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on December 14, 2017
This worked great for me ! I digitized all my old VHS-C tapes with Roxio Video Capture. I was able to transfer the videos to a PhotoSpring Digital Picture Frame. The 30 year old videos came out great. There is a sizing option on the software so you can break up the video into smaller files. This was perfect for my purpose - recovering old VHS tapes before they rot. I was thrilled to see these old videos of family, friends, vacations. Now they are on a digital photo frame to see anytime. I was also able to see them on my TV with the Apple TV box (the PhotoSpring frame resolution looks better than on TV). I was going to make a return to Roxio at first because it crashed. (They do accept returns.) But I persevered and found out it was my VHS player which was broken. I bought a used JVC HRS5912U VHS player for $65, s-video male to male cables $12 to hook it up, and a VHS cleaning kit $10 to clean the heads periodically while running these old tapes through it. I already had a VHS_C cassette adapter (had to replace corroded batteries & clean up, otherwise new is $20). You also need RCA male to male Stereo cable - I already had lots of them. This all worked fine. The VHS player doesn't have to be hooked up through the TV, I just cabled it to my computer with the player sitting under my MacBook - when you hit play on VHS Player, the display goes through the Roxio Video Capture program. The Roxio USB connector was a little loose so try not to jostle it. I tested recording quality difference between a Composite -vs- S-video hookup: Definitely use S-video if you have the option, composite is not bad though. It was all worth it - the cash and the effort. The results are priceless ! Can you imagine getting to recover video from so long ago ? Thanks Roxio !
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on February 4, 2016
Thought a Roxio product would actually work but was sadly mistaken. The interface was easy and actually worked pulling in a video from my VHS player. That is as far as my positive comments can go. The software that came with this was worthless. You press record and it appears to be recording, but after you are done you would expect a button saying finish recording (or save, or something along that line) but there isn't and the recording does not save anywhere on your hard drive.
I went to the Roxio site and there is no support for the product at all. The software only showed an update for older software than what came with the product. I thought maybe it would help so I downloaded the only software they had on the Roxio site and it was worse than the original.
With no ability to "save" the recording, it will not be in my possession for very long. I am sending it back. I have looked into the Elgato Video Capture option. I hope it works better than this POC!
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on September 8, 2017
YAY!!! We can finally enjoy our favorite home movies easily again without having to dust off the VCR and pray it still works - ha! This software was quick and easy to install and use - didn't curse once! ;) Excellent product - why pay for a service when this is so easy? Update: taking it down to 4 stars - still a good product but I found that about once every 5 tapes or so the sound will cut out partway though and you have to redo. VCR head cleaner helps. I have to run one after about every other tape or I really have trouble.
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on April 26, 2015
Roxio does it again. I tried many, MANY approaches to convert VHS analog video to digital and burn to a dvd. Went through a good deal of crap [sorry, but yes] and frustration and I'm a decent hacker. Part of the problem here is Apple. They simply walked away from support of any PPC [the older Motorola] chip in favor of Intel. If you can get access to an Intel machine running OS X 10.6 or better, this will work. Install the application on the enclosed DVD onto said machine, connect 2 plugs, cue up the tape and GO. 40 minutes later, you will have a 40-minute digital video file on the HD. Burn it, copy it, edit it, whatever. I ended up putting it on a 4GB flash drive. Please note: THIS WILL NOT WORK ON A POWERBOOK G4 OR IMAC G5, REGARDLESS OF THEIR OS X. IT JUST WON'T.
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on May 23, 2016
It's only USB 2.0. It will only work with USB 2.0. And you only know this when you install the software and go to plug in the device and see that it won't be recognized by the software but it is recognized by the computer. So if you have an Mac that is 2012 or newer, you will not be able to use this product. I had to borrow a neighbors old 2010 MacBook Pro to use this product. It does a decent job recording the videos. I'm just glad I have to do this only once. Also, Roxio customer service sucks terribly. I got one email reply back from them 24 hours after I sent one, then replied to that one like instructed to if I had more questions and it's been a week and haven't heard anything about they said I would have a response in 24 hours. So in the end, it's fine. It gets the job done, but you need an older Mac (Pre-2011) and customer service sucks.
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on January 23, 2018
I was never able to get this product to work. I installed it on my MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.13 on it and it just wouldn't recognize the video capture device. After spending a ton of time on it - I then realized that it's only set to work on MacOS 10.5 to 10.8. Finding MacOS 10.8 was a bear since it's such an old operating system. I finally got it and then spent a ton of time getting MacOS installed on a MacBook Air. Once installed it still wouldn't recognize it. Customer support was pretty useless. It would take a day to get back to me per question and the responses were fairly useless. I finally gave up after wasting a lot of time.
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on December 15, 2017
This product was a disappointment. The hardware is easy to use and video capture generally works ok. But, if capture is paused and you want to fast forward the VHS to the next scene, the product somehow gets the next audio and video out of sync and the capture is useless. Actually, as I used it more copying a wedding video, I noticed the audio seemed to be always a little out of sink. OK with some video but not good if the video is directly of someone talking. Also, the DVD edit and burn software is buggy. It doesn't want to shut down so I've had to use the "Force Quit" function on my Mac to get the thing to close. Overall, the product works, sort of, and is fairly easy to figure out, but still a disappointment.
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on August 5, 2015
Had a little trouble with the sound not coming through, every other tape. Had to keep rebooting to fix that problem, but we think it may have been associated with the cabling. My VCR does not have all 3 connectors (not stereo), so that may have caused some confusion in the connection. The process is a bit tedious for lots of tapes because it runs real-time. The most disappointing thing is that by reading the description on Amazon it leads you to believe you can burn DVDs with this software. You cannot. You have to take the converted copies it created and then process it from there using something else. In my case, I don't have iDVD or bundled DVD burner, so I have to find yet more software to do that because I want to view the movies on a standard DVD player for TV, not huddle around my Mac. On the plus side, for a reasonable cost I now have all 20 VHS home videos safely converted to digital and stored in my Mac. That was the biggest hurdle of all since having it done professionally would have cost far more.
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on December 5, 2010
I got this product a few short days after ordering it(via free shipping!) and brought it in to my workstation. Then I:

