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on April 21, 2016
I couldn't decide between the Tivoli Model One or the Sangean WR-11 so I bought both to compare. Here are my random thoughts: The Tivoli can go a bit louder. The Tivoli has a much brighter sound but sometimes can sound a bit harsh. The Sangean is way too bassy to listen to at low volume. The Tivoli would work well in a quiet office setting as you can listen at very low volume and still make out everything while the Sangean is boomy even at low volume. The Sangean sounds a bit muffled almost like heavy noise reduction is being applied to the signal. I even turned each of them up at high volume and walked into another room and I could hear the Tivoli much more clearly. The Tivoli would be much better for listening to talk radio. The Sangean's speaker is too directional in that when you look at the radio you can tell exactly where the sound is coming from whereas the Tivoli has a more diffuse, non-directional sound. The Tivoli has a much more sensitive receiver but is very noisy, staticky when tuning since it does seem to pick up everything. The Sangean is quieter when tuning. I picked up some stations with the Tivoli that I couldn't with the Sangean using the same external antenna. I went in really wanting to prefer the Sangean over the Tivoli simply because the Tivoli costs twice as much but in the end I really preferred the Tivoli. It is a much better radio. I also need to record the line-out to my computer for a local weekly radio show I upload to a podcast and discovered that the Tivoli's line-out has a more dynamic, fuller sound than the Sangean. I also discovered during my comparison tests that I really prefer the natural wood look of the Sangean so I am exchanging my Black Ash/Silver Tivoli for the classic Walnut/Beige color. Hope this helps!
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on November 26, 2016
I absolutely love this radio! I've actually bought two of them because I liked them so much. One has a slight issue which I'll explain later. First, the sound quality is fantastic for a tabletop radio. I do not find it too "bassy", but keep in mind that I mainly listen to classical music. I could see where some people might think it sounded too bass heavy on an NPR newscast. If that is the case, you can place a cotton ball (or other sound dampening cloth) in the port on the back. It absolutely will not damage the speaker, so feel free to try this if you want to.

The sensitivity of this radio is great on both AM and FM. Way better than my Tivoli Model One on AM in particular. It does not have 'soft muting' between AM stations. It has full sensitivity. If you are picking up noise and interference on AM, it is due to where you have the radio located. It is not the fault of the radio. AM is very much affected by interference from lighting, computers, motors, and just about everything else. The only solution is to move the radio or connect an external AM antenna (there are terminals for this). Do not blame the radio! I have no problem picking up weak stations. This radio was not designed for "DXing" but it will pick up a lot of distant stations at night. It's a good compromise between selectivity and fidelity. It is not a communications receiver with narrow filters. The FM sensitivity is surprisingly excellent. I use (and recommend) an external FM antenna. Internal or line cord FM antennas are poor at best. They may work for you in your situation; you can try it and see. I have my WR-11 connected to a large rooftop yagi and I use it to listen to a classical station more than 60 miles away. That is a pretty good feat these days considering the way the FCC has allowed the FM band to be degraded with a lot of additional FM stations as part of their so-called "AM Revitalization" program. In reality they are turning the FM band into an interference-ridden mess, just like the AM band. The sensitivity of this radio on FM compares favorably with my much more expensive tuners. The selectivity is also pretty good. The classical station I listen to on 90.5 if flanked by stations on 90.3 and 90.7 and I am in an area with dozens and dozens of strong local stations.

I like the fact that this model has the power supply built in rather than being a wall wart (like the WR-15). The power supply does not draw much power when it is turned off. I measured it with my Kill-a-Watt and it actually draws only 1.1 watts when it is off (not 5 watts like another reviewer said). That is insignificant. When it is playing at moderate volume it draws 3-4 watts. And it has no audible hum (like the Tivoli has).

A couple of notes about the audio. Yes, if you plug a cable into the aux input on the back, it will automatically disconnect the radio given that there is no separate switch for this function. Also if you plug in a pair of stereo headphones, it will play in both ears but the sound will be in mono, not stereo as claimed by another reviewer. Therefore, you can't use this radio as a tuner for your stereo system if you want full stereo sound.

As far as the tuning dial accuracy is concerned, I would judge it to be excellent for an analog slide-rule type of dial. And the tuner stays tuned in quite solidly on one of my two sets. The other one does drift a bit, and this is the issue I mentioned earlier. I don't know why one of them drifts and the other one doesn't although the one that drifts is in my cabin where the temperature is not as well controlled. Temperature changes do affect tuning elements and that could certainly be part of the problem, but I have a feeling that even so, that one is just not quite as stable.

If you get this radio, I think you are sure to love it. The wooden case is also very nice. It's a high quality product.

