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on March 17, 2012
After reading the mixed reviews here and also not knowing any compatibility with the "new ipad" 3rd generation, I was unsure as to whether this would be a good idea for my new ipad. Still, at $5 with Prime shipping, it was worth a try.

It came in very nice, new retail packaging and looked as it does on the product page. I immediately removed the SDHC card from my Canon 60D (SanDisk Extreme Pro, FAT 32 if it matters) and put it in the card reader, then plugged that into the ipad. Nothing. I removed it and plugged it back in, and tried opening the Photos app; still nothing. Disappointed, I checked the product a little closer and found the tiny black switch to switch between USB and Card, which was on USB. Switched it to Card and plugged it back in, and all of my photoes from the card were immediately read. Import worked fine! Super satisfied with this product.

TL;DR: It works perfectly on the New Ipad (3rd Generation).
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on April 2, 2012
First, tried to insert my SDHC card out of my Canon T2i, didn't work at all. Was about to return it and tried from my own card reader using USB cable and it worked. Had a dilemma if it was worth to carry my own card reader and this device, send a request to seller to return the item and received email asking to use a switch on bottom of the device to enable card reader or enable USB port and that helped.
Keeping the item - well worth the money, for under five bucks. Even though it is bulky but let's me import my pics and videos instantly for review to my IPad 2. I wish there were instructions about using the toggle when the item arrived.

Here is the extract from seller:
Hello Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order. When using this 5-in-1 Camera
Connection Kit, please be aware of the following issues that may

1. If a message comes up saying "item is incompatible", please
ignore it. As this is a 3rd party device (not manufactured by Apple)
it may show this message, but this product has been tested to work on
all iPads

2. There is a small toggle switch at the bottom of the device
(next to the card slots). When pushed to the right it will read from
the 2 slots on the right (memory cards), and when pushed to the left
it will read from the left slot - the USB cable.

3. This camera kit is programmed to read from cards that have
their pictures in the de facto memory card folder - the DCIM folder.
If you have ever formatted your card or added folders this may cause
the iPad not to recognize the pictures. To rectify this, simply:
Create a new folder on your card called DCIM . Copy all your
pictures into this folder.
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on February 26, 2012
Very pleased at price of $5. For that low price, i was notin dire need of one, but it turned out to be a fine impulse purchase.

My item promptly arrived From "Wirelessfinest" Amazon seller in 3 business days by USPS with standard shipping method. I was a bit skeptical with mixed reviews, but mine worked right out of the box with both my and my wife's ipad2, no problems.

I have tried the USB port to a camera, sd card (8gb), transflash (16gb), Sony memory stick (1gb), and Sony M2 (4gb) with all options working. I do not have a MMC card to test out (does anyone still use this older format?). So for me I can say that 4 of the 5 formats work as advertised.

The dongle is about the thickness of the iPad, and a small boxy lightweight rounded edge chunk of plastic you attach. As others reviewers noted, ignore the back of package instructions, and FIRST attach the sd card, make sure the small USB / MEMORY CARD side switch is correct before plugging into the iPad. It takes up to 15 seconds for the iPad to recognize the card, power on and go into photo viewer. You can delete or import photos (and videos) from the cards DCIM folder into the photo collection only (just like the real Apple one).

What can you do with the camera connection kit, you ask? Well, it's mostly for travelers wanting to upload or proof photos n the go. Honestly, if you're traveling, nowadays you can buy cheap large sd or transflash cards to "keep shooting." I found that overseas, where I don't take a huge AT&T iPhone data plan, that I can take my (non-carrier locked iPad with local microsim and use that for getting photos uploaded from the better camera in my iphone 4 via a USB cable (take charge cable, plug USB end into camera dongle, then plug dongle into iPad). Now I can access my iPhone photos while traveling with data roaming off.

You can use it a bit cumbersomely for movie storage, by storing ipad compatible videos in the DCIM folder. So you can delete old movies off the iPad, then upload one from a memory card into photos. Note, that unlike iTunes uploaded video, it will think its a camera video, and be in photos app. You won't have access to resume from spot, subtitles, and few other niceties as with videos. But it's a poor man's spare storage. You cannot play directly off drive it seems. You can apparently use a USB hard drive, only if you had a powered hub, if things are in a DCIM root folder, but I haven't that myself.

The USB port can be used with most USB keyboard, USB sound microphones, and USB speakers. A caveat is that for high power devices, you prob need a powered USB hub. I personally find the built in mic and speakers adequate and easier for travel with Skype. I do not use a microphone, even for the versions of Dragon Dictation Remote microphone and Dictation Recorder on my iphone i use occasionally for notes (with noise cancellation on the two iphone 4 mics, it works better than a wired headset mic into the computer). I also have mobile Bluetooth keyboards, so I'm not planning to use these additional features.

Finally, similar to the official product, it is only for importing into an iPad. It does not work to import photos into my in all, it iPhone 4. Just had to try it though. All in all it's a sometimes useful extra trickout for my iPad. I expect to use it the most when visiting mom and dad's house with their grandchildren to quickly import a copy of a photo via SD card from my dad's or brothers DSLR camera, before departing. It's faster than emailing photos, and then you get to proof and pick what to import. Hope my review helps you.
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on August 9, 2012
I just received this card reader, and I am very pleased. The price is awesome. I read some bad reviews, but figured if it didn't work right I'm not out much. I plugged it into my 3rd gen iPad, popped in my 16GB class 10 SD card, and the pictures came right up. I did at one point receive the error "this accessory is not supported" but I clicked okay and it continued to work. I haven't seen the error again. Shipping time wasn't bad either considering that this product shipped from China and was free (ordered July 29 and received August 9).

