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on March 1, 2012
This is one of the essential books for lean startup practitioners. It isn't theory. You can tell these are real lessons from Ash's own experience running lean startups. This book is very prescriptive; telling you specific things to accomplish. The one thing I found really valuable was the focus on how to map out your startup using the one page "lean canvas". After reading this book, I really got it and elevated my lean startup game.
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on December 23, 2015
A great read for startups. It makes the Lean Startup methodologies clearer and actionable. Ash provides a running real life example throughout the book.

Much of the book hit home for me as a veteran entrepreneur where I saw myself making many of the mistakes pointed out in the book. Now I can take a practical approach to avoiding the traps of creating innovation.

For customer discovery, practical applications and fundamentals are effectively explained so you can get a jump start and reference as needed to nail down the pain and get a better solution to fit the customer.

As a bonus, I am looking forward to joining the Running Lean community (free if you buy this book and email a copy of receipt to spark59).
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on March 19, 2014
This book is an excellent compass to begin in the entrepreneurship arena without dying in the process. Upon completion of the first 3 chapters, you can understand if your "AWESOME IDEA" can actually become real without to much investment. I proudly recommend this book to anyone who is "starting" something and requires to get things done the proper way.

The Chapters are:

1. Meta-Principles
2. Running Lean Illustrated
3. Create Your Lean Canvas
4. Prioritize Where to Start
5. Get Ready to Experiment
6. Get Ready to Interview Customers
7. The Problem Interview
8. The Solution Interview
9. Get to Release 1.0
10. Get Ready to Measure
11. The MVP Interview
12. Validate Customer Life Cycle
13. Don't Be a Feature Pusher
14. Measure Product/Market Fit
15. Conclusion

Appendix - Bonus Material - comments and insights on topics including: building a slow burn startup, thoughts on premature funding, achieving flow, pricing models, teaser and landing pages, sales letters, continuous deployment, conversion dashboards

Clearly, you will receive more insights in a few pages, than 3 month working on something nobody wants.

Thanks ASH for all the insights, specially the Customer Factory Blueprint Course for my company Cliveeo®, Finbooq® SaaS and now 3alCubo™ Workshop.
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on November 6, 2013
Having an ambitious dream is great... but then where do you start? What do you focus on? Who do you listen do?

I have a big dream. One of those things that you think, "I have to accomplish this before I die, no matter what it takes." And I've been putting in all my free time to try to make it happen. I knew I would need to work my way there and iterate, and to get feedback as I went. But even though I was trying to learn on the way, I just wasn't learning the right things. I'd get feedback that conflicted, and it felt like I was always being pulled in 20 different directions. I was stuck in a cycle of continuously trying to make everyone happy.

I love this book because it gave me permission to ignore people. To stop trying to make everyone happy, and to figure out how to make the -right- people happy. Ash's advice: "Don't lower friction, raise it." It's counter intuitive, yet it's the wisdom that has made all the difference for me, and now I'm watching everything change.

I started to work closely with just a handful of the right people. I'm focusing on their success and ignoring everyone else. Then others started to notice, and wonder what was different. And now day by day I get requests from other people, interested in what I'm doing. It's starting to sell itself. And I couldn't be more excited. Its the beginning of seeing my dream come to life.

I'm so thankful for the practical wisdom in this book. It gave me the structure I needed to find that early traction - even with a bold and ambitious dream. To any reader out there who has a vision, Ash's book is a roadmap to help you make that vision a reality.

Thank you, Ash, you're awesome!!!
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on November 7, 2014
A serial entrepreneur for decades, with successes and failures, I've read a large number of business books and periodicals. I usually learn something that I can use but the books are mostly inspirational - for a few days - and then I forget them.

This is the best, most useful, brilliant, original business book I've ever read. I'm using Mr. Maurya's specific methodology on two projects now. From the first sketch - the Lean Model Canvas - I got a confidence I'd never had with any business plan: I know that it represents a complete and clear vision of what I have in mind. So it's pretty easy to see notions that have failed me in the past.

The next, longer steps are designed to test efficiently any possibly weak areas. "The most valuable resource is the entrepreneur's time." Through his videos, I've gotten a good feel for what kinds and priorities of experiments are worthwhile. More depth on this topic would be very welcome.

