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on January 11, 2014
What can you really say about Roxio? It's cheap, easy to use, and just works. Yeah, you can't record HDMI from a PS3, but that's not the fault of the capture card, that's something Sony has put in place on their HDMI signal. The only thing I can think of that is negative is the Roxio video editing software isn't as good as something like Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas, but for what you pay, the software does a good job at video rendering to be sent to a better program for proper intros and endcards for YouTube videos.

In short, it does what's advertised, it does it well, with no problems. I have no complaints and compared to other products, Roxio did well with this one.

-Reasonably Priced
-Simple To Set Up and Use
-Good Software
-Decent Footprint
-Does What It Says It Does, and Does So Well
-Record and Upload later or Livesteam, which is a nice feature (so long as your internet is fast)

-Video Software isn't a full editor like Premier, After Effects, or Vegas, but that's okay because it doesn't need it really
-Cheap-Feeling Build (it's mostly plastic, but again, it's cheap and works, and hasn't broken)
-Records Best as 720p (not a huge deal for me, but I could see how others would prefer 1080p)
-Video Filenaming always reverts back to current date instead of last name used (its a bit annoying, but not bad)

If you like to capture gameplay video and not want to spend a lot, the Roxio will get the job done and do the job well. I definitely recommend it.
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on August 11, 2017
I have reviewed the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and have additionally reviewed the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture device. Both devices require a several minutes of setup and both require firmware updates out of the box. The Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Customer service was piss poor, chat with their support team left me with more questions than answers and I received canned responses that were not in line with the question asked. A call to their toll free number was about as appalling.

I have been able to use both items as a PVR and make you tube videos with the devices. Roxio Game Capture HD PRO has a bit of a advantage as it allows for LIVE streaming and uploading to youtube. Although Roxio Game Capture HD PRO has a cheaper price. The HDML Evolve requires PC while the Evolve device will record independently with SD card or USB device.

Technical support and customer service was very informative, friendly and customer focused to accommodate the customer with the HDML-Evolve. I recorded shows directly from my Fire stick, and ROKU devices with both devices. I did have to purchase OREI HD-102 1x2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P & 3D Support (One Input To Two Outputs) in order to get the HDMI Security to send video to the recording device. Either device will function for PVR and video management.

In conclusion, after revisiting and testing both items thoroughly I would recommend the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture I would like to see additional firmware upgrades to allow for HDMI video/audio signal to pass thru without needing second device. Also uploading functions in PC software, maybe DLNA to smart tv's, etc. A plus of the Evolve was the Free USB device that was included in the packaging of the HDML-Cloner Box Evolve, Capture, I really liked both and because of the customer service, the great technical support, i have to reemphasize the prompt and curtious customer service with the HDML- Evolve. Should you experience any concerns, Julia of Cloner Alliance Support Team would be a good point of contact.

My comments are based upon my actual beta testing of the units and asking questions of the mfg about setup, performance, and actually video editing with the devices mentioned above. I understand that individual experiences may vary.
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on August 11, 2017
If you have an Xbox One and Windows 10, you may not need this. The Xbox One can stream live feed of what your doing to Windows through wifi and the Xbox App. This can then get captured by OBS. Even if you want to record or stream any other game, you can plug anything HDMI into your Xbox and still use the same method. I bought this in hopes to play my consoles on my laptop, but the 1.5 delay makes it imposible. I don't even need it for recording and streaming since I have a cheaper method.

This does come with a disk to install the software. If you do not have a disk drive, like me, you'll have to download the service pack 2. This update included the program. This is not communicated on any manuel with the product or even on their website. I had to find this out by taking a chance and hoping it wasn't wasting my time.
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on June 14, 2014
If you bought this to capture content from your HDMI device so you can live stream to a service like or similar, run away. The crappy software that comes with this thing only captures to itself, and I have not been able to get it to send its data to xSplit or OBS.

Even worse, if you lose the CD (or don't have a CD ROM Drive) you can not install the software. Period. Roxio does not provide any download copies. I've heard some people call and complain to support (if you can get ahold of them - they seem to work bankers hours monday to friday) that they could get a ONE TIME download of the software. So if you lose the CD with the software, you basically screwed.

HDMI capture is useless. I've yet to be able to capture a video stream from an HDMI device (non-encrypted only - sorry xbox users) AND send the video to the television. It just does not work. Period.

Component seems to work nicely as designed - which again, this thing was designed to be basically a solution in a box. It does not integrate with... anything. At all. You either use their (crappy) software, or nothing. And trust me when I say: their software is crap.

