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on September 6, 2017
I know it's a cliche to say this, but I'm not sure this movie will ever look better than this 4K version. I've owned SO many copies of this movie. The old letterboxed VHS Director's Cut, the Theatrical Cut on DVD, the Director's Cut on DVD, the Final Cut on Blu-Ray, and all the versions that came with the Collector's Edition Blu-Ray version. I'm a BIG fan of this movie and have all the lines memorized.

But to my mind, there's no topping this as far as quality of image goes. The exterior shots of the Tyrell Corp. especially are as sharp as they've ever been - in part because they aren't obscured by Scott's directorial obsession with smoke. The street views come to life in a way I've never seen before, and because the image is so clear and sharp there's so much more detail to be seen.

The one strange issue I had was in the opening sequence, my TV had some dark black spots along the bottom of the screen when the fires flared during the overhead shot of Los Angeles, November 2019. I haven't seen any other reviews that mention this bizarre image problem, and I strongly suspect it may be a symptom of my cheap 4K TV's incompatibility with HDR.

The most important thing though is that this is faithful to the film. It looks like it was shot on film, and it doesn't look glossy and digitized. The whole point of 4K is to get a natural appearance that's as close to the film print as possible. I have a 4K TV that doesn't have HDR, so I can't speak to the HDR elements yet, unfortunately. However, from other reviews I've seen online, the HDR combined with the 4K elements means that this movie will probably never look superior to this version. Assuming the 4K Blu-Ray format never dies, this may be the last version of the movie I may ever buy again.

The only thing missing is extras. There are extras that were included on the 30th anniversary edition (assembled in 2007) that aren't on this one, and that means that there will probably be an "Ultimate 4K Edition" down the road that not only includes the gorgeous 4K version, but all the extras that will truly put the complete Blade Runner experience in one package. Until then, my advice is to hold onto your Blu-Ray version of the 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition.
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on September 22, 2017
I was blessed to be born in an era where I could go see Blade Runner, the Theatrical Cut, in the movies. I wasn't old enough for "R" rated movies, but back then, that wasn't really a big deal. You just asked a guy in his twenties in line to buy the tickets for you, then went in while a kid from school was taking tickets. Easy Peasy. After seeing Runner 4 times while in the theatre, working extra baby-sitting jobs and selling donuts at the local shop every Sunday, I was a 'nerd girl' though back then that wasn't even a term.
Now, fast-forward some years, the "Director's Cut" came out. Personally it was 'ok'. Took a bit to get used to Deckard's voice being gone, but this cut was good, extra stuff, etc...
Now!! I'm sitting with my 17-yr old son in a movie theatre when a trailer starts and within the first 3 seconds of just a visual and a couple notes of music, I KNEW.... I KNEW!!! OMG!!! I actually said that out loud in the theatre... OMG! Blade Runner!!! My son looked at me, cringed a bit, wished he had a different mother for that brief few seconds, but after watching a trailer, he was HOOKED!! On the way home from the movies we didn't even discuss what we watched, and honestly I can't remember, we only discussed Blade Runner, the story, the book, the movies, dystopian films, for a couple hours my teenage son suddenly saw his stay-at-home, Betty Crocker mom as 'somewhat' cool. LOL!
This weekend I purchased "Blade Runner: The Final Cut".... OMG!!! Talk about blown away! I felt like a Blade Runner virgin all over again! Ridley Scott finally got hold of everything he wanted to make HIS cut. And he made it beautifully!!!
(Note: the Director's Cut is NOT endorsed by Ridley Scott. He had nothing to do with it, has stated that on his Blog several times. While he doesn't dismiss the work, he does not endorse it)
The music, the added scenes, the lengthened unicorn sequence, and there are some twists that might surprise many of you that have only seen the Theatrical Cut. PLUS, I sat with my son during this viewing. He experienced something everyone, in my opinion, should experience once in their lifetime. The movie that started it all in the dystopian universe of gaming, movies, books (post Philip Dick), even the Steam Punk revolution. My son, all 6 ft and 17-yrs old, got it! He himself said, this explains so much in so many things I've read, games I've played, movies I've seen. A profound statement he made was "It's like this is the Rosetta Stone of science fiction today!!!"
IF you want to see the movie before you go to "Blade Runner 2019" in October, THIS is the version to see or the Theatrical Cut.
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on August 10, 2017
I saw the movie at least 3 times when it was first came out on big screen. The opening scenes with with the reflection of the gas flames in the blue eye along with the sound track sent chills up my spine when seen on the big screen. There is nothing like it and if you ever get the chance to view it in a movie theater you will have a completely different experience than on even a large screen tv.
At one time I owned at least 16 copies in used VHS from AMAZON because I was afraid that I would never see the movie again and the quality of some of the tapes turned out to be damaged. I had missed out on buying them new.
I have seen the Directors Cut at least 7 times in theaters.
I still prefer the original version with the voice over because, for me, I would have missed some of the meaning such as the fact that Deckard was threatened with death if he did not return to the Blade Runner squad.
For me, it is the best movie of all time and Future Noir comparable with the classic Film Noir in black and white such as Maltese Falcon or Murder My Sweet or such color films as Devil in a Blue Dress or Chinatown.
(Deckard is human. As a matter of fact, I don't know how he survived and why he has a reputation of being the best since with every encounter with a replicant, he ends up like a rag doll.)
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on May 6, 2017
You get much better screen details than a regular DVD from this Blu-ray copy. I didn't think it was possible for an older movie but I was pleasantly surprised. Never know what you are missing on the screen until you have a really nice copy of the movie. It makes a difference and is much more enjoyable.
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on December 16, 2017
So like many fans I have almost lost count of how many versions and formats I have bought of Blade Runner over the years. The 4K HDR of the final cut is a massive step up from the Blu Ray of that version in the 25th Anniversary Edition. It has never looked as clear, bright and colourful. The picture is absolutely stunning. It will never look any better than this (although I expect to be reviewing the 8k version in about 2 years).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 5, 2017
Blade Runner finally comes to 4K! But it's not without some issues.