Bravo, Mr. Maurya, and thank you.
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on July 24, 2014
Ratings are always a very subjective thing - the value derived depends on one's experience and previous knowledge in the space and given i'm not short of the latter i'd say it's a 4 star, i'm not trying to belittle the book - for many, it no doubt qualifies as a five.

In short, the book is insightful and brings one up to speed with the ever changing sense of urgency with which new s/w products releases need to be managed to maximize limited resources and efficacy - how to qualify if a product/business addresses a real customer need, given that actually building new apps or s/w is extremely easy with today's build tools and cost effective outsourcing. It presents a structured approach to covering all the bases in a logical and systematic manner to achieving one's goal.

A must read for anyone thinking of creating a new product/business for the first time - and recommend it to professionals needing to come up to speed with the times in s/w product/business releases.
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on March 3, 2012
While this book is geared towards the true start up (small team on a new idea), the concepts and tools discussed work just as well for entrepreneurs operating in larger firms. I work for a company with 1000 tech employees and over $1 Billion in annual revenue. Hardly your definition of a start up. However, all most all of the methodology espoused by the Lean Startup and the tools introduced in this book provide value in my day to day life. These books are a must read for any and all innovators, regardless of how big your company.

Now, regarding this specific book: it provides an excellent extension of the concepts discussed in "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. I would definitely recommend starting there. This book takes presents the practical side of the Lean Startup Methodology. Where "The Lean Startup" is more on the what and why, this book provides concrete examples of how to bring these principles to life. It presents specific tools that can be used to practice these methods. Mr Maurya writes with an easy to read style. This is a quick read that does not fall short on content.

I read this book on a 6" E-Ink kindle. The text in some of the images was very difficult to read. For that reason alone I am giving it 4 stars. Based purely on the content, the book is a 5 star.
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on November 17, 2013
This books seems to me like the logical sequel to the seminal book by Eric Ries.

What I liked most is that it goes right to the nitty-gritty of finding a business model that works. To be more exact, you can even find scripts to interview customers or write emails to them.

When I co-founded a startup I was full of unanswered questions: how good are we doing? what stage are we at? how should we price our product? what's the next step? is this business plan of any use? should I raise VC money?

Running lean gets answers to most of those questions, because it:

- Encourages you to talk to customers
- States that running a startup is a matter of managing risks, and risks also determine your priorities
- Defines a set of stages that startups must go through (problem/solution, product/market, scale)
- Defines an alternative way to document business models ("lean canvas", as opposed to business plans) with the goal of making it dynamic, understandable, and accesible
- Encourages you to stay focused and push less features
- Gives miscellaneous advice

I'd say that the value of this book is 1000x its price plus the time needed to read it.
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on January 24, 2014
The Agile/Lean startup movement has now been 'discovered' by the mainstream press. Check out the special section in this week's Economist*.

So prepare for more hype and ever more books on Lean startups. But having read many of the existing ones, I highly recommend this book of Ash's for anyone working through those very early days when you have to figure out if your 'great idea' has any chance of blooming into the viable business model that is the true product of a startup.

Ash has a workable, light-enough framework for organizing your thoughts into a one page plan, rigorously testing your riskiest assumptions, and, often, getting to No soon enough that you can still afford to iterate on to a variation or just move on to your next big idea.

Readable, actionable, down-to-earth, worth the money.


* I had a hyperlink in the original review text but, apparently, those aren't allowed. To see the special section, you can browse your way on over to Economist dot com and put 'tech startups' into their internal search field. Look for a link with the work Cambrian in it.
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on October 29, 2013
Ash Maurya's book is a milestone on practical entrepreneurship literature. It provides what in my opinion was the missing keystone to the arch started by Steve Blank, Eric Ries from Alex Osterwalder's BMG. Running Lean is the practical implementation of an iterative methodological way to turn a start-up company into a sustainable business.
El libro de Ash Maurya significa un hito en la literatura práctica de entrepreneurship. Aporta la que a mi juicio es la dovela que le faltaba al arco que iniciaron Steve Blank y Eric Ries a partir del BMG de Alex Osterwalder. Running Lean es la traslación práctica de la metodología iterativa para convertir una start-up en un negocio sostenible.
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