1)Installed the software.
2)Plugged in the intuitivel usb interface to my Mac Pro.
3)Hooked the other end up to my 10-year-old Sony VCR.
4)Popped in a VHS tape.
5)Hit the "Start Recording" button in the software window

And BAM! had a video well on the way to being a DVD. All inside of 5min. This software is maybe TOO easy to use. I don't know if there are options missing that I will discover I need down the road, but for my immediate needs-pulling video from deteriorating VHS taped and digitizing it for DVD-this software/hardware package is elegant and perfect.

This product has not been rated very highly anywhere I have seen it and I was reluctant to order it for that reason. I did so figuring I would return it if it didn't work for me. I can't stress enough how easy it was to set up and start working! Possibly the most mind-bogglingly simple-to-use setup I've ever encountered, especially with video. I used to use Formac Studio TV firewire interface for my conversion needs. It never seemed to work as advertised, and when it did work, it invariably rendered choppy video that cut out every time there was the slightest flaw in the video tape playback. The Formac interface cost me over $200! Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed with this machine but didn't know what else might be out there!

When I found the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac I was at once excited and hesitant. The reviews nearly scared me off, but the price([...]) was right. I realize that this price is higher now, but having had the chance to use it for a while, I can say it is worth the $60-$70 I normally see it advertised for. If you are a CONSUMER LEVEL user who doesn't own professional video equipment, and you need to convert some old VHS tapes to DVD or Quicktime, this is what you need! Check the system requirements against your machine and go for it!
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on April 5, 2011
I bought this package to rip some old home movies from VHS to my Macbook Pro. The experience you have when using this product is rather mixed.

PROS: It does what it says it will, easy install, easy process

CONS: very few options, VERY unreliable connection

If you need to convert VHS to digital or DVD this prodect is decent. It's not great but it will get the job done. The setup is fast and it's a fairly straight forward process. When you install the disc it will install both "Easy VHS to DVD" and "Toast Basic." You can use Toast if you want or just import into iMovie. If they wanted to you to use Toast you'd think they would have included the premium version. The version they give you functions but it's also full of the upgrade reminders which drives me crazy.

Importing into iMovie is very easy. It's time consuming (even on a quad core processor with 8gb of RAM) but it does transition smoothly.

The size of the file on the best setting is very large. It's surprising because when you are done you'd think you created a HD file. It's really that big. If space is an issue avoid the high quality setting.

The biggest issue with this product is the connection. At first the video didn't show up so I unplugged and replugged everything. Next the sound didn't come accross so I unplugged and replugged everything. Then the sound came through but the video went out. After a few times everything magically worked. Not a fun experience.

Overall it's an ok product that will not amaze you but it will get the job done. The connectivity is a bummer and more options would be nice too.
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