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on January 4, 2013
Just got this, added two AAA batteries, paired, and now I'm typing this review on it.

I actually tested writing an email first, and I can type just as fast as I normally can. That's probably because it is so similar to the normal Apple wireless keyboard that I use at work. I was looking for a dedicated iPad keyboard that let me type as well as I can, and this does it. The special iOS feature buttons are nice, too, and as far as I can tell all the usual buttons work as expected (e.g., option+arrow to navigate words, shift+arrow to select ranges, tab, etc.).

Note that it is not actually aluminum; the top panel is just painted that way, but the benefit of this is that it is lighter than the Apple keyboard, which is important for portability. I got this keyboard specifically to have a regular keyboard to keep in my bag in the off chance I want to type something lengthy on the iPad. It looks nice, regardless.

I have it sitting on my lap, and it is fine that way. It has rubber feet, and appears to rest evenly on a surface. The special iOS buttons work as expected.

As others have mentioned, having the real on/off switch is important if you're going to be tossing it into a bag. Time will tell how well it wears.

The keys have good resistance, and I suppose it may be just a tad louder than the Apple keyboard, but not bad. This is a great, affordable alternative, and is better in some ways for this purpose than the Apple keyboard.
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on March 24, 2014
I love ALMOST everything about this keyboard.

Remember it's $20 - so at 4 stars you really can't go wrong.

This keyboard lives up to it's marketing billing. It's light weight, really aluminum to the feel; just like Apple's version of the wireless keyboard. Furthermore, it's rechargeable.

I have 3 pet peeves about it:

1- The keys are not perfectly rounded and are not as stable when you place your fingers on them; they feel a little "clickity". My fingers are sensitive to these details (ie: this is not a usability issue, b/c I can type on it very well). Still, certainly not as smooth as the keys on Apple's wireless keyboard. The SHARKK keyboard keys feel is still more "Plastic" than smooth like it is on the Apple's Wireless keyboard.

2- Disconnection and time to re-connect: In order to conserve power, the keyboard disconnects often. I've measured it at about 1 min after inactivity. Now that may seem fine, except that in some cases, if you're using tactile input (like a Magic track pad) and other input tools, it's possible for the drive/firmware to know that the user is still there and may need the use of the keyboard and not disconnect. Why is this an issue? b/c it takes roughly 3 seconds before the connection is re-established. You're there waiting when you may be used to typing and jumping back off to the track pad or other input mechanisms. So it can disrupt the way in which you work/flow. It certainly does for me.

3- Finally, when I am holding down the Control AND Command keys at the same time and using the arrows to scroll though applications (Excel and Chrome tabs, for example), I have to depress one of the control/command keys and then re-press them to keep scrolling. I don't have to do that with the Wireless Mac Keyboard. It's an inconvenience, not a showstopper.

If they can fix the above items, then this would be much better than the original wireless Mac Keyboard (unless you want the Apple logo) since it is re-chargeable & costs only $20.
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on December 22, 2012
Bought this to use with my Kindle Fire HD to make typing easier. Works great. Easy set up (pairing). Accurate and quick entry. It also paired with my phone, Galaxy S3. I text using words not txt spk, so this is much easier with a large keyboard instead of the virtual on screen ones.
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on May 24, 2013
I ordered this keyboard to use in conjunction with my iPad 2 to take notes and generally make my life easier. I was a little wary given some of the negative reviews, but the price point and product description were just right. This was easily the correct decision!


- Size: The keyboard is standard sized, which I prefer. It matches perfectly with my laptop's keyboard. I like this because it makes adapting to it much easier than trying to use a tiny keyboard.
- Frame: It's a nice combination of metal/plastic that has proven very sturdy. I can throw it in my bag along with everything else and not worry about it breaking.
- Battery life: I've been using it fairly constantly for a week, and the two AAA batteries seem to be chugging along just fine.
- Range: I can get a decent range from the iPad without losing the connection. People complaining that they lose the signal may just be expecting too much from range.


- Extra keys: There is extra functionality built into this (function keys can order your tablet to do things), but no documentation came with the thing telling me what they are for.
- Positioning: Because of its size and the raised part on the back, which are great when used on a flat surface, it's a little harder to use on your lap. I tend to keep a legal pad around and place it on top of that if I am not working from a desk in order to avoid having to balance it on my legs.

