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The Easy USA. Kung Fu shoes are the best I've ever owned. I've worn this type of Chinese slip-on shoes for many years and these are a perfect fit. I wear a size 10.5 in most shoes and I wear the 44 (10.5-11) in these. An 11 would need the next size up. These are soft, jet-black cotton, with a white-cotton lining and a lightly padded, white cotton insole. The sole is rubber. They're comfortable: like being barefoot, but secure from the concrete jungle. I like these casual shoes for artsy projects, too. Right now I'm working on skeleton shoes, as you can see from my photo. Oh, and I don't have the strongest sense of smell in the world, but these have always smelled fine to me.

But, I gather from the reviews that people are having some problems when ordering these shoes. Remember these tips:

1) if you are on the high side of the size, such as 11 in size 10.5-11 (44), order the next size up.

2) Choose your seller. Amazon automatically assigns your order to the next vendor in line. Look in the "new (#) from $?.00" section (2-3 lines down from "Add to Cart") and pick a seller with a high satisfaction rating. (I prefer SS Discount)

3) When your shoes arrive, be sure that you got what is pictured in the listing. The insole should be stamped EASY as in my photo. The sole should say Hau Yu and Made in China. Anything else is not what you ordered. Request a return for the item not being as described. You should get a full refund.

Still, your chances of getting duds isn't that high, anyway. The vast majority of Amazon sellers are reputable and helpful. Your main problem is getting the right size. Remember my advice and you should be fine.
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on October 27, 2016
These were supposed to be hubby's new mat shoes, but with those $*^%@*& rubber soles sticking to the carpeting, floor mats etc. that went out the window on Day1. Good thing he knows how to fall [safely] in every direction, since he had to catch himself multiple times when he wore them to the dojo. He decided to keep them for those rare moments he gets to sit & watch TV or read a book. FYI he wears size 9 1/2 - 10 standard Men's sizes & these fit him nicely.
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on April 26, 2017
Warm but of a strange texture. I don't think I ordered them intentionally but I was considering them anyway. I like that they aren't space age moon boots designed by Superman for LeBron James after being deemed the Heir to Michael Jordan due to a mishap trying to make an award out of his big toe. They also not masquerade as an American product, most of which of this type are imitating a Spanish product. Only real negative is that the heels might end up a bit slick since the fabric is not very stiff.
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on May 7, 2017
I got one of the pairs with the stinky soles. It was six *months* before the smell went down enough that I could tolerate wearing them, and not a lot of occasional wear before the soles cracked clean through. I read in other reviews that some sellers are using rubber that doesn't smell awful, and there's a review that explains a method for getting those instead of the ones I got. But yeah, if you end up with a pair of the stinky ones, just toss them and try again.
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on April 4, 2015
Nice slippers. The toe shape is a little round; I might prefer another shape. The size is a bit small; I am guessing the big toe area might wear through first. At first, the shoe felt as if it had no heel; it has about a quarter inch heel and after a few days I adjusted to it.

The inside is cloth that is wearing. These shoes are inexpensive and they do the job.
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on March 27, 2017
STAY AWAY!!!!! The odor that these shoes emit is VERY overwhelming and unpleasant.

They stank up my house!!! I unpacked them and the odor was VERY pungent.
I went to work and came home 9 hours later, MY WHOLE HOUSE STANK !
Brand new tire on your car smells like roses compared to these shoes.

The sad part is, the shoes were soooo comfortable but the stench is stomach turning.
I returned them and ordered a different brand.
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on August 5, 2017
I like the shoes, which are nicely enough made and haven't been easy to find, but they run quite small. I wear a size 11 shoe, but when I ordered that size, I had to return it, and even the next size up was too small (I gave those away to a family member with slightly smaller feet). I've now ordered the size 12.5-13 and hope those will work, since they're my last option.
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on March 15, 2015
Don't buy these Chinese slippers. The chemical smell either from the plastic or the glue is brutal. I thought it would fade but months after they still smell awful. I threw out my pair. Very disappointing.
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on February 18, 2016
Love the look and super comfortable. Minimal as I like it. This is my third pair and the four stars is because the inner cushioned cotton part of the right show came undone at the toes and bunched up which I can't stand. I ripped the whole thing out and still wear them but it's slightly less comfortable than before. Not a big deal and I will be buying more. They're cheap and last for longer than ten dollars worth (or thereabouts) in my mind.
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on August 18, 2015
If you plan on wearing your Tai Chi shoes outside you definitely need to have the rubber soles - the uppers will wear out before the soles (unlike the cotton version).

They fit snugly for the first few days, but after a week or so the cotton stretches out. Don't plan on washing them - they don't like that much water.

If you want to slide around (as you will automatically with the cotton sole version), just wait a few weeks and as the soles wear down they become more slippery (which is both a good and a bad thing…).

Not really designed for rain, of course….
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