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on July 17, 2015
Updated April 2017: Added some photos. This is almost two years after installing them.

Originally, I didn't screw the mounting screw in deep enough, so one of them was hanging on one screw for a while, revealing it as a fake. I tightened all the screws and jammed both decoy cameras on there very tight -- they will not be moving any time soon.

Also, the Chamberlain motion sensors pointing down from the eaves is a really useful touch. It's a visual deterrent, and it does alert me if somebody (or the neighbors dog) comes up on my porch. It's a bit like an anti-stalker device.

-------------original review from 2015-------------------------
FYI: I protected it on both sides with Chamberlain drive-way motion sensors, pointed down from the eaves. I placed the base station for the motion sensors close enough to the doors inside that a potential thief will hear them beeping as he approaches the rear entry. Just one of several of things to freak out a potential burglar who approaches my back patio or garage door.

From a distance, the decoy camera with the two motions sensors three feet on each side is plenty to send a potential thief to the next house.

Happy protecting!
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on June 18, 2014
I read the reviews--some people said this thing looks fake with the flashing light so I just never put the battery in it. I had trouble mounting it on a brick wall because the spacing of the mounting screws had to be pretty exact so I made a template on paper to show the distance of the mounting screws, then calculated the angle to make it look as though the camera is facing the correct direction (in case of the unlikely event that anyone actually examines the device closely enough to see which direction the slightly visible "camera" is facing), then I mounted the mounting screws on pressure treated wood. Then it was easy to mount the pressure treated wood high enough on the brick wall to discourage casual interference (about nine or ten feet I guess). I used 3 inch screws through the pressure treated wood and into holes in the brick mortar filled with liquid nails. Before putting the presure treated wood I drilled a hole and put a one foot ethernet cable into the wall so that during installation it looked vaguely as if I was mounting a real camera. The problem is that I was unable to remove the ethernet cable before mounting the board--so the pressure treated wood is not completely flush. I don't believe all that matters though.

I hope this will keep my place looking pretty secure. Looks real enough to me hope it looks real enough to discourage the bad guys.
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on October 22, 2013
Others have written about how some of the fake cameras look fake, well this one looks just like the real one even when examined up close. Most of the dome can not be seen thru but just like the real ones, there is a clear opening where you can see what looks like a camera lens inside the dome. VERY realisitic! The only reason it did not rate 5 stars is that a paper template is needed so you can install the mounting screws in the right place. The screws have to be installed first then you fit the dome with the slots on the bottom over the screws and twist to tighten. Getting the screws perfectly aligned is difficult without a template, Suggest you make one prior to drilling any holes
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on February 16, 2014
Product I received looks very similar to the picture shown in current description. Black base has 4-1/2 inch diameter, total base/dome height is 3 inches. All-plastic construction, with small simulated camera lens and nearby red-flashing 'activation' LED. Black inner dome, shields back of 'camera' from view. Aim is fixed at about a 45 degree angle, so need to point in the general direction when hanging. Base has 2 opposing screw-slots to mount on wall/ceiling with a slight twist, so proper aiming takes a bit of planning (2 screws and optional plastic-anchors are included).

Unlike the description photo, my red LED is located on the base-side of the camera lens (instead of top-of-dome side as pictured). Dome is spring-loaded and can be pushed slightly into base. The product box mentions an ON/OFF switch here, but no switch exists. The motion-sensor mentioned behind the camera lens, also does not exist. When 2 AA batteries are installed, the red LED flashes steadily at a rate of about 1 second ON, 1 second OFF. Removing the base-plate shows 2-wires going from the battery compartment to the flashing LED, that's it for internal circuitry.

For the $4 price, I think it has a good appearance. The flashing light gives added realism in a lit area, while drawing attention in a dark area. With 24/7 flashing, I'll have to see how long a pair of batteries lasts before deciding whether this feature is actually worth using. The batteries are in the base, so the unit must be removed from the wall to replace the batteries.
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on January 6, 2013
This is totally plastic, no glass, so we clear coated it to protect it before hanging. The batteries are on the backside so do not put it up so high you have to climb like a monkey every time the batteries wear out. Keep that in mind. We placed it on a post off the upstairs deck so we can reach it easily from above. We also added black metallic paint around the rim as the black plastic looks hokey--with some paper and masking tape it t0ok 5 minutes to spray it, 20 to dry. Be sure and get the enamel paint spray for PLASTIC or it'll just peel off. NOW it looks official too. Look at REAL ones in your neighborhood or online and copy that look, even if you need a decal for a security company underneath it. Look up LOCAL security companies because burgulars know fake ones and they know fake 'names'. Change the logo a bit after you swipe it from the webpage and its ok. We shrank it down, placed it underneath with regular wood glue, and then clear coat sprayed over it. It has been there a while and looks quite official. So with a little creative effort, you CAN fool the bad guys.
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on February 11, 2015
I worked for a small retail store and sadly we had a huge problem with shrink (theft). Or store had real security cameras but only in certain areas. I ordered these because they look almost the same as the real thing. Placed these in the isles where we found most of the opened packaging from previous thefts, and our shrink issue dropped dramatically! We didn't even install the batteries to make them blink since the real cameras didn't have that function.
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You put batteries in this and stick it somewhere to convince someone you're monitoring an area. If it's far enough away, the red light might fool someone. I had to use that two-sided stickum stuff to mount it (easier than a bracket.) It takes 2 double A batteries. So, if you mount it, you have to be able to remove it (Command Strips might be the way to go.)

If you need extra "cameras" to spackle around to add security (or if you use this as the decoy and have the real video camera hidden away) it's cheap enough. Just--not great.
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on November 30, 2012
My downstairs neighbor had some problems with vandals and attempted break-in so I bought this little fake camera to deter and burglars. I also cut a little piece of wiring and taped it to the bottom of the camera and ran the wiring into the siding on my house so that it looks more official, like a real security camera. I would like to note that the item is a lot larger than it looks in the picture, it actually has a diameter of about 5-6 inches, so be ware that it is quite large (actually an advantage in my opinion because then it is more noticeable, which is the point of buying a fake security camera). The only reason that I gave 3/5 stars is that the blinking red light never worked from day one. I have read other reviews that say the same thing, so beware if you are looking to buy this for the blinking red light feature. Otherwise, it is a great deterrent and would have received 5/5 stars if the red light worked as advertised.
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on August 7, 2016
Love these!!!. Got one for front & back of house. I don't use the batteries, cause I don't want to be climbing the ladder changing batteries. I have one at the front door entryway corner 10' up, so you can't really examine it. I have had a few friends notice them & thought they were real. Had a security guy come out for estimate of a real camera, & he said "why do you want a camera here, you already have one"? I told him it was fake. I'm sure the battery, to make the red light flash would make it more realistic, but I as I said, I don't want to draw attention by climbing a ladder & changing the battery all the time.
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on September 2, 2015
I thought from the picture tat this had a tinted dome. It looked like an inexpensive source for a tinted dome. The dome is plastic, clear, with a mask inside. It works as described, unfortunately for me, not what I actually wanted. I did purchase another brand as well, at the same time, because the tints appeared differently in the pictures. The two cameras are identical except for the packaging and an internal on/off switch for the extra $.
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