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on October 31, 2012
Updated: 2/19/2013

Let me say this first, I am a beginner when it comes to capture cards (although I've recorded game play with a camcorder so does that count?). Anyways, the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO works great; no problems recording and no defects. I've yet to try streaming but I will do that in a future update of this review. The software installation is easy and so is the hardware setup; just plug in two HDMI/Component Cables, connect the card to your USB port and you're good to go(assuming you've installed the software already). The software that comes with it (Roxio VideoWave) is incredibly easy to use although I couldn't customize the render settings, only choose different presets but that's probably because I haven't fiddled around enough with the software. The device itself is incredibly light and compact so I wouldn't leave it someplace where it could get crushed by your foot or something else. If you're having any problems using this then you must have done something wrong(e.g. loose cables, wrong settings, etc.) so make sure if you have any problems that you DOUBLE CHECK everything. If you've done that and are absolutely sure that it isn't you, then you probably have a defective product. I really dislike the way people bash products due to their own human errors. This does NOT INCLUDE HDMI/COMPONENT CABLES so make sure you have the required cables.

- Lightweight & compact(Is this a good thing?)
- Incredibly easy setup(Even a caveman could do it)
- Up to 1080p capturing

- After several months of editing, VideoWave has become such a hassle to use(it will get better I hope)
- Sometimes the device won't record even though it's capturing

Final Thoughts:
If you're recording in full quality, it takes about 2 megabytes a second so make sure you have a lot of hard drive space. A 1:23 minute clip took up 158mb of space. Please make sure that your computer meets the recommended system requirements otherwise you'll be an unhappy customer and bash this product because you didn't read. If you want to use your headset and record via HDMI, you will need an audio adapter("RCA / Toslink Audio Adapter for Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim" from MonoPrice). I've uploaded a couple raw MW3 clips to YouTube(DolphLundgrennn)so check them out if you'd like. They don't look as nice as the original files but it's still great. I'll capture some more game play to get the quality even better once I've learned the program.

I forgot to add this into my review but streaming with VideoWave works well but you need some really fast internet. I have 30 down and 5 up and I can only stream at around 800kbps before it starts to lag.

Updates: 11/1/12
- As others have mentioned, Sony Vegas cannot read the audio codec for the recorded files so you'll have to convert the file or stick with VideoWave. It's not a bad program, it's just not as fluid as Vegas.
- If you're having screen resolution problems, you need to disable "Auto Custom Scaling" or adjust those settings. Mines was on auto and it was messing up my resolution.
- Sometimes you need to switch back to the HDMI input if you're receiving no signal(Using my Audio adapter caused the input to be on "component" instead of "HDMI").

Updates: 11/9/12
- If you have a monitor that has a 1650x1050 resolution and you're using this capture card, it may be a bit blurry but not to the point where you cannot see anything. Everything is still HD and very playable, but it may turn some off.
- Cannot stream at 1300 kbps with a 3mbps upload so I use around 800kbps in 480p.
- A friend recommends using FFSplit(assuming you can install it) and just screen cap the gameplay in the roxio software. He's gotten some really great looking streams.

Updates: 11/18/12
- Sometimes the program will freeze and stop working when I stop streaming and try to record. I cannot end the process(via task manager) which forces me to shut down my 360 and restart my PC. It hasn't happened often but it is annoying.
- VideoWave doesn't allow you to add more than 2 audio tracks so make sure you save your project before trying so. Adding an audio track(such as sound effects) into the same track works however.
- VideoWave is fairly slow and may be annoying to work with for people who are used to Sony Vegas.

Updates: 11/20/12
- If you're having the "No Signal" issue and your TV is 1080p, switch that to 720p. Took me a while to figure it out.

Updates: 12/04/12
- You can have different outputs meaning if you are capturing via Component, you can output via HDMI too and vice versa.
- Sometimes when capturing, it will not actually record so you need to pay attention to the bottom left to see if it's recording(duration, file size created, etc.)

Updates: 2/19/13
- Updated the review with "Streaming" info under "Final Thoughts"
- VideoWave is becoming incredibly annoying to use to do some basic edits and I think I'm starting to hate it. Doing commentaries or just rendering is fine.
- Still works great after about 4 months
- Sometimes will record 60fps. Maybe it's my PC but sometimes it would record my CoD videos with 60fps but mostly 30fps now.
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on February 16, 2013
I saved up my Holiday money for this card, hoping to finally get into making gaming videos. Unfortunately, the card is incompatible with my current gaming setup (taking component input and outputting hdmi) and also seems to hate every hdmi-dvi cable (i.e. exactly what I need) since it always outputs a blank signal. I've spent nearly a month diagnosing everything hooked up to this thing, and cannot for the life of me figure out the problem.