UPDATE: Watch out, the tuner in the 40th Edition model is different and not as good as the original! Unfortunately, Amazon does not differentiate between the two models in the reviews, and this happens with other products also. They have changed the tuner design and it now incorporates the "soft muting" characteristic on AM. If you want to listen to a weak station, it will be heard at greatly reduced volume. I found that AM reception was generally poor compared to the original model, and also picked up a lot of static. I am not sure whether the static is coming from the internal power supply or just being conducted from the AM line. There is no high end on AM, it is all bass. Subjectively it sounds like they rolled off the frequency response above about 500 Hz!

Unfortunately they also changed the tuner on FM as well and it has also been degraded. When tuning across a station, it comes in at three distinct points, accompanied by a distinct "click" sound as it locks onto each one. The middle one is the strongest one and the two outer ones will be heard at slightly reduced volume. In addition, stations can be heard at even lower volume beyond those points. This seems to be true even for stations that are not very strong. I don't know what they were thinking when they changed the design of the tuner. It is not an improvement.

That said, the sound quality on FM is still excellent, and it is superior to other small table radios that I have tested. If I could give separate ratings for various features of the 40th Edition model I would rate it like this:

* Sound quality on AM - 2 Stars (mediocre)
* Sound quality on FM - 5 Stars (awesome)
* AM tuner performance - 1 Star (horrible!)
* FM tuner performance - 2 Stars (mediocre)

I am not sure, but I suspect that Sangean may have changed the tuner design in the current production of the regular model WR-11 radios to the new design. I am not going to buy one to find out, because I already own two older ones which were fine. But if you buy either model of this radio, be advised that it might have the issues discussed above. Because of the poor tuner performance of the current design, I have decided to drop my overall rating from 5 stars to 3 stars.
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on October 12, 2014
I love the looks.
Well made fit and finish.
Great sound.
Strong and clear tuning.
Great and powerful internal antenna.
Good click sound for on/off button.
No static sound or thump when unit turned on/off coming through the speakers, very clean power up/down
Instant on and instant output of radio station when turned on.

Very well made I use it in my kitchen to wake me up in the morning when I'm sleep walking as I hate the house being quiet. It sounds great but it is a little on the thick and fat sounding side, meaning the sound is a little bassy due to the powerful speaker. I wish it had a tone knob to adjust the bass and turn it down a little. You do not need to attach an external antenna to the outside of your house for this, works straight out of the box. It is pretty loud and so far everyone has liked it including myself.

Keep in mind I use it for NPR and just keep it there on that station, but I can see this being a little frustrating if you listen to different radio stations and different bands FM/AM. You will have to remember you favorite station number and turn dial between radio stations, as nothing is programmable in this great little device and no digital screens. So for anyone born after 1984, using an old school radio like this might get a little annoying.
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on August 3, 2015
The radio is beautiful, as well as functional! Even prettier than the photo which doesn't quite do justice to it. I'm very happy I got it.

The reception and sound quality are outstanding. The item is solid and very well made. It even survived the (somewhat less than stellar) mail delivery in our neighborhood (although most packages arrive via UPS, for some reason this was sent USPS). The day it was delivered, I heard a loud thud as the mail carrier apparently dropped or threw the box down onto the cement patio before driving away in a hurry. The radio is not lightweight, so it hit with some force. I opened the box, convinced that I would find a dozen pieces, or at least, a non-working radio. To my astonishment, it was undamaged and worked perfectly. Not many electronics would pass that test these days.

This was purchased to replace a clock radio. I got tired of having LED lights shining in my face all night long, and was dissatisfied with the reception on most standard clock radios. Along with it, I purchased an old fashioned Seiko alarm clock that has a very classic look. I already had an old bedside lamp. Now, the bedside table looks as though it morphed back in time! Very classy and retro. I don't miss having a clock radio. This works much better for listening to music and I even sleep better without the extra light.

My only complaint is the aux. input feature. It doesn't amplify the signal much. You have to turn the volume way up if an external device is plugged in. The radio is sent to "FM" to use this option (I didn't find that in the instructions anywhere). The sound was so low at first that I thought the aux input wasn't working. I tried it to listen to music from my cell phone, which normally doesn't have any output problems. Both the phone and the radio volume had to be turned way up. I rarely use this, so it's not a problem. Otherwise, during normal operation of the Sangean radio, there is plenty of volume and great sound quality. I like the radio so much that I have still given it a five star rating, despite this small flaw.
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on April 25, 2015
The Sangean WR-11SE is an excellent table radio. I think it has a better sound than my former Tivoli a a better price. The wood cabinet and ported back give it a better sound than its size would suggest. The controls are simple and the mechanics of the switches appear really well made. I have had a couple Tecsen radios that were electronically excellent, but the switches failed in about six months. I have three Sangean radios and have had no such problems with them. I have the radio on my bed stand and the back lit dial is very handy at night with the lights out. Perforrnance on FM is greatly helped with an RCA television rabbit ears hanging vertically on the wall behind it for omnidirectional reception. I have a Tecsen AM loop that does not seem to help that much since the dynamic range and sensitivity are excellent. The tuning LED at the top of the tuning dial actually works and quickly zeros the radio. There are no tone controls but I maintain that this not a problem with a small speaker. There is no sleep function, so if this is important, I would recommend the Sangean PR-D7. If you are looking for an excellent late night radio for listening to Coast to CoastAm you could find no better radio. I am delighted with it.
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on September 11, 2016
You are making several statements when you buy this radio:

(1) I really don't like digital radios. I'd rather have a few knobs to turn instead of dozens of buttons to press.