Right off the bat, the movie looks fantastic in 4K. You will need a 4K TV and 4K UHD Blu-Ray player to play this disc. I'm reviewing this on the OPPO UDP-203 player and LG OLED 65" c6p model.

The set includes a slipcover, 4 discs and a digital copy code. HDR is HDR10 (not dolbyvision, from what I can tell) and audio is in Dolby Atmos (I don't have atmos, so it comes across in TrueHD).

The discs are where it becomes a mess.
Disc 1 = The Final Cut 4K UHD Blu-Ray
Disc 2 = The Final Cut Blu-Ray (this is the same exact disc from the 2007 Blu-Ray release)
Disc 3 = Dangerous Days (documentary) DVD (that's not a typo.. this is a DVD disc inside of a 4K release) from the 2007 Blu-Ray
Disc 4 = Some people get a special features disc w/ the Workprint edit.. some people get 3 cuts of the movie (US Theatrical, International theatrical, Directors cut) on Blu-Ray, also from the 2007 Blu-Ray release.

There seems to be some confusion here. I don't know why Warner is including the 2nd, 3rd and 4th discs from the 2007 release (but leaving out 2 of the other discs from that set) and not including the discs from the 2012 release (or re-doin'g them for the 2017 release).

The 2007 releases already had issues (such as compression to match the HDDVD releases) so the quality of these discs 2, 3 and 4 do show their age.

The 4K UHD disc (why you're buying this!) does shine though. The film is very grainy (a tight grain, similar to TV static) but there is a noticeable amount of sharpness, clarity, better colors and HDR used throughout. Compared to the Blu-Ray, this is one definitely worth upgrading. If you don't like grain though, this may be one to pass on. If you've seen the Fifth Element 4K release, this is similar.

Unfortunately, the extra features (many of which are presented in 480p/DVD quality) are a very big disappointment. The 4K disc only includes a commentary, intro and trailer. The 7+ hours of features are across the other discs.

The movie itself is only presented in 4K as the "Final Cut" (not the original theatrical or directors cuts). The Workprint cut (which many do enjoy!) seems to only be included with some sets, while others (like me) received the disc with the theatrical and directors cut blu-ray's instead.

Audio is very good. I don't have atmos, but even on a 7.1 setup it sounds great. Also included is a digital copy that redeems in 4K.

Overall, nice upgrade if you own the previous sets.. If not, this is the one to get.
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on July 15, 2017
Bought this because I wanted the back story to the Blade Runner coming out in October. Hubby watched it (reluctantly) with me, and even he was mildly impressed (not a small feat). The acting is decent, but the graphics are good (considering the time the movie was made) and the plot is certainly interesting. There's a certain amount of patience that you have to have watching it though because unlike today's movies, the noir style feeling of this movie can seem like something of a drawn out torture (cue synth music that was popular in the late 80s, early 90s).

