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on March 24, 2009
I've worked with those really old, big, and clunky sewing machines when I was about 8-13 years old under my mom's and grandmother's supervision. Now I'm 25, and recently decided I needed a sewing machine of my own. I don't have room for any big machine similar to what I was used to, so I thought a small portable one should do the job for me.

I got a really cheap $30 set from Walgreens, and that stopped working 5 minutes out of the box. Figured I ought to be a little more serious, so I opted to spend more than I really wanted to get this. I am very glad that I did.

I just got it today. The manual is super easy to understand. I'd never threaded a machine on my own before, but there is even a numbered guide right on the machine to tell you where the top thread goes. The guide on the machine plus the very simple instructions in the manual made threading the thing a breeze.

With the foot pedal, it's fairly easy to control the speed. I've read some reviews on similar machines (a Brother one, in particular, that I was also looking at) with complaints of it going from 0 to 100 with nothing in between. Not so with this one.

It's really quiet. It's a little awkward having the top spool horizontal, but it works. It's a little heavier than I expected, but that makes it more sturdy. It has a little storage compartment that's really convenient and a nice way to keep everything in one place. It has a little lever for reverse sewing, which I really like. Comes with a neat little cover that has a slot at the top for the carrying handle.

Overall, it is a very straightforward machine that works great, is simple to use and easy to understand.
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on March 9, 2015
I really like this Singer sewing machine. First the machine arrived intact and on time. I never touched a sewing machine before until now after I found out how much they charge for alterations in the Las Vegas area. So now, After carefully researched the internet for advise, I settled for this Singer 1507WC and I am GLAD I did because right out of the box, I was able to go straight to work and altered a few pants that I had sitting around the house that needed to be fixed. I also sewed a few missing buttons on my shirts with relative ease without breaking the needle. If anyone wants to learn more about how to use this machine, there's a load of videos on Youtube for you to watch, from how to wind the machine to other more advanced techniques. Would I recommend this machine to a friend? YES, YES and YES. Every house should have one if you ask me.
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on May 13, 2013
This is a very used friendly basic sewing machine that would be good for a beginner or advanced sewer who just wants a lightweight machine to sew basic things with or transport to classes.I am more advanced and just wanted something with a few stitch functions to sew basic garments and patchwork quilts and that I could teach my Daughter to sew on and this machine is good for all these things.I had it out of the box and was sewing with ease on it just twenty minutes after it arrived.It is easy to thread both upper and bobbin thread and easy to adjust the tension and the pedal keeps a steady rhythm,it will sew slowly if you need it to and has a little get up and go if you really "floor it" but not a speed that will get away from you so it's good for a beginner getting a feel for a machine.The only thing about this machine is that it cannot handle several thicknesses of fabric or trim real well so if you will be sewing bulky items such as denim garments or real thick multiple layers then I would recommend purchasing a more heavy duty model but for light fabrics such as cotton it handles well enough to sew through several thicknesses.The reverse stitch is smooth but do not use it too close to the edge of fabric or try to sew too quickly with it or else it will bunch a bit but if you are steady on your foot pedal pressure it does just fine.The manual is informative enough to help you learn the basic functions and troubleshoot a little if you have problems and the canvas cover fits well and will keep dust and naughty kitties at bay somewhat but definitely purchase a carrier if you're going to take this machine out and about,the canvas cover will not serve to protect the machine or make it easier to carry.This machine is great if you're looking for something that's user and beginner friendly,it does everything you need to do to construct a quality garment or other light items.I do have to say though that I purchased this machine when the price was 79.99 but within a few days after my purchase the price went up to near a hundred and I would NOT pay that much for this particular model,instead I would pay a little more and buy one of the heavy duty models that can sew things that this one can't and that has more stitch functions and features but if this machine is available for 80.00 or lower it is a good purchase,I would not pay any higher for it than that.I hope my review helps those who are considering this machine make the right choice for thier sewing needs.
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on June 7, 2017
The very first time I pulled this out of the box and attempted to use it, it jammed. I called Singer (who has great customer service by the way) and the gal troubleshooted with me the problem. "The timing is off. You're going to need to get it serviced."

This is not what I wanted to hear but I found a local sewing machine repair shop and got it fixed. So, although I bought it at a great price, add on another $100 for the repair and two trips across town to the repair shop. OH, the repair guy said it "wasn't a bad" sewing machine, but he recommended that if I don't use it very much (which I don't the odd hem now and again) to at least move the arm FORWARD even a little bit every few months. Run it and give it a drop of lubricant at least once a year to keep it from jamming due to lack of use. Hope this helps.
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on April 8, 2009
Love this little machine. Easy to thread. Runs smoothly. Helpful note: When you put in the bobbin, make it sorta "click" to stay in place.
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on October 30, 2014
Great sewing machine. I haven't owned a sewing machine for many years since mine broke down and have been mending my hand until my arthritis was begging me to buy a machine. I didn't need a fancy one or expensive one but I can see this does different stitches I probably won't ever use but was a surprise. I like the attached tool box with additional spools etc. It's nice that it comes with a case/cover and built in handle. Overall I am very pleased.
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on April 22, 2012
I have never used a sewing machine but am finding it easy to do basic things on this one.
RE: THE SPEED ISSUE THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT: KEEP YOUR HEEL ON THE PEDAL (as opposed to bracing it on the floor as if you were driving). Using the pedal that way, you get great speed control. Otherwise, it's true that others say, you cannot make it move very slowly.
With respect to the threading: As others have been saying, just follow those directions to the "T" and you'll be fine. I did have a small issue with the hook that is inside the slot as you run the thread back down. It was too low for me to reach to run the thread around it. I googled the problem and found that some others have had the same issue. The solution is to remove the front casing (as if you were about to replace the lightbulb) and raise the hook manually. It takes just a few seconds (and a screwdriver). Other than that, it's been a piece of cake to do simple things.
I'm sure it will take me a while to get everything to look professional, but everything looks okay so far and I am confident that the slightly crooked or otherwise less than perfect lines are because of my inexperience (rather than the machine's limitations).
I am so glad I invested in this. I plan never to have to pay a tailor for minor alterations again.
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on October 21, 2015
I got this for my daughter for Christmas. It's an entry level machine, so don't expect more than that. For her, it works fine. It's on the small side which makes it hard to maneuver the clothing or material you're sewing. Sometimes, the string gets jambed. Four stars is a fair rating. Good value, entry level machine.
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on May 8, 2016
I have been using Singer machines since the days of the Treadle machines and I have always been satisfied. Now that I'm older, I don't do as much sewing except for mending, covering pillows and cushions and miscellaneous stuff, so I didn't need a high tech machine. I chose this one because it would do all the stitches I needed and it came with a cover. It arrived quickly and was very easy to use. I don't know how it will hold up yet because it is brand new, but even if I only get a few years use, the price is so affordable that I opted to buy this machine instead of repairing my old one.
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on February 19, 2013
I just got my machine and used it for the first time. I am a beginner with sewing but had no problems setting it up for the first use or loading the bobbin. My only issue was that the thread kept breaking. After a few tension adjustments though, I no longer had any issues. Comes with several accessories that are stored inside the table thing (beginner, remember?) it has room for several other small items.

The case is the most useless thing ever. From the pics I thought that the soft case had a bottom so you could store the manual and other items in it. Nope! The case just has a top and sides and fits awkwardly. I tried turning it over so that it would have a bottom instead of a top, but it doesn't really fit in the case that way. I will store the machine in the original box it came in and will likely never use the canvas case that it came with.
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