And that leaves me with customer support, which they have a complete and total lack of. Well, that's not entirely accurate. You have three options:

1. Read through their brain-dead FAQ (make sure it's plugged in!).
2. Ask for help from fellow disgruntled customers on their practically-dead forums.

You may think I'm kidding on the last one. Feel free to go to their website, look up support for this product, and instead of finding even a phone number to call for help, or a link to click to talk to somebody, you have the option of paying for a one-time-use, customer support ticket. That's just plain insulting.

I'm not alone, either: just look up reviews for their customer support, and you'll find that the company that they outsource their support to (and of course themselves by association) are loathed for having absolutely no regard for their customers whatsoever.

If you're reading this, it's hopefully because you're doing research on what looks like an appealing product. And who knows, it might even work for you.

But don't expect a single word of real help out of Roxio. And if you're like me, you'll see no reason to support a company with such blatant disregard for its customers. And if you do happen to buy this product, for the love of god, keep the packaging handy and make sure you check the Warranty, because there's a really good reason that an HD Capture Card with these specs is so cheap.
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on August 11, 2017
I have reviewed the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and have additionally reviewed the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture device. Both devices require a several minutes of setup and both require firmware updates out of the box. The Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Customer service was piss poor, chat with their support team left me with more questions than answers and I received canned responses that were not in line with the question asked. A call to their toll free number was about as appalling.

I have been able to use both items as a PVR and make you tube videos with the devices. Roxio Game Capture HD PRO has a bit of a advantage as it allows for LIVE streaming and uploading to youtube. Although Roxio Game Capture HD PRO has a cheaper price. The HDML Evolve requires PC while the Evolve device will record independently with SD card or USB device.

Technical support and customer service was very informative, friendly and customer focused to accommodate the customer with the HDML-Evolve. I recorded shows directly from my Fire stick, and ROKU devices with both devices. I did have to purchase OREI HD-102 1x2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P & 3D Support (One Input To Two Outputs) in order to get the HDMI Security to send video to the recording device. Either device will function for PVR and video management.

In conclusion, after revisiting and testing both items thoroughly I would recommend the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture I would like to see additional firmware upgrades to allow for HDMI video/audio signal to pass thru without needing second device. Also uploading functions in PC software, maybe DLNA to smart tv's, etc. A plus of the Evolve was the Free USB device that was included in the packaging of the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture, I really liked both and because of the customer service, the great technical support, i have to reemphasize the prompt and curtious customer service with the HDML- Evolve. Should you experience any concerns, Julia of Cloner Alliance Support Team would be a good point of contact.

My comments are based upon my actual beta testing of the units and asking questions of the mfg about setup, performance, and actually video editing with the devices mentioned above. I understand that individual experiences may vary.
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on October 30, 2012
Alright, so I was the market for a new capture card for my PS3 so I could stream and record videos. Now here are my notes:

-Easy to setup (PS3) Note: You can't run HDMI to the card, the PS3 blocks these kinds of connections.
All you need to do is run a component cable(The with green and blue connections) to the capture card, then an HDMI OR Component cable straight to your TV. Then go ahead and plug the provided USB Cable and you're set! Just make sure you set your PS3 to output video through component (PS3 menu > Display settings > Video output > Component )
The video quality on this card is ! It's really what'd you expect from an 'HD' Capture card. It captures to 1080i. You won't be disappointed with the quality.
The software that comes with the card is simple. You have 2 options when you run it: "Start capturing" and "Edit & Share" Each doing what they say. While you're capturing video, the settings are easy to fiddle with. No need for advanced video editing knowledge! Just simple drag the quality bar to your liking, set your desired stream/recording resolution and you're done! I didn't try the editing software just yet.

Note: If you want to stream HD just remember, you need around 4Mb/s upload MINIMUM and , and a decent PC to stream at that quality.

Now I did run into some problems and I'll list them :

Now if you're like me who loves some streaming and advanced video settings, this may not be the card for you. Any Xplit user out there knows how deep it can go when it comes to configuring settings when you're streaming such as bitrates etc. Not only that, you can't use your lovely overlays, or scrolling text, OR YOUR WEBCAM!! :( Apparently Roxio is 'working' with the Xplit guys to get this fixed, but I don't think I can wait that long. There is a work around though to this problem, just do a quick google search and you can find it, but I really wanted this card to work with Xplit...

-Feels somewhat cheap
It may just be me but it feels a ' bit' on the cheapy side. It's light, and the USB cable sort of 'wiggles' the jack making me worried about disconnection. Also the component jacks were slightly tilted and awkward. Could just be the I got though.