Overall, I think, in my experience, the pros far outweigh the cons. No problems so far, and I'll probably be buying another one of these before too long to keep at the office.
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on February 8, 2014
There is no comparison between this keyboard to my Mac Air keyboard. I am not used to typing so hard and if I type too fast, the key did not get registered. I found myself having to type slow and press harder. These are not the only negatives. This keyboard also takes a few seconds to connect during the idle mode, it is very frustrating to have to wait when I am on the phone and need to type something very quickly in my computer, like phone numbers, address, and so on….very inconvenient.
The difference in price is not worth the quality and the frustration every time I use this keyboard. After using this product for a week, I finally decided to return this keyboard, and buy the apple keyboard.
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on December 31, 2012
Okay, the Apple keyboard is a little more sleek and nifty. But Apple's costs at least 3 or 4 times this one, depending what kind of deal you get--the price went up on this after I bought it, which is too bad because I gave it to my Mom to use instead of the cheap, tiny, plasticky keyboard that came built into her iPad case, and I need to get another for myself.

More importantly, Apple's bluetooth keyboard has an on/off switch which is a press-button on the end, and this one has a switch with an obvious, tangible "on" and "off." I would carry the Apple keyboard around in my bag, to use so I can write on my iphone with a real keyboard. The button would get pressed inside my bag while walking around, turning the keyboard on, resulting in the motion of walking pressing the keyboard buttons. So while walking along, listening to a podcast or music, the volume would suddenly start changing, and tracks start skipping, and gods know what, so I would have to dig the phone out of my pocket, open up the bluetooth settings, and disconnect the keyboard--then open up the bluetooth settings and go through the pairing process again when I wanted to use it. Pain in the butt. This has a switch underneath that clicks into "off" or "on" and stays there, which also means you don't have to press and hold a button until you think it is on or off. It is obviously on or off. And when you turn it on, it connects right back up.

The surface of this is actually metal, not painted plastic, although it is plastic underneath rather than an entirely metal body like Apple's. That's fine. As much as I don't like plastic, it's not worth $40 to $55 more to get metal instead of plastic underbody, and this is still substantially nicer than the other bluetooth keyboards I've looked at, in function and form. And it's so inexpensive you don't need to worry about throwing it in your bag and banging it around, because it wont cost $80 to replace it.

Note that to save battery life, it will sleep after a few minutes not being used. But when you press a key, it will reconnect within seconds. This is true of every bluetooth keyboard I've ever used (and I've used a few). This one pairs back up consistently—if not perfectly every time, better than any other off-brand I've ever used, and as well as if not better than Apple's.

Buy two if you've got the cash. And if you are broke enough so even one is a stretch (I know the feeling), go for it. It's well worth it, and you won't regret it.
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on February 12, 2014
Pros: A good cheap keyboard. Charged it the first day and it's been good since. I use it about 3 hours a week with my iPad Mini w/ Retina. It's been fantastic. I've also used it with my MacBook Pro, Apple TV, and iPhone 5S. Works with all of them. The function keys are formatted for iOS, but some work with OS X as well (mainly volume and brightness keys). Pairing was easy as well as charging. I can't say anything for charging time, as it was done overnight. The keyboard comes in a felt-ish sleeve that is reusable. I use it when transporting the keyboard.

Cons: The "D" key (hehe) was sticky when I first got it. I popped the key off and found where they glue the aluminum front to the base of the keyboard, had some excess glue that was contacting the key. After being scraped off with a fingernail, it worked flawlessly. Also, it is a bit noisy. The keyboard flexes when you push down on it and it transfers a lot of noise into the surface you're typing on. For the price, I expected this. However, put the keyboard on your lap and it quiets down. I do sometimes fear that I'll cut my skin on the aluminum as it seems like it might be sharp. No issues thus far though.

I've written papers on it, taken notes with it and typed messages on the iPad. All worked flawlessly. Now, if only Apple could implement some sort of auto-correct for keyboard users. We'd be in heaven (or your equivalent).
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on August 21, 2013
I am completely blown away by this keyboard. Not only is it attractive, but it is substantial while still lightweight, is a great size one can actually type on, and is also comfortable and simple to use. It turns out that one should not turn the keyboard off lest one need to insert the bluetooth code for the device one is pairing the keyboard with again; since the keyboard has a sleep mode this is supposed to be sufficient. I trust it is on the basis of the customer support offered. I am hoping one day they will offer a case (or at least link to someone who makes one) and also provide some instructions on waking the keyboard from its sleep mode (Press a key and wait five seconds!) and other things like this for new owners. I don't like having to learn this kind of thing by experimentation, but otherwise, I am more than happy with this keyboard which works well with my Kindle Fire HD.

