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on May 3, 2015
Raine, our main character, lives a somewhat average teenage life until Torin St.James blows into town bringing with him a confusion of events. Raine begins to see runes all over the place, including on the bodies of a few people that sometimes only she can see. She begins to discover things about her past, things that make her question who she really is. A magic that Torin cannot fully explain to her (without breaking some kind of rule) begins to change how she sees the world around her. Then, with her memory changed so frequently she can't keep up.
As confusing as her world sounds Raine is learning to navigate it and how to balance a growing interest in Torin and the world that he presents.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. (Though the book was also offered for free download on Amazon at the time of reading.)
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on March 23, 2017
There were quite a number of typos, and though I'm usually not a fan of love circles at all, I did enjoy reading this. The author is good at making the relationship between the main character and her love interest compelling. I understand this is Book 1, so the ending is not exactly satisfying. But I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger either. I do feel like the ending was a little rushed. Especially in terms of her best friends. It felt kind of a quick dismissal of her best friends in the end and it felt forced.
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on November 4, 2014
Such a very nice romance novel evolving on Norse Mythology. It is very engrossing and entertaining due to the great mixture of characters. Torin St. James is a heartthrob with a tude. He is 800 years old, and a Valkyrie who reaps a soul of a warrior, Then, he brings the warrior to Valhalla. Raine is Torin's love interest. This book is actually her perspective. She and her friends--Eirik and Cora-- will keep you on your toes with their snarky remarks. Once you start reading this book, you will not want to put it down.
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on April 12, 2015
This is a wonderful book with a interesting plot. I'm contemplating on buying the second book even though I told myself that I wouldn't buy anymore books until I go through the ones I have. I have a lot of unread ebooks to go through, but I really want to find out what happens with Raine and Torin in the next book.
The way that Raine and Torin slowly fall in love with each other despite the rules that bind Torin and Raine's relationship with Eirik makes the whole story worthwhile. Raine has to battle with herself against the overwhelming pull of Torin and the warm familiarity of her longtime friend Eirik. However, this story is not your typical love triangle with the girl stuck in the middle. She has to deal with almost dying twice when (spoiler alert) one of the Valkyries, Maliina, decides that she doesn't like the way her lover Andris takes an interest in her. She survives through it all even when she thinks that she has lost Torin forever and finds out that she was born into this world that she thought she stumbled across. The story ends with a twist that I should have expected, but didn't. Happily ever afters aren't always what they seem. ;)
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on March 1, 2017
There is something special about Raine. She can see immortals even when her friends , Eirik and Cora, cannot. An immortal saves her life while others threaten it. She knows they are all dangerous yet she is still drawn to Torin. He is like a drug to her and has saved her life. She fights the draw between them but can't escape it. The mystery surrounding the immortals leaves her with a desire to solve it. Great book. I am off to read the next one in the series.
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on November 24, 2014
Alison Feke's review Nov 24, 14 · edit
2 of 5 stars

I'm not sure how to describe Runes. Since I found it so boring, but I still managed to finish it. Honestly, after reading Runes I'm not sure I want to read Immortals now...

Lorraine Cooper is a recently turned 17 year old, who has a father who disappeared in a plane crash. She's not even sure if he's dead or not, but her mother is still convinced he's alive. She meets a 19 year old, who isn't really 19. He is actually an immortal teenager. His name? Torin St. James. She can't stop thinking about him. She falls in love with him. (Unless it's just lust... Which is totally possible.)

Runes is actually a little similar to Twilight. Except no vampires. If you are a Twilight fan, you'd probably like it.
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on October 13, 2013
My friend said I would love Torin,she was right.He is the perfect combination of cocky and sweet.And Raine is the perfect combination of a heroine and damsel in distress.She needs Torin to help her be strong but she also stands up for herself and those she loves.
Raine is an ordinary teenager until the day four newcomers move in to town. And when all four set out to join the swim team,things go haywire.Things keep getting weirder and weirder. Raine bent on finding out exactly what the newbies are because from what she has seen they can't be mere mortals.But knowing the truth may prove to be something she was better off not knowing.
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on December 9, 2013
I haven't read much books based on North Mythology. The first one was Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson. We see more books based on Greek mythology. And I have to say the truth, I haven't read much about then North mythology, the only things I knew is that Odin was like Zeus, there was Thor and of course Loki, and that's all. Guess from which movie I have learnt that xD :))

Kill me, but I love where there is a hot, arrogant and crazy in love bad boy as a main character. And Torin St. James is just this guy. He is immortal, he is a jerk, arrogant, "hotness perfection" and of course deeply in love with the main girl character Raine Cooper. Raine is an average teenager, she is struggling to with her father's mystical disappearance, her mother talking to a mirror, her best friend going abroad, and a of course a new hot neighbour, who drives her crazy.

