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on July 15, 2013
I'm using this for my second year now. I have it connected to a rain barrel and a low pressure sprinkler kit with 7 sprinklers (Search Amazon - Raindrip R547DP). This spring when I first hooked it up the battery wouldn't hold a charge. It sat in the garage all winter so it may have got too cold. I was going to have my local Batteries Plus store make me a new one which they said they could do for about $30 and it would probably make the pump more powerful. However I tried calling their customer service number (1.978.281.0440) and they sent me a new one no questions asked. Technically it was just over the 1yr warranty but they still sent me a replacement for free. It did take about 2 weeks to get the replacement battery pack and then another 3 days in full sun to fully charge it. At first I thought the 2nd battery pack was weak too because it would turn on but very little water would come out. Then I figured out there was a screen in the hose washer that was plugged so I cleaned it out. Now it will empty the 50 gallon rain barrel before the battery even starts to go weak.
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on June 2, 2011
Review update: now that I've had this device multiple years I can say that it is holding up well. I re-installed it after storing it away for the winter and it' still going strong. I'm really not sure that I even needed to store it for winter in terms of it not surviving freezing temperatures. I just didn't want to lose sight of the hoses and cables under the snow.

Review update: hurricane Irene knocked our power out for a few days. At first it's all fun and games. You get out the board games and the lanterns. You cook on the grill. You get washed up with the water you set aside because you're that kind of prepared, but then you can't really wash your hair. Nothing makes we wound up tighter than not being able to wash my hair. So out to the rain barrell with the solar water pump and bingo - problem solved. (we are so ready for the zombie apocalypse)

Review update: so it has been one more winter now. I left the pump out all winter and started it back up again this weekend. No worries. We are in south eastern pa. I love this tool.

With the solar powered pump it's just like turning the regular hose on. The water pressure is perfect. I love this pump. And no electricity. It's perfect.

My battery has stayed charged since the first day I installed the system. I have never had the battery die. I've run out of water in the rain barrel but I've never had the battery on the pump go first.

Installation was easy but you do have to read the instructions. We needed a screwdriver, scissors, pliers and a drill with a big hole bit. Our barrel had a screen on top but we needed to drill out another hole for the pump to go into.

Everything is plastic so I hope it holds up and lasts. The performance of the unit is just as advertised.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 30, 2012
I originally gave this a 5 star review however I am updating this review to a 1 star. I purchased this item May 8th and installed it May 12th. Everything seemed great with this item but less than 90 days into ownership I am only getting about 2 minutes of pump time before the unit dies and shows no charge. This item is placed properly in direct sun and shows a full charge when starting the pump. Maybe I just got a bad apple and I hope that the manufacturer will take care of this for me or that Amazon will.

I would like to update that I contacted the manufacturer which was a chore in itself, they promptly shipped me out another unit free of charge however after roughly 60 days of use, I am back to the exact same problem. battery shows a full charge and only runs for appoximately 2 minutes. Would really rather that they would just refund my full purchase price on this item
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on July 28, 2014
I purchased a Rainperfect solar pump and was initially satisfied with the operation of the unit for the first 2 months of operation. However, the battery will now no longer hold a charge and I can only get ~90 seconds of pumping out of the unit before it shuts off. I understand based on reading some of the product reviews that this is a known issue and the best thing to do is contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement battery. However, the only contact details I have is from this reply to a prior review:

"Dear Cal2, we thank you for purchasing our RainPerfect product and are sorry to hear about your posted issue. We strive to provide the best possible products and support and would like to quickly remedy this situation. To start, please ensure that the power connection between the pump and controller unit is aligned arrow to arrow. If not, the pump will continue to run but only at 70% power. Next, ensure that the pump's filter is free of debris. Lastly, please ensure that you are not using a hose greater than 25' in length. If these suggestions due not satisfactorily resolve your situation, please contact us directly at and provide your complete contact details. As we are committed to your satisfaction, we will quickly replace your product under our expressed warranty. Thank you again for your patronage of our Rule Innovation products.
Sincerely, your RainPerfect Team."

