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on September 27, 2012
A beautiful story that brings out the best and arguably some of the worst qualities of the romance genre, "Running from Fate" follows Mira Sweeney Anders and James Kelly, childhood sweethearts who by a cruel twist of fate were separated.

Now, both grown and well-respected in their chosen careers, they met again but under false pretenses on Mira's side. Though Mira knew who James is; James had forgotten her. Can their love be rekindled in the dog-eat-dog architectural world that they live in?

I truly enjoyed the book. It is well put-together, no grammatical errors execept for the "intentional" ones to show the character's ethnicity. Then, at first glance, the editing seem very good but by the time I reached the ending, I began to wonder if the holes in the storyline was because certain chapters were eliminated to be within the required word count.

I'll clarify that statement but there will be ***SPOILERS*** so, if you don't want to see it, please stop reading here. Here goes:

First - how can James NOT RECOGNIZE Mira at all? Okay, Mira might be pudgy or on the heavy side when she was younger. But she was already a teen the last time they saw each other. But, Mira was not grossly obese or anything like that wherein her bone structure was hidden. She might be a bit overweight. So, even when she lost her baby fat, it would have not changed her facial features at all.

Plus, Mira is not a common name. It's not exotic, but it is not a popular girl's name like Michelle or Marie. So, when Mira applied for a job even with her married name Anders, James should have thought of Mira, the girl from his childhood who adored him. And since they were also very close, chances are James also knew Mira's middle name which is usually disclosed in employment application forms.

Alright, James might want to forget his past. After being accused of murder in Boston and his hatred of his own father Patrick, he might have had selective amnesia. I'm giving the author the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps it was explained in the original writing but was deleted during editing. But, this gives a huge hole in the plot.

The gap between Patrick and James - there is animosity between father and son, mostly on James' side. But it was never explained except that Patrick gambled. But, that is not reason enough for James to hate his father with a passion. This is another hole in the plot. This side plot was glossed over though it was actually important.

The close relationship between Patrick and Mira - Why is Patrick an honorary godfather to Mira? How close was Patrick to Mira's father?

Mitchell Haines - Though he was mentioned early on in the book, and his reappearance was sort of expected, his connection with Mira from childhood was tenaciously explained. It just came out from left field.

This is romantic suspense; and the book gave it to us. But then again, this could have been better if the author tied up loose ends instead of leaving them as gaping holes in the plot.

And this is the reason why I'm giving the book 3 stars instead of 5. This book is PG 15 due to some sex scenes and violence.
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on November 16, 2012
For the most part, I liked this book. It was well written and well edited. However, here were several plot issues that really intruded on what could have been a very good story. At the beginning, person A confesses to a murder and then at the end, person B confesses to the same murder. There is no explanation for this, it's never explored any further. The reason that James is so angry over Mira hiding her identity is weak and insufficient. In fact, how James could not have recognized Mira is beyond me. It wasn't like she was seven years old the last time he saw her, she was fifteen. She couldn't have changed that much. The final piece at the end isn't developed either. Why did Lily interfere like that? Again, it is never explained, just left hanging. The HEA was practically nonexistant.

The author also could have spent a bit more time on character development for the hero. I think I understood Mira but I never empathized with James. The reasons for his bitterness were outlined but his thoughts and feelings were never described enough for me to understand why he did the things he did. He was a bit irrational sometimes, with no reason.

