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on May 29, 2014
Where to begin. I received this today, and the first thing I need to say is it's roulette. Maybe you get a good one and maybe you don't. Maybe you should buy two, three, or four. I gave this item one star for the price point, and I gave it another star because one tip works. The problems start with what another reviewer had alluded to.

The threading for the tightening/loosening mechanism is terrible. Some of the threads have little 'burs' in them that just add to the already fatal flaw. I was unable to properly tighten the three round tips (you get three flat and three round tips) so every time I tried to put in one of the round tips it would constantly fall out. The flat tips seem to stay rather well and I was able to make due.

I plan on purchasing a pricier tool for this in the near future because while this tool has an amazing price, my time and patience are worth far more than $6.18.

For the price and the amount of 5* reviews it has I won't be surprised if this item keeps on selling, but I warn you that you may get a defective tool like myself, or you may get lucky. Buying a tool for a bit more $ may prove to be a wise investment not only for your watch, but your patience.
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on July 7, 2016
When I bought a new band for my wrist watch I also bought this spring bar tool. Having changed out watch bands on many watches over the years I know it's kind of a pain to get the spring bars compressed enough to remove an old watch band and to install a new one. With this tool I easily and quickly removed the old band without scratching my watch. Because my new band came with a self mounted spring bar compressor levers I didn't need the new tool to install the new band.
The new spring bar tool came with three differently sized v-shaped "blades" to compress spring bars. It also comes with three double end bits. One end of each has a small cylindrical shaft to push in on (compress) pins of spring bars where the mounting holes go all the way through the case mounts. The opposite ends of these bits are very small v-shaped blades for compression of very small spring bars. The ends of the tool handle have threaded compression screws that when tightened hold the blades and bits in place. The screws came excessively tightened and required considerable effort and grip to loosen. The bits and blades fit into the tool handle very snugly requiring a small pliers to push them in and pull them out. One of the blades is actually too wide for the compression screw to fit over and required the blade to be narrowed with a file. With the use of a file and the use of a pliers the tool is very useful to remove and reinstall the spring bars for a change in watch bands. Undoubtedly by using the tool and changing out the blades and bits over time they will be easier to change out.
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on July 8, 2015
Great tool! Used it to swap out my Seiko strap for a new leather one. I was able to easily change them out in just a couple of minutes. Highly recommended if you plan on swapping straps often.
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This tool is awesome, im 65 yrs old ive had a lot of watches, one reason i went to pocket watches is size im a big guy, line backer size and retailers never put bands on wristwatches that fit guys like me so we have to buy bands that will fit or expand to fit next problem is removing the old and putting on new, big guy big hands never an easy job so i use pocket watches. found a wrist watch i love so needed a new band, when i saw this tool i had my doubts!! suprise the tool works and it works well plus they send a set of replacement parts with it, i mean i lose things so that was a plus. yessir a great tool and every thing went perfectly. i have four other watches needing new bands and im not afraid to do it now and i know ill not be tossing because i cant do it. thank you GGI.
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I use this tool mostly as a pick. The pick was blunt and I rotated it on a diamond coated sharpening pad to put a nice point on the pick end. This makes it handy for many tasks where you need to prick something, get under a thread or any other use where a point is needed. This Spring Bar Tool Set - 5in., 7 Pc, is a handy little pic, spring bar tool about as long as my gaming mouse, I keep it at my computer desk or for the workbench/fly-tying table next to it. You can reach for this little tool if you need a pick, a scraper or a small pry tool. I like it. The diamond machined grip is secure in the hand and the extra tips are going to make this tool still valuable when I happen to break one while using. Wish there were replacements. SE should provide extras to buy.
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on April 10, 2017
Love, love this nice quality tool. Fast shipping too. Thanks. Never again will I have to slink into a jewelry store and ask the jeweler to replace my watch band. Since I usually buy them from a non-local jeweler because my town doesn't know what a high grade watch band looks like and wouldn't have a 13mm let alone a long band if their life depended on it. I feel bad about asking because they don't charge for it. So now I'm freeee.
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on April 5, 2017
The spring pin that attaches the wristband to the watch face on my new watch popped out and though I found the little thing I wasn't able to put it back in and reattach the band. Since I live pretty far away from any watch repair locations and didn't want to spend too much money on such a simple procedure I decided to buy this tool. It was fairly inexpensive and arrived within the time expected. At first, I wasn't sure how to use it or if it would work any better than my fingers but once I got the hang of it, I was able to pop the pin back in very easily so it definitely served its purpose. The tool is very sturdy and has a nice grip. It comes with 4 replacement parts which can be screwed into either end though as a watch repair novice I honestly don't know why you would need them or if there's any difference between them. I plan to hold on to it in case of future watch emergencies.
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on May 22, 2016
I never knew how much I needed a spring bar tool until I started wearing a Pebble, and wanting to swap out the strap fairly often. I know quick release bands are starting to become more prevalent but for those bands that don't use quick release or something like a NATO strap, it's really handy to have this tool around. Any spring bar tool will do, but I like this because of the many pieces you can swap out to adjust for whatever you're trying to do. I even use this tool for things that require precision like removing very small adhesive that is hard to maneuver with just your fingers (I know kind of random, but it's true and it worked).
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on April 30, 2017
I got this kit to help me change out straps on a Seiko 6309 "Turtle" watch. I bought it new in 1985 and it has been sitting in a drawer for many years. With the reissue of a new version of the Turtle watch by Seiko, I thought I would start wearing mine again. It is still in great shape, it just needed a new strap. I have used small pocketknife blades in the past to change straps out. However, that I snot always easy, especially with the 22mm strap on the Seiko 6309. This tool, with the right tip, makes quick work of changing the strap. It takes almost no time to remove/replace the spring bar. I am glad I spent the money on this kit. It definitely makes changing straps/springbars very easy! I recommend this to anyone who does not have one in your toolbox.
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on January 25, 2016
I used this tool to take the band off my watch so that I could replace the battery. It definitely would have been near impossible to remove the spring bars without this tool. Other reviewers have said that theirs broke so they couldn't use it. Although it worked just fine the one time I used it to remove my watch band, the item does seem a little cheap and I'm not sure how many times I could have used it before it will break. Hopefully not too many.
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