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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 10, 2015
If you have a watch with a metal band with pins and need size adjustment, please get one of these - they pay for themselves in one use. I saved time and money by resizing my watches at home with this handy tool. It is quite easy and intuitive to use. Just place your watch band where there are pins on the blue plastic tool (as pictured in my photo), place the pin punch that fits (three are included to fit most watches) and gently tap it with the included hammer and pull out with your fingers on the other side when you get enough to grab it. I like to use the blue plastic side for less shock to the watch. And once you have taken away the links you want to get rid of, repeat the same steps but now with the pins inserting.

It is very easy once you actually do it. Now, friends even ask me to resize their watches sometimes.
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on November 6, 2014
Not as advertised. Not the tools pictured. Tools sent are missing pieces and won't work. This is straight up lying and ridiculous. I would like to contact the seller but I can't find where to do that. So I will say it here... Dear seller- I really hope you are planning on sending the rest of the pictured kit to me. The adjustable back remover tool is really not usable. It doesn't even have the tips on it, or the main body part for that matter. It's supposed to be 3piece but as you can see it's 2piece, if you can call it that. See picture below. It's a pathetic substitute. Also, the tool used to pry the back off watches is shown with a nice big yellow handle, easy to hold onto, and a 3 sided blade-like tip for easy opening. Not the case. In the picture it's the red handled piece, like a mini butter knife. The watch holder in the picture is black with a screw adjustable place to keep the watch in place. As you can see in the picture, that yellow thing is supposed to take its place. It's light weight and doesn't adjust or screw at all to keep anything in place. This is false advertising and not worth the money. The most expensive piece is missing. So SELLER, I'd like you to own up to this deceit and send me the actual tools pictured.
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on January 23, 2017
Great watch band link remover set! Comes with everything you need to take of the links at home. I ordered the 5 piece set and that is pretty much all you need. It comes with: a dual head hammer, watch band holder, and 3 pin punches. One of the pin punches was broken and it came off of the base but the other 2 were great.

For those who don't know how to remove the links it is very quite easy, following a youtube tutorial would probably do! Your watch should have arrows on the inside of the band. To remove links make sure the arrows are pointing down and place it in the watch band holder. You will use the pin puncher to hammer off the links that you don't want. To connect your watch together/ attach links turn your watch links around so the arrows face up and then hammer the pin back in place (again watch a youtube tutorial first before taking them off!)
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on December 6, 2009

1) It has tools for:
i) Adjusting your metal watch strap. (which I found VERY useful)
ii) Replacing the pin on your metal or leather watch strap.
iii) Unscrewing the tiny screws that might be securing your watch battery to its movement.

2) It comes in a case and that's VERY useful in keeping all the tiny parts together.

3) It comes with a whole set of watch strap pins...which I found very useful.

4) The little loupe is very good, surprisingly good magnification.


1) For adjusting your metal bracelet it has a blue plastic tool. This tool has metal pin. This metal pin works great for most brands like Citizen etc...but I found them not long enough for Tag and Omega.

2) It comes with a rudimentary two prong case wrench and that is pretty useless. Invest in a Jaxa type three prong wrench which is also sold on Amazon if you have many of those types of cases.

3) The case and liner could have been better.

4) The little knife thing used to pry open watch cases is pretty wimpy, its already bent from one use.
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on October 28, 2015
This is quite possibly the best $5.50 you will ever spend. This tool works like a charm. After getting quoted $20 by the local jeweler to remove links from a new watchband, I watched countless DIY Youtube videos about how to remove links from a watchband. None of those methods worked with my Citizens Ecodrive watch because it is a fine band with extremely small pins. As a last-ditch effort, I bought this tool. It WORKS. I mean, it works really, really well. I had low expectations, especially since this was the cheapest kit offered, but I was able to completely shorten the band in 10 minutes and even went back and removed another link to fine tune the fit. I will never take a watch to a jeweler to remove links again. This kit paid for itself three times over in a single use. It doens't include instructions, so watch a few of the DIY Youtube videos first, but in a nutshell, here are the steps:
1. Put the watch on your wrist and estimate how many links you'll need to remove (you can always adjust again if you guess wrong--it's tricky to get a good estimate because of the clasp)
2. Look at the inside of the band closest to the clasp and see the small arrow on each link--the arrow points in the direction in which you need to hammer out the pins
3. Place the band in the holder with the arrows pointing down and make sure the pin you want to hammer out is positioned over a hole.
4. Place one of the metal pin removers on top of the pin and hammer it with the metal end of the hammer. Tap gently at first and gradually increase pressure until you feel the pin give way and pop out. It should take two or maybe three strikes at most, once you get the hang of it.
5. Follow the same procedure to remove the pin closest to the clasp (make sure to hammer on a pin that has an arrow above it; some clasps have a link next to them that can't be removed)
6. Rejoin the links of the newly shortened band: Look at one of the pins and notice that one end is split and the other is not. Hold the band together and place the unsplit end into the link opposite the arrow (in other words, the side the pin fell out of). Tap gently with the metal end of the mallet until the pin is in place, and then hammer with the rubber end until the pin is flush with the band.
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on July 23, 2011
I recently paid $10 to have a few links removed from a Citizen watch and then the next day realized that the band was too tight. While observing the salesperson remove the links, I figured it couldn't be too difficult to do on my own with the proper tool. So rather than go back to the jewelry store to have it resized, I read a number of reviews and decided on the SE 5 piece watch bank link remover over the various punch type tools.