I loved Torin, not only because he is plain awesome, but because he wanted to sacrifice everything for Raine, and how he drove her crazy, with all his secrets, and his touches. I was laughing out loud at their bickering's, and how his touch made Raine shiver. It was really awesome to read about.

On the other hand I hated Eirik, yes, he was awesome boyfriend, but, seriously he only kissed Raine when she was in a dress, where was he before that??? Dah, and every time he kissed her to make his point to Torin, what a sick person!

And the best character of course was Raine, I still can't choose whom to give first place her or Torin. But I enjoyed Raine, and it even didn't drive me crazy that he always cried and, how she was describing Torin's affection. She gave everything it's own. I was on her side ( which is rare I was only once a girl's side, but that's not the point now) and I really did understand her feelings. And throughout the book I supported her in her every decision, maybe not all, I did want her to tell her true feelings to Eirik regarding Torin. And while I sometimes find main girl characters too whiny and their courage really exaggerated, with Raine I had no problem believing that she would stood up to even Odin to save her friends, and Norms are way worse.

I loved the book, and am already reading the second book, and soon will tell you, how she will manage new difficulties on her way. The book is really worth reading, and I recommend it to everyone. If not the great description of the romance between the characters, the book is really easy to read, and is very funny. And will make you crave to know more about North Mythology. Happy Reading Everyone!!!! :))
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on August 1, 2016
I found this book sometime a while ago while looking for free books on Kindle. I didn't come across it again until recently when I saw the audiobook via Audible for 1.99. I honestly didn't realize it was because I bought the Kindle book a while back. I thought it was a great deal and was in search for my next Audible read. Besides, I needed to try out my new car's bluetooth (yeahhh, I'm behind with the times).

Anyway, I thought this would be a good book to listen to. AND IT WAS. I was hooked pretty early on. With the mention of Runes and Norse mythology, I was so hooked I got the second book in audio too.

Raine Cooper is a normal girl with a semi-normal life. I say semi because right off the bat you learn she is going through a grief process that deals with her father. This already gives her a heightened sense of emotion and is pivotal to her personality. She is loving, loyal, and stubborn as all get up. When Torin, seriously smexy, moves into the house next door, her life changes.

Yes, this is a paranormal romance and it's a young adult. Also, you may think there is a love triangle (which I guess there is, but it is resolved in the end). The love triangle is a pretty obvious thing. Girl has the hots for a bad boy, but also has it for the good ol' boy. We can guess where it goes from there.

HOWEVER, I wouldn't say the book is just the triangle of teen angst. There is the theme of death, mythology, and loyalty (to your duty, family, and friends). Raine doesn't just sit alone and angst about which guy to be with. Okay, she does at times, but it isn't central to her. She also goes for the guts of the issue and tries to solve a number of questions both she and reader has.

Despite being set in the Pacific Northwest, she isn't a Bella. She does mention sparkly vampires though (which made me giggle).

Did I also mention the Norse mythology? I mean, BADASS. I love the Norse mythos. It might be my own Danish heritage, but I find their dieties to be far more interesting than the Greek or Roman. That said, Walters has inspired me to read more on the Norse. I want to see how the world she crafted was inspired by mythology.

As for the writing, the book is well thought out. I did have moments of figuring out things, but there were a few instances I wasn't expecting. It was those times that made the book that much more interesting. I loved all of the characters, they were well done and I could see them in my mind's eye.

Obviously, I will be listening/reading more from Walters and I have a feeling I will be going through all of the books in the Runes world (which are a lot).
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on June 8, 2016
3.5 stars

This book is a good, clean YA paranormal. The mythology was different from the norm you see in paranormals, which was good. I won't tell you what the mythology was so as not to spoil it. And there were some nice "updates" to the mythology to make it more modern.

The phrases and lingo really did sound like teenagers. A little too much so, which at times made it an annoying read (listen, actually). Also, the story seemed long for the ultimate climax. I felt it should have moved faster.

Audio version: The narrator did a great job at characterization. She didn't just "read" the text, she put emotion, inflection, and lots of extras into it. However, she was so good, and the writing style was so teenager-like, it was at times very annoying, and I didn't like listening to it.
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