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on April 9, 2013
For all the reviews talking about how awesome this is, I really find it cheap and plastic. As you can guess, I'm not a case person. I bought this though because the device is prone to scratching. This is the reason why I don't really like covers. This is an alright fit but will trap lent and sand over time, so it's worth noting that you'll still need to clean it at least once a month to avoid scratching the back with any trapped dirt or sand.

This is the typical example of why cases are pointless. It won't protect the device from drops and does little more than protect the back from scratches. It doesn't improve the grip of the device and does nothing for looks. If anything, it reduces the grip of the device. I guess that's a plus because it makes it easier to slip out of your pocket than other rubber cases. But for me it's really just too slick and smooth.

If you're looking to protect your device from scratches but don't know how to apply a film, this will work. If you're looking for function or beauty you will need to look elsewhere.

I gave it 3 stars because the seller was very prompt in sending it, the price is actually good compared to similar covers, and the description wasn't misleading. I didn't deal with their customer service, but they included a slip with a reach out for feedback, so that's always the sign of a good company. However, I feel the customers over sold it to me.
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on December 4, 2012
Received the new version as promised. It seems to be identical in every way except, the fit is perfect. No creaking, groaning, popping etc. Works as promised. Great follow-up Rearth!
As the other 2 reviewers, I was one of the first people to receive my case. I liked the packaging and the way the case felt in my hand. Immediately after I put it on my phone, i noticed the loosened around the volume button. The case creaked, squeezed and popped.

However, that's the bad. There is lots and lots of good. Here' is why I have this product 5 starts and will lower it only if I am disappointed. I called Rearth - spoke with Charlie. He was incredibly helpful. He asked me for my order number and informed me that a new batch has been manufactured with this issue fixed and they will ship it out to me as soon as they receive them free of charge. Furthermore, he gave me a hint on how to get the creaking to stop. Remove the case and flex(HARD!) the left of the edge of the case. I hung up, and immediately received an order confirmation for my new case. It will be shipped next week. Meanwhile, I followed instructions and the creaking, popping etc has 99% stopped.

So in conclusion: great case with a small rectifiable issue, fantastic customer service, and overall a good experience.

I say, give them a chance. I'll update this when the new case arrives.
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on January 14, 2013
I wasn't going to get a case for my nexus 4 (it's such a great looking phone, I didn't want to cover it up!), but after reading several reviews that indicated that the glass on the back can crack just by putting a pocket-warmed phone on a cold surface, I got worried and decided to buy a case. I wanted a case that was protective, yet slim, and that detracted from the phones styling as minimally as possible. This case seemed to be "the one" for me, and I must say that I'm totally satisfied. The texture of the case is great, "grippy", but not TOO grippy. I love the matte black finish (I'm a guy that thinks thinkpads are sexy looking), and most importantly, it does not add bulk to the phone. It still fits in my pocket just fine. I haven't dropped the phone yet (I'm pretty careful), but I feel that this case adds enough protection that the phone would be fine if I did so (a normal drop from pocket-level to floor)...
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on September 5, 2013
The title mostly says it. But here's the run down:

I work in a job where I use my phone constantly outside while I use a clipboard. I wanted something to protect it, and something that would keep it from sliding easily off of smooth, rounded or slanted surfaces (a couch arm or a clipboard covered in papers). As far as grip goes, it definitely holds the phone securely in your hand, on the sofa arm, or on a clipboard. Very good for that. Another good thing is that the sides of the case don't get in the way of gestures on the edges of the screen.

As far as drop protection, it really is pretty great, with a very notable exception. The phone will typically land on a corner, and these are very well shielded, and have definitely taken the brunt of all of my drops. I don't usually drop phones, but with the nature of my job it's happened maybe five times. The sides and screen are perfectly fine after these drops, so the little raised corners do their jobs when the phone is dropped on a flattish surface (sidewalk, tile floor). Here's the problem: Almost each time it has also impacted partially on the bottom edge of the phone, which this case leaves unshielded. I have five noticeable gouges into the bottom of the phone (one very significant one, and four minor ones) due to drops from a typical phone-holding height.

I haven't received any scratches to the top edge of the phone, but it is similarly unshielded, and I imagine it is only unscathed due to dumb luck. If I were to buy a different case, I would look for shielding on the top and bottom edges.

I would have also liked to have seen some subtle raised bumps on the back surface, on each corner, to give the phone just a tiny bit of height to clear the way for the speaker. As it is, when the phone is lying on its back on a flat surface, the audio is very muted. It's annoying when it disrupts a song you're listening to or the audio playback on a video, and you have to find something to prop it up a bit. It's even more annoying when you miss an important call because you couldn't hear the ring while the phone was set on the counter.

Now, I'm being a little severe. Not everyone will experience these faults as extreme drawbacks. Overall, I've found it to be a very effective case for the things I purchased it for, and the scratches on the bottom are only cosmetic; the phone still works great after all those falls. But for some, these could be make or break issues, so I add my voice.

