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on May 22, 2013
I was able to get the app to load on My Kindle Fire HD but was unable to download the magazine. I was really looking forward to reading my free sample. maybe i will try again another time. I even tried to get it to download when i got home but i kept getting an error message. i even tried to get amazon to help and try to figure out why it would not load.
I was finally able to get the magazine to load and now am enjoying my 30 day free trail. YAY!!!!!
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on November 25, 2011
I'm a current subscriber and thought I'd get the Self App and get the magazine so I can read it on my Kindle Fire when I'm at the doctor, etc. The registration process was annoying. You had to enter your magazine info, then your email and create a password, and you also have subscribe to and create username and password there and have your email registered there in order to get the magazine. Both passwords have to match, which I wasn't aware of. Had to email, then call Self to get this straightened out.

Then, after signing in, I was able to download the December issue of the magazine. The download process stopped partway through, but then finally finished. Sat down to read it later, and stupid me, but I didn't realize that you have to have wi-fi connected and be on the internet, and sign in to Self in order to read the magazine. This defeats my purpose of being able to read it on my Kindle anywhere. Can't read it unless I'm somewhere with a wi-fi connection.

This was my first magazine I attempted to get the digital copy of. If all of them have to use a wi-fi connection in order to read them, I'm going to be really sad... but like I said before, maybe I'm just stupid and should have known that.

Anyways, I think I'll just continue reading my hard copy of the mag and forget about this version. The digital copy looked ok, but it's too much bother for me....

REVISED 1/15/12: Thanks to those of you who pointed out that I didn't need a wi-fi connection to read the magazine. When I click on the app on my Kindle Fire I get a pop up message "can't access library - not connected to internet", so I wrongly assumed that I couldn't read the mag without being on the internet. All I did was click "ok" on the pop up and I'm able to read the magazine. I guess if I'm this ignorant, I shouldn't be leaving reviews...Anyway, I increased my rating to 4 stars, and although it kind of takes a little long to download an issue, I like it now!!!
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on January 1, 2014
I have now tried various attempts/methods to obtain the magazine on my kindle. I referred to some extremely helpful comments left by fellow customers on this feedback section, and still, to no avail, am unable to get the current issue (or any issue, just to clarify) onto my kindle. I've now officially spent approximately 5-6 hours logging in on kindles,, amazon, passwords, usernames, etc. NOTHING WORKS. I gave this review 2 scores simply because I (HOPE) the print edition will soon be on it's way, so at least I'll get SOMETHING. But, honestly, I wish I had read the other reviews first and understood the difficulty other customers had with getting their SELF on their kindle. Would be lovely to read something I purchased, huh?
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on January 15, 2014
I bought this spur of the moment for something to read. Dont. It took a full day for the purchase to go through. Then I cant put the digital edition on my samsung tablet with out a credit card number, so I triednmy kindle, I cant get it on my kindle because I registered it on my samsung :( Huge waste.
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on January 1, 2012
I received my Fire for Christmas and Self is the first mag I transferred from a paper subscription.I hit the current subscriber option entered my email downloaded the mag. and I was off and reading.Pretty straightforward stuff.Each issue took less than 3 min. each but if you have a slow server or poor range it will be slower. Also once I signed in it kept me signed in so I have no problem just pulling up an issue.I was also able to pull up my downloaded issues and read them without wi-fi. This isn't rocket science...get the app :-)
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on January 11, 2012
With videos, demos of the exercise moves and more this is BY FAR the best fitness magazine reader version I have found. It's not like other magazines that just throw their print version out there. There are bonuses that make the reading experience come alive. You don't have to be connected to the internet as reviewed by a previous reader. Make sure you have the app downloaded to your kindle and not your cloud and be sure you downloaded the entire magazine before disconnecting from the internet. I love my eversion of Self!
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on November 22, 2012
Love the app! I haven't had any problems with mine!!
I like that I can go back and look at anything without having to search for the magazine around my house! The vibrant colors make the magazine come alive when looking at it on the kindle. I also like how Self mag gives you notice when the new issue is available.
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on July 10, 2013
I have read plenty of my favorite magazines on my kindle and they've been fine. Most of them have the benefit of being able to zoom in, because fitting a normal page on my Kindle FIre HD is a little much.

Conde Nast really knows how to tailor a magazine to an e-reader. There are videos embedded, there are links within the magazine to other articles, there are links in it that go to the SELF magazine website, etc. SELF also takes advantage of scrolling DOWN to view more of an article in addition to scrolling side to side to view different pieces.

Really intuitive and an interesting take on reading a regular magazine.
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on October 17, 2013
It's odd that whenever I try to login it always fails on the first attempt but it works on the 2nd attempt every single time. This is a VERY minor problem other than that, this app works perfectly fine. I have the printed subscription so I get the digital for free. I have yet to find anything wrong to the point where it's hard to use. I like being able to click and view the videos of the exercises in the magazine. It's really helpful so that you know that you have the proper form when you workout.
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on February 20, 2014
I had trouble getting the new issue to download. I tried to contact SELF and they asked me to provide the information that I already provided when asking for help.

Content is great, but technical issues forced me to cancel subscription. The print version costs less, too.
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