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on July 24, 2016
Love, love, love the look!! I recently did my cabinets with Rust-Oleum transformation kit and I love how they turned out. I wanted to complete the modern look and found this to do my countertops and it came out great! It looks like I spent thousands on a kitchen remodel! The videos are the best!! Very thorough and specific. I've attached some pictures of the cabinets and countertops before and after.
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on February 7, 2016
When I heard a colleague talk about this product, I thought I had to give it a try. The results are amazing! I was indecisive about colors but with one click I had chosen the onyx. I absolutely LOVE it! Once the chips were on, I knew this was perfect; then, I sanded, and it seemed the color changed more to white. HOWEVER, when you finish sanding and wipe with a wet towel the color changes to the beautiful onyx with some gray specs. PERFECT even with MY installation imperfections:)

As far as the process, I made a few mistakes, but overall, the end result looks fabulous. I am a thinker, so having to complete the project in 20 minutes made me extremely nervous. I set a timer and finished all glue and chips in 28 minutes by myself. All set well even though I forgot to spray one small section. I actually wore the diamond sander down, and then, I realized a textured surface would be great:) I quit trying to get a perfectly smooth surface. Not a big deal at all! I used almost all of the base glue and scraped the top coat can clean; however, I managed to get right at 50 sq. feet of counter space completed. I should have purchased two smaller containers to ensure plenty of materials, but once ordered, there was no changing my mind.

Clean up: I thought I could sweep the mess away, since I did not own a shop vac; however, I soon broke out my good vacuum for the dusty clean up of the sanded area. I swept up most, but vacuumed the remaining dust and pieces that kept showing back up. I was most concerned about our cats getting the top coat on their feet, but overall, I hung plastic sheets from our cabinets with chairs around the counters to ensure little paws stayed away.

Only two weeks in, but the surface seems durable. I did drop a tile or two when installing the back splash, and after close inspection, no damage done at all. Just my husband and I, so we have only light use anyway.

If you want a nice finish, but cringe at replacement costs, this is your product! Love the ONYX!
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on November 9, 2015
My husband and I just completed this project over the weekend and I think it's a great option for anyone who wants to update their old/ugly laminate. I spent a lot of time watching the dvd and youtube videos and reading reviews. We followed almost all of the instructions, except we removed the tape before the top coat. I highly recommend this. After scoring the tape, some of the new countertop came up with the tape. However, at that stage it was ok because I could still patch it and it turned out great.

Words of advice:
1. Take your time and make sure to follow all the directions. Attention to detail is key to making this project turn out well.
2. In addition to the diamond block, we also used a sander to rough up the countertop. I had white laminate, which made it difficult to see the scratches, but it wasn't glossy anymore.
3. Put the adhesive coat on thick so make sure to buy more than you need.
4. You have way, way more chips than you need so don't be afraid make sure you really fully cover the entire area. If you see any shiny black through the chips, add more to that area. There is no harm in adding more chips than you need.
5. I couldn't find anything called a lint-free cloth, so I used microfiber towels which worked out well.
6. I'm a perfectionist, so I went back and patched any place that I didn't think looked perfect. Unlike some reviewers, I had no trouble blending in the patches with the rest of the countertop.
7. Make sure to take your time applying the top coat evenly. Running your roller over everything again in one directions was really important.
8. Overall, I'm pleased with the result. It's a DIY project so it's not going to be 100% perfect, but it's pretty darn close. Huge improvement over my boring white laminate.
9. Over the course of three days we spent about 9 to 10 hours total.

Update: After 15 months, my countertops are still in perfect condition! I am so happy I did this!!
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on February 26, 2017
We followed the directions to the letter - watched the instructional video more than once and kept it on, pausing with each step and re-watching. No issues with prep, base coat, chip application or sanding. The top coat - different story. We stirred the product for two minutes as instructed. We applied a heavy layer as instructed. We used the high density foam roller as instructed. We re-wet and did a final roll over in one direction as instructed. It has been 9 hours since we finished- still tacky and leaving fingerprints. And the topcoat has very noticeable roller marks. We expected the "orange peel" appearance and were fine with that. But there are definite roller lines. Hoping it will eventually dry but disappointed with the roller marks. Again, followed all the instructions to the letter. Experienced with varnish and painting so I am really not sure what happened. I called customer service this morning. They were awesome! She explained the topcoat had started to set up by the time we got to the second half of our countertop and that can leave the roller marks. We need to allow to completely dry, lightly sand with the sanding block and reapply topcoat - which they are providing to us. Yes, they stand behind their product!! I highly recommend :)
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on December 3, 2015
Outstanding product. I redid my countertops when the wife and kids were out of town. The result was near perfect. The only issues I had with the finish were self inflicted. I used a combination of the included diamond infused scratch pad (excellent tool), hand sand block, and oribtal sander to get a perfect surface for applying the adhesive layer. I will use this product again if I ever need a quick and cheap makeover. It has been nearly 6 months since I did the transformation and there have been no issues with the finish.

