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on March 13, 2017
This worked all right the first time I used it. The pin was really stuck and I needed a pair of pliers and a lot of muscle to work it out. But you have to remove and replace several pins to shorten the bracelet on a watch.

The remover is shaped the right way, but the construction is so flimsy that it was broken by the time I got near the end, and for the last pin, I was not only using the device, but holding it together with my hands at the same time. By the time I got the last pin out, it was just a pile of little pieces.
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I have an Invicta watch that I received and it was WAY too big when I got it. I didnt' want to take it down to my local store and have them charge me $15 to resize it so I ordered this tool and it worked perfectly.

I do have a complaint though...

The points you screw on to push the pin out, on mine they screwed on straight, but the dial you turned to push it into the hole on the link was NOT straight so as you spun it the point was spinning off center. It made lining up the hold with the point very difficult.

Once I got the point into the hole I had no issues at all, just took a little extra focus, but I saved money so It was not that big of a deal.

Do note, at least on the Invicta watch, on the back side of the links are arrows, it points in the direction the link pin pushes out, if you push the opposite direction of the arrows the pin will NOT come out and you'll probably break one of the tips on the pusher tool.

That being said, it does come with multiple tips which is a good thing. Another bad thing, no directions come with this tool. You need to find them online.

If you have a watch and need to resize it, this works, there are more expensive ones you can get but why would you?
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on October 14, 2015
I bought this tool based on the decent customer ratings it had which suggested that it has some issues, but it still do it's job. Well, I was almost right - I managed in the end to resize 1 bracelet, but it was a close call.
First, the general look: the tool looks and feels cheap (to be honest, it is), but the biggest problem is that the blue color wears off - so be careful not to stain something. After about 10 minutes of using it my hands were bluish and it took a few washing sessions to get rid of that.
Second, the functionality: the pins are not very well fastened to the central piston so when you screw it in the tip of the pin rotates in a circle. This can make you miss the exact point on the bracelet that you target and could potentially scratch the bracelet. The pins are also not very strong - I managed to bend 4 of them just by resizing one bracelet (I had to undo 4 links).
Lastly, the plastic this tool is made of is not very rigid - it was bending and I was really afraid it will break in my hands. For the last pin I discarded the tool altogether and used a small hammer to push the pin.
To conclude: I did manage to resize my watch bracelet, but the tool is basically worthless now since it's out of pins. Maybe my watch has some really strong links, but I wouldn't buy this again.
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on February 6, 2014
Like most men, I like to think of myself as pretty, as someone who is made to look even more spectacular by the jewelry and accessories that I wear. All right, not really, but I do wear several manly bracelets and watches.

The problem comes in with the fact that I've been losing a lot of weight lately. Which means my forearms and wrists are getting smaller, so my bracelets and watches are starting to flop around on my wrists like a pit bull's dog collar being used on a chihuahua. It just didn't work. Since I didn't want to waste money or time taking them all to the jewelry store, I decided to head to Amazon and see what I could find.

Which turned out to be this. It looks straight-forward enough at first glance, but it did take several attempts before I could get it working just right. Once I figured out how to get the bracelet/watch band set just right on the base, it worked with a great deal of ease. Using my manly man hands, I was able to fix the sizing on three bracelets and two watch bands.

This was a great purchase. I've got it set aside so I don't lose it because I plan to keep losing weight and will want to make sure my accessories are still accentuating my good side, not flopping like a wounded fish.
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on June 16, 2017
Cheaply made and cheaply priced. If you kinda understand what you are doing it gets the job done. A good choice if you only buy a new watch every couple of years. Just make sure the pin pusher is aligned straight in before you start pushing. I was able to push out 8 or 9 pins on my wife's watches without breaking a pin. Just take it slow. I used a pocketknife blade under the band to raise it up to vertical center of the pusher pin.
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on July 25, 2012
I ordered this tool because of the prior reviews and the economical price. I did not know what to expect from the tool since I have never purchased a tool like it before. I purchased two Citizen watches and I needed to adjust their bands because the bands were to large for my wrist. I figured if it does not work, I'll just take the watches to a jeweler and eat the cost. But having never adjusted a watch band ever, I was surprised at how easy and simple it was. I was able to adjust the bands in less than 10 minutes for the first watch. Once I figured out what I needed to do with the first watch, the second watch took less than two minutes. The trick to a successful adjustment, I feel, is taking your time and gently use the tool. If you encounter to much resistance pushing out the pin, it is more than likely the pin-bit isn't properly aligned with the pin hole or the watch band isn't aligned well on the device. Make sure were the pin exits from the opposite side of the band is aligned with the grove on the other side. Once you have a good alignment, the pin-bit is able to remove the pins that bind the band segments quickly and with no force. I was able to gently remove them and quickly.

