Customer Reviews: SE JT6218 5-Piece Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set
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on January 14, 2011
This little package was great. It was easy to use and self explanatory. Also, it was cheap. I was able to, after a little persistence and 15 minutes of pounding, take several links out of my Invicta watch...then put back a link because the watch band was too tight. Everything worked great, no problems.

A helpful suggestion: When working with link removal, try to work inside a tray or covered area (like a large piece of felt over the table). That way, when the little watch nails pop out, they don't go rolling off the table, and you don't waste several minutes groping around the floor/carpet for them.
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on December 30, 2009
I bought this because it came with three punch sizes. My watch band has pins smaller than one mm. The others come with a number of punches, but don't say if they're different sizes or not. The descriptions just say they're spare punches.

I didn't get the one that worked like a press. I think using the small hammer and tapping gently gives more control than one of the press type tools. I like this because there's nothing to get out of alignment or jam. The only way to improve this would be to provide punch storage in the base.

It took me just a few minutes to remove two links from my watch band, one from each side of the clasp. The punches are 7/16" long, long enough to push the pins over half way out. The small hammer has a plastic face for driving the pins back in.

I also found a magnifying visor very helpful.


Addition to review. I've now used this to shorten three watch bands. The last was a women's watch that had pins that were very tight. I just kept tapping and the pins finally came out. Don't tap too hard, let the hammer do the work. The watch band holder has slots of different widths to handle different watch bands.


I just measured the pins I received with the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover. They measured as follows:
0.031 inch = 0.79 mm
0.035 inch = 0.89 mm
0.038 inch = 0.965 mm

I used a Starrett 120A-6 dial caliper like this one, Starrett Dial Caliper, American Made, Inch
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 10, 2015
If you have a watch with a metal band with pins and need size adjustment, please get one of these - they pay for themselves in one use. I saved time and money by resizing my watches at home with this handy tool. It is quite easy and intuitive to use. Just place your watch band where there are pins on the blue plastic tool (as pictured in my photo), place the pin punch that fits (three are included to fit most watches) and gently tap it with the included hammer and pull out with your fingers on the other side when you get enough to grab it. I like to use the blue plastic side for less shock to the watch. And once you have taken away the links you want to get rid of, repeat the same steps but now with the pins inserting.

It is very easy once you actually do it. Now, friends even ask me to resize their watches sometimes.
review image
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on July 23, 2011
I recently paid $10 to have a few links removed from a Citizen watch and then the next day realized that the band was too tight. While observing the salesperson remove the links, I figured it couldn't be too difficult to do on my own with the proper tool. So rather than go back to the jewelry store to have it resized, I read a number of reviews and decided on the SE 5 piece watch bank link remover over the various punch type tools.

Since receiving the tool I have resized the Citizen watch as well as my new Orient Men's CEM65002D 'Blue Mako' Automatic Dive Watch. Both were really easy to size with a little practice. Previous reviewers have mentioned the lack of instructions, which are brief at best, but the tool is not tough to figure out. First, look at the back of the watch link and find the arrow which shows the direction the pin needs to be pushed. Place the watch band in the holder, finding a slot that keeps the watch band secure and make sure the pin is over a hole. Use the metal side of the hammer and the right size punch for the pin. Give it a few taps and the pin and link should be released. Repeat as needed to remove the desired number of links and then reverse the process to put the band back together using the plastic side of the hammer to avoid marring the surface of the band. Make sure that the pin is tapped and put back in the opposite direction of the arrow to reassemble the band. If you need a smaller adjustment after removing links, don't forget to look for the micro adjuster holes that are in a lot of watch clasps.

This is an easy to use, money saving tool that has already paid for itself! Highly recommended.
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on April 22, 2010
This adjustment set worked like a charm on some of my watches, but for the watches in my collection that have particularly hard to remove link pins, this item fell flat on its face.

The wrist band holder is great, and fits all sizes of wrist band.

The mallet is easy to use and works well.

The punches are robust and do not bend easily.

I recommend purchasing this with the SE Watch Link Remover ( press style ), which is much better for harder to remove link pins.