I did not read this title until after the recent update. I don't know what was added but I would say that it still needs some work. The author writes well and has some potential but she needs to spend more time on plot development and probably character development as well. Incidentally, kudos for a cover that captures a key moment in the story.
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on February 7, 2014
Mira she has a temper, "a low growl trickled out of her lips before she could stop it. Mira took a deep breath and tried to reign in her emotions. "Ah, yes," she purred. "That's exactly what I should have done, made an appointment to see you." If sarcasm had managed to creep into her voice she couldn't help it. She tapped her index finger on her chin, "Wait a second I did try that. I've been attempting to see you for over a week, but you're always too busy." Her voice was edging toward anger again so she took another breath and tried for a more moderate tone. "Look, you gave this project to me without a whole lot of guidelines. Then, when I had questions, you refused to meet with me. How can I work without all the information?" James he's a man that always gets what he wants, "if I decided to have you," he murmured as his finger ran along the graceful curves of her face and, finally, stopped to slowly trace her soft lips. "I promise you will give no thought to running. But if you betray me," his voice hardened and deepened, "there won't be any second chances." James he's proud of his woman for self defense, "a slightly feral grin flashed across James' face as he imagined the delicate woman in front of him taking down an attacker twice her size with a well-placed high kick." I liked reading this book.
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on October 8, 2013
First, I almost always read mysteries, so this was not my typical kind of book to read. That being said, I think that the author has a really nice writing style and I enjoyed reading her prose. And even though it is quite unrealistic that James wouldn't recognize Mira, if you just decide to accept a little fantasy here, the book is quite enjoyable to read. The only part of the book that drove me bonkers and was distracting was the character of James. He was a gigantic a$$ and any woman that would put up with a man like him for more than 10 minutes - arrogant, selfish, unfeeling - should undergo intense psychotherapy. (Mira, dear, are you listening to me? Get your hormones in check and dump the big jerk!) Aaargh.
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on October 3, 2012
I really enjoyed the story, but there were a lot of editing problems and for a smart successful business people Mira and James were quite daft sometimes. The plot was good, the characters were mostly consistent, and I enjoyed reading it. BUT it seemed to be lacking in several places and the end was disappointing. I expected more from it considering the situation leading up to it, but it turned out to be just another place where the story was lacking, almost as if the author just wanted to be done with it quickly and move on. Too many holes and editing issues, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.
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on August 9, 2012
I confess it has been years since I have read a romance novel, but "Running from Fate" might be the one that gets me reading them again! I vaguely remember the bodice-rippers of my youth tending towards one-dimensional characters with essentially the same problems, story-line, and personalities. Rose Connelly smashes that mold to pieces, spits on it, and stomps it into the dirt a little more for good measure.

James, Mira, and even the minor characters in her novel are flawed, realistic people engaged in a very human drama in a Raleigh, NC that is almost a character in and of itself. Both modern professionals and perhaps second or third generation Irish immigrants they are definitely not the typical romantic hero and heroine. Mira is a brilliant but beset with both external and internal demons. James manages to be both arrogantly stubborn and charmingly sympathetic at the same time, leaving the reader alternately wanting to punch him and hug him by varying degrees.

This mostly dramatic and serious novel is peppered with just the right amount of quirky humor and laugh-out-loud dialogue to prevent you from reading it in public least people start giving you funny looks. The characters are colorful and believable, and the ending left me ready to pick up another Rose Connelly novel. If you are looking for a modern romance that is a little more intelligent and a little less cookie cutter than the norm, then I can't recommend this one enough.
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on January 28, 2013
Sometimes I read romance novels to reassure my faith in a happy ending. Unfortunately, this writer isn't a very good writer. The story is thin,
the characters thinner, and it's so expected, it won't do much for you except tell you to read something with more humanity and weight.
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on October 12, 2012
This is a good romance novel. The story was good however, it could have been better. The author should have spent more time in detailing the romantic part of the story and more detail on the love scenes.

The ending was very weak and abrupt. It left you hanging on what happened to the characters in the story.  The other characters were not fully developed in the story.
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on October 21, 2012
I downloaded the book just to have something to do one day and it turns out that it was a "not-bad" read. It isn't "note-worthy fiction" or anything, but it had a good story, you can see where the characters are coming from, and I liked how things turned out...that's always a plus!

Do read it and enjoy yourself!
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on September 30, 2012
When i was going to buy this book read some of the reviews and some of them weren't good but i bought it anyway...I must say i really enjoy it...read it in one night...couldn't put it down...yes it have some parts that it seems lacking and the ending u expect more but it was good and really like it...i recommend it...
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