Customer Reviews: SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover with 5 Pins
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Size: 5 Pins|Change
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on December 20, 2009
To start, yes, this is cheap. If you are paying $3.50 to try to size your own watch instead of spending $10 at a local jeweler, chances are you are cheap too (as am I :).

The question isn't is it cheap...the question is, does it do the job you want it to. The short answer is yes. It worked extremely well for me. Does the pin remover wiggle? Yes. Just take a minute and line it up. Also, make sure you are pushing the pins straight through and not at an angle (basic physics here...duh, right?). I didn't even break any of the pins (something I have heard some people complain about)...I think this is less likely if you do a good job of lining the pin pusher up with the pins.

One of the reviews mentioned that it was hard to see the alignment of the watch pins and the pin pusher. While this is true, I don't understand how this is a strike against the product. Have you seen the size of the pins on your watch? If you think that somehow this is the fault of this product, I think your expectations may be a bit high. If you have trouble seeing small things, I would just suggest not doing the work yourself.

If you are at all mechanically inclined, you won't have a problem using this. Just make sure you use your patience too.

I would definitely purchase this again. Even if this fell apart tomorrow, it was still cheaper than going to a jeweler, and I really enjoyed doing the work myself.
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on May 15, 2009
Just used this to resize two watch bands and it worked great, took about 3-5 minutes each. Granted, you have to be technical minded, pay attention to the direction of the arrows on your watch band to know which way to push the pin through and line up the pin tap with the hole on the band link. If eyesight is an issue, a steady hand is not available or finesse is not your thing, I'd recommend taking your watch to a jeweler to avoid frustration.
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on August 12, 2008
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on May 5, 2010
I just received this, and after 5 minutes my watch fits perfectly! This pin remover has already paid for itself -- it would have been at least $5 to get the links removed professionally, plus the cost of gas. Even if it hadn't paid for itself so quickly, it would have been worth it due to the time savings alone.

It doesn't come with instructions, but I was able to figure it out very quickly despite having no experience with these things. Like previous reviewers mentioned, the pin must be pushed in the direction of the arrow (assuming your watch has arrows). The vertical alignment (watch pin to tool pin) is very important, but you can easily adjust that with the metal screw on the side... it looks like it's moving only horizontally, but it actually allows precision adjustment in the vertical direction. You can use the tool to push the pins back in.

When I was looking for something like this on Amazon, I almost bought a whole watch repair kit because I wasn't really sure what I needed. If you only need to remove/add links, this is all you need!
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I have an Invicta watch that I received and it was WAY too big when I got it. I didnt' want to take it down to my local store and have them charge me $15 to resize it so I ordered this tool and it worked perfectly.

I do have a complaint though...

The points you screw on to push the pin out, on mine they screwed on straight, but the dial you turned to push it into the hole on the link was NOT straight so as you spun it the point was spinning off center. It made lining up the hold with the point very difficult.

Once I got the point into the hole I had no issues at all, just took a little extra focus, but I saved money so It was not that big of a deal.

Do note, at least on the Invicta watch, on the back side of the links are arrows, it points in the direction the link pin pushes out, if you push the opposite direction of the arrows the pin will NOT come out and you'll probably break one of the tips on the pusher tool.

That being said, it does come with multiple tips which is a good thing. Another bad thing, no directions come with this tool. You need to find them online.

If you have a watch and need to resize it, this works, there are more expensive ones you can get but why would you?
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on January 19, 2015
Great item for the price, and works as intended.

The one major downfall is that watches with wide bands MAY not fit within the area designated. I was just barely able to fit my watch band into the channel.
I am attaching a photo, the width of this space is just about 7/8" wide.
Buyers, be aware that if your watch band is wider than 7/8" wide, you will not be able to fit your band into the item for link removal.
review image
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on October 26, 2009
First a word aboud the vendor-(Micro-Tools) was great. The package shipped very quickly, and communication was very good.

Alhough the price for this item has jumped up since I purchased it, It's still not a bad deal. My husband and I had both received watches through the mail, and both bands needed adjusting. My last watch ordered through the mail lasted eight years, and for all that time it flopped around on my wrist since I never got around to taking it in to be adjusted.

This little tool works really well, and it takes maybe 10 mintues to resize a watchband. Most of that time is trying to see the pin on the adjustment tool--get a good light and your reading glasses. There are no instructions provided, although there was a sticker on the package with a link to online instructions. There are better instructions out there--google "resize watch band". You just have to make sure that you're pushing the pin in the right direction to remove it (the watch band has an arrow on the bottom to show the direction the pin will go.) To replace the pin, you need to go in the opposite direction (against the arrow) and put the narrow end of the pin in first.

You also might need a small pair of pliers to pull the pin completely free of the band, and a small hammer to tap it all the way back in place.

I was able to resize 2 watchbands in less time than it would have taken to drive out to get them done, and now I have the tool if they need to be resized. Very happy with this.
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on June 1, 2012
Wasn't sure so I ordered two different watch pin removal tools. This one stinks. One of the pictures makes you think it will push the pin out most of the way. I did read a review that said you need to pull the pin out and they are correct. The unit is hard to see were to start, but not that bad. They should have made the push longer and the unit a little bigger. It is usable, but you are better off getting the SE Watch Band Link Remover Set (5 Piece Set). Comes with a base, smaller hammer and nice long pins. Couple of light taps and most pins are out, no pulling required and it's easy to line up the pin as the band is on it's side. I'm going to return this one.
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on March 7, 2009
Paid for itself upon arrival! Bought my wife a nice watch for our anniversary and of course the band was too large. This little gizmo worked flawlessly. Even better, two days later my wife felt she wanted the watch a little tighter. 1, 2, 3 and she was set. No trip to the jeweler, and no additional $$$$.

By the way, others have commented that they initially broke the device's removal pins. My recommendations to avoid this include:

1. Look closely at the watch band's links. Most will have an arrow pointing to which direction you should remove the link pin.

2. Be sure to carefully line up the device pin to the link pin you are going to remove (Don't be vain. Get out the magnifine glass if you need it!).

If you get significant resistance you've either started from the wrong side or you are not properly lined up!
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on December 22, 2009
It is totally worth the price. Its cheap, quick and easy to use. I had to remove 4 pins and put two of them back in to re-size my watch. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes.

The product has a website for instructions but there's a short youtube video showing how to use a similar product which I found to be more helpful (search for "Watch Pin Remover" on youtube) . It really is as simple as it looks on the video. Align the pin remover from the tool with the pin of the watch you need to remove and rotate the handle to push the pin out. Make sure you know which direction you need to push to get the pin out (as others have mentioned, most watches have arrow markings on the underside of the band).

I am extremely satisfied with this product!
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