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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 15, 2015
Changing to 1 star after 5 months. Today the screen blacks out for a couple seconds every 30 second or so. Tv and ps4 are not usable due to this. Can't find manufacturers warranty info. Seller doesn't respond. Contacted Amazon, we will see if they can help.

So so. Only 9 feet of hdmi... 3 and 6ft... With 25ft cat5e. Was working great for a few months and now I get a picture drop out for about 1-2 seconds randomly. Sometimes it's every minute sometime it's several minutes between flickers. Getting annoying

Update: I never heard from the seller/manufacturer.... no response at all and I emailed them a few times. Very disappointed. Amazon didnt help.
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on January 7, 2012
In our remodel, I planned for a TV in the kitchen, but during construction, the RG6 coax was damaged and not detected until construction was over. My wife wanted me to figure out a way to get coax into the kitchen. I put it of for a couple years, not wanting to screw up the aesthetics of the remodel.

I decided that I would finally deliver and pull cable. Then I searched one more time for range extenders and found this device which takes only a single Cat5 cable. I had two Cat5 drops in the kitchen that worked. So I built up a great solution using this extender, an HDMI Splitter: ViewHD 2 Port HDMI 1x2 Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P & 3D (One Input To Two Outputs), and an RF Remote for DirecTv: New High Quality DIRECTV RC65RBK 4 DEVICE DIRECTV REPLACEMENT REMOTE WITH RF FEATURE (REMOTE CONTROLS)

The solution works great. The splitter lets me borrow a seldom used receiver in our grown daughter's room. The extender plugged into existing Cat5 in her room. I patched the bedroom to the kitchen at the basement patch panel and hooked up the other end of the extender in the kitchen to an HDTV. I set up the remote's RF feature and then was up to the kitchen to try it out.

Everything works great. With HDMI this signal is either perfect or non-existent. And the signal is perfect even after going through about 100' of cable and 8 Cat5 connections. The DirecTV RF works great.

So, now my wife has a TV for her morning coffee and my daughter still has a TV when she visits. If they want to watch different things, they can have dueling Remotes - not my problem.
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on July 22, 2010
I purchased the Balun extender from Amazon.com and installed it with a cat 6 STP (shielded twisted pair) of 50 foot long.

I connected it to an HD HDMI splitter receivieng HDMI input from a HD VIP 722 Dish receiver and spliting the signal between a Yamaha VX 3800 that send the signal to a 58 inch flat palsma tv, and this baloon extender. The receiver of the balun connects via HDMI to a Pioneer VSX 1019 receiver that outputs it to an LG 42 inches screen LCD 1080p tv. Despite the multiple connections, I have an excellen picture on both tv, running simultaneously or seperately the picture is perfect clear, and has no distortion what so ever.
It comes nicely packaged and with a small manual, measure few inches and comes with screws and supports in case you want it fixed to a hard surface.

I initially connected it accidentally backward, and after scratching my head for few minutes I realized that they are labeled : receiver and sender, so I swaped them, and: Voila,...i love the picture and the quality. I can easily hide the single white wire, which blends nicely with the white foot mold easily, and i love the fact it uses a single wire. i could have gotten the 2 wire balun for much cheaper, but i prefered to reduce the clutter. hardly noticebale. the wire cost 12 dollars shipped.
My advise is to ger a cat 5e or cat6 "STP" TYPE, & the picture will be free of noise. I tried a cheaper cat5e, UTP, it works, but the cat6 STP gave a much better picture.

Overall excellent product I recommend it highly.
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on February 18, 2016
This is delicate technology, and it seems like it's hit or miss if it'll work depending on your setup. I was lucky that it worked for me, but needed a signal amplifier.

Used a single Cat 5e cable from downstairs to the upstairs (routed via attic), so I'd guess it was about 75 feet total. Signal came in, but was weak, bought an HDMI signal amplifier for about $40, and that did the trick. Sometimes there'd be some tiny green dots of interference, but didn't really affect image quality.

I recommend it, but don't expect perfection.
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on March 14, 2013
Like most HDMI over twisted pair extenders, there are warnings about only using an unbroken straight run of Cat6 from the sender to receiver.

In my case I have Cat5e cable terminating at keystone wall connectors in each room routed to a patch panel in my network closet. As a result, the signal is passing through three jumper cables and two in-wall runs.

Even with the the additional losses/potential for signal reflections at all of the terminations, these units fired right up immediately and I received a clear undistorted/uncorrupted image on the remote TV.

Input was a split HDMI signal from a Tivo Premier 4 sent ~100 feet directly to the HDMI input of a TV.

