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on November 17, 2011
I bought 4 and wasn't expecting much for $2.47 + free delivery.
So the first thing I did is to check both the compass and thermometer readings.

Surprisingly, the compass pointed more or less the same as the excellent
SE Lensatic Compass

I repeated the test facing different direction and the compass always went towards N to within +/-15 degrees. But after few tries it would settle on the correct N to within +/-5 degrees. So don't trust the first reading but try 3-5 times to find the general (not right) N.

The reading is again to with +/- 2 degrees with the excellent
LCD Display Temperature and Humidity Meter with Alarm Clock Hygrometer

The reading is in C not F so be ready for some mental arithmetic :)

Produces bright and very useful ~30 degrees cone of smooth light. Not useless pointy.
It don't expect the battery to last long though. So use only when necessary.

Once I was asked if someone reflects a beam of light from at someone on the Moon then suddenly deflect the mirror to point at someone on Mar (within 0.5 second), would he then be breaking the maximum Speed of light (c) and be able to transmit information from Moon to Mar faster then c?

It is a mirror, so don't criticize its size but its reflectivity which is more than good enough to attract attention.

Once again the light is diffused and not focused enough for making fire but good enough as an emergency for reading the small numbers on the back cover of the De Vinci Code thriller.

Loud enough but wish it can produce animal sounds too, to attract deers :) You see I just bought the hunting watch:
Casio Men's PAS410B-5V Pathfinder Moon Phase Hunting Timer Watch
for its moon phase and sunrise/sunset timings and best deer spotting (hunting for others) times.
The fishing one does the same except it is $5 cheaper.

PS: The answer to the breaking of speed of light can be found at [...] :)

Peace to all ...
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on October 2, 2012
Compass: 3
Swings back and forth a long time before settles on what it thinks is north, which turns out to be about 10 or 20 degrees off from magnetic north per my Silva Model 26, so best to use the compass as a general reference only.

Light: 4
Very bright. Have to hold the on button in to keep it lit, but that's okay, the battery will last longer that way. To change batteries have to remove and replace a very small cross-headed screw, so if plan to use enough to have extra batteries along should bring along a small phillips screwdriver too. Also some tape in case the tiny screw is lost in the tall grass or whatever.

Whistle: 3
Makes more of a loud recorder sound, not really very shrill-sounding. Interestingly, will play 3 different tones: G (open string on guitar) when blow a bit harder then when normally breathing out; Bb (3rd fret on G string) when blow harder like blowing out a candle; C (6th fret) when blow as hard as possible.

Storage compartment: 2
Pretty small as other reviewers have noted.

Thermometer: 2
Has a small bubble but not too much of a problem as I just move it out of the way. Is in Celsius and Farenheit. Celsius scale is marked in 2.5 degrees increments and numbered every 10 degrees. There are no separate markings for Farenheit - it is merely numbered at the equivalent Celsius marks e.g. 23 F is numbered at the -5 deg. C. mark, 77 F at the 25 C mark, etc.

Magnifier: 3
About .75" diameter. Might be able to concentrate sun's rays enough to be a fire starter. Not sure. Will have to test.

Mirror: 2
Also about .75" diameter. Set very far back of a high collar so may not be too good as a signal mirror.

Overall average: 2.7, so 3 stars.
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on December 13, 2016
I was so excited to find these, but not half as excited as the thirteen Tiger Scouts who got them for Christmas! The boys do a lot of hiking and camping, and one of their requirements is to put together a hiking pack with the six essentials, a survival whistle being one of them. This thing is so cool... it is not only a whistle, but a flashlight, compass, mirror, magnifying glass, and it tells you the temperature. I highly recommend this for little adventurers or Scouts!
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on May 10, 2011
In order that the 6-in-1 are mentioned in the Product Description:

Whistle - WORKS, is not too high a pitch, exhaust vent blows air up your nose

Magnifying Glass - WORKS, may be good for starting a fire or for reading details on a stamp or coin BUT I wouldn't want to use it to read much more than that

Signal Mirror - WORKS BUT is very small and probably hard to see from a distance, is contained inside meaning it will probably stay clean & scratch-free

Compass - DOES NOT WORK, possibly because the battery for the LED light is positioned too close to it although removing the LED light barely increases accuracy

Thermometer - DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK, is in Celsius instead of Ferenheight [sic] as the description says, conversion shows it to be more than just a few degrees off no matter which scale is used

LED Flashlight - WORKS, is bright, BUT you have to hold the button down the entire time to keep it on, changing the battery will be very inconvenient and you need a small phillips-head to remove the light and get at the battery

Does not come with any instructions of any kind, so changing the battery will be a bit of a guessing game. I don't know if I would call it "very good quality", but it does seem solidly made for the "toy-level" item that it is. Did not come packaged in a blister-card.