Now, nit-picky things: The case is a little loose on the volume rocker side, just so it has a little bit of flexibility to pull away from the phone body. Normally it just lies flat against it. No such problem on the other side. It kinda bothers me occasionally, but not much. Mostly it just gives me something to mess with absentmindedly on occasion.

It's a good case. Especially if you don't drop your phone often, or on cement. But I would really like those little raised nubs.
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on September 1, 2013

At first, I was about to get the Ringke Fusion model, but I desisted when I saw that the power and volume rockers were covered (which is very uncomfortable). So, for its price, I think the Ringke Slim it's one of the best choices you'll have.

Materials are good enough. Feels great on the hand, doesn't add any bulk to the device and most important: it doesn't interfere with the edges of the screen (a common problem with bumper cases). The material is a solid but very thin plastic.

Love the matte color: no shining at all, no big logos or anything like that (in fact the Ringke Slim logo is placed on the back, and it's very hard to see).

I like the small details on the front corners which prevents the screen to touch the surface when the device is lying face down on the desk.

Package it's eco-friendly, and I give a thumbs up to that.


Fits extremely easily on the phone. Not so easy to take off, but I think that's precisely the idea. Buttons and ports holes are very well placed.


I haven't dropped my phone to the floor (and I'm not expecting to do so) so I can't review how well protected will be in that situation.


The back of the case it's so flat that when you put the device face up with the speaker against the desk, the volume will decrease. This is a bad situation when you use your phone as an alarm. It will be a good idea to place small plastic dots on the corners of the back (pretty much the same solution used on the front corners), so the case get a little off the surface and the sound can flow more easily.

The plastic around the volume rockers it's very thin and doesn't fit at 100% in that area, so you can feel a little plastic bending over there, but it's a very small thing. If this case is going to break, that would be the place where it will happen.

I like the material, but it could be improved with some texture or different kind of plastic, with a better grappling (at least on the sides or the back) so when you take the phone out of your pocket it is secured on the hand.

Although those are just minor details, for me it represent's a -1 star. Other than that, I'm very happy with this case!

Definetly recommended.
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on December 19, 2012
I originally received the original version back in early december, which was almost good, because of the volume key area fit issue, and i used the case anyways since it was just as functional, while waiting for my replacement case.

On a side note, Rearth's customer service was fantastic. I wrote a short email to them through Amazon's site, and received a prompt reply, and delivery of my replacement case, faster than expected.

The revised case is perfect. The fit is pristine around the phone. No extra gaps to be found anywhere. The case does extend about 1/2 a millimeter in front of the phone so that even with my screen protector on, the front of the phone will not touch any table surface when i place my phone down, face down. I prefer this greatly.

Even better, I am using a true edge to edge screen protector that follows the curvature of the front screen to the lateral edges (a skinomi) and this case will not interfere with the protector edges, so there is no curling up from the sides/edges from my screen protector, and i still enjoy the curve faling away from the front of the phone, even with the case on. Not as much as the case being off, as there is a slight lip, but it is not as obtrusive as i feared.

This is a very high quality case, and the matte finish is fantastic, as well as the understated back design with only the barely visible branding on the bottom, in small letters that you have to search for in the light to really see. The cutouts for all the buttons, and speaker and camera are perfectly centered.

Yes, the bottom and top front edges are left unprotected, which is a shame because i believe they could've been fully covered, but it would've probably made it a real pain to pull off, as it is already a slightly scary process to repeatedly pull the case on and off, because i am afraid the rigid plastic will start to scratch into the soft touch pastic of the Nexus 4 at the 4 corners. I probably pulled the case on and off (including the original version) 20 times and there are no signs of scratching yet. I plan on not pulling the case off much at all, esp since there is no removeable battery.

Highly recommended for people looking for back and side scratch protection with a tiny amount of drop protection, as well as front face down protection.

It would've maybe been a nice touch to open a window to show off the NEXUS logo, but i'm sure many people would prefer not to have that window.
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on December 3, 2012
Purchased a case with the first batch. Very impressed with the product, it's thin, it's light and it provides enough protection to prevent scratches from day to day use. This case may not save your phone from a 3-4 foot drop but not many minimal hard cases will. The back is a little slick but it's an improvement over a naked case.

So it seems like I really like this case but why am I only giving it 2 stars? It seems that the first batch of cases has some fitment issues and mine is no different. I tried contacting Rearth through Amazon but my email was returned, I'm not sure if their mailbox is filling up because of complaints from the original order. Hopefully someone from Rearth will see this and contact me about sending me a replacement of the new revision. If the new version fits properly then this is easily a 5 star product.

