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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 10, 2015
If you have a watch with a metal band with pins and need size adjustment, please get one of these - they pay for themselves in one use. I saved time and money by resizing my watches at home with this handy tool. It is quite easy and intuitive to use. Just place your watch band where there are pins on the blue plastic tool (as pictured in my photo), place the pin punch that fits (three are included to fit most watches) and gently tap it with the included hammer and pull out with your fingers on the other side when you get enough to grab it. I like to use the blue plastic side for less shock to the watch. And once you have taken away the links you want to get rid of, repeat the same steps but now with the pins inserting.

It is very easy once you actually do it. Now, friends even ask me to resize their watches sometimes.
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on November 6, 2014
Not as advertised. Not the tools pictured. Tools sent are missing pieces and won't work. This is straight up lying and ridiculous. I would like to contact the seller but I can't find where to do that. So I will say it here... Dear seller- I really hope you are planning on sending the rest of the pictured kit to me. The adjustable back remover tool is really not usable. It doesn't even have the tips on it, or the main body part for that matter. It's supposed to be 3piece but as you can see it's 2piece, if you can call it that. See picture below. It's a pathetic substitute. Also, the tool used to pry the back off watches is shown with a nice big yellow handle, easy to hold onto, and a 3 sided blade-like tip for easy opening. Not the case. In the picture it's the red handled piece, like a mini butter knife. The watch holder in the picture is black with a screw adjustable place to keep the watch in place. As you can see in the picture, that yellow thing is supposed to take its place. It's light weight and doesn't adjust or screw at all to keep anything in place. This is false advertising and not worth the money. The most expensive piece is missing. So SELLER, I'd like you to own up to this deceit and send me the actual tools pictured.
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on September 14, 2011
This is a very useful but poorly made product. It is the same as the $9.00 item except it has a case. There is no booklet to explain any of the tools but for the most part, one can figure them out, still, a small piece of paper explaining nomenclature and use would be a bit helpful. The most notable thing is that these are really ....junky tools. No other way to say it. They start to bend with very little pressure applied and a breaking point is not far off. Rough made and little or no precision. Before I broke any, I returned the item to Amazon. Looking at the rest of the tools offered here, they look to be of the same quality, or the lack there of. I would like to see Amazon find a fairly priced set with tools of just reasonable (HomeDepot) quality and a bit of instructions to go with them. They might have worked some and the kit holder is ...ok, so 2 stars instead of one. Can not recommend these.
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on July 4, 2012
This is the worst quality product I've purchased on amazon. Half the tools broke trying to adjust the band on a watch once. Do NOT buy this.
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on July 23, 2011
I recently paid $10 to have a few links removed from a Citizen watch and then the next day realized that the band was too tight. While observing the salesperson remove the links, I figured it couldn't be too difficult to do on my own with the proper tool. So rather than go back to the jewelry store to have it resized, I read a number of reviews and decided on the SE 5 piece watch bank link remover over the various punch type tools.

Since receiving the tool I have resized the Citizen watch as well as my new Orient Men's CEM65002D 'Blue Mako' Automatic Dive Watch. Both were really easy to size with a little practice. Previous reviewers have mentioned the lack of instructions, which are brief at best, but the tool is not tough to figure out. First, look at the back of the watch link and find the arrow which shows the direction the pin needs to be pushed. Place the watch band in the holder, finding a slot that keeps the watch band secure and make sure the pin is over a hole. Use the metal side of the hammer and the right size punch for the pin. Give it a few taps and the pin and link should be released. Repeat as needed to remove the desired number of links and then reverse the process to put the band back together using the plastic side of the hammer to avoid marring the surface of the band. Make sure that the pin is tapped and put back in the opposite direction of the arrow to reassemble the band. If you need a smaller adjustment after removing links, don't forget to look for the micro adjuster holes that are in a lot of watch clasps.

