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on October 11, 2012
I am currently wearing my brand new shoes, and unfortunately I have to agree with other reviewers on some key issues.

Mainly, the problem with the sizes. I took the advice of other reviewers and ordered a size too large (I normally wear a 10 1/2 - 11 men's, so I ordered an 11 1/2 - 12). The shoes are TINY on me. In fact my toes actually overlap outward over the edge of the outsoles. The plastic bag that they came in featured a label saying they were size 11 1/2 - 12 as I ordered, however the rubber outsole says this is a size 43. A quick Google search reveals that there are two places that might feature a size 43 - China and Europe. The equivalents for a U.S. men's would be 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 respectively, NOT 10 1/2 - 11 as I ordered. Absolutely not ok.

The shoes seem like they would be reasonably comfortable if not for the glaring size issue. I do notice a slight rubber odor from the outsoles, but it is not an issue for me - I would not have noticed had other reviewers not made me think to look for it.

One final note is that I paid for two-day express shipping (as I am using these as part of a costume this weekend and needed them right away), however they took three days to get here. Not a big deal since I got them in time anyway, but worth noting.
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on July 10, 2014
Unwearable after a few hours because the insole detached. While there is regular stitching on the insole itself, the stitching holding the insole to the sole is rubbish. I'll upload pics so you can see for yourself.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 9, 2013
just as I remember from the 80's!...great shoe....but as others have mentioned order a size larger than what it says...I did and it worked out long as you know what to expect from these shoes you won't be disappointed. Just be aware the flat rubber sole has no grip or tread and the cloth top is merely glued on...but that is the way they are supposed to be and the prices reflects that. I lived in these shoes as a teen-ager in the 80's and I would have to buy a new pair every 9 months or so at my local flea market (before the internet). The cloth will develop little holes where they wear out, and I have slipped on wet surfaces more times than I can remember. I got another pair, all these years later as I back-pack the world and these are so thin and light weight I can slip them into my pack and have a back up pair of shoes when my flip flops won't get me into an opera or I need closed toes shoes for sky-diving...just any situation I can't have my flip flops these are there for me!
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on April 1, 2014
I used to buy shoes like this when I was younger and was always surprised by the quality for the price. They lasted a long time and the soles were so good you could easily go outside once in a while. Not so much with these. I returned them.

I didn't like:
- the general quality was below my expectations.
- loose threads, etc. They wouldn't have lasted long.
- The sole was weak and cheap - not even close to the pairs I used to buy years ago.

Even at this price, they're not worth it for me. I spent a little more and went with leather mocassins. If you wanted to really save some money and didn't mind a little effort, get a leather moccasin kit and make your own - the kit is less than half of just buying the mocassins already made. I bet you can get a kit for under $20 and they're going to last a lot longer. My two cents.
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on November 10, 2015
The shoes fit well. However, only put them on once to check for size and have NEVER WORN.
WHY 2 stars? I am VERY CONCERNED over the shoes' smell, the infamous smell of plastics from China.
Can the smell be dangerous if it is allowed? I WANT TO KNOW. I feel so bad for all the employees of Harb_r Fre_ght. Been there?

Will these shoes' reeking stop too? My office chair has stopped smelling after an estimated 3-4 months, could be longer. But these shoes.. every time I wear, yes I do still wear once a month or so since purchasing (gag), the smell still waffs up to your nose as you go around doing daily activities, reminding you they are still on your feet! Ha!

UPDATE: 5 months later and one WASH as well as a 3 day SOAKING with baking soda -- pretty much as smelly as the day I got them 5 months ago, now. HAVE YET TO BURY IN BAKING SODA -- may try that but doubtful after all have tried.

"New vinyl out-gasses, toxic vinyl chloride and other chemicals, may be injurious. But this wave of synthetic material now inundating the United States, and presumably the world, from the People's Republic of China appears to have new chemicals we have not encountered before. Who knows whether they are safe? They smell terrible, they ruin the scent environment wherever they are brought. I do not want to have this smell in my life. But I am running into more and more products where all the models I can find have this chemical."

Not sure if any other shoes will still smell like these do.
HELP! Anybody else find tai-chi type shoes that do not smell?
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on December 6, 2013
They look and feel nice but they smell absolutely awful. I've purchased other products after reading reviews that complained of bad smells that result from mass production, but these are special in that category. I washed them several times with detergent, baking soda, febreeze, club soda, epsom salt, and nothing got ride of the smell. My whole laundry room smelled like these shoes for days after I shipped them back. Honestly, I usually dismiss a bad review or two when people complain of a rubbery, plastic, or otherwise factory related odor knowing it will eventually fade and that it is something we live with for cheap, mass produced, merchandise. But these things are beyond the realm of stinky. I had a dog that got sprayed directly in the face by a skunk once...that smell wore off sooner than the odor from these shoes. It will literally give you a headache. I caution everyone to stay away.
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on January 8, 2013
I got these for my husband this Christmas out of a sense of nostalgia. He smiled, said thanks, and put them away. They just aren't his style anymore, although I am always trying to get him to dress the way he used to when we were dating ... and this style shoe was a part of it. From my own review, they look to be the same quality as the ones I used to buy for him at a local karate shop, and the price here at Amazon was quite a bit lower than the last pair I bought 15+ years ago.

I'm sure he will wear them once the weather warms up.

I also bought a pair for my son, and he loves them. He has huge, wide feet, and these narrow shoes fit him quite well.

For the price, go ahead and give them a try!
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on June 17, 2014
This is the first pair of rubber soled Tai Chi shoes I've owned. I normally were a US 11 - 12 shoe depending on the mfg. This shoe fits snug as they should with just enough toe room at the end. The rubber sole is soft enough to be flexible and hard enough not to stick. The miniature pineapple like pattern on the bottom provides enough surface to lightly grip the floor but not stick as much as a gym shoe.

However, I gave 2 stars because the sole on the inside of the shoe has an 1/8 inch ridge that runs around the edge. This creates a well for your foot, or the foot padding (I guess). This alone would not be an issue. The problem is where the shoe cloth (the black part) folds under to attach to the sole. My pair has a few wrinkles in the cloth on the 1/8 in ridge I mentioned above. These wrinkles feel like pebbles on my big and little toe mounds after 15 minutes of wearing. I've tried foam inserts that helped a little and have added a 2 inch piece of foam tape along the ridge on the outer side to pad my little toe mound.

Again, this is my first pair of rubber sole Tai Chi shoes. I have cotton sole Tai Chi shoes that don't seem to have the wrinkles, or if they do, the cotton is soft enough to absorb them. But cotton is not good for outside.
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on January 31, 2015
They're comfortable around the house, but I don't think they're any good for tai chi; the material it's made of stretches out and they'll start to slip off (happened within about a month).

Also, they REEK of gasoline...

I don't know if its the rubber sole or what, but it gives off a STRONG chemical / gasoline smell... and it'll linger.

I've had mine for about 7 months, and they STILL smell, AND the scent will stick to whatever socks you're wearing.

You've been warned!
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on November 13, 2013
Very comfortable for around the house and doing thing's around plus the cottoned padding helps stop your feet from sweating alot comfortable once again.their so good for hot summer days to keeps your foot's cool an dry." Ilike them alot "
I have hard wood floors my wife complain about the sound they make's when i walk around the house at night
But i still like them alot. The sound is from the soft rubber bottom's they will not scratch or harm hardfloor finished floors
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