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on March 24, 2013
it's junk --does not shoot straight. the bore is off center. hard to put pellet in chamber. would not recommed
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on May 29, 2012
Air guns are available in various types. They are multi-pump; single pump, (also called a "spring piston" or "springer"); CO2 powered; or PCP (pre charged pneumatic.) Each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you don't know about the different sorts of air guns you should do a little research to see which one is right for you.

This gun is a springer. It is a single shot break barrel design; quick to cock and load; failry hard hitting; and NOT variable power.

This is a nice product: Solidly made and it feels substatial in your hands. It looks A WHOLE LOT better in person than in any of the pictures I have seen. It is a hard-hitting .177 pellet pistol worthy of plinking and shooting fun,..... and maybe the occasional small pest control BUT ONLY at very short range. It has a 3/8 dovetail mounting provision for a number of popular scopes and sights, but the standard issue fiber optic "iron" sights are easy to see and acquire, and are also adjustable for windage and elevation.

The gun came to me in a blister pack which had to be cut open. At this price point I don't object to that, but if you are considering this gun also consider buying a case of some sort for storage because you won't even have a cardboard box once you open the package. The cocking assit device is a heavy duty plastic tube that slips over the front of the barrel. It doesn't interfere with the sights when in place and it can be left in place while shooting if you wish. It is a slip fit, but snug enough that it isn't going to just fall off easily. It is heavy duty and I cannot imagine needing to replace it out of normal wear. you will definately want it for cockig the gun.

This gun is also quite heavy, requires a good deal of cocking force, and it has more recoil and a moderatly loud report as airguns go. The trigger is adjustable for travel but not force and is a bit stiff for my tastes, making it hard to sqeeze off a shot. In my personal experience these traits together have made it difficult for me to master reliably hitting my targets, although other reviewers on other sites do not share that shortcoming.... so it isn't that the gun lacks accuracy, it is just this particular shooter's personal preference and skill level.

Although the report is not particularly loud, if you live close to your neighbors and are seeking to shoot nearly silently so as not to raise thier objections this isn't the gun for you. They probably wouldn't notice a single shot, or even several shots over the level of normal background suburban noise, but on a quiet evening they would definately hear what you are up to.

The gun came from the factory with the overly-generous amounts of oil in the chamber. In spring air guns you should only use silicone oil in the chamber because the high air pressures will cause petrolium based oils to actually ignite. (Look up "Air Gun + Dieseling" to learn more) This can look cool and add velocity to the pellet, but it can also damage the gun. It also causes smoke and its attendent scent of burned oil AND (IMO) more noise. This gun was Dieseling out of the package and I had to clean it and run several pellets through it before it stopped doing so. Then it sat overnight and the Dieseling started again. I guess I didn't get all the oil out.... but the effect is less with each session, so eventually..... Anyway, no harm seems to have been done but I was glad to have initially tried it outside where the smell and smoke were not a problem. If you have an indoor range just be aware of this issue. (Edit: I have snce run many more pellets through the gun and cleaned it again. The Dieseling has ceased and the report is quieter now, though not as whisper quiet as some airguns.)

All in all I like the product very much. As a training/practice gun for actual hand gun shooting this is probably a pretty good choice.

My decision to rate it only 4 star comes from the fact that a hard-hitting gun is usually chosen for small pest control, which is only possible with accruacy. (You don't need a lot of energy if all you are doing is punching holes in paper targets or alumnium cans.) That hard-hitting energy is only useful if you can reliably put your pellet into a small kill zone on your target. The last thing I want to do is to just wound some critter and then spend the afternoon chasing it around to deliver a coup de grace. Maybe some other shooters can handle this gun with the required accuracy for reliable and humane pest control, so far I can't. But I'll keep practicing. Other than that the quality/price/value is 5 star all the way. Heck, for the price you can't go wrong.

The trade offs are a solid feeling, hard-hitting gun VS. high cocking forces, heftier weight, and a little more noise. If that trade off suits you this is a fine product. If you seek total stealth from neighbors, or dead-on match accuracy* you might find you are better off with a different choice... but to get this level of quality you will probably pay more regardles of what choice you make.