1.) Price (I paid $2.59 shipped compared to over $20 for the Apple one)
2.) More convenient and versatile than Apple's Camera Connection kit since it is one dongle, instead of two, that supports five connection types, instead of two.

1.) No documentation included (I wasn't sure which way to flip the switch for SD cards at first)
2.) Feels cheap, which is expected, since it is indeed cheap :)
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on September 11, 2012
Based on the price and reviews, I decided to give this 3rd party 5-in-1 card reader a shot for an upcoming trip. Since our trip was in less than 2 weeks, I ordered it from a seller located in the United States (paid $4.00 for it), and received the item in a day.

More importantly, the card reader appears to work as advertised. I made sure that the little black switch was switched to the card reader function. I then plugged my SD card into the reader, and then plugged the reader into our 3rd generation iPad. The iPad immediately recognized the card reader and let me select the photos that I wanted to upload to the iPad. The photos transferred flawlessly to the iPad. It even asked whether I wanted to delete the photos from the card, or if I wanted to keep them on the card.

The product does exactly what it is advertised to do, and at a fraction of the Apple-branded product. I have not owned or used the Apple branded camera connection kit, so I cannot comment as to its functionality or build-quality in comparison to this one. This 3rd party reader appears to be made of plastic, and seems to be of decent quality. However, since I don't expect to use this product that often, I am perfectly happy with this product, especially at this price point. Heck, I could have bought 5 of these for the cost of one Apple-branded camera connection kit.
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on September 17, 2012
This 5-in-1 Card Reader Camera Connection Kit was sold by Newgen and arrived in 17 days from Hong Kong to the east coast. I'm using this successfully with an iPad 2 and the new iPad (3).

The toggle switch seems a little delicate, and the Apple 30-pin connector is a bit snug, which is why it only received 4 stars. Otherwise, it's as advertised.

If the following is done, you should have excellent results:

1. Switch the toggle to USB or SD, depending on which you're using
2. Make sure photos or video are in DCIM (all caps) folder
3. If adding movies or other protected video, make sure it has an 8-character name, i.e. IMG_1234 or Iron_Man
4. Make sure your USB drive is formatted as MS-DOS (FAT32)
5. Disregard any warnings
6. You'll probably have to remove it from any case because of the fit of the connector

Movies will NOT have file name, just a black thumbnail and the length, so make a list of all movie titles and corresponding lengths to know which movie you're transferring. You can't stream movies. I don't have any other USB devices to check, but photos and movies worked will.

BTW, I hear people are having issues using the Apple connector kit after the update in late 2010, so any issues might be universal. In many cases only powered USB devices will work.
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on June 20, 2012
I was really wasn't sure that this card reader would work,because something this easy would not be possible : after all , I had used the card readers on my computer, printer, all- in-one,camera cords,etc. But after reading all the reviews and suggestions and considering my positive experiences with Amazon's easy return policies (and the price),I decided to give it a try.
I opened the little box, plugged the card reader directly into my iPad ,and of course nothing happened; but I remembered one of the reviewers saying to locate the tiny little black switch on the side of the reader and to try the opposite position. I did that.inserted an SD card from my camera, and instantly my pictures began to load.
I was so happy that I wanted to order another just in case the company decided to discontinue making them.
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I have to give this five stars. It works with .jpg files on an SD card. .MP3 files not so much.

This is with an iPad II. iOS 501 is smart enough to see external (non-apple) MP3's and not allow you to import them to iPad. DRM I guess..

Maybe if you changed the file names to .jpg it would work. I did not try the USB feature.

An app called Phone Drive WILL work however. It allows transfer of MP3's through your Wi-Fi network! It has a player too! So much to like!

If you don't mind tinkering get this. It works with SD cards and .jpg files.

The "manual" is in chinglish and is not much help. You can figure it out but the syntax is pathetic...
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on July 20, 2012
It's so cheap right? Doubters (as was I)don't doubt anymore. This little guy works just as good as the Apple version and is wayyyy cheaper. It works on the Ipad2 and Ipad 3rd Gen as tested so far. You just need to make sure you create the proper directory, and the switch is set correct on the device. USB vs SD Card toggle switch.
It's sturdy, came in a nice bag for packaging, and actually got to me in about a week from Hong Kong. You just can't beat it for the price and it's functionality. I'm glad I didn't drop $30 on the Apple version that probably cost $2 to make and has a 1000% markup. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to transfer pictures from an SD card to an ipad and vice versa.
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on August 3, 2012
The item arrived in a small jiffy bag well ahead of the time it was given to take. The item itself was inside of a clear plastic jiffy type bag for extra protection. The connector also had a nice plastic cover to protect it too. I found no issues with any of the stated functions and works well. It seems sturdy and while made in China that should not be of any concern as isn't all Apple products made in China, lol.

For the price, this is a great bargain. To view pictures/videos from a SD card you have to place pictures and videos into the same folder which must be named DCIM...not a big issue. The USB connector works as well when connected to all my cameras. Again it feels very sturdy and works, works and then works again.

Update 12/2012: for past 2 months unable to get he ipad to recognize the unit...do not know what has changed other than apple iOS upgrades
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