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on November 23, 2016
Amazingly low price for a great closet system. Seriously. At ~$86, this is a fraction of what you will pay for Elfa, and far less than ClosetMaid. I did weeks of research before buying (I recommend you search Google for "Closet Storage Systems: Elfa vs. Rubbermaid vs. Closetmaid" and read the first article, it's a fantastic comparison of the leading systems), and finally settled on the 4-8 ft Rubbermaid Configurations in "Titanium." I find the Titanium finish classier than the white, but opinions may vary.

Install was pretty easy, despite the fact that I am not what you would call a "handy" person. The wall I wanted to attach it to turned out to have metal studs, which are a nightmare to drill into, so after consulting with a contractor (my brother), I went out and bought a big pack of Togglers: TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE BB Toggle Anchor with Bolts, Zinc-Plated Steel Channel, Made in US, 3/8" to 3-5/8" Grip Range, For 1/4"-20 UNC Fastener Size (Pack of 10) which are super strong and super easy to install. Long story short, the Togglers did the job, and I think the closet looks pretty good. I also purchased the tie and belt organizer: (Rubbermaid 3H98 Configurations 30-Hook Tie and Belt Organizer, Titanium(FG3H9800TITNM)), which I'm very happy with. In my opinion, at $86, this is hands-down the best option out there for home closet organization.
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on September 9, 2015
Better than expected. Was able to complete entire closet at a fraction of the cost that container was costing me. Container = $1200/RubberMaid=$260, you do the math. Excellent product and was super easy to install.
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on July 22, 2015
I bought two sets and made a closet out of a guest bedroom. I couldn't be happier. It took a total of about 6 hrs to put the two sets together. I love the options I had for my specific needs. A good stud finder, a large level and a helper are essential. I made sure I hit as many studs as possible. The results are sturdy poles and shelves. I wish I had done this a long time ago. My bedroom double closet space is now used to store bed linens, blankets and comforters.
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on July 13, 2017
While I'm fairly happy with the final product, and I'm ultimately happy that I avoided the cutting of racks and rails involved with ClosetMaid, I ran into some installation issues. Long story short: you may want to run to the hardware store for $10 of extra hardware before you start installing, including:
- #10x2" anchors (10-12 of them, depending on how many of your uprights will go directly on top of studs)
- #10x2" flat Phillips screws (maybe 4-8 extra beyond what's in the box)
- A 1/8" drill bit that's at least 2" long (sounds silly, but go check your set now. Mine wasn't long enough.)

First, the top rail:
- The box says to install the top rail at 86.5". I'm unsure where they got that number from, but since my closet is only 88" tall, I decided to lower it so I could actually utilize the as many notches as possible in the rails. I wanted to use the extensions to make a shoe rack at the bottom, and since the extension + upright are about 73", I mounted the top rail at 80" (remember to account for any moulding along the bottom, as that will stop rails from lying flush against the wall!). I'm a little tight for vertical space with the rods, so if my closet were taller, higher would be better, but don't feel obligated to go with the 86.5".
- Make sure your 1/8" drill bit is at least 2" long! I think my drill bit set is a fairly standard one, but my 1/8" bit was only 1.5" long, and so the 2" long screws would not go in until I made a trip to the hardware store for a new drill bit.

The upright rails:
- DO NOT assume these will naturally hang perfectly perpendicular to the top rail. In fact, mine "naturally" hung skewed by about 20 degrees, so I needed to use a level when hanging them, though the directions made no mention of it. Since I had to adjust them, I know the top isn't sitting solidly on the top rail, so I added extra screws in. It seemed very strange that the directions only tell you to attach at the bottom anyway-- shouldn't we be going for as secure as possible?
- The anchors included are incredibly cheap and nonsensical (see picture). I attempted to use two of them, and when I went to drive the screw in, the anchors just pulled out of the wall-- clearly not "anchoring" anything. So, while the package does include anchors, this is why I decided to get some extra #10x2" anchors.
- I used every screw in the box (16 included), even though I didn't use one of the uprights and my top rail was only extended to 6' long. While you're at the hardware store, throw in some extra #10x2" flat Philips screws. 4-8 extra should be plenty.

