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Poor construction! The SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover with 5 Pins may be cheap, but it is also very cheaply made. The only reason why I didn't give it one star is the fact that it saved me the trip to the jewelry store to have my new watch band adjusted. At first, it left me puzzled... Why would it include 5 pins? I learned soon enough, the pins are made out of cheap, pliable metal and bend easily. I ended up wasting all five trying to remove three links from my watch band. The pins were also slightly wider than the band openings that hold the links together and I had hard time driving them into the openings. The watch link remover itself is made out of cheap plastic and is very flimsy. It fell apart a few times while I was trying to remove the links (see the picture attached to the review). I'm not sure if there's a good alternative product to this one, but I would definitely stay away from SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover... with 5 Pins.
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on September 27, 2010
I saw mixed reviews on this before buying, but it looked exactly like one I saw someone use in a department store, so I thought it'd be OK for under $10 shipped. I wish I'd gotten something else.

Two major problems
1) Today's thicker (men's) watchbands will just barely fit into the slot. (Note to reseller: more product info would help here.) But then you can't see the alignment of the pin remover with where it makes contact with the pin on the watch. I broke a few pins on the remover just trying to line things up.

2) Just as important, the pin on the remover wobbles as you screw it in toward the watch band. (It's VERY loose.) It's like trying to twist a corkscrew, into a narrow space in which you can't see, and have the point on the corkscrew hit the head of a pin dead on. If you're off, the remover-pin will snap ... which mine did repeatedly.

Don't bother with this product.
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on July 25, 2012
I ordered this tool because of the prior reviews and the economical price. I did not know what to expect from the tool since I have never purchased a tool like it before. I purchased two Citizen watches and I needed to adjust their bands because the bands were to large for my wrist. I figured if it does not work, I'll just take the watches to a jeweler and eat the cost. But having never adjusted a watch band ever, I was surprised at how easy and simple it was. I was able to adjust the bands in less than 10 minutes for the first watch. Once I figured out what I needed to do with the first watch, the second watch took less than two minutes. The trick to a successful adjustment, I feel, is taking your time and gently use the tool. If you encounter to much resistance pushing out the pin, it is more than likely the pin-bit isn't properly aligned with the pin hole or the watch band isn't aligned well on the device. Make sure were the pin exits from the opposite side of the band is aligned with the grove on the other side. Once you have a good alignment, the pin-bit is able to remove the pins that bind the band segments quickly and with no force. I was able to gently remove them and quickly.

The tool is made of cheap plastic, but unless one plans to adjust many watches, its sufficient to get the pins out without much fuss. I gave it five stars because of how economical it was. I'll probably won't have any more use for it unless I decided not to keep a watch, but its not likely.
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on December 28, 2017
First pin broke on the first push. Second and third broke along the line.
The handle literally broke in-two on the last link I needed removed. The actual tool inside the handle is actually fine.
You're better off breaking it open as soon as you get it and just using the tool and not the plastic s***.
2 stars because the tool works fine in conjunction with slight taps from a mallet or hammer.
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on January 5, 2018
If you've got some rather stiff pins it won't hold up without forcing the mechanism together with your hands.

Although it has worked!, I won't take that away from it. It's pretty handy actually.

It's saved me many trips to the jeweler and made me the savior of anyone who got a watch as a gift near me, haha.
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on April 11, 2011
I have removed links from watches before with make do tools and trust me I am not a handy person; I wanted one specifically for this. This tool works but i would think it would work best with watches that open all the way as opposed to the kind of watches that you have to slip on over your hand. I would think that type of watch would take a little more fussing to get it steady on the tool. For the price it is definitely worth it; it beats going to the watch hospital and paying ten dollars or more to size a watch if you love watches like i do and buy alot of them!!
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on January 7, 2018
I'm so disappointed with this product. It's cheaply made of plastic and the pins are so soft that it breaks easily. I ended up using a push pin and a plier just to adjust the strap of my watch.
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on December 8, 2014
Works fine for most watches. It is somewhat flimsy and will bend the pins if you're not careful. Keep in mind it also fits most of your watches and definitely gets the job done, but at the same time it can't accommodate the modern style with extremely wide bands.
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on May 16, 2017
The link remover is OK for under $5. My diver's watch band was too big for the plastic housing but the punch used to remove the links worked fine when I removed it from the housing and simply pushed onto the pin holes.
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on June 14, 2015
its okay, i guess. I wasnt able to use it as the band that I bought along with this was so horrible I couldnt put it on my watch. but it comes with 5 extra pins, all the same size.
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