Customer Reviews: Run the Risk (Love Undercover)
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2012
Thanks to the publisher, Harlequin, and NetGalley for the chance to read this early!

Like all of Ms. Foster books it was packed with action, and a smoking hot romance. If you are/were a fan of her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
series - then you will love this as they are very similar in style. I loved reading Run the Risk, book #1 in the Love Undercover series by Lori Foster.

The romance between Detective Logan Riske and Pepper Yates is smoking hot. The actual plotline of the book revolves around the unsolved murder of Logan's best friend and a few other subplots. Logan is determined to locate Rowdy, Pepper's brother, even if he has to use Pepper to do it. We also get introduced to several WONDERFUL new characters; and thankful the author has already scheduled future books for them.

~Reese Bareden, Logan's Partner, releasing in Spring 2013 his story - Bare It All (2nd book in the series).
P.S. If your read Lori's Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series then heroine, Alice, maybe be familiar - she was in Book#2, Trace of Fever.
~Rowdy Yates, Pepper's Brother, releasing in Fall 2013 his story - Getting Rowdy (3rd book in the series).
~Dash Riske, Logan's Brother, releasing in 2013 his story - Dash (4th book in the series).
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on September 25, 2012
Detective Logan Riske goes undercover as a construction worker to attempt to find Rowdy Yates, through his sister, Pepper. She is using an alias, Sue Meeks, and is disguised as plain and frumpy. Rowdy is believed to be a witness to Logan's best friend's murder. Logan decides to use any means necessary to establish a connection with Pepper who takes him at his word when he pursues a romantic relationship. He now worries that once he's accomplished his mission Pepper won't forgive him for the deception.

The beginning of this story is its weakest as we are barely introduced to the main characters and the focus is on Logan trying to get close to Pepper. We have no idea why she's being sheltered by her brother or the details of her personal story. It's obvious that she's hiding behind a frumpy disguise and her initial relationship with Logan is bizarre. It would be okay if this aspect of the story moved at a quicker pace but it took much too long to develop. But, if you can make it through this tedium, the story then shifts into gear at almost breakneck speed and really delivers!

As if being undercover isn't stressful enough, Logan also has to contend with departmental corruption and isn't certain who he can trust. When the inevitable happens and Pepper realizes she was duped by Logan, her reaction makes for some pretty steamy moments as she uses unconventional methods to exact her revenge. Logan's brother, Dash, and his partner, Reese, also play major roles in the case and add humor and intrigue. Not knowing who to trust adds another element of excitement as Logan attempts to protect Pepper from those who have an interest in her disappearing.

Despite its slow start, this story has game and I'm glad I hung in there. It all makes sense after awhile and I was constantly off balance, trying to deduce the good guys from the bad ones. The romance between Pepper and Logan was pretty interesting and worked in the long run, even though you just knew he was going to be in trouble once she figured out he wasn't who he claimed to be initially.

This is a pretty good start to the beginning of a new series by Foster. I'm already waiting impatiently for the next book based on how this one ended (sorry, can't say any more without spoiling it for you). The other men and women introduced in this story are very appealing and I want more.

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)
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on September 26, 2012
2.5 stars

A well written but otherwise pretty run-of-the-mill romantic suspense that would have earned at least one extra star from me, had the heroine been more likable or dropped her pointless charade at trying to hide her apparently Pamela Anderson-like 'assets', sooner. Her speech about taking out Morton's men, was laughable to say the least, and shows her for the silly, ninja-wanna-be chick she trully is, rather than the strong, fearless woman she thinks herself as:

"She settled her purse in her lap and, without further prompting, said, "I was counting on you to get there in time, but if you didn't, I would have killed them."
"Them?" Logan asked.
"Morton Andrews. His bully boys." She rubbed her palms over the denim covering her thighs. "Anyone in his circle who got in my way."

When you read such words from an untrained woman's mouth who's carrying only a knife, unless she's named Xhex or Kate Daniels, you can only wonder how's she stayed alive for so long or if she's lost her marbles somewhere along the way.

Also, I don't get, how Pepper after her transformation from homely to a supermodel, said that she was glad to be back to her real self once more. Since, based on her admittance, she used to downplay her looks constantly while working on bars and clubs so as not to attract male attention (yes, she was THAT beautiful it would seem), when did she get to wear the sexy make up, tight jeans and tank tops?