Over all, I'd say it's something that ever sci-fi fan should see at least once.
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on May 11, 2017
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (1968) ...is a cultish favorite Philip K. Dick novel which young Sci-Fi aficionado's such as I went scrambling to unearth after we were mesmerized by his classic masterpiece The Man In The High Castle, the novel which brought him legions of fans. Philip was an unusual writer with an ability to write both in a very literary style and yet come across in a very contemporary ease. He was also a unique thinker in science fiction stories, being able to plow new troughs instead of retreading old worn out paths like most pulp novelists of the time were doing. This is still a fact today and yet amazingly enough, new readers of Dick's stories will find fresh ideas that were written in the 60's. The movie The Adjustment Bureau is a fine example of an old science fiction tale (The Adjustment Team) by Dick which is novel and intriguing in the 21st Century. This is probably a main reason his works are now coming to film and TV in abundance (Next, Total Recall, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Screamers, The Adjustment Bureau, and now on Amazon TV, The Man In The High Castle). In 1981, Ridley Scott was making a new epic based on a relatively unknown (by public standards in 1981) sci-fi authors story!

So BLADE RUNNER had audience appeal as a spectacle film to the some audience theater goers, but to geeky Sci-Fi fans and not-so-geeky movie fans in general, it developed a near cult status over a period of just a decade following its theatrical release. It was not that successful on initial release because Indiana Jones now looked like a depressed Philip Marlowe and the Film Noir narration was seriously lacking even though the dystopian color affected a Film Noir feeling. The cinematic style was a huge leap far and above the actual plot and script, so you had a gorgeous film with rather weak main character delivery. If you are new to Blade Runner you may want to skip the Theatrical Version of the movie right away and save it for later viewing. The film went through several incarnations thanks to some interesting theaters that began showing "Road Show" prints of the film a decade after its initial run, these somewhat rare vault copies energized new interest in the film and what we got resulted in a 1992 "Directors Cut" without the tough guy voice over and without the "happy ending" (it in fact more closely resembles the original Dick story). Also included in this set is a 1982 "International" version which played mainly in Europe and had extended scenes to the Theatrical version.

The main draw here is 25th Anniversary "Final Cut" assembled by Ridley Scott and which is so superior in so many ways to any other version that it makes Blade Runner into a wholly new and absolutely perfect film. Now Harrison Ford seems to fit better and more interesting than before (or maybe it just is a matter of age and the era in which we live, post-911).

There are featurettes in abundance on the 4th disc (The Enhancement Archive), if you are a Sci-Fi geek somewhere on a par with Sheldon Cooper, this will be your pee-in-your-pants bonus disc, but even if you are not, Dek-A-Rep and the two about the novel and the author are very interesting to watch and highly recommended.

The Final Cut took over 10 years to complete by Ridley Scott and one can see how painstakingly meticulous he paid attention to detail, especially if you have the gumption to watch it back to back against the Theatrical version.

Without spoilers, when watching this film, you will find subtly a treatise on what it means to be human and what it means to have a personal identity, in a rough way it ponders (not nearly as well as) the same questions brought up in Steven Spielberg/Stanley Kubrick's classic AI, Artificial Intelligence.

Blade Runner had to work really hard to become a "classic", but when one considers the director and his many masterpieces delivered over the years (still going strong by finishing up the Alien series with finality and about to embark on making Justin Cronin's PASSAGE trilogy into three films), one has to give a big nod to this as a real work of cinematic art and Ridley Scott is truly one of the best directors of modern times.

I purchased this over 7 years ago and have managed to watch everything on the four discs at least once, and the Final Cut about once a year, the other versions at least twice each in that time, so entertainment value versus price is premium!
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on September 29, 2017
The greatest film of all time... It might be. I saw Blade Runner back when I was just a young boy (voice over and all) on VHS and it left me changed. This story, the environment and people within made perfect sense, amalgamated into a cohesive unit the likes my young eyes had never seen. Harrison Ford is a marval as deckard and Ridley Scott makes dark dystopical magi. If you've never seen it go see it now. If you have...the same. A Masterpiece pure and simple.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 16, 2018
I won't review or ramble on about the movies, it has been 35 years since the original Blade Runner, and most know what the movies are about.

I will comment, however, about the quality of the Blu Ray transfer of the movie - in Blu Ray, it is very clear and a nice upgrade from the DD - I was impressed by how crisp, clear the Blu Ray transfer was. I viewed it on a 65" Panasonic VT60 Plasma, and it was very nice. Not all Blu Ray transfers of older movies fare as well. Note this movie was shot in 2:35:1, so the transfer didn't do anything about the "watch band" appearance on your 16x9 screen :-( but hey, that is a common thing. I really like the 1:85:1 Anamorphic widescreen format for home movies but we can't have it all!

What is a bonus is that after almost 35 years, I STILL enjoy the movie. And more importantly, so do my 18 year old boys - which says a lot about how well done this movie was - it is very entertaining. I saw the original first movie in the theaters when it first came out, and I am still entertained from beginning to end.

So here we have a timeless movie which is still entertaining today, and one where the Blu Ray transfer allows you to watch it in crystal clear HD. Awesome.

5 stars all the way!!!

Thanks for reading.
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