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on February 22, 2014
I noticed in the questions asked portion of this product page, confusion about how a 17" labtop can fit in a sleeve that is 15' in height. You measure your laptop screen on the DIAGONAL, not the height. I have a 17" Dell Inspiron N7110 and it fits my laptop perfectly. The fit is snug and that's what it should be. I would be nervous if it had room to wiggle around in there. Fits like a glove and I have a bit of space to throw some folders or paperwork in with the labtop. Been using this product since just over 2 years and it has held up great. I use it whenever I take my labtop out of my apartment and use it daily to sit my laptop on top of it while working or surfing the web. No issues with overheating of my laptop at all and I use it 12+ hours everyday. (Then again, I keep a small fan by laptop as well so there's that).

I enjoy the simple design of the product and that it is made out of neoprene - smooth fabric with no snags or bumps that my laptop can get caught on. My labtop goes in and out of the sleeve easily and stays put when it's in there. Easy to clean as well, just wipe with a damp cloth.

When I paid for this, it was 6.99 plus free shipping and even at the price now I would buy again. Well worth the price and has exceeded expectations. No cons to speak of and would recommend to a friend.
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on June 18, 2017
Protects my big laptop~

I have not dropped my laptop yet so I can't comment about its protection.

But it does seem to offer some protection.
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on January 17, 2013
Hi out there in "Amazonland" I first purchased just one for my HP Notebook for casual protection and quick trips with it in my backpack. It really keeps it clean and ding free. I also use it when I put it inside my "TARGUS" brief case style case. Between "TARGUS" excellent history of protection, and using this "SANOXY" Case gives it double excellent protection. It's been bang around by bus passengers, and even a wineo punched at it. He walked away with a broken hand. Had a Granite Tile Sample in the side case pocket of my "TARGUS" with "SANOXY". Between the two solid protection and "ZERO" damage! I also own a Toshiba Excite 10", and my Spouse a Kindle Fire HD 7". I discovered much to my pleasure that since I have two style of cases that I use with my Toshiba Tablet. I found that by putting it sideways with your case on your Tablet inside the "SANOXY" that you can fold it in half, and tuck the bottom into the top flap. I get double protection for the Tablet, and the same for my wife's Kindle since she really packs everything into here back pack for work. I wanted the extra protection for both the Tablet and Kindle Fire HD Screen. Keeping it looking good and well protected means a higher price on the resale market when the new versions of the Tablets come out. I am just really happy about it, it's a good product that performs well. I even had my Notebook in it under my pillow. Nice neck support, but I would recommend anyone to do it. I just didn't want it to slip off the bed and "bang" down to the floor. Been There, Done That. Been lucky so far, don't want to push my luck. Just remember if you put it in your backpack. Have the screen facing forward to protect your screen. Been on long Mountain Bike Trips using this case. Notebook is secured and works like a charm. Now I am using an extra case for my Tablet to take around. Same good results. Thank you to "SANOXY" for having this product to buy. Good price, and cheap insurance for both the Tablets & Notebooks! =^-^=
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on July 6, 2011
I just got a new Dell Inspiron N7010 (17"). She's pretty hefty and big, so when I read reviews about this cover not fitting so great, I took a chance. I figured if it covered MOST of the computer, it still had to be a bargain for $7.50. I was going to put it in the cover then put it in my backpack for school anyway, so it wasnt a huge issue if it didn't fit perfectly.

There were reviews about the cover fitting fine on a 17" computer and other reviews not so great. My computer fits snug and perfectly. Ya, the cover is stinky, but I sprayed Febreeze on it and put it outside for a few days! (Turn inside out and spray again when first side dries!) Quite a bargain for the money. I looked EVERYWHERE for a basic cover to fit my big mama and could not find one anywhere!! The one I did find at Office Max was a $50 piece of bulky luggage! This thick, protective neoprene sleeve is a definite must for protecting your computer. No zippers to scratch your computer and get rubbed against and scratched in a backpack.

I did look at other girly covers, with designs and butterflies, but I didn't feel the need to spend $25! Buy this one, you will not regret it. Because it came shipped from Amazon, I was eligible for free shipping on items over $25 so I purchased a bottle of perfume as well and got free shipping. It's like I went to the store and purchased it and didn't have to pay tax!

Another cool thing is that the cover is REVERSIBLE! You can sport it with a red cover or a black cover! The package arrived flat, and not bent or wrinkled. I hope you will enjoy your item! Nice product, great seller, awesome price ;)
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on July 23, 2012
I wanted to get a protective cover for my Dell laptop. I have had a terrible habit of going cheap because I won't step up to the plate, spend a few dollars more and get something that would be a lot better quality.