Logan on the other hand was nice, and while he had to trap Pepper to get what he wanted, he genuinely came to care for her (even though I couldn't understand why during the first half). The suspense is stalled for the first half, then moves in a faster pace later, but it really never steals the show. What stole the show for me, was the secondary characters, mainly Reese, Alice and Pepper's brother, who all are likely to get their own books in the future.

Fans of romantic suspense will probably enjoy it anyway, but since it's not my fave genre, I can't give it a thumbs up. Still, I liked the writing enough to give Foster another chance when Reese's book comes out.
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on September 25, 2012
So, I'm not sure what I really thought about this book. On one hand, I really liked the story. It revolves around Logan Riske going undercover to flush out a witness to the murder of his best friend. Of course he falls for the woman he's suppose to be watching. Now on the other hand, I still don't know if I liked the other MC, Pepper Yates. She starts off as a shy and meek woman because she's in hiding then she does a complete turn around when her identity becomes known. She becomes this hard-ass in-your-face kinda woman which just didn't work for me. I liked her a lot more as the shy girl. The secondary characters were well written and I look forward to their books.
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Dang. This is the second romance book I’ve read by this author—had just finished reading Getting Rowdy—and was left to wonder if all of her books start out bad. Logan Riske is working undercover, getting close to his neighbor—Pepper Yates in hiding—in order to capture her brother, Rowdy. It’s believed that Rowdy had seen the death Logan’s best friend by a guy into all sorts of rackets who has a lot of cops and higher officials in his pocket.

Pepper is a dowdy looking woman who keeps to herself, but finds Logan incredibly attractive. Personally at this point I can’t claim to even like her. They have sex a number of times, but it’s always with her very specific conditions; only in the dark, clothes on and no touching. At this point I couldn’t recommend the book. That is until Rowdy is captured and things begin to happen. We also find that Pepper has disguised herself so well that everyone is shocked when she reverts to her normal look and personality.

There’s police corruption and it’s unknown who to trust. The characters are what really make this an interesting story. As a matter of fact, many of the characters met are important in future books. And it’s because of them that I even picked up this book and kept at it, even though I so disliked the beginning.

Can I claim to have enjoyed the story after finishing the book? Definitely. And I just had to laugh at how the climatic “get the bad guy” was handled.

If it hadn't been for the beginning, I would have given it 5 stars.
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on September 25, 2012
No spoilers. It was a bit slow beginning. I suppose mostly because there are quite a few characters being brought together. But it doesnt take long before your mouth drops at a surprise or two and things start moving. Lori Foster style. Terrific story. Great group of characters. Very interesting Heroine here. Different and unpredictable. Prickly, but not annoying. The hero is not your typical LF alpha. Which is why Logan & Pepper are perfect. Really enjoyed the story. My favorite line, "The only risk I want you to have is my last name." A[...]
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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2016
Two years ago, a councilman and friend of Detective Logan Riske were both killed. Everyone knows drug and human trafficking kingpin Morton Andrews is responsible, but the largely corrupt local police department has no proof. With the approval of their Lieutenant, Margaret Peterson, Logan and his partner Reese Bareden set out to find it.
Rowdy Yates has protected his younger sister all their lives, especially after their drunken parents perished in a car wreck when Pepper was only 15. Street smart and determined to keep Pepper out of the foster system, Rowdy took her both of them off the grid.
At the time of the murders, Rowdy and Pepper both worked for Morton Andrews at his club. Logan and Reese are sure that Rowdy, employed as a bouncer at his club, has information about the killings – but they haven’t been able to find him or his sister.
Recently, Logan discovered Pepper living in a run-down apartment in the next county under an alias. He goes undercover, rents an apartment in her same building and sets out to seduce her, hoping to use her to help him find her brother. He isn’t aware that Rowdy owns the apartment building or that Pepper and Rowdy are in constant contact.
This novel is very well done. There is plenty of suspense as Logan’s seduction of Pepper becomes effective – especially in bringing her to Morton’s attention. Logan and Rowdy both try to protect her, sometimes at cross purposes. As the first of the Love Undercover series, it definitely leads the reader towards the next book.
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on October 7, 2012
I read the first few chapters on an on-line a teaser/preview. When the novel arrived from Amazon, I thought I'd skim over the part I'd read, and get on with it. Unn huh. I discovered this novel was juicy and deep the second time around. It was so enjoyable to re-read the blossoming relationship with Logan and Pepper that I forgot about skimming, and settled down to relish an encore. The hero and heroine really seem to smoke up the pages as they get to know each other.