Some pointers to those who are just purchasing this product:

- Take your time with the prep work. Seriously, do not cut corners. Make sure you clean and rough up every inch of your existing countertops.
- Be very liberal when applying the adhesive layer, especially any corner/edge area. You want those as thick as possible.
- Tape and cover anything and everything that isn't countertop. The chips used will get EVERYWHERE. It's easy cleanup on the floor.
- After applying the chips (be VERY liberal), pat them down gently so they really settle into the adhesive. Pay close attention to the edges/corners.
- Take your time (within the allotted drying time, per instructions) when sanding down the chips. You need a nearly smooth finish with the chips prior to putting on the top coat.
- Make sure the smooth chip surface is clean! Use a damp cloth prior to applying the top coat.
- When applying the top coat, make sure you use a foam roller. This along with nice even pressure should leave you with a great finish.
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on April 17, 2014
I did this myself over a few days and am pleased with the result. Our counters were in good shape, just an 80's ugly color. It is a bit of work, though. My advice for success...

*Follow the directions to the letter, and then some. Don't skimp on either of the sanding steps. The counter needs to be scuffed up pretty good, so just sand until it's dull so the adhesive has a good grip. Make sure you clean it thoroughly before applying the adhesive.

*Be sure to get all the extra supplies the directions call for. Don't skimp. You will be glad you have covered the cabinets with plastic that drapes onto the floor when it comes time for cleanup.

*If at all possible, remove the sink and stovetop and move appliances out of the way. It is just easier to do all the steps with this stuff out of the way. The sink will look much better with the new finish going under it rather than ending at the edges.

*Humidity is extra important to the wet-time of the adhesive and topcoat. Check it before you start either of these. The directions tell you what ideal conditions should be. My humidity was 7 and 8% the days I wanted to do each step so I ran a vaporizer and humidifier for a few hours before I started. Worked well.

*I sort of used the chip spreader. It made my hands sore, so I ended up just dumping them on the counters and tossing them at the vertical areas. This worked fine. They give you a ton of these, so the counters were half an inch thick with them before I scraped the excess off the next morning.

*I tried to get the topcoat even, but I didn't do a perfect job. I wrote Rustoleum to see if I could purchase more for a second coat, and they were generous enough to just send some to me. I will recoat when I can do without the kitchen for another few days.

We started using the counters normally after 7 days and they seem to be very durable. They are a bit pebbly because I just don't think they can be sanded as smooth as the sample card shows. You would sand off the finish! And the topcoat will not fill in depressions. I bought a 50 sq. ft. kit for about 32sq. ft. of countertop. I had plenty of adhesive and topcoat, but wouldn't want to try doing 50 sq. ft. with only the one kit. The kitchen looks much better and more up to date. I would recommend this product if you have the patience and time to do it right.
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on April 19, 2017
We mixed Java Stone and Desert Sand to make our own color and used a palm sander to get this smooth enough. This is far messier than expected and the sanding would have been impossible to get it smooth enough but it looks really pretty and has certainly helped transform my kitchen. If you have the time and patience, this project is definitely worthwhile.
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on March 1, 2016
This product is even better than I expected. I'm very capable but I wouldn't consider myself extremely handy. When I got done my first bathroom counter, I even impressed myself! It turned out beautiful. Like everyone is saying, "Just follow the directions.". Do yourself a favor and do the prep work. The chips do go every where. After applying the chips and it's sanding time, I would recommend just be very gentle around the countertop edges. You will be very pleased. My only complaint is the top coat mixture. Once the part A is mixed with part B you have a 4 hour window to use it before it's no longer any good. Rust-Oleum should sell items from the kit separately. My project was a bathroom sink, a dressing area sink, a hall bathroom and a powder room (One large kit is enough). With a family of 6, each room needs to be done as a separate project. I need to complete each room without using the top coat until the final room is completed. Then, on that day, I will do the top coat process to all the bathrooms at once (Each room is a separate weekend project). I would gladly buy additional top coat from Rust-Oleum if it was available for each bathroom. For a kitchen project this would not be an issue.
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on January 9, 2012
We just finished the transformation yesterday and our initial thought is WOW! It looks so much better than before and we really like the end product. It was definitely a lot of work, nothing more than what has been described, but not something that you can do in an hour. The sanding takes quite a while and is the most tiring part of it.

Could have used more base coat but for the area we did a large kit was sufficient. We had about 37 Sq. Ft. and had a little left over but I was worried the whole time so we may have been conservative in some areas. The biggest advice that I would give is to be sure that the backsplash area has sufficient base coat and wetting agent and that you cover it with chips thoroughly. We have some areas that lack in chips but are not real noticeable.

Also you have to be ready to do all areas at the same time because the final sealant has to be applied within four hours of mix. This caused some stress because we wanted to do some smaller countertops in our bathroom but we couldn't get it done in the time we had and did not want our entire house messy with tape and chips!

Overall we are very pleased and now we are considering the Cabinet Transformation to complete the project! 100x better looking than what we had previously and very inexpensive!
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on January 8, 2012
All-in-all, it works. You just have to be smart about it and take your time. Big things are to not use the base coat sparingly. When they say "like icing on a cake" that is what you should do. Don't be afraid to use the chips! They give PLENTY of chips! I ended up throwing away 1/2 of the bags that were still full. You don't want to sand too hard after it has dried. Especially the edges or the curves. Take your time here as you want to avoid reapplying. This creates "lumps" that will be visible once all is said and done. Take your time with the gloss. Make sure you roll it tediously with the roller to give everything an even look. If you brush it, there will be brush streaks when it drys. Be careful when pulling up tape as it will pull away the finished product if you don't take your time. Key is TAKE YOUR TIME. It will take time as well, so plan for a couple days. We had bright orange countertops and this makes it looks TONS better. So take that for what it's worth.
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