ADDENDUM: I had reason to purchase a second keyboard, not because of problems, but because I liked this keyboard so well. I also wanted to keep the original keyboard paired with my Kindle Fire and a second one with my laptop. Though it is not hard to re-pair the keyboard with a second device, the price had actually dropped so it seemed silly not to get the second dedicated keyboard. Sharkk has clearly listened to those of us who desired some kind of case for the keyboard and this one came with a fabric case. It is lightweight and soft, but it seems well-made, is attractive, and serves to protect the board from dust, dirt, and scratches while carrying it from place to place. I continue to be very happy with the product, but equally impressed with customer service and the company's responsiveness to customer's needs.
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on August 16, 2013
I was leery about buying a bluetooth keyboard, just in general find bluetooth to be a tempermental tech. And I'm fairly particular about my keyboards. Well, I got this one. Chose it over others because I liked the aluminum look and the rechargeable battery. When I unboxed it, I was initially quite impressed by the apparent quality. I plugged it up and let it charge for a couple hours while I was out. Came back home, paired it to my Nexus 7 FHD, and started typing. I knew that a Google search would pull up if I just started typing. The first thing that my tablet thought I was searching for was "Gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggogleeee".

I didn't let that be my only experience with the device, I continued to use it, to see if that was a fluke. About 10% of the time, it doubles or multiplies my keystrokes. I've been using it for a week, and just can't hack it any more. Even when it is working, it seems like there is a significant lag from the time I do a keystroke to seeing it appear on the screen.


Rechargeable battery: Awesome
Size of the keyboard: I have large hands, and it actually feels quite pleasant to type on.
Weight: Light as a (couple) feathers. Don't even notice it in my messenger bag.
Appearance: Looks very slick
Function: 90% reliability, and I just need way more dependability out of a keyboard. I type approximately 85 wpm, and having that substantial lag and then for the letters to (eventually) appear on the screen in exponential multiples....

Maybe I just got a lemon, but this being the only Sharkk item I have ever used; I will think twice before I purchase one again.
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on December 8, 2013
There's really not much wrong with this keyboard. It's a fine keyboard. Really. I purchased it when my Apple wireless keyboard's spacebar started sticking. And if I weren't comparing this keyboard to the Apple one I already had, I'm sure this keyboard would get at least a 4. Possibly a 5. Here are my problems with this keyboard:
1. The escape key. Well - it isn't an escape key. It's a key with a box drawn on it located where I expect the escape key to be. It doesn't do anything on its own. If I hold down the function key, however, it works like an escape key should.
2. The function keys with other features tied to them - like the default keys for showing the desktop, spaces, widgets, etc. I could usually only get these keys to work as volume +/-, mute, play, pause, etc... the functions drawn on the keys. I couldn't get the keys to function as plain function keys no matter how I set the keyboard settings in the OS. I have a feeling that, if I continued to experiment with this (I'm not sure why I think this - how many ways CAN one "experiment" with one check box?) I may be able to get the function keys to work better. I haven't chosen to spend that time. The most important issue I have with this keyboard is:
3. Wake time. As compared with my Apple keyboard, this keyboard is excruciatingly slow to wake. I guess maybe the number of seconds the manufacturer warns users the keyboard will may be about accurate, but when I'm in a hurry, that wait time can seem to last forever.
The keyboard arrived quickly. It seems sturdy enough. The dealer included a note asking that if customers are unhappy for any reason to please allow them a chance to make things right before leaving bad feedback. The note seemed quite sincere and I'm sure they are committed to customer satisfaction. The things I've complained about, however, aren't defects in the product. the product works as it should. It just doesn't work quite like the product it replaced in my home.
Based on that last sentence above I've increased my rating from 3 to 4 stars. The wake time and the connectivity issue I experience occasionally (possibly due to my own impatience) should cost this product one star. But my other complaints were due to my own high expectations. It's a decent keyboard. I use it in an area where it's likely to get dirty. If it were stolen tomorrow, I'd probably buy another just like it (if the area were easier to keep clean, though, I'd definitely buy another Apple keyboard, however) to replace it.
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