Overall good quality set which can't be beat for the price.
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on May 20, 2012
I have a Casio watch with L shaped pins that have to be removed to adjust the watch band. I bent all three of the punches's pins before I finished adjusting my watch band. I found that a deliberate, firm tap works better than a rapid series of light taps, which seemed to accelerate the bending process. Silicone spray seemed to help removing and inserting the L-pins.

The hammer was well suited to the task.

The only use I had for the holder was as a base for pounding the punch pins straight. A vise grip worked better for me.

A word to the seller of this product. Please consider selling this set with an extra set of punches. It would make the difference using the set once vs multiple times. A single set does not give a newbie adequate time to experiment with different hammering techniques.
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on May 13, 2014
I just used this on my MK watch and it wasn't too hard to get out the links. The only bad thing about this, is the rubber blue part on the mini hammer, its not soft enough to absorb the impact when you hammer pack the link. If you are not careful you will scratch your watch, so just be extra careful.

this is well worth the price though, if you do not want to spend about 15$ to re-size your watch at the store.
review image
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VINE VOICEon October 19, 2011
I recently purchased a new Seiko watch from Amazon. The last time I ordered a watch online was about 15 years ago. The band was way too large. Took the watch the local jeweler and paid him five dollars to adjust the band, took all of 5 min. This time I thought I would do it a little differently, and adjust the band myself. The easy way to do it is to order a kit specifically designed to adjust this kind of watchband. After reading the reviews, and perusing the prices, I settled on the SE watchband link remover set for $5.69, or about $.69 more than I paid the jeweler 15 years ago.

Received the new watch and the link adjuster set in the same box about two days later. Before I even set the time on the new watch. I thought I would adjust the band (I like playing with my new toys). Took me all of maybe 10 min. and the band was adjusted to perfection. Not a real complicated procedure. Now, if I have to replace a watch I already have the tools to adjust the band and don't have to shell out money to get the band adjusted.

So, anyone looking for a new watch with the kind of stainless steel band that Seiko and others uses, this would be a money-saving addition.

On the downside, this set seems a little chintzy. But what you expect for under six dollars, and besides who cares, it did the trick quite nicely. If I adjust one more watchband with it will have more than paid for itself. Another plus is the convenience. I arrived at home about eight o'clock the evening it arrived and everything was closed. No jewelry stores open to adjust it, and I was leaving again early in the morning before they opened and I wanted to begin using my new watch immediately. With this kit I was able to do so. All in all a good purchase.
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on April 24, 2013
the pins are much too large for a Seiko band....they knock the collars through as well as the holding pins and the collars end up damaged....need a smaller pin insert and all in this kit are the same size and also damage and bend easily...better to spend another 10 bucks and get a better kit with a variety of size pins so you do not knock the collars through as well as the holding pins....even so be sure to read online how a Seiko band is different from other brands..
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When I first tried to use this link remover to remove a few links from this Invicta Women's 1215 Angel White Dial Red Plastic Watch I thought that the punches were too short because I could push them down through the link, but not get the pin out the other side due to the length of the punch and the size of the holder (too short). But even trying to pull the pin the rest of the way out with a pliers was impossible without breaking the watch band. I was so frustrated after a couple tries that I was ready to toss the whole thing in the garbage and give it a one star review. Or send it back. Then I read in one of the reviews here that the pins only push out in one direction. When I pounded the pin the rest of the way back in, turned the watch over and, using the little hammer started pushing it through the other way, it immediately popped out after hammering it maybe a quarter of the way out.

When I looked closely at the little tiny pin that I had just removed, I could see that there were some little ridge type things on the very end of the pin that hold it in, which makes sense, because otherwise the watchband would easily come apart with daily wear and movements. When you use the little punches to hammer it in from the correct side, once it gets the end with those little ridge thingies pushed out, the rest just pops out. It was then simple enough to remove a few links and put the band together by hammering the pins back in.

The little punches are supposed to be 3 different sizes but are all identical. It wasn't a problem for any of the watches I used it on. There were no instructions with the product. It referred to a website for instructions that were non-existant. Really, how difficult would it have been to include some simple instructions that would have saved me the frustration and bad language? The punches are also rather delicate and you can bend them pretty easily, but considering the cost, it isn't that big of a deal. If you only use this a couple of times it will pay for itself as opposed to taking the watch to a jeweler to have it done.
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