The software can take the video feed and present it up on your screen. You can then tell it to broadcast that feed to the internet and/or capture to a file. You can't change the layout. You can't add overlays for what you're streaming. You can't do anything like that. If your intention is to stream live media off this thing, your only option is to 'screen capture' the video preview it shows you. And the delay doing this is... horrible. I'm talking >2 seconds. From a viewing perspective, you get to see the broadcaster react to a situation, calm down, laugh, AND THEN see what they were reacting to. Horrible.

Do not buy. Ever.
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on January 1, 2015
Purchased to stream with OBS. I do not want to stream directly to as I want to include other elements in my stream that I mix into the video stream. It worked the first day using Monitor Capture. The second day I attempted to stream with it through an OBS Monitor Capture it began to only show up in OBS as a purple window. This is apparently a common problem in OBS with this device. No solution I found will allow me to fix this problem as they involve turning off mandatory features in Windows 8(they weren't mandatory in Windows 7 and below). Because this is a USB 2.0 card it compresses the video stream before sending it to the computer. OBS cannot deal with the compressed stream and cannot read from the device directly like it can on USB 3 devices.Xsplit apparently has codecs to decode the compressed video data from the device and can do a direct capture for streaming. Only the paid version though. I'm not going to pay Xsplit monthly for a license to stream with this device so it's going back. If you want to stream with OBS get a USB 3 capture card/device that does not compress the video.
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on May 6, 2014
Seems Roxio, Twitch.TV, and many other broadcasting connections are just here one moment for the buyer and then Red Lights in the distancing Fog. I contacted Corel, Correl, Roxio, Twitch, and multiple other companies trying to figure out why this does not upload to any websites that are used for streaming and was given broken English garbage responses so I just set it aside and went Avermedia who uses proper customer service methods rather than giving you a "Use one technical response token and then we need you to buy more credits to ask us about our mistakes and why the products we sell you do not function." I must mention that Twitch is also highly to blame for their lack-luster performance in the CS area as their claims are to be as "Stream Friendly for the Social Environment of the Internet" as possible with all devices.

Update 5/14/2014 and Correl/Roxio released a patch that allows you to stream again, but to only those sites it seems. I still have my token stolen and they have no disclosed when Youtube uploading will function again.

Quality ranges from 720 to 1080 as advertised and though the wires beyond what is needed to power the device come with it you are still acquiring a very reliable capture card to record gameplay with. I just finished my Super Mario RPG saga on my Wii which I used the Universal High Definition Component Cables I bought from Gamestop. All of my very blunt and honest friends said the sound and video came out beautifully and I had not altered or edited it. Straight from HD to Facebook.

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on April 26, 2014
I got this so i could use my destop computer to stream game vid content to twitch from my laptop through it's hdmi port lightning adapter since the vga lightning adapter through a vga to component adapter to a roxio game capture (old one component vid only version[obc {open broad caster} can stream from the box directly from this with out the game cap software open]) didn't work out at the resolution i wanted to capture at wasn't available.

captures vid from a computer using hdmi output from it's vid card to the hdmi in on the capture box. hdcp is the only prob but it's not used on the pc except when a blue ray movie is being played on it.
the price i paid for it was pretty good.

the ability to stream directly to twitch from the capture software is a lie and the twitch logo should have been removed since it only streams to and should have had their logo on the box instead. (as of the time of this review if they relase a patch to fix this prolem like change the log in page to twitch instead of short cutting it and using they would have saved a ton of face.). you can always stream to twitch with this box via 2 different methods the free one with obc and capturing the capture preview window on the capture software or the subscription way with xsplit that gives you more options than you would need and costs as much or more than a main stream mmo a month to stream directly from the box. the 2 methods of streaming are cons since it it is either too low quality or costs you more than the box in the long run.

other thoughts
I hope roxio patches it's software to steam to twitch
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on January 28, 2014
I'd like to start this review by saying that this is not a horrible product that should be burned to ashes and left to blow away in the wind. It served its purpose and it recorded gameplay, in my case on the Playstation 3, in 720p 60fps. I'll go into the Pros and Cons right now:

1. High-Definition recording up to 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps if you're using PS3.
2. Easy to hook up.
3. The editing software is easy to use, but I prefer Sony Vegas.
4. Low Price