The tool is made of cheap plastic, but unless one plans to adjust many watches, its sufficient to get the pins out without much fuss. I gave it five stars because of how economical it was. I'll probably won't have any more use for it unless I decided not to keep a watch, but its not likely.
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on March 6, 2016
WORST PRODUCT EVER. This is a waste of money. My wife had surprised me with a watch and I was really excited to try it on, so I ordered this with same-day delivery.

I wish I could give this product zero stars, it's a waste of money and going back to Amazon right away. I feel horrible that I'll have to drive 1 mile to the UPS drop box to even return this POS. Here is what is wrong with it

The build quality is horrible. 0 stars. To say that the quality is bad is an understatement. The damn this is so horrible that it left blue stains on my fingers! Half the pins that were shipped with it were already bent and the plunger was so wobbly it felt like I was holding a fishing rod!
It does not function as intended. 0 Stars. As I said, the thing it wobbly as hell, I spent 5 minutes trying to align it with my straps pins and even then the pin broke at the slightest pressure. I feel that this would crumble if I sneezed towards its general direction.

Again, DO NOT PURCHASE this item.
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I bought this tool in order to adjust a few watch bands. Most of my bands are average width and are made by Seiko, Bulova, Citizen, etc.

The tool is largely plastic with a metal knob which moves the tray where you lay the band. This helps you better align the band with the removal pin. I didn't use the knob - more on that later.

The tool includes 6 pusher-pins which screw onto a rod which is in a plastic handle. The rod has a lot of play in it, but that seems to be intended.

With some practice, this tool does work. I would recommend practicing on a band you do not necessarily care about, preferably a narrower one. You possibly will bend/break the first pinhead as you practice.

If you have an average to wide band it is more difficult to see if the pusher-pin and the pin in your band are aligned. In fact, on my bands, I didn't use the tray knob at all because the band fit into the tray with very little room left, making it impossible to see the alignment, so I had to adjust the band back and forth by hand to "feel" and make sure the pins aligned. I found it worked best with some help, so my son looked down on the tool and lined up the pins and I held the tool in place while turning the handle and he would tell me whether to keep going/back up....and we are both pretty mechanically inclined.

The tool does work though once you get the hang of aligning the pins.

I am not sure about the advertisement of two extra spare pins. I didn't get any band pins at all, but got six pusher-pins.

I would suggest this if you already know how to use one, or are willing to practice a little with it. I am going to try another tool, a set that comes with a small hammer and some punches to see if that is easier to use.

In the end I was able to resize my bands, but I'd say this tool was just so-so as far as ease of use.
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on November 4, 2014
I read a lot of negative reviews before I bought this, so I was hesitant. I bought it anyway because I tried to remove the links using other methods that I saw on a couple Youtube videos, and they didn't work at all for me.

It is a little tricky to use. If you are willing to carefully follow directions, go ahead and buy this with confidence. If not, you are better off going to a watch repair shop and paying them to do it for you. Actually, the tool didn't come with any directions, so I should dock it at least one star for that, but other customers have already gone too far docking it. If anybody has seen a better tool, please post a link in the comments to this review.

First you have to know which side of the watch link should face the pin of the link remover tool. Some watches have arrows, on my watch, I had to look for the side where the link pin is slightly recessed.

Second, line up the pin of the link remover tool with the link pin. That can be a little difficult because everything is so small. Good lighting and (in my case) good reading glasses are required. If you are slightly off target, the pin on your tool will break when you start turning it.

Third, turn the knob very slowly. When you turn it too fast, the link pin doesn't eject fast enough and the pin on the tool will break.

Here is a video of somebody demonstrating this tool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5rnUQL3d6s
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on October 26, 2009
First a word aboud the vendor-(Micro-Tools) was great. The package shipped very quickly, and communication was very good.

Alhough the price for this item has jumped up since I purchased it, It's still not a bad deal. My husband and I had both received watches through the mail, and both bands needed adjusting. My last watch ordered through the mail lasted eight years, and for all that time it flopped around on my wrist since I never got around to taking it in to be adjusted.

This little tool works really well, and it takes maybe 10 mintues to resize a watchband. Most of that time is trying to see the pin on the adjustment tool--get a good light and your reading glasses. There are no instructions provided, although there was a sticker on the package with a link to online instructions. There are better instructions out there--google "resize watch band". You just have to make sure that you're pushing the pin in the right direction to remove it (the watch band has an arrow on the bottom to show the direction the pin will go.) To replace the pin, you need to go in the opposite direction (against the arrow) and put the narrow end of the pin in first.

You also might need a small pair of pliers to pull the pin completely free of the band, and a small hammer to tap it all the way back in place.

I was able to resize 2 watchbands in less time than it would have taken to drive out to get them done, and now I have the tool if they need to be resized. Very happy with this.
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