Ultimately, I will keep this item, in part because the LED light is bright and just as much so because I am too lazy to go through the process of returning it. If it breaks or I lose it or something, I will look for something better, even if it costs a little more.

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on March 6, 2014
Pretty good little survival whistle - I hope I never have to use it & that IF I need it I'll have it handy.
The plastic is sturdy stuff.

The compass is quite small but Hey -- ON A WHISTLE!
You have to hold it very still to have the compass work but work it does!

Temperature does pretty good but it is hard to see -- small & still -- ON A WHISTLE

And the little flashlight works too yep... small but -- ON A WHISTLE

The storage is tiny - no, I will NOT say it again! HA!

The little magnifying glass is small - I haven't tried to start a fire w/it yet - WINTER!
Not going outside to try it! Dare say it will work.

The Whistle is a mellow sounding one. Nice sound loud but Does NOT scream 911, and this is the only thing I would have changed.
Maybe it could have been a bit louder pitch or more jangling on the nerves.
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on July 16, 2015
Battery for the light was very low. I think its been sitting in a warehouse some place too long. No worth returning. It's "big" Very Big.. will probably pack it but not wear it. Black center ring is a magnifying glass which separates from Whistle part and the compass, thermometer part the numeric printing for the compass and thermometer are suprising tiny (very tiny) and hard to read. Compass and thermometer are both in liquid, but they are so small that the viscou currents make it very hard to get a true direction.. did I mention the print is so tiny even the magnifying glass doesn't help much?
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on September 21, 2012
Just received this in the mail from CHINA! Took a few minutes and then had to check the description online to make sure it had the magnifier. It does, you just have to fiddle with it a bit. The compass points to north sometimes. Holding the whistle end directly toward me or directly away showed north. Holding the item parallel to my body did not show north. I think this is a handy little item that has a few features that might help, but am thinking that it would be more of an item that my grandkids would get a kick out of vs. using it as a serious dependable item. It is cheaply made, from China, thinking this would be a good item to sell at a dollar store. The secret compartment is extremely small; not sure what I can put in there. The LED flashlight works great (right now). Not sure what to think of the thermometer as it is in Celsius. I suppose that will be something I need to learn - translating Fahrenheit to Celsius. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.
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on April 16, 2017
Our grand son loved it. A lot of gadgets for a small price. Really nice, we would buy it again.
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on May 11, 2012
I've been putting together some items that may be useful for emergencies. I've seen survival programs on the TV where people who were in life and death situations. Lost in the middle of nowhere and desperate to draw attention to themselves. If a person who was very weak from their experience and at deaths door, had this whistle, it may save their life. It doesn't cost much and it has a compass which is handy. It also has a small light, which is great. When I unscrewed it I found a tiny round mirror, a fire could probably be started with it. You could probably buy better items that are in this whistle, but they would be larger. This has everything together and you can put it around your neck. I hope I never need it, but I feel safer having it. I also bought an emergency sleeping bag, which could also save your life in an emergency.

Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Bag, Emergency Zone Brand, Reflective Blanket
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on May 5, 2011
Well, this would be good as a kid's toy; as an extra item like a stocking stuffer or extra item in the Easter basket; for a junior explorer aged 4-5, but that's it. Once they've blown the whistle a couple times, well you'll find a hiding place for it and your little explorer will now have a real adventure hunting this little treasure.

The compass is off by a bit, at least with this unit. True North reads as NNW. The flash light doesn't light the ground three feet down. So, if you're 4.0 ft. tall, you've got a one foot beam of light ahead of your feet before you trip over something. The reflective mirror, once you've disassembled the thing, is bigger than a nickel and smaller than a quarter. So, if you're in a wooded area, pray, if you're in the desert, panic. After that, well if a true emergency arises, your life is on the line and this is what you thought was going to get you through...maybe you shouldn't have gone there in the first place.
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