EDIT 12/5/12: Well, it looks like the case fits properly if you take some time and bend the loose side in. I did this and the case fits like a glove now. Updating from 2 starts to 4. Would be perfect if it fit when it originally came.
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on April 18, 2013
Amazon sent me an email this morning asking me to review this product. I did what I usually do and ignored it completely. As I was getting out of my car to walk into work, my phone slipped from my hand, rocketing off my knee, hit the ground, and skidded face down for about two meters in the parking lot.

The last time this happened (about a month ago), I needed to buy a new phone. So I did, but not before buying this case first (fool me twice, etc...).

I picked up my phone, and the subtly-raised corners of the case that wrap around the front side of phone managed to protect the screen. There are a couple microscopic scratches on the screen near these corners, but nothing you could notice without intense inspection.

So here I am, writing this review, praising the creators of this case. I docked it one star for the completely arbitrary reason that I wish I could still see the sweet pattern on the back of the Nexus 4 with the case on. Also, the thin stretch of plastic on the front side of the volume rocker can feel slightly loose sometimes, which really isn't a big deal, but I can be a jerk about details like that.
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on April 23, 2014
Case is flimsy. Poor fit. Installed on my Nexus 4 and the left side flexed and squeaked with use. Irritating and I removed it after a few minutes. I contacted the seller directly as per their packaging info, I detailed the issue. Received an e-mail telling me I had to resubmit under a support ticket. Resubmitted as their instructions. Next day I get a PDF files with a half dozen photos and instructions showing how to bend and twist the case to make it fit with the warning of not applying too much pressure or it'll break. Didn't even try, sent an email indicating I wanted to return the case. They emailed back saying I need to request the return through Amazon, which I did. Rearth sent back an e-mail requesting a photo of the packaging an case with no reason as to why. Finally had enough and called them. No one answered so I left a message. I called back after three hours and finally got ahold of the person who sent the e-mail requesting the photos. I asked why they needed photos and he said " It's our policy. We need to build a product history" Told him they knew the history or they wouldn't have a PDF file. Told him I wasn't going to send a photo and just issue a RMA so I could return it. He finally gave me an RMA. I returned the product. Five days after I had spoken with them on the phone, a customer service rep called me, responding to my initial call where I had left the message, asking how she could help me. Gave her the run down. Placed me on hold and lo and behold, my return was already there. They issued the refund. Way too much work for the return. On my "never buy from" list.
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on March 2, 2013
Note: I purchased this case after trying a slim TPU case, so my review is consists largely of comparisons with that product. I do not feel it is necessary to identify the previous case, because all slim TPU cases share more or less the same properties.

I wanted a very minimal case for my Nexus 4. I'm someone that really doesn't like the bulk added by cases, and usually never bother with cases for my phones. However, since the Nexus 4 is a bit more delicate than most, I figured it would be wise to consider some sort of protection.

Previously to purchasing this case, I bought a slim TPU case here on Amazon. It was pretty nice, but the case came around the bezel and onto the front glass, forming a sort of border around the perimeter of the phone (made it kind of look like a big iPhone 3G/3GS). I felt that it caused the phone to lose a lot of its aesthetic appeal, and I didn't like that the nice 'waterfall' edges of the screen were now replaced with the case's raised border.

The Ringke SLIM resolved all the issues I had with the TPU case. It's essentially as minimal as it gets without losing its primary function (protection). The case doesn't come around the front of the phone to the extent that the TPU case did, but it does curve around the four corners of the phone, thereby protecting the more vulnerable points.

Overall, I'm pretty confident that the protective capacity of this case is not significantly different from slightly thicker TPU cases; if my phone experienced a force great enough to sustain damage while in the Ringke SLIM, I doubt that it would fare much better in the TPU case.

Since this is a hard case, it sports a sharper and more defined design than my previous TPU case, which was more flexible. As a result, the Nexus 4 looks just as good with the case as it does without. The edges are essentially flush with the sides of the phone, which allows one to swipe a finger across and off the screen almost as easily as if there was no case (the case edge does raise ever so slightly above the front glass edge, but this is only because the Nexus 4 glass curves downwards). The Ringke SLIM logo is small and very subtle, meaning no need to worry about obtrusive branding here.

I chose to go with the Matte Grey color, because people who had both black and grey said that the grey hides fingerprints better. I haven't seen the black, but I can say that after 1-2 weeks of usage, my Ringke SLIM is fingerprint-free. I also think the grey complements the Nexus 4 color scheme perfectly, and looks better than the black of my previous TPU case.

As previously mentioned, the case curves around the four corners of the phone. The top left corner is covered slightly more than the others, and it seems this was done to help amend a fitting issue associated with earlier versions of this case. Some reviewers complained about this, but I was happy to find that the difference is really not that noticeable unless you actually look for it.

I haven't tried taking the case off yet, but putting it on was as easy as it gets. The case just snapped on and fit like a glove.

In conclusion, I'm VERY happy with the case, and will probably keep this on my phone for as long as I have the phone. If you're looking for an unobtrusive and attractive case, and don't need bulletproof protection, then this is a fantastic option.
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