I figured that this would be "good enough" for what I wanted it for. Not. Sure you can slide a laptop into it, but it really takes some work. Also, if you think that it's going to "protect" it, think again. All this will do is just keep the dust off of your laptop, and that's it.

I found it to be actually pointless. We got this case back in 2010, and I probably used it a half dozen times. That was only to say that I had actually used it and didn't just waste money on a cover my husband told me was cheap. My husband tried to talk me out of it and wanted me to get something that would actually protect it if it fell or something. After almost 20 years of marriage, I am finally starting to see the light. Don't Go Cheap!! You'll pay for it in the long run!
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on February 16, 2013
It's kind of like a pillow case, and the opening scrunches up, when laptop is inserted. I bought 2. one for mine and one for my mom's laptop. Same results on both. I think my Laptop is 17.3" (as well as hers), and so I assumed (bad idea) that it'd fit perfectly. The description says 17". There is no such thing (or at least i've never seen
) an EXACT 17" laptop. If you look them up, They are usually 17.3 or 17.5. Something like that. (And if you notice the picture, it doesn't show it enclosing the ENTIRE LAPTOP. because they don't want you to see their poor calculations!) Poor design. It's not HORRIBLE, and it IS a good price compared to walmart/target/etc.'s similar models. The problem is the width wasn't taken into account. in addition to that 0.3" which is crucial from the looks of it.

I won't be returning it, because I only deal with returns if it's high priced or REALLY bad/Broken. And I rarely use it.

Unless you have an EXACT 17" inch laptop (not likely), then I would **NOT** recommend this.
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on March 10, 2010
For the price, This is a great way to add a layer of protection for your laptop. There's no snaps, zippers, or buckles to scratch your laptop. With that said, it's not really suited to travel with by itself. There's no pockets for cords or batteries, and no way to really secure the laptop inside the sleeve. I purchased a laptop bag Caselogic SNBP-17 17-Inch Canvas Lifestyle Backpack (Green), and the laptop compartment did not cover and protect my laptop to my preference. The sleeve really does a great job at keeping your laptop safe from potential scratches and dings while traveling. It's an amazing buy for what I need it for. FYI, I bought this sleeve for a Dell XPS Studio 16(Dimensions: 1.34" x 15.15" x 10.02" with 6-cell battery (H x W x D)). It is a comfy fit width-wise, and a REALLY snug fit length wise. This is not the first laptop sleeve I've purchased for my lappy, but it's been the closest fit thus far. Highly recommended!
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on August 1, 2013
This is an excellent deal because it gives my laptop a bit of protection and the price is very reasonable.

It's a bit of a stretch but it fits my Acer 17.3in laptop well enough to protect it from scratches and dust.

I like this "no-zipper" style because I can easily get my laptop in and out of it. I've tried other neoprene sleeves and this style works better than the messenger bag style for ease of getting the laptop in and out.

It does come with a nasty plastic smell but I've learned if I let them air out, the stench will eventually go away. The best way I found to kill the smell is to leave them in my car in the summer heat for a few days. I've tried leaving them hanging open indoors but that's not as effective as leaving them in a hot car.
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on July 16, 2011
I purchased one of these for my Dell Studio 1555, which is a widescreen unit (1080p - 1920 x 1080). The laptop's dimensions are 14.6 x 10 x 1.5". The cover is made of about 1/8" thick foam with a durable fabric finish inside and out. There is no zipper - the opening is across the width, 3.5 inches from one end. The flap overlaps this by an inch. Unstretched, the cover measures 15" x 12" (outside). My laptop fitted nicely. The cover could easily stretch an inch either widthwise and lengthwise.

The cover worked well during our month long trip through Europe during which we visited 5 countries and flew 5 times (including 3 within Europe). The opening across the width (not the length) was convenient as it permitted me to open my backpack and remove the laptop without pulling out the cover as well.

The foam padding is not very thick, so some extra padding (like a T-shirt) at the bottom of one's backpack is recommended, to protect against accidental dropping.
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on March 27, 2016
I have a 17 inch Toshiba HD widescreen laptop. And this sleeve is not made for it.There is too much room, and my laptop slides around in it. I think this may be made for 21 inch or larger screen laptops. While that hasn't really affected the protection of my laptop (that I know of), I would have preferred a better fit. I think that advertising this for 17 inch screen laptop is misleading to Amazon customers.
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