Hero undercover cop Logan has finally located the sister of the elusive Rowdy Yates. Find the sister, find Yates. Find Yates a highly sought skittish eye-witness, and Logan can crack the case on who murdered his best friend. Logan cozies up to the sister, planning to use her in any (AND I do mean ANY!) way to get info from her on the whereabouts of the brother.

Logan is rich and handsome and falls head over heals in love with the spitfire hellcat from the wrong side of the tracks.

Pepper is a strong self sufficient, loyal to a fault kind of character. You can imagine she doesn't take kindly to being used by Logan to locate her brother.

Loved the book. Love (almost) everything Foster writes. I met her at an author convention, and she is awesome and down to earth and brilliant, and just peachy. She writes in the escapist, romance suspense genre (although I tried talking her into trying her hand at a sci-fi novel - to no avail, grrrr!!!). I recommend buying all her books.

The cover! Nice......!

This one is also setting itself up for at least two other stories, on for Rowdy Yates and a certain mysterious red head, and one for Logan's partner and the unknown next-door, `Alice ... Something'. I can't wait to read their stories.

Unfortunately, the story line about corruption, fizzled out. Without giving away a spoiler, apparently cops pulling the trigger on city counsel men doesn't draw the ire of anyone. This was not properly resolved, nor given the attention it would normally draw.

The whole reason for Logan stalking Pepper in the first place was to nail the person who killed his best friend. Um... Wouldn't that include the trigger man too, not just the guy who ordered the hit?

Go buy this book and enjoy.
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on August 11, 2016
3rd read: Logan Risk is working undercover and searching for a man named Rowdy Yates who had witnessed the murder of his best friend. Logan will use any means necessary to find Rowdy, including seducing his sister Pepper. After Logan finds and takes Rowdy into custody, he discovers it was not Rowdy who witnessed the murder but now everyone is in jeopardy. What is more important to Logan? revenge or Pepper?

Pepper is living undercover as Sue Meeks, the manager of a run down apartment complex. She is living off the grid because she and her brother are in a heap of trouble after witnessing the murder of a government official. The Yates siblings were orphaned and have lived on the seedier side of life. Rowdy trust no one with his little sister. Her affair with her hot neighbor puts them both at Risk - Peppers heart and Rowdy's freedom.

2nd read: LOVE IT! Pepper reminded me a lot of Arizona from Fosters other series.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2012
Rowdy Yates is a wanted man. The police want to question him. The mob wants him dead. What does that have to do with timid and homely Sue Meeks? Well, because behind the ugly clothes and shy façade she is really Pepper Yates, Rowdy's sister. Detective Logan Riske finds Pepper and goes undercover to find her brother to solve his best friend's unsolved murder. Now both Pepper and Logan are pretending to be someone they're not, but the chemistry between them sure feels real.

This is the 6th book I've read by Ms. Foster and I feel like she has a standard formula she must use on all her books as I've seen the same things in all 6 books.
1. She gives a character a catchy name that she will then use in the title. Examples: Logan Riske--Run the Risk; Dare Macintosh--When You Dare; Trace Rivers--Trace of Fever; Jackson Savor--Savor the Danger; Arizona Storm--A Perfect Storm.
2. An animal will appear to showcase how great a certain character is; even if you think you should be suspicious of this person.
3. White Slavery will make an appearance.
4. Alpha male bonding.
5. Instant lust abounds, and lust means "I love you."

Despite what I found formulaic, I did like this overall story even if it was a bit hard to get into at first. And, I did like this story better than the "Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor" Series as the men in that series were WAY over the top/trying too hard Alpha. Logan was just the right balance of likable and desirable Alpha.

I had a hard time enjoying the first half of the story as both Pepper and Logan are pretending to be something they aren't, so it was hard to know if I liked them or not. It wasn't until they both pulled off their masks that I started to really get into this story.

Will I keep reading this series? Most likely. It seems like with this author you know exactly what you are going to get each time.

Love Undercover Series
BARE IT ALL--Coming May 2013
GETTING ROWDY--Coming Oct 2013
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