Once the top rail and uprights were attached to the wall, attaching the brackets and shelves was a breeze. I probably reconfigured it 12 times in half an hour before deciding on an arrangement I liked, and I love that if my needs change, I can just as easily reconfigure without needing to break out the drill again.
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on October 21, 2015
This is the BEST closet system. Finally, after 10 years of cramming two peoples stuff in a 1950's California bungalow closet, We did something about it. Both my husband and I were impressed with the sturdiness and good design of the system. We used it for a 5 ft wide closet, but mounted almost floor to ceiling to maximize. Can't believe how much of a difference it makes in the space we have. It was easy enough to assemble and install. I think it took about 3 hrs or so, then I had the fun job of putting everything back in. I looked at ikea and Elfa systems. This was a much better value and we are thrilled! We will probably do some other bedrooms next
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on July 17, 2016
My wife and I purchased 3 of these units for our new master closet. We spent a lot of time doing research on different sets and chose this one based on the positive reviews and the price. The units themselves are fantastic! The titanium finish is great and goes nicely with our gray walls. We love the endless variety of options to customize the shelving. The units seem very sturdy and the price was great. Our only complaint is that installation took much longer than we anticipated. Based on a lot of these reviews, we were thinking it would take about two hours at most. It ended up taking six solid hours and my in-laws actually came over to help. The installation was not difficult but it took quite a bit of time to locate studs, get the right measurements, etc. We combined two kits on my wife's side and used one on my side. We actually have some extra shelving left that we hope to use in our mudroom. Overall, we are very pleased with these units and feel they add a custom look to our closet. We would recommend them and would consider purchasing additional units for other closets in our home.
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on July 19, 2016
I highly recommend! This is an organized person's dream and the solution to lack of closet space. The best part is anyone can do it. I have used the Rubbermaid Configurations in white and loved them. When I saw the Titanium, I had to get it for a walk-in closet in a bedroom that is blue, with a silver metallic stenciled accent wall. It is a great deal to buy the entire closet system. Purchasing the brackets alone would cost more than the entire kit provided here. In the attached pictures, I have only used some of the pieces provided because I am not finished yet. (Note: the smaller middle shelves are not included in the kit).
The set is very easy to install, but does take some time because, well you are customizing a closet. You will need a ladder or step stool, drill - does not have to be super powerful, drill bit sizes 1/8 and 3/8, and a screwdriver. Helpful items include a hammer (for drywall anchors), level, and a pencil. One person (even a novice) can put this up alone but a helper to help level, hold and pass screws etc. makes it easier. What I love about these systems is that when I feel like it, I can change the layout just by moving the brackets and shelves. I have used for a combination of clothing, books, toys, games and whatever I feel like hiding away in a closet.
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on September 26, 2015
I guess I should expect the product to get worse over time, but at this moment, I love this 4-8ft closet. My partner and I have a lot of clothes. He has way more than I do and most of it needs to be folded. I tried those metal frames, but it tilted. I tried the plastic holder with the cover, but it tilted and couldn't hold our clothes. I couldn't deal with anymore. I considered a wardrobe, but I didn't want a heavy wooden product that I had to deal with moving at a later time. I saw wall storage and this caught my eye.

It is perfect. I put it right on the wall and it is holding our hung shirts, folded shirts, and hung jeans. We aren't small people and these are heavy clothes. It is not bending, folding, or creaking. It appears to be very sturdy.

When you first start it, you just have to find the studs and start with the first piece of metal. Once you get the first two holes aligned, it really gets much easier. We followed the instructions, measured the pieces out 26' apart, and used the drywall anchors when necessary. I used a 5'16 drill bit for the drywall anchors.

Only had one issue, the plastic stoppers for the hanging rail... two of them were cracked, but it really didn't matter. They were still usable.

I love this closet organizer. I am very happy that I have it. I know it's only been a week, but it is perfect for me. I do think this is a project for two people. I am sure one, capable person can handle it, but I am the handy one and my partner measures things and makes everything even and level. I suggest reading the instructions 3-4 times.
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on December 22, 2017
We have these closet systems for 3 of our bedrooms. I have the ability and tools to make my own wooden closet shelving, but wanted the ability to easily change shelving heights or locations if we needed to. This also took a lot less time than making my own shelving. I actually used more than 1 kit per closet. I purchased 5 kits for the 3 closets I have. I didn't see anyone do the layout I wanted with these in the photos, so attached are what I did and how I feel this maximized storage space for me. The width of the smaller shelves were a little wider than I had space for so I just cut them down to the width I needed. I got these titanium colored ones so my cuts wouldn't be noticable. I used a sawzall with a metal blade and then smoothed and evened the cuts with my bench grinder. I did the double clothes hangers and shelves which is awesome compared to when we only had one bar. I saved space and allowed for wider clothes hanging bars by putting the smaller shelves on the left and the right side walls. I even trimmed the longer racks that are on the back wall, instead of completely overlapping the shelves and not needing to cut them, and it gives a much cleaner look. I also used more of the supports on the back wall because I'm using the double racks and knew there was gonna be much more weight because of this. I wouldn't have trusted only two vertical supports for this setup. But, I caught these on sale and have about $125 into each closet since I used 5 kits for 3 closets. I think this is the best money I've spent in a while.
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on December 2, 2015
I am so happy I stumbled upon this item. I was looking for something to add to storage space to my closet, but had no intentions of completely redoing my closet. The idea seemed intimidating at first, but the more I read reviews and looked into the product the more assured I felt. The product arrived quickly and on time. A little too heavy for me to drag up the stairs, though. A girl needs to hit the gym again! Anyway..

Once I took down my old closet, I was ready to begin. I started by laying out all of the parts and making sure I had everything required. I quickly found the "optional" stud finder to be necessary since the instructions stated that the hanging rail had to be drilled into studs, not drywall. I didn't want to take any chances. Total time was roughly 3.5 hours, from taking down old closet, patching small holes, and installing new system. I started late and finished the next day. I needed help keeping the hang rail level when marking the studs and drilling them in, but did the rest on my own.

It says that it is for a custom closet from 4-8ft, and since I have a 5x5 walk-in closet I was able to put one 4ft hang rail on each wall and create a custom closet. I did have to go to a big box store and buy an extra vertical rail (not the correct name) in order to properly support the second closet. Note that I was unable to locate the same type of rail with the hook on top to slide into the hang rail. Rubbermaid does not sell the configurations pieces separately but I was able to use a different Rubbermaid rail. Also, I purchased shelf liners so that I could put folded clothes or small items. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone that needs extra closet space without breaking the bank!
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