchased will be what is advertised?

I purchased ROXIO "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac" based on the features advertised on the ROXIO web page including the following description.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac Contents:
-Installation CD, including
--Easy VHS to DVD Capture software
--Roxio® Toast® 9 Basic disc burning software
-Roxio Video Capture USB hardware
--USB extension cable
--Video Inputs: Composite video (RCA) and S-Video (mini-DIN)
--Audio Inputs: Stereo audio (RCA)

In addition, the "current" packaging for the ROXIO "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac" states that the product has,
"Everything you need to make DVDs from your VHS, Hi8 and Video8 movies and home videos!"

The packaging also states:
"Transfer VHS video to your Mac or DVD"
"Create DVD movies from VHS, Hi8 and Video8 tapes"

None of these statement is completely true based on what is now delivered as part of the product.

After receiving the product I found that it did not contain the ROXIO Toast Basic.
After several attempts to get help with the missing application, I was informed that ROXIO no longer provides Toast Basic.
It was stated in the email from ROXIO tech support, that the web page was out of date and would now be updated.
I was also informed that I would have to "purchase" a separate application to complete the VHS to DVD process.

In my experience, if a product is stated to include an application and that application is no longer provided solely due to the company's actions, the company has provided an equal or better alternative application at no additional cost. ROXIO/Corel does not appear to care if their product meets the capabilities advertised.

Due to the apparent limited availability of Video capture devices advertised as being compatible with the Mac, I have had to keep this product. I am still trying to find an inexpensive application equivalent to Toast Basic to complete the transfer process to DVD.

Again, I do not believe that ROXIO/Corel deserves any future support by customers due to the demonstrated lack of concern with providing customers with a product that meets the expectations set by their product advertising.
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