* I have noticed that serious match pistols are failry low velocity guns. I do not know the real reason but I suspect it is the various laws regarding ownership of air guns. Many countries set their laws according to the muzzle energy. Makers of match pistols probably keep thier energy levels low so as to be able to sell to a wider market, or so that their customers can take thier match pistols to international meets. I am no expert, but I have shot a couple of these and the accuracy can be quite amazing. If you are interested in target shooting don't bother fretting over muzzle energy.
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on April 8, 2016
Nice, light and Powerful...Shoots 12" low...Front sight too tall. I'm experienced shooter, nice gun, shoots straight, but the front sight is way too tall. I've seen 2 of these guns and they both do the same. The Elevation(up/down) adjustment is not sufficient to allow proper adjustment. I had it screwed all the way down, and it still shot 8" low. The front sight on this gun is too tall. While the gun is nice and powerful (especially with Gamo 'gold' lightweight pellets), the sights aren't that great. I ended up cutting the front sight off (it's plastic) carefully, and I installed a nice,small shotgun post sight,(or 'Bead sight) it's a small,screw in type, that I carefully hand-drilled and screwed in, put a little epoxy on it and it's MUCH better. At least now it shoots to point of aim. I didn't mind fiddling with it, but the average user won't and shouldn't have to...That said, it does shoot straight, and has decent power for a pistol. It cocks easily, and isn't loud for the backyard. I'm happy with it, but one should not have to modify it to shoot properly. C'mon Umarex...this is an easy fix. At least make the sight usable .
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on May 3, 2014
I have had this pistol for about a year. First off this pistol is kind of big and a bit heavy. It took a little while for that to grow on me. When I first got this gun I couldn't hit the side of a barn with it. I kept trying different brands of pellets at close range to see where they hit. Most all hit the target but not POA. Since I had other pellet pistols to shoot I put this one on the side for a while. Finily gave it another try. The pellets I tried RWS light weights and heavy no good. Then tried Crosman Destroyer EX pellets no good. Next up Crosman Premier HPs finally these worked. I stuck with them. This pistol will not shoot well with the cock assist on it. Some say their pistol works with it mine don't I have to pull it off everytime to hit the target. I looked this pistol up on youtube to see how it worked for them and some were having the same problems. I like open sights. The sights on this one are easy to see and line up. Don't believe this gun would be good for beginners. It may turn them off. If you want this pistol it's a good gun just do your homework with it or you will be sorry you ever bought it. If you learn to shoot this one you shouldn't have a problem with any thing on the market.
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on August 12, 2013
This is about two UMAREXUSA Ruger Mark I pellet pistols that I've had bad experiences with. The first would "key hole" in paper targets at 25 ft. I tried four different type pellets. It also had an extremely hard trigger pull. I called UMAREXUSA and was instructed to return it to them ay my expense. I did so and received another three weeks later. It was a new one in a blister pack.

This second pistol is worse than the first. At 25 feet it shoots 8 inches low even with the rear sight raised as high as possible. It also has a trigger pull worse than the first. Because of the sights and hard trigger pull I haven't shot it enough to determine if it "key holes" like the first.

Does anyone know how to lighten the trigger pull (other than adjusting the first stage travel, which I've done). Any advice you could give me would really be appreciated. I do not want to return it again.

As others have said, I don't understand how Ruger could license a shabby product like this.

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on January 1, 2014
I'm an experienced shooter and an airgun novice. I've had the Ruger Mark I for about two weeks now and after about 150 shots I'm starting to get attached to it. For the price, overall I'm pleased, but the sights were clearly designed by the afternoon design team following a double-martini lunch. Straight out of the packaging I hit six inches low consistently with the rear sight as high as it can go. I wasn't too alarmed because my low placement was consistent. I then put a thin strip of white tape on the front sight about a quarter inch below the fiber optic and using that, I'm now landing two-inch groups consistently at 30 feet. I'll permanently modify the front sight soon. The trigger is a bit clunky but not a problem for me. A slight adjustment just might tighten my groups some. I'll look at doing that, too. The noise level is "neighbor acceptable" now, but the first several shots sounded like a real gun going off. Thankfully I didn't have any unwanted visitors. The power is decent, too. I'm burying lead and alloy pellets into 3/8 inch plywood with several passing through. The look and feel are better than expected, too. I join other reviewers on this site and elsewhere who suggest the break assist be integrated into a longer barrel. My air gun collection currently includes a Co2 pistol and a multi-pump pistol and rifle, but the Mark I is my new favorite (at least until my Nitro Venom Dusk arrives). I've learned so much from other reviews that I wanted to add my own take for the benefit others may gain from it. If none of this scares you and you want a decent break barrel pistol, you should buy this gun. It's really a four-star addition to my collection, but the price almost makes it worth another star. Hope this helps. Enjoy!
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on November 30, 2014
I have the ruger Mark 1 Air Pistol .177. In my opinion the extreme reaction of the spring causes the pistol to be very difficult to aim and hit what a person aims at. I would like to know what would happen if one inch were cut off the main spring. I realize this would decrease the velocity of the pellets but might result in an improvement in accuracy.
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on June 10, 2013
I have took 7 shots at a raccoon from about 5 foot range and couldn't hit it,I'm a very good shot both with hand guns and rifles but this thing is so inaccurate and loud that I would only recommend it as a can pinker if you could hit them,it's super loud will get the cops called and at short range it has bounce back against a peice if plywood as for the rifled barrel I don't belive it has one or is so badly made its a worthless gut gun
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on September 12, 2014
This is a gun. It shoots well.
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