Overall I'm disappointed that it didn't work with my 'desired' program. But if you don't want to go through all the hassle of settings and blargal flargal, get this card, it's simple and does the job ! But to those who use Xplit etc. I'd recommend something like the El Gato (Sadly I'm returning this card for the El Gato) Or Happauge HD PVR's.

EDIT: 11/25/2012 If you really want an easy to use card to stream and capture quality, now is the time to buy, $80 is a steal for a quality card like this!
EDIT: 3/9/2014 Very overdue edit, but it now works with Xsplit, Enjoy!
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on October 5, 2012
The Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is exactly what I've been looking for in a capture device for a few years now. It is small/compact and has hdmi connections. It is simple to set up and the software is easy, straightforward, and has numerous features. The only downside is that the software takes a little while (depending on your computer) to install and get going. Along those lines, make sure that your computer has the capability to record hd footage. My main computer for game capture is unable to record with optimum settings (it's a little old :/). Once everything is set up, you just click capture and it captures to the specified folder and you click stop capture when you're done and that's it - pretty simple. The price I got it for, due to the special release price, made this a must have for me. The standard price is certainly lower than most HD cap devices, especially with HDMI capability. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this purchase so far. I haven't tried the streaming or direct uploading to youtube but from what I've heard/read those features are effective and convenient.

-1080 quality capturing
-software is great
-compact and simple

-install time can be long if computer power is poor (mine is) as well as capture quality is dependent on PC
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on June 9, 2017
I know there are a lot of bad reviews but everything works as described for me. I installed the software, hooked it up to my Xbox One and computer and everything worked. It even works with OBS if you are planning to stream to Twitch. The software it comes with has an option to stream to Twitch (though I have not tried it). I have multiple consoles so I will continue to test it and update this review as I go.

The video editing software is sparse but that's to be expected - especially with this price.

The only negative thing I have to say is the Xbox reset the resolution to 720 when I initially hooked up the capture card. It was a quick fix in settings though.

Update: The third time I used it I noticed some more frequent errors. The audio was out of sync even though I had not messed with any of the settings and there was pixilation and distortion in the video. After restarting everything it synced up and worked just fine.
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on March 12, 2015
I have had my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for a little over two years now, purchasing it for recording Xbox video game plays. As far as the video quality, ease of setup, and editing program are concerned they are all very good and easy to use. There are some extra things I would like to see in the basic programming like the ability to live commentate while recording with the ability to adjust game and audio volume. This would make editing live commentaries in the future much simpler and get rid of the need to try to align the voice with the gameplay when cutting and what not.

On the down side the last time I tried the live stream function to twitch.tv does not work. When looking on the forums for Roxio and other various forums it seems to have been broken for quite some time without any real noticable involvement from Roxio trying to address the problem. You also again cannot run live audio with the live stream, when it was working a long time ago, so that the people fallowing your stream can not hear you talk. There is is also no ability to add overlays or anything which lead to what I find is the biggest negative of the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.

It is not very 3rd party program friendly. It does not cooperate with live streaming or recording through programs like Open Broadcaster. The only 3rd party program I think I have heard it works with is the pay for version of Xsplit. I've tried using OBS for recording and live streaming and although the program recognizes the Roxio, the card does not allow a video feed. Instead you have to do a Window record from the Roxio preview screen loosing the quality of the video. This is a bit irritating mostly in the fact that having all this set up while recording just saves time editing.

Overall it's a decent product and easy to set up and use. If you just want a simple Game Capture to record Gameplays and maybe add commentary to it, it works wonderfully. If you want to get a little more involved you may want to look into some other options. I personally have been thinking if I keep getting views on my uploads that I may upgrade to the Elgato Game Capture HD60 which is 1080p @60fps instead of the 720p @30fps that the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is.
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on June 13, 2013
ok the product works ok on my computer (AMD Phenom X4, WIN7 x64 bits), but there's some rules to follow to it works ok.

1st. Configure wires as intructions manual says.
2nd. Turn on your pc (software must be installed)
>>>> 2.1 Conect the usb cable to the roxio card. (light blue led, must be on)
>>>>2.1 Open the program.
3rd. Turn on your console
4th. Click on START CAPTURE


if you dont follow these steps, its possible you will not be able to record, and its very important STOP RECORDING before turn off your console, cause if you turn off and pc is still recording, button to stop will be unable to press.