This is an easy to use, money saving tool that has already paid for itself! Highly recommended.
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on November 13, 2014
Junk, DONT buy, I guess thats what you get for the money, but at least should be the same as the picture posted.
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on July 21, 2009
I looked over all the options in the under $25 investment...
It is the most complete. I insisted on a box to keep everything neat
and orderly. Everything fits very tight in the foam, so some items are
tough to get in and out of their crevices. In time they will probably
cooperate better. Yes there are no instructures included; but there is
a beautiful card included in full color which tells where to get online
instructions. If you are a hobbyist I can's see how there is a better deal, especially if you take advantage of the supersaver shipping available
for this. PS: You really need most all of this stuff to do ANY useful work
on a watch band- hammer, pin press, jewelers screwdriver, case lifter knife... You'll be stuck if you don't have all the tools at hand.
I gave it 5 stars because for the money I think the quality is worth it.
Is it craftsman quality? No but it should last for its intended purpose.

If you don't get a card w/ the instructions, the site is [...].
I'm mechanically inclined so I figured out most of the tools I needed to use.
I've already resized several watch bands and replaced a half dozen batteries.
Its true the tools fit really tightly in the foam but I still like it. If I get annoyed I'll open the holes up a bit with a razor.
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on January 14, 2011
This little package was great. It was easy to use and self explanatory. Also, it was cheap. I was able to, after a little persistence and 15 minutes of pounding, take several links out of my Invicta watch...then put back a link because the watch band was too tight. Everything worked great, no problems.

A helpful suggestion: When working with link removal, try to work inside a tray or covered area (like a large piece of felt over the table). That way, when the little watch nails pop out, they don't go rolling off the table, and you don't waste several minutes groping around the floor/carpet for them.
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Having reviewed watches, and in particular bracelet-style watch bands for the Apple Watch, it became clear that it would make sense to invest in something like the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Pin Tool Kit. In theory, a kit like this would allow me to skip the jeweler or mall watch kiosk and do the same thing myself for a fraction of what it would cost to get just one watch band sized correctly to my wrist by someone else.

Fortunately, the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Pin Tool Kit delivered. I took the opportunity to do this during some downtime at a family Easter holiday visit and enlisted the help of my father. While you can do this by yourself, it's definitely good to have someone by your side to help you figure things out.

The kit comes with a dual-head hammer, with one metal side and one nylon side, a watch band holder, and three pin punches of various sizes. While I couldn't tell which pin punch was which, they're 0.8, 0.9, and 1.0 mm thickness; at least two of those sizes were definitely needed for the two watch bands I was doing.

The instructions are straightforward, but the actual process is dependent upon the watch band itself. Basically you place the band on the holder, select which link you want to remove, then hammer out the pin. You'll want to repeat the same process on the other side of the band, so the locking clip is centered on your wrist. In my case, I had to repeat the process on my two bands and remove two links each. After that, the sizing was spot on. Of course, putting the now separated links back together required some more thought - we didn't even use any of the tools to do that as they just sort of locked back into place themselves - but in the end, it all worked out great.

The only major issue that we ran into was the pins getting stuck on one of the watch bands. We grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled it the rest of the way out. Problem solved, but I suppose that's one other tool that could have probably been included, or at the very least maybe try and provide pin punches longer than 2 inches, which may have also resolved that particular issue.

My suggestion is to skip the trip out, get this kit, do it yourself, and pocket the extra money you would have otherwise spent. It's a rewarding experience once you figure it all out.
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on February 16, 2014
The delivery arrived on time. The problem of this product is that it is poorly made, (INFERIOR product that are made in China) the BLUE plastic that you can use to fix the band of your wristwatch is easily broken. I bought this primarily for that purpose. I just used it ONCE to adjust the length of my new wristwatch, removing just 2 links and it CRACKED and cannot be use again. I have to improvised in putting the pins back to the links. Please DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! BUYER BEWARE. Buy a different product not this SET if you don't want the hassle of returning this back to AMAZON.
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