Since receiving the tool I have resized the Citizen watch as well as my new Orient Men's CEM65002D 'Blue Mako' Automatic Dive Watch. Both were really easy to size with a little practice. Previous reviewers have mentioned the lack of instructions, which are brief at best, but the tool is not tough to figure out. First, look at the back of the watch link and find the arrow which shows the direction the pin needs to be pushed. Place the watch band in the holder, finding a slot that keeps the watch band secure and make sure the pin is over a hole. Use the metal side of the hammer and the right size punch for the pin. Give it a few taps and the pin and link should be released. Repeat as needed to remove the desired number of links and then reverse the process to put the band back together using the plastic side of the hammer to avoid marring the surface of the band. Make sure that the pin is tapped and put back in the opposite direction of the arrow to reassemble the band. If you need a smaller adjustment after removing links, don't forget to look for the micro adjuster holes that are in a lot of watch clasps.

This is an easy to use, money saving tool that has already paid for itself! Highly recommended.
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on August 28, 2016
I bought a Hamilton watch with a stainless bracelet and knew I'd need to remove the links cuz I have girl wrists.

Watched 2 instructional youtube videos, cracked open the tool, laid out a towel and after a mostly careful 10 minutes, I had removed 4 links and my new bling fit perfectly.

For < $6 I don't think you can go wrong.

Hot Tip: If you want to store the kit in a plastic ziploc bag after use and are worried about the fragile tips of the pin removers like I was, cut out the plastic packaging they're shipped in and leave 'em taped inside that so the ends aren't easily broken off.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2015
I'd gotten a watch that was entirely too large and researched how to remove extra links. The techniques I learned from watching some videos - along with an eyeglass screwdriver and small hammer - worked very well. Then I got an Invicta watch that was similarly too large for me. I tried to employ those same methods and any number of different implements, including a tack, safety pin, paper clip, etc., but those pins just would not budge. I was sure that I'd have to take it in to a jeweler or watch shop just to get the links removed, when I happened upon this product listing. The pricetag was small and I thought I'd give it a try before admitting defeat, once and for all.

The product arrived, I put the watch in the holder, used the mallet to tap the pin tool into the appropriate spots, and..... those pins came out in mere seconds. The watch that I was sure that I'd have to take to a professional and pay to have those links taken out was fixed perfectly in a matter of - without exaggeration - 2 minutes.

I can't say enough about this product. It's amazingly effective for such a small amount of money. This is a kit that would come in handy for anyone who likes/wears/collects watches, and I highly recommend it.
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There's nothing wrong with taking a watch he just purchased to the watch repair guy to pay him 10 bucks in order to resize the bands. It's inexpensive and convenient.

However, there are two advantages to doing it yourself.

1. You can tweak the length of the band if you happen to change your mind and want it to be looser or tighter.
2. It's not all that hard to do, if you use a kit like this one. I had my 12 year do my watch band. Was problem.

I was easily able to pound out your four pins into the whole provided on the blue platform that's provided. I used a small lightweight hammer that was just about the right size and weight in order to do this. Note, that it would be very to perform the same maneuver using a full-size hammer given the size of the pin.

Once I have found a link that I liked I was able to connect ends the band and I was done.

Actually... Shortly after that I changed my mind, and I felt that I needed to tighten it up some more. So I removed another link and that was the end of that. And I was set to go.


I was glad that I did not have to drive back to a watch repair man only to have them charge me more money for changing my mind like that.
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on December 30, 2009
I bought this because it came with three punch sizes. My watch band has pins smaller than one mm. The others come with a number of punches, but don't say if they're different sizes or not. The descriptions just say they're spare punches.

I didn't get the one that worked like a press. I think using the small hammer and tapping gently gives more control than one of the press type tools. I like this because there's nothing to get out of alignment or jam. The only way to improve this would be to provide punch storage in the base.

It took me just a few minutes to remove two links from my watch band, one from each side of the clasp. The punches are 7/16" long, long enough to push the pins over half way out. The small hammer has a plastic face for driving the pins back in.

I also found a magnifying visor very helpful.


Addition to review. I've now used this to shorten three watch bands. The last was a women's watch that had pins that were very tight. I just kept tapping and the pins finally came out. Don't tap too hard, let the hammer do the work. The watch band holder has slots of different widths to handle different watch bands.


I just measured the pins I received with the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover. They measured as follows:
0.031 inch = 0.79 mm
0.035 inch = 0.89 mm
0.038 inch = 0.965 mm

I used a Starrett 120A-6 dial caliper like this one, Starrett Dial Caliper, American Made, Inch
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