(2) I prefer the look of wood instead of chrome. My room contains a lot of wood and I'd prefer a radio that fits in with that. I do not reside in a computer lab.

(3) Treble is OK, but I'm fonder of bass.

(4) I'm OK with technology... just keep it inside the box please.

This is not a radio that you have to pay a lot of attention to. While you're reading, just reach a hand over and turn the big knob in order to find something else to listen to. Very 1950's -- but without having to wait for the tubes to warm up. Listening to some play-by-play baseball on this radio will make you wonder what all the fuss was about with TV. There just aren't many things in the price range of this radio that are quite this magical.
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on February 1, 2016
This is a great tabletop radio, with great power, reception (not subject to interference from other stations or wavering from the "sweet spot") and rich tone quality and depth of sound. I agree with all the favorable comments I've read in other reviews--and also agree with the main criticism I've seen in some, which is that the bass dominates the other ranges, and there's no way to compensate for that because there's no tone dial to modulate the sound. Someone called this radio essentially a woofer, and I guess there's some truth in this, as the mid- and especially the upper ranges are noticeably thinner in quality. However, I don't find that detracts too much from the experience when listening either to NPR talk radio or to classical music--the overall experience is still quite pleasant and positive, given that there are bound to be sonic limitations in any speaker of this size. It is, after all, a tabletop, not a 24" three-way speaker. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable, sturdy, and overall excellent product (and a fine value)--the only caveat being that if you are listening with ears of an audiophile and the relative thinness of the treble ranges would interfere with your listening pleasure to an unacceptable degree, than maybe you should bypass this one and look for a radio that allows you to adjust tone quality for better balance.
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on February 3, 2016
I've had this radio for a few months and like it a lot. The 3-inch speaker and bass port team up to deliver sound that's surprisingly clear and full. I wasn't sure I'd like a monaural radio, but the sound quality is satisfying for a bedroom radio. I get outstanding FM and AM reception. An external source like an mp3 player can be plugged into the radio's line-in jack.

The radio looks as nice as it sounds. The wood case and beige front are elegant. The dial's backlighting is a pleasant soft green. The knobs are solid and don't have any slop in their rotation. This Sangean would be a focal point in almost any room.

There are three things about this radio that might not be a good fit for some people. First, it doesn't have a tone control knob. I think it sounds fantastic as is, but that's subjective. Second, the headphone output is monaural. If stereo output is important to you, consider the Sangean WR-12 instead. Third, the bass port is at the rear of the radio, which means that the radio should be at least several inches from any walls or hard vertical surfaces that would cause the bass to sound louder than it should.

For a basic table-top radio, it's hard to fault the WR-11. Highly recommended.
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on April 9, 2017
I'm a bit of a radio freak (I own way too many)... but I had to have this little guy. As others have noted, the color is NOT a dark-ish finish like it looks in the pic. It's a reddish-tint light wood. Not a shiny/gloss finish (which I like). The metal faceplate is a gold-tone, i was expecting silver/brushed nickel (I won't be returning it, just wanted to put that out there. Sound quality is awesome. Love it. Definitely hook up external antennas. It rates an A+ for simplicity and ease of use. I'm not "old" but if you're looking for an easy to use radio to give an old person pick this one. The knobs are well marked, simple, straightforward and there's nothing to get confused with. Aux input on the back for phone input. Love it. I'd give it 5 stars if the pic was accurate for color.
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on September 6, 2016
I was looking for a good quality, table-top style radio for my father since he grew up with dial-based radios. He was convinced that everything was digital and there were no more classic style dial radios until we found this.

The sound is REALLY nice with this radio. I don't know how they get deeper tones with such a small box, but they did it and did a great job with it. - Cabinet is finished very nice
- Tuning dial allows for very precise tuning. If you have stations that are hard to find like I did, this will get them
- The included antenna does a remarkable job, and if you're in an area that gets poor signals, you can easily upgrade with a different antenna to get a better signal
- Lights on the band spectrum and dials are bright and easy to see at night

We liked this so much that my dad got one, and after only a few minutes of listening and testing, I ordered one for myself.
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