I installed two pairs of units and both worked as expected.

I will update the review if I experience any of the short lifespan problems reported by others. -- Update for 2016, it's been three years later with these units in constant use. No failures or other problems, although I've re-purposed them to drive a front projector.
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on May 14, 2012
Was using dual cat5 HDMI extenders purchased for $20 from another site. They handled 3D streams from DirectTV just fine. When I found that one of the prewired cables in the location one of my flat screens was going in was bad, I was stuck with only one good cable to use for HDMI. This product seemed to do the trick. It's a great product. Works as it should. Used on a 50ft run of Cat6 Shielded. Clean picture. However, when I went to view some 3D channels on DirecTV, it wouldn't allow me the channels since it didn't recognize my TV as a 3D device. After reading the specs on this unit (something I should have done prior to purchasing), I then realized that the device is not HDMI 1.4 compliant. So, my Direct TV box will not transmit 3D channels since it won't recognize the TV as a 3D TV. The dual Cat5 extenders I purchased for $20 from another site work fine with 3D so I was a little disappinted this single cable device didn't. Still kept this unit since I like it saving me a cable if I ever need it for a non 3D TV. Ended up spending $200 on a 1.4 HDMI compliant single pair extender. I still rate this a full 5 stars since the unit works as it should and provided a clean picture over 50ft over only one cable. If you can spare 2 LAN cables though, the $20 dual cable extender from Monoprice does the trick, providing 3D pass through, AND no need for power supplies.
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on April 21, 2012
When i first got them they did not work. I used old cat5e cable trying 100' run. No luck. Tried a shorter run with 25' that worked with cat 5e. So then i figured it was not the unit it was the cable indeed. Went on amazon ordered CableMatters 150ft Cat6a 550 MHz SSTP (Screened Shielded Twisted Pair) Snagless Patch Cable in Blue this did the trick. Then i tried running a 50' more of HDMI on one of the ends and yup still worked no delay. Will be using this on our Livestream boardcast at the Ukulele Festival Hawaii in July 22, 2012. Has solid feel on the picture. Will be using to hook up some GoPro hero2's up on the stage and crowd. We will be using a Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Production Switcher to hook up the go pro's and Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorder (With 18-200 Lens) and some sony Sony PMW-EX1 Professional Camcorder + Accessories. all 1080p type cameras....Great altertive for a Shoe string budget....
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on November 30, 2012
I remodeled my house and moved around my home theater system and ended up wanting my receiver about 30' away from my ceiling mounted projector.

I heard about "HDMI over Cat5" so I ran the nicest cat6 line I could buy 50' through my wall and attic from the receiver to the projector, and another 75' run from the receiver to my spare bedroom to eventually hook my PC up to my home theater.
I bought some cheap Monoprice wall plates and it didn't work. After looking at the box closer and reading some more I realized how dumb I had been, and that you need TWO cat6 lines for every HDMI signal you want to send! So I abandoned the idea of running the cable to my PC and just plugged both cat6 lines into the wall plate. Still nothing, now instead of no signal I got some static. I though, perhaps it is because I am running two different lengths. So I bought an extra 50' of cat6 and hooked it up together with the 50' in my wall. Still nothing! I gave up on HDMI over cat6 at this point and bought a 40' HDMI cable and resigned myself to hopefully 720p and running a fat hdmi cable through the wall (now that my remodel was almost finished I would need to punch holes in the wall and go through that all again).

One last time I looked at some forums for people having similar problems and I came across this item for 50$.
Worked perfect the first time in full 1080p and now I can go back to my original plan with my two wires already in the wall. This seriously saved the day, at a completely reasonable price. Incredibly! Five stars. No issues at all.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 20, 2012
ordered 1 of these to run 130ft over cat5e.
Didn't work at all. No signal.
Sad times.

so i was like "eh" maybe i tried running it too long.
Thing is I need it to run at least 120ft.
So I chalked it up to a defective unit.

Ordered a second one.
ordered some cat6 cable (150ft) and new hdmi cords (although i tested my other ones and they worked i figured order all new would be a good control) and still WILL NOT GO 150ft.

However when I did run it 10ft on a cheapo cat5 cable, it worked (although colors were a little off)

All in all, total waste of a week of my time and does NOT work up to 150ft.

Honestly the best part has been Amazon and how quick and painless the refunds have been.
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on January 27, 2017
Great solution to get a HDMI connection from one side of the house to the other. I cannot comment on whether or not audio works because I am using it with a video surveillance system. But the picture quality is great. I have eight video feeds running into my NVR and use this to get from the NVR across the house to the living room TV.
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