Video quality its configurable, i recomend use 'ALLOK VIDEO CONVERTER' to convert to avi or mp4 the MTS FILE (thats the extention of the video recorded) and later use it on adobe premire pro, sony vegas or whatever video editor.
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on April 22, 2017
I've owned several Hauppauge PVRs, and was getting sick of the Constant bombardment of Flaws that they Possess.
Add to that the fact that ROXIO is a name that's been around since the 90s, whereas Hauppuge is relatively new.

There as Many Key differences to Note, between these 2 Companies, and their Products.

1. Roxio make a Smaller Capture Device, compared to Hauppauge.
2. The Hauppauge software is more intuitive, and easier to select the Format/Quality you want to record in.
That being said, however, Roxios Software is not glitchy, and does not take over the Clipboard attached to your mouse.

So it's pretty much a 50/50.

Roxio is a Trusted name, and their product is Smaller, and Cheaper.
Hauppage gives more control over recordings, but does not work as well as Roxio, and Customer Service for Hauppauge does not care to fix these Issues.

Roxio does not have an Additional Power source. It takes it power from the PC Cable directly.
Hauppauge requires you to free-up a power socket in your house, in order to power their device.

On the Hauppauge device, you have an Anoying, but Dim, Green Light that turns on when you're recording.
Roxio has an ALWAYS ON Super Bright blue light. I had to cover it with electrical tape, to keep from driving me Nuts.

The 1 thing that Both Brands share: The 3-second lag time, between the Device and the Computer. Recording or Not.

The Roxio Device itself is roughly 6" x 3" x 1"

I will keep this review updated as necessary.
Such as; If Roxio makes an Update for their Software Interface, that makes it more User Friendly.


I took a star away, because this thing gave me a heart attack. (figuritively)
Out of nowhere, all of my recordings had disappeared. So I FREAKED OUT.
I searched and searched and searched.... It took me 20 minutes to find out what happened.
The program had created a NEW folder, that was named very similar to the folder I told it to make the recordings in.
So, when I tried to find my recordings, they werent where they were suposed to be.
So, bottomline: Panic Attack equals 1-Star removed from the Rating.
So now, Roxio is Dead-even with the Rating for Hauppauge.

----- UPDATE #2 -----

After using it for a couple month, I try and hook my PS3 to the HDMI (i've been using RGB this whole time)
only to find out that the HDMI doesnt do a damn thing.
I hooked up my Blu-Ray Player, PC, AND my PS3 to the HDMI, and NONE of them are reading in the Device. It says "No Input" for all 3.

----- update 3 -------

Anytime I try to record HDMI, when I usually record RGB, i have to pull the PC-Connecting plug from the Roxio Box, and plug it back in.

This is More than an Inconvenience, it's An Extreme time-wasting annoyance.

It'd be nice if the Software, or Box itself did this internal RESET by itself, instead of forcing me to Figure it Out.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 1, 2013

After back and forth communication I finally was able to receive a refund for my Roxio GameCap HD PRO. I do appreciate the help that I did get. The only thing That I would suggest is that maybe Corel/Roxio restructure their customer service to be more attentive to e-mails. I felt as though I was swapped to many times between a few representatives during the entire process. Just know that in NO WAY am I saying Corel/Roxio is a bad company, I have enjoyed several of their software programs in the past. It is just the GameCap Pro ended up not working in my case. The last conversation that I had with them, I was told that their engineers are looking into the specific problem I was having and I hope that they come up with some solution. The Roxio GameCap HD PRO has great potential, I just believe there may be something wrong with their software that may have had a conflict with my computer setup. Corel was nice enough to let me keep the card that I bought and the other unit they sent to let me test. Aside from the frustrating customer service in the beginning, it all smoothed out towards the end.


At the beginning of August I reported a claim with the BBB. I got a fairly quick response from Roxio/Corel Corporation. They were nice enough to offer to send me a replacement unit to see if the one I had was defective. Well turns out that my computer is just incompatible with their product. With the new device I went through all the trouble of installing and uninstalling programs and checking different cables. To no avail the product just doesn't want to work. So I have asked for a full refund. As of August 15th 2013, they have completely ignored my e-mails and I have kept the BBB case opened against Roxio/Corel. Never thought I would have this much trouble. I would HIGHLY recommend buying a capture card from some other reputable company. Will update whenever Roxio/Corel gets back to me.

I should have spent the money on an El gato or Hauppague HD PVR 2.

The device, regardless of what system it is hooked up to has artifacts to the recordings. I have updated all the drivers. Tried it on stock and overclocked systems. Still the same thing. There is NO driver support for the product!

I have tried contacting customer support through their website with NO answers back. I am greatly considering filing a complaint with the better business bureau to get my needs taken care of.

Save your money and buy another capture device.
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