1. First of all there is basically NO customer support. I originally received a defective product that didn't record audio from the Right channel and needed it replaced. It took me 3 months to get my replacement. Not only that, but the software included has only been updated ONCE since its release and even that update people have been having trouble downloading.
2. Speaking of the software, the live streaming options are bare minimum. You set the bitrate, which only goes up to 2250kbps, you pick your audio source and that's about it. That's if they've fixed the live streaming feature since, after an update to Twitch TV in December 2013, you can't sign into your twitch account with this product which is at least half the reason for having the device. Sometimes the device will default back to 480p so you'll have to make sure you're using 720p or higher each time. All this happens after you figure out if you're one of the lucky people who could get the software and Roxio to work right first try.
3. They built this product with no ability to work with other programs. You were originally REQUIRED to use their crap software. You can now use Xsplit, but only if you pay for a license so people without the money are stuck with garbage until OBS gets their software to work with Roxio as well.
4. I don't know if this is a fact, but in my case you cannot view the preview screen in the Roxio if you have Windows Aero themes disabled. If you had your system on Classic View for performance reasons, you'll have to use Aero.

Now that that's over with, I'd like to conclude this review by saying a little more. I can't stand a company that advertises their product and claims to be better and cheaper than the others, but doesn't even support their product. They have the nerve to talk more about live streaming than anything else and, at this time, that feature doesn't work. Bad/almost non-existent customer support, Horrible software, taking a gamble at if your product works without problems as well is it not being defective...Low price does not excuse this nor does it make the product any better. I should've saved my money and got the Elgato, but I didn't and completely regret this purchase.

Advice: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Get an Elgato or something else that is actually supported by its developers. Trust me, it'll be worth it.
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on January 19, 2014
It's an ok product because it does work to some degree but needs improvement. When I first, looked up this product I read some mixed reviews about it's performance. Most of the reviewers seemed to give it a balanced or sub-par below, rating because the consumer couldn't set it up for their son or just didn't have the computer power to stream or capture video. I own a PS3 and a HP- Elite with a 6 core, AMD Phenom 2.70 ghz processor, 8 gigs of RAM, with a Radeon HD 6770 graphics card and Windows 7. And I bought the necessary AV component cables to connect the card. So I felt fairly confident but cautious in making the purchase. However, as I started to use the product for streaming, I ran into issues with Roxio's software in getting this set up with, the web streaming service affiliated with this. I also realized that the card seems to work better just for current gen XBOX or PS3 gaming consoles. Here's why...

According to the product's release and this post, this card was released about 2 years ago and worked flawless with Twitch. But Twitch, apparently changed their layout and coding where it doesn't synch with the card and your account going live. The Roxio Capture Software takes you to Twitch but nothing loads.... There's a blue button that says, "Live Stream"but it doesn't work. You'll need another capture, service sotfware (XSplit) to use. But because the card I bought is an HD Pro, XSplit that is providing your game capture will make you pay a 4 month license of about 14 dollars to just use the card. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND FIXED from Roxio's development and marketing team. It says on the box you need different AV cables and such to connect the card, but in nowhere does it say, "Streaming your gameplay with product software might be incompatible."

Regardless, I did pay for the license fee from XSplit and got this card to finally stream. But I was slightly more disappointed that you cannot stream from the card in 1080pi quality, only in 720pi. I can kinda understand that the PS3 only has a high pixel depth of 720pi, but it doesn't excuse the fact that someone might confuse the 1080 30p/1080 60i Capture and Streaming for the same quality control. Also, if your planning to try streaming just from your PC, be prepared for consistent frame drops from Twitch. The card taxes on a lot of resources from your CPU. This might change howerver if your playing low-quality games.

Overall, if I had the choice, I'd give this a 2.5 rating. I'm somewhat- satisfied that it works with gaming consoles, but to start streaming is another manner. I wish Roxio would address this on their website to warn future consumers of the barriers they might run into with their existing product.
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on May 28, 2014
Came today after a slight upgrade to my delivery put in after it shipped to speed things up a bit, and works like a charm aside from having to play on hdmi from the game capture pro to my tv at the same time as my stream due to a processing delay that makes it otherwise unplayable, probably the capture process or something as I've seen it elsewhere. One thing of note for those ratting on this device: yes, it DOES work with Xsplit (just not other third party capture utilities*), so anyone who says otherwise didn't a: install the drivers, b: add it from the same menu as you would do for a webcam, and c: set their Xbox 360 to output at 1080i while using component hookup. After that, everything worked just fine, and cost me $50 less than what I saw from Elgato. Only complaint is that while using Xsplit I have a black frame surrounding the video input, though it's just a minor issue thereof. Overall very satisfied to date.

*UPDATE: There are people who say that Video Wave and Sony Vegas are possible options as well, but I don't know their capabilities or pricing as I haven't tried either one. Then again, I'm on a tight budget and paying the $5/month in quarterly increments for Xsplit is all I really need with its built-in Twitch capabilities, and it's probably more cost effective as well.
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