However the address no longer work. If I had a battery that had a useful charge life, I would otherwise be satisfied with the unit. As it stands today, it is unusable for me.
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on April 13, 2014
great little solar pump but for some reason some is wrong with eaither the battery of the proccesor inside because for some reason this pump uses a12 1.2volts AA rechargeable battery pack so when is fully charged you will endup with measurement somewhere around the 14 volts when charged but the pump do not want to eaither work or recognized the amount of charge that is in the battery. To troubleshoot and test to find what is wrong with the product if the battery, pump or the electronics inside. Well it looks that the battery is fully charged, the pump works and apparetly the electronics too because I wire a 12 volts 52 AH lithium motorcycle battery to it and it worked on 04/12/2014 that I was using some collected rain water that I have in a 2 55 gallons tank setup that I have this pump connected to wash some window screens at home. But when I connected the factory battery pack and press the button to start the pump engages but it sudenly stops after less than a second pass. So today or sometime this week I will contact the manufacturer to see what comes of it. Now I understand what some other people has wrote about in their reviews and probably is some kind of defective something in the overall product that it need to be checked out by the manufacturer.
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on July 13, 2012
This was easy to hook up to my 55 gallon rain barrel. Assembly was a piece of cake. After letting it charge for a whole day, I gave it a try. I got a full charge in about 6 hours (I live in Hawaii). I hooked it up to a 50 foot hose with a 6-inch wide sprinkler-type of watering attachment so I could water my plants. There is not a huge amount of pressure. However, it seems to be just the right amount for watering your plants by hand. I really like it, and am glad I bought it.

Now my next challenge is to fabricate a movable mounting plate so I can transfer it to my other barrels (I have them at each corner of the house). I can't see spending another 139 bucks, but I do want to use it with all of my barrels. If you want lots of pressure, this unit is not for you. I do not think it would work too well with one of those portable oscillating lawn sprinklers that you attach to the end of a garden hose. For watering by hand, it's a really wonderful contraption.

I also like that the rechargeable battery pack is made up of 10 NiMH 1.2 V rechargeable batteries hooked up in series. When the batteries no longer take a charge (which eventually happens in all batteries) I should be able to easily construct a new battery pack using relatively inexpensive rechargeables that can be bought at any store, some wire, a soldering gun, and some electrical tape.

I give it 4-out-of-5 stars. The only reason it doesn't get a five is the price tag.
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on June 22, 2012
I have a setup with two connected rain barrels and a 30' hose, and was really happy to see this pump work on them. It is very easy to setup, very silent, and on a full charge lasted about 20 minutes (enough to empty about 1.5 barrels of water). The pressure feels like about half of what the city provides, but is definitely adequate for watering the plants (didn't try a sprinkler, though).

A few things to note:
1. You really have to make sure you install the solar panel in a very sunny location. My spot gets shade during part of the day so I have to mount the panel on the roof. If you want to do that, the wire is not long enough (and we're in a single story house). The manufacturer could add another meter or so of cable to this thing.
2. If you're mounting the solar panel on the wall, note that it can only swivel along one axis. So you can install it such that you either adjust it on the X axis or Y axis, but not both. I suppose installing it diagonally might work, but it would look hideous. This makes it impossible to aim the panel directly at the sun at noon (unless you're lucky enough to have a wall perfectly perpendicular to the sun at that time of day).

Overall, though, I would really recommend it. It does the job well.
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on April 30, 2012
The solar pump works really well when I need it (we've had a ton of rain the last two weeks so I haven't had occasion to use it lately. The battery does not last very long but I plan on hooking it up to a motorcycle battery with the solar panel to trickle charge that. Otherwise it fully charges after a day or so and definitely has a lot of power. I got it because my garden is uphill a tad from the rain barrels and this will also allow me to hook up a regular hose and water the plants in front of my house. It does fine winding through a 50+ foot hose and then to the soaker hose buried in my garden. My garden stayed happy when I actually needed water and I'm excited to watch my garden grow without worrying about it drying out too much or at all!
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on June 21, 2012
The pump operates as expected, but I was very disappointed with the incomplete assembly and operation instructions and no phone number to call for assistance. When I put the battery in the unit, the light was shining a steady green. I had no idea what this meant. I assumed that it meant that the unit was in "ON" mode, so I held down the button for three seconds to turn it off. This resulted in a red blinking light. No where does it say what a red blinking light means. So I assumed that it just means the battery needed charging... seems to be the right assumption. But not having any number to call for tech support is really poor. When you pay over $100 for a quality product that requires assembly and start-up procedures, available tech support should be mandatory. Other than that, the product is very high quality and looks like it will last a very long time.Rule RainPerfect Solar Powered Rain Barrell Pump
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on May 6, 2014
Ever wanted to water your garden easily from your rain barrel, but gravity is not on your side?

This is the solution. The pump attached to the top of your barrel (you'll need to drill a hole) and the solar panel mounts where it's easiest to get some good sun to keep it charged.

Now you have a pump that is enough to push water through the hose and power a spray nozzle. This is not as powerful as getting water straight from the hose, but it gets the job done.

What's great about this set-up is it continues to limit your carbon footprint. You are now pumping rain captured water with power from the sun.
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