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on March 11, 2013
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Ruthless is another entertaining installment in this fun series, but I'm starting to feel the story drag a little.

Let me start off by saying that this is the tenth novel in a series. Tenth. This series has been going on for awhile, and for quite sometime, I was in love with this series. It was always intriguing and engrossing, and I could never put these novels down. And though I read Ruthless in a matter of twenty-four hours, I could definitely feel that the story was lagging for me.

It didn't feel as captivating as the previous novels. Books five through eight are my favorite: the storyline is so hooking, Sara Shepard always reeled me in, and it had an amazing climax. And this new series hasn't managed to grab me in the same way as before. The storyline is a bit weird and confusing, and the characters feel different for me. I just don't know how I feel about this continuation.

But that doesn't take away from the fact that these novels are such quick reads. Even if they're so slow, I fly through these pages due to Shepard's enticing plot. The characters don't feel the same to me, but I definitely love the world and everything going on inside of it. A is always so wicked and great - I look forward to what A does next in this series - and Sara Shepard always does a great job at making A an awesome villain.

Overall, Ruthless was definitely good, but not compared to the others. But I still need to know who this new A is!
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on May 24, 2012
Ruthless 338 pages
by Sara Shepard


Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, and Hanna Marin all feel desperately guilty and paranoid after they find out that the girl they accidentally (in self-defense) killed isn't Ali, the girl who attempted to murder all four of them. Tabitha Clark, the girl who fell 40 feet onto nothing but rocks, water, and sand in Jamaica, is, well was, just an innocent girl. But how did she eerily know every one of the girls' secrets? They try to answer this question for them self but they all get caught up in the craziness when they begin to receive messages from, yet another "A". Now the girls need to figure out who "A" is, because he/she is watching their every move and the girls are pretty confident it's someone really close to them.

The book Ruthless is similar to my life in numerous ways. Sometimes I feel trapped in the craziness of my stress though my stress is from homework. Also, I sometimes feel like I can't trust most of my friends, just like the characters cant. Sara Shepard's craft really affects the story in a positive way because she knows how to really get into the perspective of a teenage girl. This is good and important in her case because than the readers, who are mainly teenage girls, will be able to relate to the main characters.

Ruthless, just like all the other Pretty Little Liars books, is a great novel. When I was reading, I could not put it down. It definitely gets the wheels turning in your mind and lets the reader guess what might happen next. The only weakness I thought this book contained was the boyfriends. I felt there was too much going on with them and it became easy to lose track of who was dating who. For example, after she broke up with Mike, "Hanna missed Mike"(Shepard 43). Then, later at the flash mob she set up for her dad's campaign she met this guy, Liam and suddenly wanted to spend "the rest of her life, with Liam" (Shepard 93).
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on December 29, 2011
After reading Pretty Little Liars #9: Twisted, I couldnt wait to find out who A was and I was so excited that Sara decided to add on to her series! But when i read Pretty Little Liars #10: Ruthless my thirst wasnt quenched...instead, I got this wierd feeling in the pit of my stomache. I didnt want to know who A was. All the possible culprits were gone. It seems like they have been for awhile. If Ali is still alive and they find out its her, thats not thrilling...just old news. I guess i cant see where Sara is going with this series anymore... Am i missing something? Is there a vital piece of information that im not recieving? Ruthless is just another filler to her dragged out series. I demand more creativity! One more thing, whats with all the damaged relationships? All these girls do is get used and abused. There really isnt one stable relationship...its sickening.
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on December 15, 2011
After all the awesome conflicts that happened in Twisted--Mr. Roland hitting on Emily, Klaudia threatening Aria, etc.--I was expecting this book to be *amazing*. I wanted some really juicy stuff with Zach and Mr. Pennythistle, Chloe and Emily, and Aria and Klaudia's rivalry. And I wanted "gotcha!" moments, like Emily's mom finding out she had a baby. The book didn't have any major twists, and I missed that. Also, Ezra was SO out of character: in the other books, he was really careful about dating Aria and now he's all "Hey, let's tell everyone about us! And if Aria doesn't agree, let's hook up with a blonde bimbo I don't even know." VERY realistic. lol
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on January 19, 2012
I thought by this time I would be utterly sick of this series. I mean come on,right? All the girls do "bad" things,again after being caught over and over again for the last 9 books.But somehow Shepard makes it believable. These four girls are human and young.So,they are naive,vulnerable,and sometimes self-centered. But they are also compassionate,caring,and want to be cared about and do the best for their friends and family.All the mistakes they make are almost always in the pursuit of love or pleasing their families. I really like this series. Their emotions are easy to relate to.While for most people the problems may not be something you can relate to, the way the characters react to them is believable.I love Hanna, she seemed so vain and mean in the beginning but deep down she cares so much and wants so much to be accepted but she's scared to be herself and acts mean as a "mask". That's a feeling a lot of young girls can probably relate to.Can't wait for the next one!
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on June 16, 2013
I must admit when I found out that there's going to be 14 PLL books (not including the 2 companion books) I said "are you kidding me?" I know it feels like the series is dragging but honestly, it gets better and better. My mom purchased 9 & 10 for me and I breezed through them. I'm on "Stunning" (book 11) now and it's like I can't put it down. If you're getting frustrated, just give it a chance. If you've come this far, might as well read them all! :) Sara Sheperd keeps you hooked and I can only imagine what A has in store for the Liars in the next 3 books to follow.

Bottomline: The series may seem like it's dragging on but the books do NOT disappoint. I will definitely recommend to PLL lovers/fanatics. :)
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on March 2, 2018
great gift
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on July 10, 2013
storyline is starting to drag out now (I mean we are on book 10...) she needs to start throwing in more twists or plots that are less foreseeable. I will continue to read and recommend however because I am a faithful pll fan and I just neeeeeeed to know how it all ends....or does it.... :)
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on December 19, 2011
I enjoyed the book, but also found Ezra to be out of character- although, it might be because I've watched the series and it's clouding me head about how I think Ezra would be. Loved the Spencer story line. She is going absolutely bonkers right now. I can't wait to read the next one, although I do have to agree about the summarization in the books from previous books. I would think that we'd all know what happened before, since this is book 10 now.
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on December 31, 2011
This was a great continuation of the PLL series. I bought his book for my kindle fire and it worked great. I read it in 2 days. In my opinion, I think Sara Shepard is an amazing writer. The twists and turns were entertaining. As far as the characters, Spencer is striving for academic success as usual, Hanna meets a new boy during her fathers poltical campaign, Aria reunites with an old boyfriend, and Emily meets a new friend while getting in touch with her wild side. During this all the girls are forced to deal with a new A. I highly recommend this book if your a fan of he series.
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